Partner Insight: Endpoint manageability struggles and solutions

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Partner Insight: Endpoint manageability struggles and solutions

Partner Insight: Endpoint manageability struggles and solutions

Remotely managing endpoint devices is now a must-have for all organisations. Employees and customers today expect anywhere, anytime access that is seamless and secure.

IT leaders need to ensure their organisation has the ability to update, troubleshoot, and administer endpoints entirely remotely. Without this capacity, they compromise on efficiency and competitiveness.

Computing's latest research into this area, conducted in partnership with Intel vPro, reveals current endpoint manageability challenges, and if organisations have a grip on their endpoint estates.

One hundred per cent of 150 UK survey respondents say the demands on their endpoint management has stayed the same or increased over the last few years, and yet just 24 per cent have made improvements to their remote management tools and processes since the pandemic began and hybrid working took off. This points towards vulnerable and inefficient endpoint estates.

IT burden

Sprawling infrastructure and the management it requires can put a strain on IT workloads, detracting from long-term business objectives and productivity. IT personnel's availability to prioritise broader technology management becomes increasingly depleted, compromising user experience in the process.

Lack of resources or skills to cope with employees that rarely set foot in the office and self-determine when they are at their desks means that onboarding and updating endpoints is a real challenge. Users can become frustrated when endpoint manageability is inefficient, and organisations may be held back by IT workloads.

Security on the go

The increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber-attacks is a major concern for IT leaders. They must adhere to strict compliance standards and regulations within and outside the office firewall. Securely patching and deploying devices in a way that is both visible and trustworthy is a key challenge, and one of the most important features for IT leaders specifying an endpoint manageability tool or process.

However, 90 per cent of respondents recognise that effective endpoint management can prevent and limit cyber security incidents. IT leaders want reliable and rapid deployment that suits the modern workforce and the current security landscape.               

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The change in working practices over the last two years has necessitated rapid digital transformation to facilitate remote devices and users. Organisations realise that this pressure and demand is not diminishing. Of course, thorough maintenance and administration are required to protect devices and provide secure network and data access, but often this is to the detriment of already time-poor IT personnel.

Effective endpoint management alleviates the pressure on IT teams, ensuring estates are maintained as efficiently and effectively as possible. In this way, users can have secure, seamless experiences.

To learn more about Computing's latest research into the endpoint manageability state of the nation featuring the relevant statistics and solutions, read the full report.

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