Government to comply with new EU telecoms rules

17 Sep 2010 View Comments
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The EU has amended the rules governing the European telecoms industry

The government has announced that it will amend UK law to comply with new EU regulations governing the telecoms sector.

In a consultation paper from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills entitled 'Implementing the revised EU electronic communications framework', Ed Vaizey, Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries, said: "We must ensure that the regulatory framework is fit for the future and reflects new technologies and changing consumer expectations."

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Vaizey explained that the regulatory changes should result in better investment opportunities and encourage greater competition and innovation throughout the industry.

"Consumers should benefit from improved choice of supplier and contract terms, strengthened rights on privacy and confidentiality, faster switching processes and improved accessibility. Ultimately, everyone should benefit from access to higher quality and lower cost communications services," he concluded.

The document states that the government will amend regulator Ofcom's powers to correct failings in process and procedure that have come to light since the original EU framework, which was set out in 2002. Ofcom will benefit from enhanced information gathering powers and dispute resolution procedures.

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