Sooraj Shah is a Senior Reporter for Computing and joined the publication in September 2011.

His focuses include cyber security, public sector IT and big data.

He graduated from the University of Manchester in 2010 with a BA in Linguistics.



Articles & blogs by Sooraj Shah

Dr. Martens selects ‘value for money’ ShoreTel over Cisco, Avaya, Mytel

UK clothing company intends to use Shoretel globally and incorporate Unified Comms in supply chain too
30 Jan 2015

Government assessing benefits of data-sharing and open data in banking

Government wants more competition in banking and better deals for customers as it aims to support growth of UK 'fintech' sector
30 Jan 2015

Sky to offer mobile services through O2 partnership as telecoms market reshuffle continues

BT created domino effect by acquiring EE, and now its TV rival is upping its game
29 Jan 2015

Ofcom aims to regulate Internet of Things in the UK

Ofcom will work with ICO and government on areas such as data privacy, spectrum availability and security of networks to ensure UK can handle rise of IoT
29 Jan 2015

Apple posts biggest quarterly profits of any public company - ever

Apple smashes expectations thanks to record iPhone sales - but iPad sales continue to fall
28 Jan 2015

CIO: 'Career is Over' or the new route to being the CEO?

CIOs are no longer thinking of their title as Career Is Over, but can they make it in other senior executive roles?
27 Jan 2015

Why the Hadoop big data bubble will continue to expand in 2015

After HortonWorks' successful IPO, MapR and Cloudera are out to prove that they too can flourish on the public stage
27 Jan 2015

Oracle Java the most risky software despite increase in Microsoft flaws

Versions of Apple QuickTime, Adobe Reader and VLC Media Player also rank highly on 'most exposed' list
22 Jan 2015

NHS’s Sir Bruce Keogh claims wearable tech could revolutionise healthcare

NHS medical director believes smart devices could help to slash hospital admissions
21 Jan 2015

Why Bet365 CIO Martin Davies isn’t chancing it with 'fashionable' technology

Davies doesn't believe DevOps, BYOD or a hybrid cloud suit the nature of the online gambling firm's business
21 Jan 2015

Not one government department can say all of its staff have basic digital skills

In annual reports, each government department says it is still attempting to get all of its staff to level 7 on the digital inclusion scale
21 Jan 2015

Shoe retail chain Office decommissions servers after security breach

ICO says firm is making sure the issues around data breach are resolved
19 Jan 2015

New Public Services Network CTO aims to make PSN less complicated

James Duncan admits PSN is difficult to understand and that the current compliance regime is 'fraught with problems'
19 Jan 2015

Hadoop distributor MapR aiming for late 2015 IPO

CEO John Schroeder believes Hadoop market is becoming more mature as he prepares to float company
16 Jan 2015

CIOs have the skills to be COOs, claims News UK’s Chris Taylor

Taylor believes that many of the management skills necessary to be a COO will have been acquired by CIOs at some point in their careers
15 Jan 2015