VMware: 'BYOD is a misnomer, MDM is stop-gap tech'

By Peter Gothard
25 Jan 2013 View Comments

BYOD is a misnomer, while current MDM solutions are "stop-gap technologies" preceding full understanding of mobile data management.

This is according to Joe Baguley, chief technologist for EMEA at virtualisation firm VMware, speaking to Computing at Wednesday's Civica 2013 Conference in Manchester.

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"BYOD is an interesting one because it's a bit of a misnomer, in that it's not necessarily about bringing your own device," said Baguley.

"It's actually more about the fact that people want access now to data and applications anywhere on any device. The fact that it happens to be their device, or a different device, or someone else's device, who owns it and who paid for it is kind of what some people think they want to get hung up on. In reality, the real challenge is delivering data and applications to any device anywhere," continued Baguley.

According to Baguley, the notion of managing data, irrespective of device or operating system, will be a focus of VMware's 2013 end user device strategy.

The solution, said Baguley, "is actually just about looking at how people do things in their private life, or their personal life, I don't think the corporate mechanism is living up to the same levels of devliery and service, and that's what's causing the rub."

Baguley went on to describe MDM solutions that focus on management via application or individual data siloes as "stop-gap technologies", criticising current device management practice across the board.

"Bring your own device is all about security. This whole notion of mobile device management sprung up, and I think that's because we have an inherent organisational belief that we have to own and manage everything to do with IT, because that's what we've always done," said Baguley.

"And so if you want to use your device, I'm going to own and manage your device. Which doesn't work, and isn't working, and we've seen several failed projects because everyone wants to own and manage devices," continued Baguley.

"So there's various stop-gap technologies stepping in to help people as their understanding evolves as to what they need to do. It's the data you need to secure, and the access to that data," concluded Baguley.

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