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Google says security is better in the cloud, but many doubts remain

Eran Feigenbaum says cloud security offers more protection, but Computing research suggests he has an uphill struggle convincing others
16 Oct 2012

Analysis: The inexorable rise of NoSQL

Many firms find it hard to look past Oracle, IBM or HP for their data warehouse and business intelligence tools. But with the advent of big data, the niche players’ day may be dawning. John Leonard speaks to one of the upstarts
03 Oct 2012

Amazon adds free database service to its Web Services suite

amazon webservices reception
Relational Database Service available to new AWS customers for nothing
03 Oct 2012

Oracle focuses on modernising banking IT

Mark Hurd tells Oracle OpenWorld that many banks suffer from legacy applications left over from mergers
02 Oct 2012

Paypal: Big data is a scam

Payment firm's chief architect claims relational tools can solve almost all data problems
01 Oct 2012

An interview with Max Schireson, president of NoSQL innovator 10gen

John Leonard talks big data with the president of the company behind MongoDB
26 Sep 2012

Research: virtualising mission-critical applications

A Computing survey seeks to find out if mission-critical software is a barrier to consolidation
19 Sep 2012

Data sharing "in danger of becoming one of the big consumer issues of our time"

Public anxiety over information sharing is an issue that needs addressing, says report
14 Sep 2012

Businesses lack skills in big data, says SAS expert

SAS managing director believes organisations lack personnel to properly process big data
11 Sep 2012

Case studies needed to overcome cloud concerns

Cisco CTO believes businesses need more positive use-case examples
07 Sep 2012

The language of data science

A glossary of terms from the world of data science
24 Aug 2012

Influence - Big Data

What are the opportunities offered by big data, how can firms exploit them, and is it fundamentally worth it?
15 Aug 2012

Rackspace pencils in mid-August for UK launch of OpenStack

Rackspace global rollout of open-source platform for cloud computing reaches UK on 15 August
01 Aug 2012

The most important skill to master

If you were to advise an IT newcomer to learn just one skill, what would it be? Computing readers advise
20 Jul 2012

SAP is the fastest-growing database vendor in 2011 - IDC

Forty-four per cent growth due to application and SAP HANA tie-ins
12 Jun 2012

Vendor focus: Fusion reactor (UPDATED)

Oracle's Fusion strategy in the spotlight as a former executive warns that the enterprise giant is struggling to remain relevant – despite its new cloud focus
06 Jun 2012

Opinion: How to unleash your firm’s hidden powers

There has never been a better time to tap into in-memory analytics expertise
04 Jun 2012

Computing research: how and why big data has hit the mainstream

Exclusive Computing research explores how and why big data is here, and what UK organisations are doing to manage it effectively
10 May 2012

Gain better control of your data with enterprise database consolidation

Join us for this Computing web seminar, in which the Head of BI at the Co-operative Group Nick Colebourn will be explaining just how he reigned in the Group’s sprawling database estate and how significant savings were realised and data quality improved as a result.
19 Apr 2012

Analysis: SAP gears up for a database push

The software giant plans to use its HANA in-memory database technology as the spearhead of an ambitious assault on the wider database market
18 Apr 2012

Knight Frank makes a home for Microsoft SQL Server 2012

Microsoft's brand-new database moves into estate agent chain
09 Mar 2012

IT firm needed to build "nuts and bolts" of government Green Deal

Gemserv to launch tender for Green Deal Central Change database developer to store up to six million energy efficiency plans
20 Feb 2012

CA ERwin - Getting reacquainted with an old friend

03 Feb 2012

Talend upgrades its unified integration platform

Talend adds business process management to its flagship enterprise offering
30 Nov 2011