Latest AMD articles

IBM to pay Globalfoundries $1.5bn to take semiconductor unit off its hands

IBM chief executive Ginny Rometty
Globalfoundries had demanded $2bn to take IBM's struggling semiconductor unit off its hands
20 Oct 2014

Semiconductor engineer, Dr Lisa Su, takes over from financial engineer as CEO of AMD

Dr Lisa Su takes over from Rory Read as president and CEO at Advanced Micro Devices
09 Oct 2014

Intel to release its first 4GHz microprocessor “in weeks”

Intel fourth gen core chip to power next gen desktops
“Gigahertz wars” to re-open as Intel looks to ship 4GHz Core-i7
16 May 2014

AMD to design new micro-architecture for 2015 launch under chip guru Jim Keller

K7 and K8 lead developer Jim Keller to return to AMD to work on new micro-architecture design
12 May 2014

ARM-inside the data centre?

AMD's Andrew Feldman claims that ARM-based designs could take a 25 per cent share of the server market in just five years. Graeme Burton reports
13 Feb 2014

Dell launches 64-bit ARM microserver 'proof of concept'

Intel alternative launched for test and development as datacentre chip battle heats up
12 Feb 2014

ARM releases 64-bit server standard in bid to drive eco-system compatibility

With 64-bit silicon appearing later this year, standard intended to drive compatibility across ARM eco-system
29 Jan 2014

AMD unveils new embedded chip strategy to cope with decline in PC sales

AMD microprocessors to be used in systems ranging from robots to airport control
10 Sep 2013

AMD unwraps 'Kyoto' Opteron-X to take on Intel Atom in the microserver market

Opteron-X to take on Intel's Atom Centertons and Avotons - when they are released
29 May 2013

AMD overtaken by Qualcomm and Samsung in microprocessor market share as Intel remains dominant

AMD slips to fourth as ARM microprocessors for smartphones and tablets propel market growth
23 May 2013

Microsoft's Xbox 720 to use AMD chips

Cost reduction drive behind switch from IBM's Power PC for next-generation of games system
09 Apr 2013

TSMC 'tapes out' high-performance 64-bit ARMs, ready for production

Taiwan Semiconductor readies 16-nanometre, 64-bit ARM microprocessors for production - in a direct challenge to Intel
04 Apr 2013

AMD accuses former execs of stealing 100,000 confidential files before quitting for Nvidia

Chip maker says it has uncovered an 'extraordinary case of misappropriation'
16 Jan 2013

Rumour: Intel to acquire Nvidia

Nvidia CEO Huang could replace Otellini as chief, say reports
17 Dec 2012

Feature: ARM and Intel on collision course

Twenty years ago, ARM was little more than a small unit in now-defunct Acorn Computers. Now, the UK company is about to take on industry giant Intel
15 Nov 2012

Ailing AMD open to offers as chip maker calls in JP Morgan

Microsoft, Intel, Google, Samsung, Facebook and others named as potential buyers of AMD - or its patents
14 Nov 2012

ARM unveils 64-bit Cortex-A50 microprocessors as AMD comes on board

AMD, STMicroelectronics and others to produce 64-bit server microprocessors based on ARM
30 Oct 2012

Chips are down as AMD announces job cuts and revenue losses

Chip maker struggling to cope with the rate of change in the consumer marketplace
19 Oct 2012

Intel profits plummet as IBM revenues flat-line

Enterprises’ cautious IT spend affecting tech giants
17 Oct 2012

AMD could cut up to 30 per cent of staff

Up to 3,300 could lose jobs as firm attempts to balance books
15 Oct 2012

AMD sees low-power low-cost datacentres for cloud providers

Opteron 3200 server chip launched at desktop prices
20 Mar 2012

Full Office applications coming to ARM-based tablets this year, says Microsoft

Windows 8 on ARM aims to bring tablets to the masses
10 Feb 2012

Dell and HP launch Opteron 6200 Series servers

IBM, Acer and Cray also announce new systems featuring AMD's latest high-performance processor
14 Nov 2011

Dell exec says costly software migrations may hold back ARM 64-bit chips

ARM is aiming to break into the x86 server market
14 Nov 2011