Business intelligence saves lives at Colchester Hospital University NHS Trust

By Sooraj Shah
13 Sep 2012 View Comments

Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust (CHUFT) has reported savings of about £45,000 and saved 115 more lives since implementing a suite of QlikView applications last year.

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In 2010, the trust had a problem with its patient-care standards and Department of Health regulators told CHUFT that its methodology on counting widgets (part of a user interface that displays an information arrangement changeable by the user) and transacting its vast volume of data was inconsistent and not in line with national guidance.

The problem was associated with the technology it was using at the time: Strategy Companion's Analyser tool, according to CHUFT's transformation associate director Orlando Agrippa.

"In 2010, the CIO at the time looked at vendors and chose Analyser, but the problem with the product, and many other products, was that it did not do what the organisation needed which was the swift real-time accurate delivery of intelligence through any part of the organisation," he said.

After proposing the implementation of QlikView last year, it took two months for the CHUFT board to sign off, initially investing a small amount to test the product and from that point on the trust has deployed dashboards for various different data sets including cancer, diagnostics and patient attendances.

Agrippa claimed that CHUFT looked at other vendors at a big data analytics event but QlikView was much easier to use than other vendors' tools.

"What we recognised is that a lot of vendors sell their kit on the cheap but the deployment of it will cost you an arm because it is very difficult to build apps and deploy rapidly, and the costs are not in balance. However, QlikView is a bit of a Maserati as it is easy to deal with whereas if you buy a Skoda and you want to turn it into a Masareti it is a bit of a challenge," he explained.

"QlikView is slick and easy to deploy, it is intuitive and easy to use but many other kits can do the same thing. What QlikView has in addition, is an online community like no other that really drive the agenda. We never had that with the Analyser product; there was no community, little support and it made it more difficult for us," he added.

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