Five reasons to upgrade to Windows Server 2022

Higher security, lower costs

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Five reasons to upgrade to Windows Server 2022

Microsoft is urging Windows Server 2012 customers to upgrade to Windows Server 2022 soon, as it plans to end support in October.

The US tech giant says businesses still using Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 after the October 10th deadline will become highly vulnerable to costly data breaches.

This is because they'll no longer be able to access crucial fixes, service packs and security updates, making it easier for hackers to breach machines and access sensitive data. 

As well as better security, Windows Server 2022 offers lower operating costs, enhanced analytics, improved IT management and simplified remote working. Read on to learn more about why you should upgrade to Windows Server 2022.

1. Increased security 

The biggest benefit of Windows Server 2022 is that it offers greater cyber protection than previous versions. Thanks to features such as Microsoft Defender Threat Protection, Windows Defender Exploit Guard and virtualisation security, Windows Server 2022 can identify and mitigate data breaches, zero-day threats and network-based attacks. Meanwhile, Microsoft's new Secured-core solutions can fight existing and emerging IT security threats at hardware, firmware and operating system levels.

2. Accelerated digital transformation

Digital transformation can become an expensive, time-consuming process for businesses as they invest in and implement the latest operating systems and hardware. But businesses can use Windows Server 2022 to build on their current IT and software infrastructure with secure hybrid cloud capabilities and the ability to run their applications on-premises or via Microsoft Azure. 

3. Simplified remote working

Remote working has grown significantly following the Covid pandemic, and many businesses now allow their employees to work remotely long-term. But for businesses new to this way of working, Windows Server 2022 provides a good starting point. With Remote Desktop Services (RDS), remote workers can access business-critical applications and desktops virtually. RDS is also designed for intense performance and enhanced security. 

4. Greater scalability and agility

In today's interconnected and highly digitised world, businesses lose market share and customers when they don't stay ahead of the curve. Of course, keeping up with the latest technologies can be difficult. But using a modern server infrastructure like Windows Server 2022 makes this easier, as it means enterprises can manage and scale their IT environment more efficiently.

For example, Windows Server 2022 Datacentre Edition uses software-defined infrastructure to offer a single cluster containing software-defined compute, storage and networking. This helps to increase performance, lower costs and improve scalability.

5. Streamlined IT management 

As hardware and software advance rapidly, IT teams have the hard job of staying on top of everything. However, businesses can make life easier for their technology departments by investing in Windows Server 2022 and gaining access to Windows Admin Center. The latter offers a range of modern tools that simplify server management,  including Server Manager and an overhauled Microsoft Server Console. 

Combining better security, accelerated transformation, simplified remote working, greater scalability and streamined IT management, Windows Server 2022 is available now. Click here for more information.

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