Computer virus hits printers in the UK and worldwide

By Sooraj Shah
22 Jun 2012 View Comments
A hacker committing cyber crime on a laptop

An outbreak of a Trojan virus has resulted in office printers printing masses of paper with jumbled characters until they run out of paper.

According to security firm Symantec's blog, the US and India are the worst-hit regions followed by the UK and other regions in Europe and South America.

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Symantec said that the "malware delivery vehicle for hire" Trojan.Milicenso was initially found in 2010 and can compromise a computer through malicious email attachments or through users visiting websites that host malicious scripts.

In one of its latest developments, it has been found as a tool that distributes French adware.

Symantec have said that the masses of printouts seem to be a side effect as oppose to the main goal of the author.

Although it has been updating its protection relating to the threat, a further version of Trojan.Milceso has been found by security company SANS. In a diary, the company said that the most recent version had been designed to avoid detection.

Symantec have responded by suggesting that the authors are still "hard at work" but has assured IT departments that the company is "just as determined to stop them".

It has told workers to follow best security practices and to keep up to date with the latest virus definitions and security patches.

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