"I got into tech by chance" - Rebecca Brindley, NatWest Women in Tech Excellence finalist

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"I got into tech by chance" - Rebecca Brindley, NatWest Women in Tech Excellence finalist

Rebecca Brindley, Experience Manager of Digital Channels at DigiTech, NatWest, is a finalist in Outstanding Transformation at the Women in Technology Excellence Awards.

I was always interested in coding, computers, and design - I was told I couldn't do both Art and Maths - but I did! I started building websites on the family computer. One reason I'm so passionate about Code Clubs and supporting STEM Ambassadors is that you can always learn from anywhere.

I got into tech by chance: I was messing around with computers and found them interesting. I did a degree with a bit of experience design, computer science and engineering. The path has not been straight, and at one point I almost quit computer science as I didn't understand the classes - it felt like everyone was talking a foreign language. But, I kept asking (what I was told was) the stupid questions until things started to click. Then I kept learning, looking to understand how things worked on the internet why and people used what seemed strange behaviours.

I don't believe there is one route in tech, we need all experiences. One thing that helped was my diagnosis as dyslexic - it helped me understand myself so I could understand what the world was showing me (reach out to me if you need any support or advice!).

Having completed my multimedia degree I went back to building websites for a variety of small companies (something I keep an eye on now). I now have a variety of experiences, some more technical - like coding HTML/CSS - and other more design related, like usability testing. The best thing I have done is watching lab tests; you never know how people will use your experience, and that experience will stay with you through everything you deliver.

I've just left NatWest's Web Platform Team, where I was leading customer change on a content management system (Adobe Experience Manager). My new challenge is leading the team embedding digital accessibility across all of NatWest. In doing this I am speaking to many people, across skill levels. Why not reach out see how you can support our journey to create accessible experience by design?

Truthfully I am inspired by everyone. But, this comes from home; my mum instilled the lesson in me that you can achieve anything (although I didn't always believe her). She led our technology classes in her school. She was given computers, programmes, then a network to manage, with no experience in anything considered technology.  

I also have a cardboard cutout of David Tennant that I stand in my flat on a mainline railway waving at people - he is now strategically positioned in a window - where I've heard kids get very excited at Dr Who being in my house!

The Women in Tech Excellence Awards take place on the 22nd November. Click here to book your place.

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