Interview: Jason Daniels, Fujitsu UK, UK IT Industry Awards finalist

'We believe that enhancing customer experience through a digital-first service powered by a combination of human expertise, analytics and AI capabilities is essential for success in today's digital landscape'

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Information technology is a vital part of modern businesses today, helping all corporate sectors to achieve goals, generate revenue and reduce inefficiencies.

The UK IT Industry Awards are the largest and most well-known event in the technology industry calendar. Owned and operated by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT and Computing, the awards enjoy a level of professionalism and industry knowledge not seen at other shows.

This year's winners will be announced at a live awards ceremony on Wednesday 8th November in London.

Fujitsu UK, one of the finalists, is in the running for the Digital Transformation Project of the Year.

We caught up with Jason Daniels, Chief Digital Officer at Fujitsu UK, to ask him more about his company's priorities for the next 12 months.

Jason boasts a 25-year career transforming global enterprises. His vast private and public sector experience merges with cloud native and disruptive tech knowledge, aiding clients in the digital era. Jason forges agile, high-impact teams to drive business progress, aligning tech solutions with broader industry and societal goals. He's a Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer and a recognised industry thought leader, featured in Forbes and the Financial Times.

Fujitsu UK's mission is "to empower the UK organisations through technology that addresses business challenges and solves societal issues," Jason says.

"Recently, Fujitsu has made significant investments in the UK to strengthen our ties with Japan by establishing the CCAT, the Centre for Cognitive and Advanced Technologies. CCAT serves as a hub for collaboration and innovation, providing that direct bridge to Japan and the UK. This allows the UK to tap into Japan's leadership in emerging technology such as artificial intelligence, quantum, and blockchain, whilst Japan benefits from the UK's thriving research and innovation ecosystem."

When asked about one company achievement in the past one year that he is most proud of, Jason said the work on Trader Support Service (TSS) as part of the Fujitsu-led consortium fills him with immense pride.

"TSS, a free-to-use digital platform, has enabled traders to submit customs declarations quickly and efficiently, saving them both time and resources. To date, TSS has allowed over 40,000 businesses to adapt to the new trading agreements and overcome the challenges posed by Brexit."

One of our questions to Jason was what he is working on this year.

Jason said Fujitsu recognises that public sector productivity is a top priority for the UK Treasury, and that it is "committed to playing a pivotal role in driving that growth."

"Our continued focus on our Centre for Cognitive and Advanced Technologies will be instrumental to this endeavour. In addition to empowering public sector productivity, Fujitsu will continue to support organisations like TSS in placing digital services at the forefront of customer experience," he added.

We went on to ask Jason about his view of the UK IT Industry Awards - which he said are "crucial for the IT industry as they provide a platform for celebrating excellence, sharing best practices, and fostering collaboration."

Watch the video above to hear more from Jason.

The UK IT Industry Awards will take place on 8th November in London. Click here to view the shortlist and here to book your table.

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