Interview: Sandhata Technologies, Digital Technology Leaders four-category finalist

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Interview: Sandhata Technologies, Digital Technology Leaders four-category finalist

Interview: Sandhata Technologies, Digital Technology Leaders four-category finalist

Sandhata has hopefuls in the Development Team, Project Team, CDO and Automation Project of the Year categories

The Digital Technology Leaders Awards exist to honour technical teams and individuals. This year we've seen excellent entries from a host of companies, but few are as prolific - or successful - as Sandhata Technologies. The company made the shortlist in not just one or two, but four different categories.

We talked to Gopinath Sampath, Sandhata's digital transformation lead, about what this means for the company.

Gopinadh Sampath

Please provide some background on Sandhata for our readers.

Sandhata Technologies is a global niche consultancy company specialising in innovative and enterprise-wide DevOps-centric service propositions. Founded in 2005, Sandhata has established itself as a leader in providing system integration solutions along with DevOps Automation, Mainframe DevOps, and IT transformation.

We provide the necessary tools and expertise in technology and tailor the solution with the focus on business outcomes. DevOps has been an integral part of the way we work for over 15 years. Our customers have seen benefits impacting their bottom line, including productivity, innovation, increased speed to market and improved quality.

We have an excellent reputation for our work in the financial and telecoms space. Along with our established system Integration and DevOps expertise, we also have very strong mainframe experience, particularly mainframe modernisation.

What makes you different from other technology companies?

We have strong specialisms in system integration and DevOps, and our experienced consultants are at the top of their game, able to deliver bespoke solutions to our clients using Industry best practice strategies and maturity modelling.

Our reputation and the Tier 1 clients we work with continues to help us attract top talent. In return, we nurture our workforce by supporting skill development, providing career progression and access to trial cutting-edge tools in our unique DevOps Innovation Lab.

We are also better positioned among DevOps service providers, as each of our senior leadership team have a wealth of technical experience delivering technical solutions within large organisations. This gives us a holistic business view helping in understanding the day-to-day challenges and visualise what is required to make clients successful not just in short term but in a long run.

What one company achievement in the last 12 months are you most proud of?

We started the year rolling out our automation framework for service virtualisation to multiple test environments for our client. With 100+ APIs responses virtualised, I am pleased that we can see that this is directly contributing to saving of hundreds of thousands for our client already. This is made possible as they are now able to eliminate the dependency on some third-party systems and thus reduce the cost on the infrastructure and maintenance of those systems. In addition, the solution is contributing to the indirect benefits of reducing downtime for the test environments and increasing the productivity of the teams, by enabling the team to be truly agile in completing the test cycles for the production releases.

I must add that despite the pandemic situation, our DevOps specialists have stayed very focused in making sure that the client delivery does not suffer during this rollout. It was amazing to see how the team was supporting each other in achieving this.

What are you working on this year?

We have initiated our drive to increase our presence in cloud offerings. As a first step we are modelling the Service Virtualisation as a software as a service (SaaS) solution. We have been working hard with our client group in enabling us to host multiple tenants with a single instance of the Service Virtualisation application running on the host servers, and this single instance will serve each subscribing customer (commonly known as tenants). Our customers are super excited about not having to build a solution bottom-up, and can effectively leverage an existing solution which they realise provides them the flexibility, increases agility, speed of rollout and significantly reduces the cost.

We have lots more plans and projects underway to provide full a API management solution, deliver microservices DevOps and helping our customer assess their maturity level and transform the team to build on the automation and bring cultural changes to empower them in meeting the business demand in much more efficient way.

Why are events like the Digital Technology Leaders Awards important to the IT industry?

There is no hiding that it is a competitive market and it is crucial for any business to gain recognition for its outstanding achievements. These awards bring credibility to everything we do at Sandhata and allows us to distinguish from our competitors. They also help us to draw a line in the sand and assess where we are today.

Also, the awards and external recognitions help to keep our team motivated. They make them feel better and feel appreciated for their hard work.

At Sandhata, we take pride in what we do and what our team is capable of achieving. Awards are ‘icing on the cake' for our growing business.

The Digital Technology Leaders Awards take place on the 13th October at the Waldorf Hilton in Aldwych, London. Book your place now - while there's still space!

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