Names and shame

22 Aug 2012

It’s debatable whether MPs represent good value for money when the total cost of their salary, office expenses, index-linked pension, flipped houses etcetera are taken into account.

However, MP Louise Mensch, co-founder of Menshn, the Twitter-like website she has all to herself, has always been good entertainment value, if nothing else. So it was with insincere sorrow that Backbytes greeted the news that Mensch is moving to New York to “spend more time with her family” – an excuse more commonly associated with philandering MPs caught having done something unspeakable to one of the Whitehall chauffeurs.

The question is, though, will the US want her? It is notoriously strict about admissions of even the mildest of offences and Mensch, of course, admitted on record as having had something of a class-A drug habit in the past while working as a publicist – what else? – in the record industry. 

But it’s the children Backbytes feels sorry for: they’re called Aelflaed and Caius.

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