What can the cloud do for financial services?

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Financial services firms are under pressure to offer seamless, omni-channel experiences - why are so many avoiding putting critical workloads in the cloud?

Nearly every industry acknowledges the need for cloud today, but while some are leaders in the move, others still insist on transitioning at their own pace.

Financial services organisations are under growing pressure to offer digitally-savvy customers frictionless and innovative services, and a growing number rightly recognise the cloud as an enabler of these advances.

Computing research, discussed in a recent websem with Kainos, reveals that 80 per cent of financial services organisations expect their use of cloud computing to increase over the next three years. However, increasingly stringent regulations and security requirements, as well as the perceived risk of migrating core processes to the cloud, has created a degree of hesitancy when it comes to cloud migration.

While a wholesale cloud migration may not be suitable or necessary for all organisations, embracing the benefits of a more cloud-centric approach is key to competing with more agile fintech organisations.

The webinar, supported by original research, examines the obstacles that arise when migrating to the cloud, whether via hybrid or multi-cloud models.

Kainos' Daryl Porter and Simon Wagnitz join Computing editor Tom Allen and tech analyst Ellen Daniel to explore the technical, security and internal skills, and compliance considerations, which may be slowing migration journeys. The panel also asks how significant these hurdles are, and what can be done to remediate them. Finally, they explore the measures that need to be put in place for the cloud to be a facilitator of innovation for organisations in the financial services sector.

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