Cloud Awards finalist Precisely is bringing data and comms together

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Cloud Awards finalist Precisely is bringing data and comms together

Cloud Awards finalist Precisely is bringing data and comms together

"Data underpins every operation in an organisation”

Data drives millions of important decisions every day, so ensuring the information you use is as accurate and up-to-date as possible is crucial. Without precise data, your company's decisions could end up costing time and money, rather than saving it.

Data integrity business Precisely (formerly Syncsort), with more than 12,000 customers worldwide, knows the value of data well. The company supplies a wide range of on-prem and cloud-based tools, and secured a finalist spot in the Cloud Excellence Awards 2021 for its EngageOne Communicate SaaS solution.

"We come at things from a focus on both data integrity and customer experience, with a mission to deliver accuracy and consistency around all things data", says Gerhard Heide, the company's global head of strategy. "Data in effect underpins every operation in an organisation. This gives us special advantages around cloud-based solutions as we are able to deliver trusted data securely from wherever it resides to wherever it is needed, in real-time, every time."

The EngageOne portfolio is all about customer interactions and communications, so little surprise that EngageOne Communicate is on the shortlist for Unified Communications Product of the Year. The competition is stiff, but Heide feels confident as he explains the product's capabilities.

"EngageOne Communicate is the first cloud platform in the industry to combine digital communications, conversational chatbots with Natural Language and Live-takeover capabilities, and interactive personalised video into a unified platform sharing a single design and content management environment.

"We've designed it specifically to be easy to setup and usable for anyone using a system called progressive disclosure, which gradually exposes additional functionality as needed. This makes it super-easy for dispersed teams to collaborate all within one interface."

Precisely's core strength is in data, though, so how does EngageOne Communicate fare on that front?

"We use Precisely's cloud-based data APIs to connect to existing systems to retrieve data where it lives in real-time. This process is automated and includes data quality and consistency checks, as well as enhancing and enriching with third party data and external API services - like news, weather, location and social media feeds - to deliver a truly data-driven, unique and relevant experience."

There are more developments to come in the next 12 months, so stay tuned for announcements. Heide says these advances will "enable business users to drive even more interactive, digital engagement for their customers, through a lot of extra innovative features as well as making the platform much more widely accessible to everyone. Watch this space."

The Cloud Excellence Awards are one of Computing's longest-running and most popular events, honouring companies and individuals from across the technology industry. Heide says, "There is always a lot of discussion and speculation in the public around what is happening in ‘the Cloud', and events like these - with real-life examples and actual products - help to provide clarity about what is real, where we are and what to expect.

"Additionally, it's a great opportunity to network and engage with peers to see what everybody is working on and get a sense of the innovation and direction the market is heading in."

This year's Cloud Excellence Awards take place on the 23rd September in the Montcalm Marble Arch. Reserve your place now.

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