Seeing through Windows 'user comments'

12 Jul 2012

"Smooth as butter". What normal person uses such a phrase? Only users of Windows Phones, it seems – or people who claim to be users of Windows Phones online.

Far be it from us to suggest that any of IT’s illustrious companies would ever even think of stooping so low as to engage in an astro-turfing campaign, but to Backbytes, there’s something distinctly "fishy" about many of the pro-Windows Phone comments that always seem to appear soon after a Windows Phone-related article is published, all seemingly "singing" from the same cliché sheet.

Or maybe it’s just an American thing? To be fair, though, ‘smooth as lard’ just doesn’t really work as a superlative.

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Strange article

Why is it when a WP user writes glowing reports and uses phrases like "smooth as butter" people start thinking there’s something fishy going on?

May I suggest Mr Backbytes, you actually get an actual Windows Phone and ditch your current offering for at least 2 weeks and then you might understand. I switched from iPhone 3G in 2010 when "Big Jobby" famously said there was sweet FA wrong with the iPhone, it was the way we left handers were holding that was wrong. That sheer arrogance (which is endemic in Apple) was enough to drive me Windows Phone. I did consider an Android device but knowing that I WAS NOT the customer, I was the product and Google's advertisers are the customer swiftly put me off. Also, being an (ex) diehard Apple fan I still think Android is a blatant rip off of iOS.

The first few days were a bit of a culture shock “That’s not how I’d do that on my iPhone” etc. etc. ad nauseum but after a week I found I could not put it down. Here we are 18 moths down the road, the O/S has come on leaps and bounds, it needs a Quad Core CPU like a Ferrari needs a JATO rocket, it is fast, it is, well, smooth as butter. I now honestly could not go back to iOS as it is now Jurassic in comparison. An iPhone with its neat little rows of icons and folder harkens me back to Windows 3 or Windows NT3.51 whereas Metro is simplistic, vibrant, alive. Try it!

Posted by: Philip G  12 Jul 2012