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Vendor watch: Amazon – A gift for disruption

amazon webservices reception
Having transformed the way we buy books, and then consumer goods in general, Amazon is now blazing a disruptive trail through enterprise IT
17 Jul 2012

National Audit Office criticises shared services arrangements

Houses of Parliament
Sharing back-office functions costs more than expected and are yet to deliver savings
08 Mar 2012

Firms warned Digital Economy Act could threaten bring-your-own-technology policies

A banner at a protest against the digital economy bill
IT chiefs advised to take steps to ensure copyright material not backed up onto corporate systems from personal devices
07 Mar 2012

North-west fire services embark on major IT control integration

Fire services in Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire and Cumbria aim to pick up the pieces after FireControl fiasco
02 Mar 2012

IT chiefs eye Google's privacy dispute with interest

Google's changes to its privacy policy could affect how other firms treat data sharing
01 Mar 2012

Analysis: Will a move to the Single Digital Market boost e-commerce?

The EU hopes that the way out of the economic chaos engulfing the continent is to create a vibrant digital economy
01 Mar 2012

New child maintenance agency risks repeating IT mistakes of CSA

NAO report slams spiralling IT costs and warns expected savings may never materialise
29 Feb 2012

IBM claims quantum computing breakthroughs

Advances could make quantum computing a practical reality within 10 years
28 Feb 2012

Visa develops over-the-air NFC update for smartphones

Payment firms make it easier for networks to offer contactless payments
27 Feb 2012

Analysis: Cloud specialists – if you can’t beat them, buy them

Are Oracle and SAP’s recent acquisitions of cloud-based human capital management specialists a sign that all is not well with their SaaS strategies?
21 Feb 2012

Anti-money laundering rules will force banks to review data-handling capabilities

Taskforce recommends more transparency in financial systems
17 Feb 2012

Clarks signs five-year extension to IT services deal with Getronics

Retailer looking for a safe pair of hands during international expansion
17 Feb 2012

Competition Commission brings forward mobile cost cuts

The timetable for mobile operators to cut termination rates has been brought forward
15 Feb 2012

MoJ set for £2.9bn upgrade to electronic tagging system

Upgrade to include ability to track offenders using GPS
15 Feb 2012