Huawei announces $35bn in sales revenue

By Sooraj Shah
07 Jan 2013 View Comments
Huawei employee

Controversial Chinese firm Huawei has revealed its sales revenue for 2012 is to surpass the $35bn (£21.7bn) mark, with a net profit of $2.4bn (£1.4bn) – an increase of more than 10 per cent year-on-year for both figures.

The world's largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer had a tumultuous 2012 after a report by a US House Intelligence Committee claimed it was a "national security threat". This also led to the government of Canada announcing it would exclude Huawei from a project to build a government broadcasting network due to security fears.

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In the UK, meanwhile, BT had to reassure the public after it emerged that its relationship with the Chinese firm could be subjected to a Commons inquiry.

"Our relationship with Huawei is managed strictly in accordance with UK laws," BT said.

Many questioned the wisdom of allowing a Chinese firm with close ties to the Beijing government to supply the backbone of the UK's communications infrastructure, but the government vehemently denied any wrongdoing.

"It's very important for us to maintain public and business confidence across national and, indeed, international networks," Cabinet Office spokesman Derek Smith told Computing.

In Huawei's New Year's message, acting chief executive Guo Ping reflected on the firm's difficult year.

"We have weathered another turbulent year: the downward spiral in the global economy, an investigation into cyber security allegations by a particular committee of the US Congress, political upheavals in the Middle East and Northern Africa, as well as natural disasters including floods and earthquakes," he said.

Ping said the company will further its efforts in legal and regulatory compliance across the world in 2013, as part of its aim to "become more open and transparent, and proactively contribute to the betterment of the global business environment".

"We will expand business operations, create jobs, and contribute to tax revenue. We will attract more talent from all over the world to create a better future for the company," he added.

Ping said the firm's goal is to become its customers' "trusted partner" as it focuses on mobile and fixed broadband in addition to backbone network solutions.

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