Interview: ThousandEyes, Cloud Excellence Awards finalist

'We provide end-to-end visibility to identify issues before they impact user experience'

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Interview: ThousandEyes, Cloud Excellence Awards finalist

Every year, cloud technologies become more deeply embedded in organisations of all sizes.

From SaaS to infrastructure management and cyberdefence, the cloud is integral to modern companies - making firms that can boast of success in the space key suppliers.

The Cloud Excellence Awards recognise the important companies and individuals that are showing true originality and value in cloud - and we'll be announcing this year's winners at a live awards ceremony on Thursday 21st September, in central London.

Finalist ThousandEyes is hoping for success in the Cloud Management Solution of the Year category.

We talked to Marko Tisler, product lead for Internet Insights and ThousandEyes WAN Insights, to find out what makes the company stand out.

Marko oversees the development of proactive monitoring solutions for customers based on end-to-end network visibility, leveraging the power of AI, ML, and applied science. 

A passionate innovator with more than a decade in the industry, Marko is laser focused on helping businesses deliver great customer experiences by combining cutting edge technology, industry insights, and customer knowledge. 

Computing: Please provide some background on ThousandEyes - what are you all about?

Marko Tisler: At ThousandEyes we build solutions that let customers see into the cloud and internet like they own them. To keep up with user demands, new digitised ways of business and a new way of life we see enterprises adopting digital transformation projects at an unprecedented speed. There's huge benefit and potential in moving to cloud environments, but it also means that IT teams have become reliant on external environments as part of their new enterprise tech stack, and that means new blind spots.

The internet is a best effort network and outages aren't a matter of if but when. With a digital supply chain that extends beyond the legacy perimeter, IT teams have been left in reactive mode, trying to find and fix outages outside of their purview. That's what the ThousandEyes platform was built to solve. We provide end-to-end visibility from user to application to quickly identify issues, no matter where they occur, before they impact user experience. 

What makes you different from other companies?

Our unmatched data and ability to deliver true Internet visibility. The ThousandEyes platform is the first ever collectively powered global view of internet health, allowing our customers to identify, quickly troubleshoot, and mitigate network outages to manage the impact of global network conditions on their services. 

We can shine a light, if you will, on the delivery of digital experiences across the Internet, cloud, and SaaS apps, which have become increasingly critical for businesses, not to mention for hybrid work. And we're constantly innovating to extend and deepen our view of the internet further and provide automated insights and seamless workflows that help make the lives of IT teams much easier. 

What one company achievement in the last 12 months are you most proud of?

Since I joined the company almost a year ago, we've launched the general availability of ThousandEyes WAN Insights and that's something I'm truly excited about and proud of. It's such a game-changing technology and it's making a massive impact on our customers' operations - not only in their day-to-day in terms of finding and surfacing connectivity issues in minutes rather than hours, but more importantly, in their wider strategy. We've been able to activate a whole new paradigm shift by building a product that's able to analyse historical data to make intelligent recommendations and forecast what optimised performance can and should look like, helping teams move away from reactive firefighting to become more proactive in their management and decision making. 

What are you working on this year?

Internet Insight and ThousandEyes WAN Insights are both milestone innovations, helping customers  proactively troubleshoot their now borderless network perimeters and mitigate potential end-user impacting conditions like never before. That type of innovation focus will continue this year, deepening and expanding our visibility of internet performance and continuously applying new innovations that will turn all that visibility into actionable insight and automated functionality.

Just recently we announced some exciting news of Cisco acquiring SamKnows and Code BGP, based in the UK and in Greece, with both joining the ThousandEyes team to further invest in and expand our internet intelligence; in this case, last-mile performance and advanced BGP monitoring. It's critical for customers and for me personally it's the most exciting challenge to continue to conquer - how to provide as much predictability and certainty as possible in today's seemingly unpredictable internet-centric environments. 

Why are events like the Cloud Excellence Awards important to the IT industry?

IT leaders play a critical role in today's businesses, making sure digital experiences and other promises of the digitally transformed world are delivered flawlessly. New solutions and innovations happen constantly and awards like the Cloud Excellence Awards help shine a light on some of the most interesting solutions being built, and the case studies that truly exemplify best practices, and the power and results of adopting some of these new products.

Click here to book a table for the Cloud Excellence Awards, and here to see the finalists.

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