DECC looking for WAN and software solutions for smart meter rollout

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31 Aug 2011 View Comments
An Onzo smart meter

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has published two tenders on Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) to support the rollout and analysis of information from smart meters to be installed in up to 30,000 homes across the UK.

The first tender is looking for consulting, software development, internet and support and data processing services. While the second is for a wide area network and related communications services.

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The first notice covers the procurement of data services for DECC to manage smart meter information from over 30 million households and businesses across the UK.

This will include development and implementation of the software solutions and hosting of the implemented software and application management services.

It will also include integrating the data services and meter communications services, and ensuring operability with the IT systems of DECC's users.

The department expects that all the work packages will be awarded to a single bidder through a single contract with break clauses between work packages.

It also expects the contract term to be between seven and nine years from contract award and will be extendable to a maximum additional term of three years.

The total value of the contract will depend on the contracted term, but is expected to be between £60m and £240m.

The second contract is looking to procure a WAN on which to run data services. The contract will be split into three geographical lots: northern Britain, including Scotland; central Britain including Wales; and southern Britain.

Bidders may bid for one, two or all three lots.

The scope for each of the lots will include the provision of communications services for up to 100 per cent of smart meters in the specified geographic area; supply (but not installation of) the communications module that will allow the smart meter to connect to the communications service; and connection of the communications service to one or more datacentre locations specified by DECC.

The department expects the contract term for each lot to be between nine and 15 years from contract award, with provisions to break after nine years – for initial contract terms in excess of nine years – and to extend up to a maximum additional term of five years.

The total contract value of each lot is expected to be between £330m and £1.5bn.

Bidders wishing to bid for data services and communications services must respond to each contact notice separately.

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