Review: Microsoft Windows Phone Mango

By Dave Bailey 06 Oct 2011
Windows Phone Mango Local Scout Verdict: As a consumer device – and that is its primary focus – Windows Phone Mango on the HTC 7 Trophy is very stable and easy to use, despite having a large number of configuration options. It is a significant improvement on the earlier phone OS, with a much better workflow for social networking application meisters. The lack of an option to attach external portable storage to the device is a mistake, however. Not everyone wants their content stored on a cloud storage site. The question is: do the enhancements in Mango make the switch worthwhile, if you're using another device? In this update, we think the answer is no. But a bigger question will be how easy it is to migrate all the content from an Apple or Android system to the Microsoft system. That problem could be a significant inhibitor to consumers deciding to go with Mango.
Overall Rating: four star
Price: £ Free firmware upgrade for current users. Manufacturer: Microsoft
Pros: Good integration of social networking applications gives easier personal workflow; integration of online cloud storage facilities like SkyDrive and Office 365 Cons: No portable local storage to enable content to be loaded easily onto the phone
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