Review: LG LSM-100 Scanner Mouse

By Dave Bailey 17 Nov 2011
LG Electronics Mouse Scanner LSM-100 Verdict: LG’s Scanner Mouse will be useful for people who do not have or do not want a standard flatbed scanner, such as mobile workers. We found it tricky to scan a whole A4 page - the USB cable can snag magazine pages or make it difficult to move the mouse sometimes. A wireless version would be an improvement.
Overall Rating: four star
Manufacturer: LG Electronics
Pros: Simple to install and use; easy to get images and text into graphics packages, social media sites, and word processors. Cons: Windows only; can be tricky to scan whole A4 or A3 pages, especially on thick documents, like books; scanner window looks vulnerable to scratching; pricey – a bottom of the range flatbed scanner costs about £45.
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