Interview: Matt Hill, EMEA MD at Copado

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Innovation has been a driving force behind technological change for years, and many companies have crashed and burned on the road to a truly innovative approach. Those that do find it, though, use it to power their own unique approach and surge towards success.

Copado is a DevOps application focusing on digital transformation, and the brainchild of the company that shares its name. The application's success helped Copado (the company) to reach the shortlist for consideration as this year's Most Innovative DevOps Vendor in the DevOps Excellence Awards, and we talked to EMEA MD Matt Hill about how it got there.

Can you provide some background on Copado - what are you all about?

Copado is a DevOps application, built on the Salesforce platform, for large enterprise customers or businesses that use Salesforce at the core of their digital transformational journey. 

We've been around for just gone eight years, and in that time we've seen tremendous growth in terms of DevOps being the engine for driving innovation and transformation to a lot of large organisations - not only here in Europe, but around the world. 

We're all about enabling our customers to unleash a lot of innovation on platforms they have invested very heavily on, Salesforce being one of them. 

What makes Copado different from other DevOps technology companies?

We focus on SaaS platforms. The largest SaaS enterprise platform in the world, Salesforce - we're built on that platform, but we provide a DevOps platform that enables you not only to manage complex code, but low- and no-code environments as well. Having that ability to manage all of the types of metadata, either pure code or configurational changes or security changes that requires your DevOps team to manage from start to finish, is what we're all about. 

Traditional DevOps solutions are all about code, and not about all of the types of metadata out there. The 4th type [of metadata] that we see is data that is treated like or is metadata, but it's actually stored as data. 

We're really focused on addressing those needs, and that could be anyone, from a really highly skilled developer to what we call a citizen developer, who is really driving a lot of configurational changes in the development pipeline. So, we are unique in that sense, but that's where we're successful, and that's where we're getting a lot of attention and a lot of growth from our customers. 

Can you tell us about your entry to the DevOps Excellence Awards?

At Copado we are all about continuously innovating for our customers. That's either with our solutions like DevOps 360, which gives a 360° view of the DevOps process and all the data points that are generated as part of that process - and that tool enables a lot of teams to enable their continuous improvement journey by looking at every point of the delivery at each stage of the DevOps process, and continuously improve to what we call DevOps Nirvana or DevOps Enlightenment, in the way that they're continuously deploying to their production environments. 

What we commonly see is their ability to release often in small increments. In an agile shift-left approach, their return on investment in the Salesforce platform, or whatever platform they're using, increases dramatically. 

What we can see, and in surveying a lot of customers had gone on this journey, on average that ROI can increase up to 46 per cent. So, where customers are spending millions and millions of dollars or pounds or euros, or whatever their currency, they will get a great return in terms of driving that DevOps-owned engine a lot faster, with higher quality. 

We obviously endorse this continuous improvement path for our customers, but we also provide continuous improvement in our own product: through value stream management, but also through acquisitions like New Context, who really have cornered the market around DevSecOps. That has strengthened the security arm of our business and really enabled compliance into the process, along with the security and regulations that a lot of leading banking, finance, pharmaceutical and government organisations need to have built into their process, and really drive a foundation that enables them to innovate at speed without compromising on quality or security. 

What single company achievement in the last 12 months are you most proud of?

There are many achievements in the last 12 months that I can talk about, but I would say that the biggest achievement, which has really got a lot of great feedback already from our customers and the wider market, including our key partners, is our Summer 21 release. The Summer 21 release really opens us up to multi-cloud or multi-SaaS platforms that can be managed completely from Copado. 

We consistently get feedback from a lot of large enterprise customers that they own and operate more than one type of platform; obviously Salesforce is one of the leading cloud platforms, but they might have two, three, or in some cases five or six different platforms that they're responsible for, and fully integrated in a lot of ways; so, our ability to come up with a multi-cloud option for our customers - and one of our first solutions is Mulesoft, which we see as a gateway from Salesforce to a lot of other cloud platforms on the market - is our first step into that. 

We have a large road map of solutions that we'll be focusing on over the next 12-to-24 months, to really give that capability right across the entire footprint of what our customer needs. 

What are you working on this year? 

We're focusing on building out our connectors to other cloud platforms like SAP, Workday, Oracle, AWS [and] Google Cloud, and that's really being driven by customer demand. As I said previously, our customers have multiple cloud platforms, because they have different needs for different customers and partners, and either internal customers or their own customers; so having that ability to use different cloud platforms to provide that digital experience, right across their business? We're stepping up to meet their needs, and that's really where I see an exciting shift in our business: to really open up to all these different SaaS platforms, that enables our customers to be even more successful. 

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