Review: MacBook Air 11in Ultimate MD214

By Dave Bailey 01 Nov 2011
Apple MacBook Air 11-inch 2011 Thunderbolt model Verdict: A very good laptop, uprated with the latest Intel processors, and also Apple's 10Gbit/s Thunderbolt connectivity. There are few Thunderbolt-enabled devices around, but expect more in 2012. The lack of USB 3.0 connectivity is a point against the MacBook Air and the price could cause a sharp increase in blood pressure.
Overall Rating: four star
Price: £ 1,349 + VAT Manufacturer: Apple
Pros: Better performance, courtesy of Intel processors, plus faster and more system memory for the price; Thunderbolt connection; backlit keyboard. Cons: Few Thunderbolt peripherals; no USB 3.0 ports; as usual for a Mac – pricey.
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