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Birmingham NHS patient data sharing plans scrapped after concerns raised by GPs

Plans for a central data warehouse to allow multiple agencies to access a patient's care record scaled back - but consent opt-out remains
31 Oct 2014

Banks haven’t got their heads around big data yet, says EY

Robert Toguri
Banks have fallen behind the curve, offering opportunities to those who understand data
20 Feb 2014

Success of Hadoop big data platform took me by surprise, says co-creator Doug Cutting

'Open source model was essential to its success - but we didn't know that at the time'
07 Feb 2014

HMRC trawling social media to find evidence of tax fraud

Openly available web data being fed into HMRC's anti-fraud data warehouse
25 Feb 2013

HMRC plans data warehouse consolidation project

Tax dodgers beware: New 150+ terabyte data warehouse to be operational by 2015
14 Nov 2012