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This campaign aims to discuss the measures private and public sector organisations need to pursue to deliver the IT leaders of the future.

We hope to help these organisations become the most instrumental and reputable in the world, in the face of globalisation and a challenging economic climate.

The debate will focus on the technical and managerial skills needed to become a CIO and the available opportunities in the industry.

The campaign aims to gather opinion and information on current initiatives from the people who are expert in what it takes to be an IT leader. This includes the present generation of senior CIOs, as well as specialist bodies.

The debate will include a study on how the education system could be improved to support students in becoming interested in entering the IT profession.

The idea is to help reignite demand for IT education and training among young people through schemes such as apprenticeships, and the skills these budding IT leaders need to focus on, in order to ensure the continued success of the UK's IT industry.

The intention is to use the views of experts to influence key stakeholders to help ensure UK IT is able to develop the leaders of the future.

The Essential CIO - Q&A with IBM CIO Simon Meredith

Computing's Dawinderpal Sahota and interviewee in the studio
IBM's UK and Ireland CIO Simon Meredith discusses findings from the firm's Essential CIO global study 24 Jun 2011

The Essential CIO

IBM's Luke Robertson
Luke Robertson discusses IBM's global study of the CIO role across the world 13 Jun 2011

IT Leaders: Lessons to learn for the future of IT

Football tactics drawn on a blackboard
As Computing’s IT Leaders campaign comes to a close, Dawinderpal Sahota draws some conclusions about the best way forward for the next generation of IT leaders 24 Aug 2011

IT Skills & Recruitment at Net a Porter

Net-a-Porter's Richard Lloyd-Williams
Online retailer's head of IT discusses the challenges of recruiting and retaining the skills he needs in his team 12 Aug 2011

Tech Talk 39 - Anonymous, iPads and Business Assurance

Concept of a cloud jigsaw puzzle
This week Computing is joined by Raj Samani, EMEA CTO for McAfee, to discuss the week's top IT news stories 22 Jul 2011

Interview: Asda CIO Cheryl Millington

Asda's Cheryl Millington
CIO Cheryl Millington talks about how she is restructuring and expanding her department in an effort to bring the IT function closer to the business 24 Aug 2011

Recruitment and training at CA Technologies

Computing in the studio
CA Technologies discuss IT recruitment and training issues 11 Jul 2011

What skills does an IT professional need to become a CIO?

Computing's Dawinderpal Sahota
Computing caught up with industry experts and education providers in the IT space to find out what the most essential skills are for a CIO 11 Jul 2011

Open University aims to train up future CIOs

Open University's Dr David Bowers
Computing visited the Open University to find out about a new stream of courses aimed to train up the CIOs of the future 11 Jul 2011

Interview: Channel 4 CIO Kevin Gallagher

Channel4's Kevin Gallagher
The CIO at Channel 4 says the UK’s rather fusty IT profession needs a Gok Wan-style transformation if it is to attract some much-needed new blood 06 Jul 2011

How can schools attract more students to IT?

IBM's Paul Jagger
Computing asks industry leaders and academics what can be done to increase the number of students pursuing a career in IT 04 Jul 2011

McDonald's discusses IT skills

McDonalds arches in a restaurant
Mark Fabes, UK IT director at McDonald's discusses recruitment, outsourcing and mentorship 27 Jun 2011

CIO Interview - Asda

Asda's Cheryl Millington
Cheryl Millington, CIO of Asda, discusses her role 27 Jul 2011

IT job market in flux

UK enterprises face losing highly skilled workers who are looking for a new challenge 29 Jun 2011

Demand rockets for IT graduates

Young woman at graduation ceremony
But starting salaries for IT are just average 28 Jun 2011

Skilled BI students in short supply

Global study shows shortage of students that understand BI and business 27 Jun 2011

Q&A CA boss gives tips on getting to the top

UK and Ireland VP Tim Bisley explains what he is looking for in his new recruits 24 Jun 2011

Pioneering CIOs create new revenue streams

Handheld Ordnance Survey equipment
CIOs must innovate and seek out new sources of revenue 22 Jun 2011

Interview: Mark Laws, A&N Media

A&N Media's Mark Laws
A&N Media’s Mark Laws believes collaborative technology such as Yammer can be an invaluable enterprise tool 22 Jun 2011

Staff recruitment and retention - Andy Dancer, CTO EMEA, Trend Micro

Trend Micro's Andy Dancer
Andy Dancer, CTO EMEA, Trend Micro discusses his strategy for recruiting and retaining the best staff 21 Jun 2011

Outsourcing - CIO, United Biscuits

Clifford Burroughs is chief information officer at United Biscuits
Clifford Burroughs, CIO, United Biscuits, talks to Computing about outsourcing 10 Jun 2011

