Industry Voice: Unlocking the Cloud Advantage with a Modern App Platform

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Industry Voice: Unlocking the Cloud Advantage with a Modern App Platform

Everyone's on the road to application modernisation. Why? Because it's absolutely vital if your business is looking to get applications to production faster, manage growing volumes of software vulnerabilities, and take advantage of all the benefits associated with cloud computing.

The right infrastructure

When you start your modern app journey, one of the biggest difficulties you'll come up against is matching the applications' needs to the right underlying infrastructure. This is because traditional data centres are product-oriented, with operating models designed for monolithic applications, whereas modern cloud infrastructure is API and service-orientated.

By taking a unified approach and addressing both the applications and infrastructure at the same time, you can solve the challenges inherent in modernising applications and offer developers and operators the best experience across clouds.

Microservices, containers, and Kubernetes

One way to free applications from infrastructure is through technology like microservices, containers, and Kubernetes. However, technologies like these bring new complexities and many businesses don't always have the right infrastructure or employees with the necessary IT skills to support them. This is why VMware has designed a range of application modernisation solutions to help businesses build, run, and manage all applications across any cloud.

VMware Tanzu

Available through VMware Cloud Foundation, vSphere with Tanzu is the fastest and most cost-effective way to securely modernise legacy applications and manage complicated Kubernetes workloads.

It unites data centres and clouds with an integrated cloud operating model so you can establish developer-ready infrastructure, align DevOps with IT teams, centralise control of containers and Kubernetes, and simplify cloud operations.

Unlocking business potential

Investing in VMware Cloud Foundation Services and validated open-source technology will enable your developers to streamline and tighten up the software production process. This will help you deliver high-quality, modern applications into the hands of your customers faster than ever before.

By automating and streamlining development with VMware Tanzu, your developers can spend more time focused on building applications and less time on the laborious task of managing infrastructure manually.

You'll achieve operational agility through IT administrators gaining application-level control for applying policies, as well as quota and role-based access for developers. And running modern applications made up of virtual machines (VMs), containers, and Kubernetes clusters on a unified platform will accelerate innovation, helping you keep that all-important competitive edge.

Employee and customer satisfaction

Once your multi-cloud, modern application platform is in place, you can start taking advantage of all the cloud benefits that were previously locked away like simplified multi-cloud operations, flexibility, availability, productivity, cost savings, application governance, and investment protection.

You can bring together application developers and operations teams around the shared goal of faster release cycles for increased business revenue.

And you will have created an environment that is attractive to employees by creating an inclusive, modern culture focused on delivering the best employee experience, which in turn is focused on delivering exceptional customer value.

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