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Tech Talk 40 - BT, Government IT and EMC

In this week's Tech Talk, we discuss BT being forced to block a pirate web site, the new parliamentary report criticising the government's IT spend, and the cost to EMC of cyber crime
29 Jul 2011

BT broadband rollout is too patchy, says IT chief

IT manager for development company Berkeley Group Holdings Doug Legge suggests parts of the UK will end up as “walled gardens”
29 Jul 2011

High Court rules BT must block pirate web site

High Court London
Hollywood studios win major victory against filesharing site Newzbin2
28 Jul 2011

Digitally divided Britain laid bare

New figures from Ofcom highlight inequality of broadband provision in the UK
06 Jul 2011

A third of Brits find IT a drag

Too much technology in our lives, according to Cambridge University research
05 Jul 2011

Microsoft, BBC and BT trial white spaces

The unused TV spectrum might be used to support traditional broadband services
27 Jun 2011

BT trials white spaces technology for broadband

Openreach is hoping the technology can assist homes without access to broadband
14 Jun 2011

BT chairman: cyber security must be a boardroom priority

Speaking at the Worldwide Cybersecurity Summit in London, BT chairman Sir Michael Rake sought to raise the profile of cyber security
01 Jun 2011

Blocked ducts push back BT's FTTP rollout

BT forced to delay rollout of fibre service from September to December
26 May 2011

Cornwall to kickstart UK trial of 4G

Residents in Cornwall and surrounding areas can apply to take part in the 4G trial
25 May 2011

Lancashire County Council forms joint ICT venture with BT

Council seeks savings and efficiencies through 10-year, £400m deal with BT Global Services
16 May 2011

NPfIT work put on hold until reports are released

CSC contract to upgrade NHS systems may yet be scrapped, PM says
13 May 2011

BT’s year-end profits jump 71 per cent

The telecoms company also adds over 1 million homes to its broadband network
12 May 2011

BT Openreach to cut cost of broadband infrastructure access

Reduction expected after completion of field trials
27 Apr 2011

London-based NHS trust rolls out patient record hub

The installation is being carried out by BT and Cerner Millennium
27 Apr 2011

TalkTalk and 3 top Ofcom’s complaints list

The communications regulator receives 450 telecoms complaints a day
21 Apr 2011

BT and TalkTalk lose Digital Economy Act case

The government will now be allowed to go ahead with its copyright enforcement plans
20 Apr 2011

Mahindra Satyam may re-list on NYSE now fraud case is closed

Settling the investigation means the company can once again compete for the largest IT contracts
19 Apr 2011

Fujitsu to roll out fibre to five million rural homes

The IT services provider expects the network to cost between £1.2bn and £2bn
13 Apr 2011

Digital Economy Act Q&A: Open Rights Group executive director Jim Killock

Killock argues that ISPs have a fair case and that the DEA impacts on internet users' rights
12 Apr 2011

BT and Phorm escape legal action for Web Wise trial

Meanwhile Crown Prosecution Service tells ISPs to get legal advice before monitoring user habits to implement Digital Economy Act
11 Apr 2011

Open Rights Group slams web site watchdog proposal

The legal status of such a body would be highly questionable says ORG
07 Apr 2011

BT promises major copper broadband upgrade

'20Mbit/s' service available to 20 million premises by 2012
05 Apr 2011

Walsall council details ambitious public sector network plans

The network will initially connect schools, but could be extended to NHS, police and other council sites
04 Apr 2011