Report: Up to 80 per cent of Salesforce customers not achieving maximum ROI

By Sooraj Shah
25 Sep 2012 View Comments
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A report by partner Bluewolf has found that up to 80 per cent of Salesforce customers are not achieving maximum return on investment (ROI).

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Consulting firm Bluewolf's State of Salesforce 2012-2013 annual review report looked at the current trends affecting customers including areas of growth, and areas of concern.

Bluewolf sourced data from two locations: a survey of 300 global Salesforce customers and the firm's own research into the views of project managers, in addition to using data from completed projects between 2011 and 2012.

The report found that up to 80 per cent of Salesforce customers were not achieving maximum ROI, 15 per cent of which are experiencing diminishing returns by failing to keep their application in line with business changes.

Bluewolf's vice president of marketing, Corinne Sklar, told Computing that this was due to a lack of cloud governance, and failure to establish system stability while ensuring that changes with business benefits are rapidly made.

"Salesforce has three new releases a year but can enterprises take in that change that quickly? What we are seeing is that organisations cannot innovate as fast as innovation is being delivered," Sklar said.

The report also highlighted the issue of hidden cloud costs.

"With Salesforce, a customer may be saving a lot of money on hosting fees, and although they may understand that there are costs with implementation they do not realise that there are additional costs for customisation, training and on-going innovation," Sklar said.

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