Interview: Godel Technologies, Digital Technology Leaders Awards finalist

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Dzmitry Trafimau, Head of Javascript, Godel Technologies

Dzmitry Trafimau, Head of Javascript, Godel Technologies

"Godel champions the most important values - people, quality and empowerment."

Digital technology has significantly altered nearly every facet of contemporary life. From travel and work to shopping, entertainment, and communications, various domains have experienced transformative changes in recent decades.

The Digital Technology Leaders Awards occupy a special place among Computing events. Rather than platforms and tools, this event is dedicated to the companies and workers driving technology forwards at the leading edge of IT.

This year, winners will be announced at a live ceremony on Thursday 6th July in Central London.

One of the finalists is Godel Technologies, who along with joint finalist, FE fundinfo, is in the running for the Digital Project of the Year.

We caught up with Dzmitry Trafimau, Head of Javascript at Godel Technologies, to find out what makes his company different from other technology firms and what are they working on this year.

Dzmitry currently heads one of Godel's largest divisions and is responsible for overseeing how the division evolves. Dzmitry has been an active member of the JS community for a long time which allowed him to quickly develop the skills and knowledge at Godel to support the division in moving further to strengthen the relationship between Godel and its partners.

Computing: Please provide some background on your company for our readers. What makes you different from other companies?

Dzmitry Trafimau: Manchester-headquartered Godel Technologies is a nearshore software delivery partner with over 20 years of experience in providing fully managed, highly skilled software engineering teams to UK-leading businesses. Godel's expertise focuses on areas such as cloud, data, agile consulting, quality assurance and automation with experience in technologies such as .NET, React, Angular, Kotlin, JS, Java, Python and PHP.

The partnership with joint finalist, FE fundinfo, a global provider of fund data, kickstarted in 2020. Since then, the teams have been working together to deliver modern digital solutions to manage data and streamline processes to provide substantial benefits to FE fundinfo's customers.

What one company achievement in the last 12 months are you most proud of?

Godel champions the most important values - people, quality and empowerment. These three core values allow us to rely on people's initiatives and experience to provide the highest quality delivery of technical solutions. In addition, Godel continues to work according to agile methods to flexibly adapt to market trends. This is especially true today when it is necessary to actively monitor the market and change approaches to ensure good collaboration with our partners.

What we are really proud of at Godel is that we successfully manage and maintain the quality of delivery with our partners, and as a result, be nominated alongside FE fundinfo for such an important award as the Digital Technology Leaders Awards.

What are you working on this year?

It's no secret that the last year has been a challenging time economically for businesses, but despite that, we have seen how technology continues to make a big impact in how we and businesses operate. Recently, we have focused on helping our partners find better ways to solve digital problems and help them get results with decent quality and more economically, whilst successfully scaling software engineering in their company.

As technology continues to evolve, businesses strive to stay ahead of the game, and we recognise their desire to stay connected in an ever-changing world. At Godel, we support our partners in delivering business-critical technology solutions to help their businesses thrive.

Why are events like the Digital Technology Leaders Awards important to the IT industry?

In the tech world, there's big importance on exposure and being able to show off the work we're doing to a wider audience, and it's great that we have such wonderful events such as the Digital Technology Awards. It helps the industry to find the latest trends and enables companies to get new benchmarks in modern solutions. Our industry is very dynamic and nominations in such achievements celebrate businesses and their technical solutions, which enable the market to introduce more modern technologies to accelerate the development of the industry.

It's also a fantastic opportunity for the teams to get well-deserved acknowledgement for the work they're doing, demonstrating some interesting features and really impressive outcomes for the business. Getting that acknowledgement on a wider scale is excellent for both the FE fundinfo and Godel team and celebrates our successful partnership.

Digital Technology Leaders Awards will take place on 6th July in London. Click here to view the shortlist and here to book your table.

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