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UK broadband not 'fit for purpose' claims Federation of Small Businesses

Massive governmental infrastructure rethink is necessary, says group
14 Jul 2014

DCMS issues tender to find ‘superfast’ broadband solution for remaining five per cent of UK

"Government needs to focus on the hardest to reach communities," claims culture secretary Maria Miller
26 Mar 2014

BT acting like a 'vampire death-squid' in rural broadband market

Telecoms giant accused of monopolistic tactics by rivals
18 Jul 2013

BT hits back over NAO rural broadband rollout criticisms

Telecoms giant BT says it is 'delivering excellent value for money' after NAO report criticises rural broadband programme
05 Jul 2013

BT battered by NAO report into rural broadband rollout

Rural broadband rollout is over budget and well behind schedule, claims NAO
05 Jul 2013

Greater London Authority seeks partner for ultrafast broadband rollout

GLA looking for supplier to enable London to become a 'super-connected city'
28 Feb 2013

BT launches ‘hyper-fast’ 10Gbit/s broadband trial

'Superfast' broadband rollout also gathers pace
27 Nov 2012

Maria Miller to steer UK broadband policy as Hunt moves to Health

Maria Miller slips into Hunt's shoes at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport
04 Sep 2012

House of Lords select committee slams UK broadband rollout

Rural areas left behind as government is said to be preoccupied with broadband speed
31 Jul 2012

Cambridgeshire County Council issues £100m tender for next-gen broadband

Supplier has to provide a multi-million pound investment to supplement public sector funding
21 Apr 2012

East Sussex County Council tenders for next-generation broadband infrastructure

Contract could be worth up to £100m
05 Mar 2012

Analysis: Is the government's fast broadband delivery strategy starting to fall apart?

Frustration with the government’s approach to rural deployment is growing
02 Feb 2012

Scotland told to "cheer up" about broadband funding

Scottish secretary Michael Moore tells the Scottish government to be more upbeat about broadband funding
23 Aug 2011

Lancashire County Council aims to raise £60m to support fast broadband rollout

It hopes to have a superfast network in place by 2014
26 Jul 2011

Lincolnshire councils prepare joint bid for broadband rollout

North and North-East Lincolnshire Councils aim to achieve 30Mbit/s for 100 per cent of customers
26 Jul 2011

North Yorkshire council ploughs £16.4m of BDUK funding into NYnet rollout

The council was selected as a pilot region for rural broadband rollout
05 Jul 2011

BDUK not delivering on broadband promise, says lobby group

INCA criticises this week's BDUK tender, claiming it excludes small suppliers and backtracks on minimum speed pledge
01 Jul 2011

Government puts out tender for suppliers under broadband delivery framework

The contract could be worth up to £2bn
29 Jun 2011

Report: UK Space Council outlines benefits of satellite broadband

Space Council suggests that up to £1.5bn of investment is needed
17 Jun 2011

Next batch of rural broadband funding allocated

Wiltshire, Norfolk, Devon and Somerset will benefit
27 May 2011

Kent invites tenders for rural fast broadband scheme

Council hopes three-year, £44m initiative will bring remote communities up to speed
17 May 2011