VideoProc Provides YouTubers with Easy-to-use Video Processing Software

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Introducing VideoProc, a new video processing toolkit

Step 2. Edit and Process Video Clips for YouTube with VideoProc

1. Cut off unnecessary video clips and then combine the rest for later editing.

For some large videos recorded by GoPro DJI and other active cameras, if you want to upload them to YouTube, then you can read video editing tips for YouTube beginners> 

 2. Crop, rotate and flip the image. Apply filters to change visual effects, like Sharpen, Blur and Vintage. Slide the value bar to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. Or enable Watermark and load a PNG picture to use as stickers.

3. You can add subtitles by searching online. For the videos created by yourself, add external subtitle files, for example in .srt, if you have made one.

4. If you are dealing with a video recorded by DJI or GoPro, use "Deshake" and "Denoise" to stabilise video and remove background noise to improve your video quality. Or just disable all audio tracks and then add some favorite songs as background music. Also, you can use VideoProc to correct fisheye lens distortion.

5. Rearrange the playback speed between 0.10x and 16x to turn your video into time lapse or slow motion, which is especially good for creating masterpieces with travel video clips.

6. Load a picture to set as the media cover, rename the video clip for YouTube uploading, and add detailed information of Artist, Genre or Comment.   

Step 3. Compress the Video for Uploading to YouTube

YouTube only accepts a few specified video codecs and it has a maximum file and length limitation. By default, you can't upload a video larger than 2GB or longer than 15 minutes. But it can be extended to 12 hours and 128GB after verifying a Google account, especially useful for 4K video uploading.

Transcode video into MP4/H.264: To upload video to YouTube, an MP4 container with H.264 codec is recommended. But you have other choices. VideoProc provides you with hundreds of input output video codecs.

You can convert video to FLV, which is also compatible with YouTube. You can also turn video into MOV for playing on Apple devices. Or encode 4K video into HEVC to maintain UHD quality in a much smaller size, just to name a few.

2. Compress to resize video: The final step for YouTube uploading is to ensure your video is output in acceptable range of file sizes while keeping highest possible quality. Codec is a key factor. H.264 and HEVC have the best compression ratios so are good options. You can also resize video by changing the bit rate or professional settings like GOP, B-frames, 2-pass encoding, etc. Check the Six methods to resize 4K video without quality loss >

Another feature worth mentioning is that VideoProc is the only software with support for Level-3 full hardware acceleration. It allows you to utilize GPU power in video processing (decoding, processing and re-encoding). That's why video editing with VideoProc is so smooth and satisfying.

Non-linear video editor software like Adobe Premier Pro, Cyberlink or Final Cut Pro X can experience difficulties on some machines. They can lag or even crash from time to time. But VideoProc runs smoothly on many ordinary PCs.

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