HSBC ramps up online banking security

23 Feb 2010 View Comments
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HSBC wants to help customers mitigate the risk of online fraud

HSBC is providing a security system to its internet banking customers in an attempt to fend off malware attacks and fraudulent phishing web sites.

The Rapport software is expected to protect customer data and prevent fraudulent activity by "locking down" browsers to prevent unauthorised access to web sites and prevent the flow of confidential information.

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The system, which is to be used as an additional defence rather than to replace existing anti-virus or firewall software, is PC and Mac-compatible and can be downloaded from the bank’s web site for free.

Some of HSBC’s peers have been offering security systems for its online customer base for years. Barclays, for example, started distributing Kapersky Lab’s software to its clients back in 2008.

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