The IT Skills Debate - Education

Academic mortarboard symbol on computer keyboard
In this first episode of our new regular podcast, we speak to key industry figures about tertiary education and its role in training tomorrow's IT workforce 09 Jun 2011

Interview: McDonald's UK IT director Mark Fabes

McDonald's Mark Fabes
Not just home to the golden arches, Ronald McDonald and the Hamburglar, McDonald’s restaurants are also increasingly hotbeds of cutting-edge technology 08 Jun 2011

Why IT and marketing must work together

Business people collaborating with various electronic and mobile devices
Marketing departments are often keen adopters of new technologies, but without the considered input of CIOs, their enthusiasm can easily backfire 08 Jun 2011

Northern women taking digital sector by storm

North of England sees 1000 per cent increase in number of IT projects won by women in the past six months 03 Jun 2011

Cross-company mentorship schemes in IT

Academic mortarboard symbol on computer keyboard
The chairman of the corporate IT forum discusses the benefits of external mentorship schemes 02 Jun 2011

IT Leaders: David Clarke, BCS

BCS' David Clarke
David Clarke, CEO at the BCS, talks to Computing about the next generation of IT leaders 02 Jun 2011

IT apprenticeships are better than degrees, say employers

But government must do more to encourage firms to offer places 31 May 2011

CIOs Execute The Strategy

Hear from John Clarke, senior VP & CIO at Nokia, on how CIOs execute the strategy. 04 May 2011

CIOs Connect The Dots

Bruce Winzar, CIO of Bendigo Health Group discusses the importance of connecting people, process, technology, and information. 04 May 2011

Women in IT: Maggie Berry, Women in Technology

Women in Technology's Maggie Berry
Maggie Berry gives insight into how the IT industry can encourage more women to pursue IT 25 May 2011

Women in IT: Jo Stanford, De Vere Group

Computing's Dawinderpal Sahota talks to De Vere's Jo Stanford
Jo Stanford, group IT director at De Vere shares her views on the challenges women face in IT 24 May 2011

Outsourcing Skills - BAE Systems

BAE Systems' Malcolm Carrie
Malcolm Carrie, head of strategy and architecture for BAE Systems discusses his company's approach to outsourcing 23 May 2011

More graduates choosing IT as a career

Young woman at graduation ceremony
But number of applicants is still under four per cent of graduates, despite big rise in vacancies 19 May 2011

IT Leaders interview: Clifford Burroughs, CIO, United Biscuits

Clifford Burroughs is chief information officer at United Biscuits
United Biscuits' CIO talks about building management skills for cloud computing 18 May 2011

Off-Shoring IT Skills - The Issues

A&N Media's Mark Laws
Mark Laws, head of application support at A&N Media, discusses issues surrounding off-shoring 17 May 2011

IT Leaders: CIOs focus on BI, mobility and the cloud

Some 65 per cent of UK organisations will be major cloud users by 2016, according to an IBM global survey of 3,000 CIOs 17 May 2011

Exclusive: De Vere Group IT director Jo Stanford on moving business functions to the cloud

Devere's Jo Stanford
Says shift to the cloud was like "passing on a headache" 22 Apr 2011

Ability to communicate trumps technical skills, say IT students

Student using a laptop in a lecture
Research suggests IT-savviness is not highly prized 30 Mar 2011

CompTIA launches new skills programme

Concept image of a train platform with the words skills gap along the edge
Programme aims to support educators and IT trainers and help address the skills gap in IT 23 Mar 2011

Look beyond IT graduates to plug the skills gap

Matthew Poyiadgi is European vice president at CompTIA
School leavers, job switchers and graduates of other disciplines can all be trained in IT 22 Mar 2011

e-Skills boot camp: Apprentices in their own words

Apprentices at QA's e-Skills boot camp
Computing caught up with the apprentices attending the software development boot camp run by e-skills and training provider QA, to find out how effective the scheme really is 16 Mar 2011

Tomorrow's IT leaders need business acumen more than technical skills

State of the IT Market 2011 report reveals what today's CIOs are looking for in aspiring IT leaders 22 Feb 2011

Collaborative working is forcing IT directors to learn new skills

As hierarchical structures disappear, managers need skills in leading virtual teams 23 Aug 2010

Linux skills more in demand than Unix for the first time

Other sought-after skills include SQL, Java and C 03 Aug 2010

Companies that can adapt to changing business conditions can predict future skills, locate experts and effectively collaborate

IBM White paper: Web 2.0 @ work: how CIOs can help drive business returns by improving organizational effectiveness. 10 Jun 2010
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