Interview: Joanna Kori, Encompass, Women in Tech Excellence Awards finalist

'I'm proud of the growth of my own team, which benefits so many others'

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Interview: Joanna Kori, Encompass, Women in Tech Excellence Awards finalist

Championing women in tech events inspires the next generation, says Encompass's Joanna Kori.

On November 23rd, Magazine London will host Computing's signature event to bolster inclusion across technology: the annual Women in Tech Excellence Awards.

Spotlighting over 1,800 women over the years and attended by more than 2,700 industry members, this event is a nexus point for trailblazers across specialties and seniorities to come together.

From promising coders to leading executives, these are the women driving advancements across tech. By celebrating change-makers past and present, the event continues Computing's years-long tradition of uplifting women in tech to inspire those who will shape tomorrow.

Joanna Kori of Encompass is one of the hundreds of finalists who will be there on the night, competing for Team Leader of the Year - SME alongside her colleague, Sai Leela Bendi. We talked to her about her work, her company and her hopes for the night.

Joanna has been head of people for Encompass since 2021, actively overseeing HR, recruitment, performance, learning and development across all regions. She describes her purpose as ‘empowering people to fulfil their potential and enrich their lives with the best professional and personal development opportunities for them.'

She uses a lifelong learning approach to foster imagination, ambition, creativity and innovation, and emphasises reflective practice for self-betterment both inside and outside the workplace.

Computing: What is Encompass all about?

Joanna Kori: Encompass enables firms to deliver revenue faster, drive operational efficiency and demonstrate consistent compliance with dynamic KYC process automation. Our award-winning platform, unrivalled data connections and industry expertise help clients to create and maintain real-time digital risk profiles of everyone they do business with. 

Our customers include leading global banks and financial institutions, including Wolfsberg Group members. We also have strategic alliances with a range of trusted data, technology, and consulting partners.

What one company achievement in the last 12 months are you most proud of?

I have led HR, Talent and Performance & Development in support of dynamic change for Encompass Corporation over the last 12 months - that is, the restructuring of our product technology teams alongside the implementation of a new people management strategy across the whole business.

I am most proud of the growth of my own team's skills, confidence and capabilities, which benefit so many others. Their proactive management of this strategically vital change has positively impacted the continued development of our KYC platform and fostered high performing teams and people at Encompass.

What are you working on this year?

My team and I are committed to being aligned, agile and relevant to our company, teams and people strategies at all times. 

Our current focus is on supporting product technology innovation, sales growth and maintaining high performance at Encompass. We encourage and provide effective communication and feedback. 

We actively listen and regularly coach team and individual performance at all levels. We adapt policies, processes, and benefits to keep on target with what is best for our employees across all regions. 

My team is tireless in our efforts towards the overall growth and success of our people and our organisation.

Why are events like the Women in Tech Excellence important to the IT industry?

Events such as the Women in Tech Excellence Awards provide a crucial platform for the achievements and contributions of women to be recognised. 

Women have so much to offer the tech industry, through skills, experiences and perspectives gained, and it is vital that their role is championed.

Events like these offer the chance to do just that, while inspiring the next generation.

The Women in Tech Excellence Awards take place on 23rd November at Magazine London. Click here to view the shortlist and here to book your table.

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