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We have a strong heritage as a provider of business management software. We were established in Newcastle over 30 years ago. And ever since, hand in hand with our unrivalled network of Business Partners, we have maintained an unrelenting focus on our customers.

Globally, we have over 6 million customers of all types and sizes, making us one of the top 3 business management solutions providers worldwide. We are passionate about helping organisations achieve their ambitions, through our people, our business software, our services and our partners.

Realising the benefits of next-generation ERP

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Simpler integration and more social media functionality are giving enterprise resource planning added business-appeal 31 Aug 2011

Implementing next-generation CRM to drive business growth

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Eight out of 10 business leaders hope to benefit from improved customer retention and more precisely targeted marketing 24 Aug 2011

The ERP evolution

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A well-conceived enterprise resource planning solution strategy can provide operational and commercial benefits 22 Jul 2011

Next-generation CRM: the time is now

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SaaS and social media are opening up new possibilities for customer relationship management 31 May 2011

Sage case study - Suffolk County Council

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Sage CRM based solution helps Suffolk County Council Legal Services face the future with confidence 16 May 2011

Sage case study - Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

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Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council saves costs and increases workload by working more efficiently with Sage CRM 16 May 2011

What can CRM bring to your business?

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CRM can deliver many benefits to multiple departments within an organisation - not just Sales & Marketing. 18 Apr 2011

Consolidating your software to position your business for growth

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Computing video white paper - how much are your work flow cycles hindering growth? 18 Apr 2011

Poor information flows are holding back business

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As the green shoots of economic recovery start to push through the permafrost of the worst economic crisis in living memory, forward-looking companies are waking up to the fact that the time has come to reassess IT priorities 29 Mar 2011

Consolidating data flows to optimise IT investment

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The February 2011 Computing survey, Positioning your Business for Growth, noted that the practice of piecemeal implementation of IT systems in companies growing organically is not an uncommon pattern 29 Mar 2011

Sage Video Case Study - UTV Media

UTV New Media's Jeremy Biggerstaff
How Sage Line 500 helps UTV New Media manage an expanding and diverse group of companies. 25 Mar 2011

Sage Video Case Study - ebalta

Sage video case study with Ebalta
In this short film Darrell Cross, Managing Director of ebalta UK talks about the benifits the company has seen since using Sage 25 Mar 2011

ERP – building on the basics

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Sage white paper 11 Apr 2011

Sage reveals how social business project caused unrest among staff

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Employees complained that technology had a 'big brother' element 08 Feb 2011

Outlook brightens for SME IT spending

Small and medium-sized firms resume IT purchasing 26 Jan 2011
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