Get the Google Cloud support that's right for you

The best plan and practices to follow when pursuing Google Cloud

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Get the Google Cloud support that's right for you

With cloud computing trickling down to later adopters, it raises challenges for companies who may not have the expertise of cloud pioneers.

That's why cloud providers like Google have been developing enhanced support models to address the varying needs of all their customers. Google Cloud launched its Customer Care portfolio in May 2021, and all customers have now transitioned to the new offerings. 

Here, we show you how to get the best support for Google Cloud for your specific needs. 

Optimising your Google Cloud support

For many organisations, harnessing the true value of the cloud remains a frustratingly elusive prospect. Building the right support structure for their cloud model will ensure they receive a prompt response when issues arise - but it also does something even more conducive to long-term cloud success: It allows businesses to develop a more holistic approach to the cloud, instilling a culture in which support is viewed as a proactive enabler rather than a reactive solution. 

Forward-thinking organisations leverage their support to learn how to use the cloud in a more strategic way. This allows them to adopt a more considered approach to the cloud that helps prevent issues from arising in the first place and increases the potential for extracting maximum business value from the enhanced efficiency, flexibility and growth the cloud enables.  

Signing up to the most appropriate Google Cloud Customer Care package for your business is not the only way to manage your cloud support needs: Working with an expert partner to inform and guide the best cloud strategy for your business needs can be even more rewarding. Combine your Google Cloud Customer Care package with external support or work exclusively with a partner to formulate a robust cloud strategy that fulfills your organisation's cloud objectives at no extra cost. 

Google Cloud Customer Care


Standard Support

Enhanced Support

Premium Support

Response SLO

P2 (priority 2) < 4hrs

P1 < 1hr

P1 < 15m

Case handling

Submit case in

Google Cloud


Follow up with


Escalate for extra

attention for ongoing


Avail of named TAM.

Escalate cases

directly from console.


Local business hrs



Language support





$29/month + 3% of

monthly charges

$500/month + 3%

of monthly charges

$12.5K/month + 4%

of monthly charges

*valid at time of publication

Standard Support

Standard Support is the first level of paid support Google Cloud offers (Basic Support is free for all customers with a billing account attached to Google Cloud projects, but it only covers issues related to billing and payments). It is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses with workloads under development, giving them access to the technical support team during office hours.

Enhanced Support

Enhanced Support is designed for medium to large companies seeking quicker response times and additional services to run their cloud workloads in production. It offers support 24/7 in multiple languages for certain priority cases.

Premium Support

Premium Support is targeted at enterprises that run mission-critical workloads in Google Cloud and rely on immediate response times, platform stability and exceptional operational efficiency. Customers are appointed a named Technical Account Manager to optimise their Google Cloud operations and Premium Support experience. 

Imprinting best practices from the start

Whether you rely exclusively on support from your cloud provider or you consult an expert partner, meaningful support should be available from the start of any move to the cloud, regardless of the organisation's stage of cloud maturity. For example, when DoiT started working with Innovorder, a digital leader in the food services industry, it was migrating to Google Cloud and deploying advanced services such as Spot VMs on Kubernetes cluster to optimise its stack's cost-efficiency. 

However, Innovorder did not have the level of DevOps resources to execute its more complex ambitions alone. It needed support with cluster migrations and managing the networking difficulties its multicloud deployment prompted. DoiT's insights into how companies can leverage the cloud to maximum effect enabled us to guide the company on the best ways to deploy the many different services it was using and extract the most cost-effective use from Google Cloud.

It can take decades of cumulative experience to identify the most prudent and cost-effective ways to drive business value from the cloud. Rather than trying to accumulate that kind of knowledge and skill internally, a more pragmatic approach is to tap the expertise of an external partner who has already done the work. 

Cloud-based marketing technology platform AMIGO knew they weren't making the most of Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), although they had been using it since it launched on Google Cloud. The DoiT team helped them to develop their GKE expertise and gave them a source of readily available information that saved them time seeking solutions in the documentation. Agility is key to securing a competitive edge in modern business, so getting products and services to market quickly and resolving issues as soon as they arise is invaluable. 

DoiT support for Google Cloud

Named the 2021 Google Cloud Global Sales Partner of the Year and winner of multiple other awards, DoiT has been working with Google Cloud services for over a decade. We help customers take full advantage of the public cloud by providing them with intelligent technology, expert consultancy and unlimited support to streamline their operations through intelligent technology, expert consultancy and unlimited support. 

For no additional cost, our customers receive round-the-clock support on Google Cloud services, earning us an average 98% customer satisfaction rating for our fast response times, proactive solutions and an engineering-driven approach to helping our customers achieve their business goals. In fact, we resolve 95% of customer queries without even having to refer to the cloud vendor.

DoiT cloud support deliverables include: 

  • 24/7 support for critical/high impact issues

  • Technical training

  • Quarterly business reviews

  • Cloud strategy and roadmap

  • Implementation guidance

  • Support escalations

We focus on preventing issues from occurring in the first place, using our cloud engineers' deep expertise to identify potential for improvements that could avert problems, avoiding system downtime and enhancing future business outcomes for your organisation.

This article was sponsored by DoiT International

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