Review: Frontline Registry Cleaner 2.0

By Dave Bailey 20 Apr 2011
Frontline Registry Cleaner 2 Verdict: A useful piece of software that can keep one of the most critical parts of Windows performing optimally. There was a problem when we had Microsoft's cloud-based PC management suite Intune installed on one of our systems, and ran the Registry Cleaner. After the cleaning cycle, Intune was not able to run and needed re-installing. Apart from the Intune problem, which was an isolated incident, Frontline's package performed well throughout the test.
Overall Rating: three star
Price: £ 25.50 + VAT (includes 3 years technical support) Manufacturer: Frontline Utilities
Pros: Easy to use; neat – if small – graphical user interface. Cons: Big problem when used with Microsoft's Intune software; can't resize the program to take up a full screen.
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