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Adobe Sign: fast, flexible and compliant e-signatures for global businesses
Companies are digitising business processes and systems quickly. To stay competitive and keep connected with international business partners and clients it is recommended to adopt electronic signatures. Electronic signatures can help greatly with keeping paperwork organised and can help your business run more efficiently.
The total economic impact of Adobe Sign
Adobe commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study to and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realises by developing Adobe Sign. The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of Adobe Sign on their organisations.


Here's how to make sure your employee data is ready for GDPR
Use the ADP Employee Data Audit to build an in-depth picture of your GDPR risks and the action plan you'll need to ensure compliance.
Tech-Savvy and Business-Orientated Human Capital Management of Tomorrow: A European Perspective
Today's world brings many challenges for HR, regardless of country, vertical market, company size, or international presence. This IDC research paper reflects on the findings of a comprehensive survey on human capital management (HCM) solutions conducted this year in eight European countries. Download now to learn more about the challenges and issues which have a strong impact on HR focus areas.
The Workforce View in Europe 2018
New technologies bring unfamiliar risks and challenges and the explosion in data and the security and privacy issues that come with it. Helping your business to thrive, therefore, is of utmost importance. To do this, you must truly get to know and understand your most valuable asset - your people. Create a platform that supports your company's ambition; download this insightful report which draws upon feelings of almost 10,000 workers across the continent.

Advance 7

Skype for Business Network Considerations
Increasing numbers of corporates are adopting Skype for Business. Although an organisation may already use an enterprise-wide VoIP solution, smooth deployment of Skype for Business and maintenance of good call quality will be challenging. This Advance7 Briefing is for the network managers. It outlines how the voice and video calling features of Skype for Business will impact the network and how the support model may present extra challenges to the network team.
Cloud Migration: Performance & Reliability Considerations
The complexity of modern business systems means that the migration of an application to the cloud causes a risk of performance and reliability (P&R) problems. Cloud project managers need to consider the P&R risks so applications continue to deliver satisfactory performance during and after migration. In this paper, we look at the P&R risks associated with the rehosting (lift and shift) or refactoring (lift, tweak and shift) of an existing on-premise application.


Fact Sheet: transform your VME applications without risk
The ICL VME platform, now owned by Fujitsu, was successful at the time, but is now outdated, inflexible, unmaintained and difficult to integrate with modern IT systems. Download this useful fact sheet to find out how you could transform your VME applications and how it can benefit your business.
Hot for hosted: The importance of business mobility
The 2015 Holborn fire was a stark reminder of just how quickly commercial premises can be disconnected from their clients.…
Cloud Computing Cloud Enablement Services
The cloud enables IT departments to better deliver business applications and services, but because company operations are rapidly changing, this…
The Cloud Experience: Benefits, concerns and barriers
Given the continued political and economic uncertainty and the role that technology can play in bringing greater control and stability…
A 24/7 managed service for HS1's IT Infrastructure
HS1, the company that manages High Speed 1, Britain's first new major railway in 100 years has employed a 24x7…
Case Study: Cashco's successful transition from OpenVMS to a fresh, sustainable environment
Cashco was running its entire operation on a highly customised OpenVMS system that had been developed over 25 years. The…
Alpha Plus Group improves efficiency and enhances IT security with managed services
A network of nineteen first-class independent schools, nurseries and sixth form colleges embarked on the employment of managed services in…
Bimodal IT: stepping stone to the Cloud or path of no return?
This Computing research paper, based on a study of medium and large organisations, looks at whether bimodal IT can ever be a long-term option for businesses, or if it is just a stepping-stone to a more integrated whole. We consider the key challenges organisations need to overcome in order to manage the bimodal environment to its full potential.


Education WLAN Buyers Guide 2016
Mobile devices have transformed the learning experience in many classrooms today, and wireless networks play a key part in supporting technology driven learning. The…


How do MSPs really feel the channel will shape up by 2020?
Is the current pace of consolidation sustainable? And what is the real customer appetite for digital transformation? The past couple of years has seen consolidation and growth happen in the channel at a rapid rate with more global and international giants created as a result.
The Channel in 2020
As the channel becomes more and more competitive, companies from other countries are now seen as direct competitors to your business in your territory. With this new blueprint for continuous growth now looking like a distinct possibility, companies are now looking at the possibility of buying their international competitors, or in some cases collaborating with them to increase and enhance their own service portfolio.
CRN Report: The Rising Stars of the UK IT Channel
The technology industry is moving at lightning speed, so it's perhaps no surprise that the UK IT channel plays host to some of the country's most vibrant and exciting firms. But now the channel has its very own supplement highlighting its most profitable, highest-growth and innovative firms in the form of CRN's Rising Stars, in partnership with Agilitas.
The European channel in 2020
When it comes to the IT industry, standing still has always been more dangerous than moving forward. The sector's company obituary list can attest to that. The biggest question is, in which direction should you be moving? Download now to learn more.


Cloud Computing trends in China
In order to support new business verticals, China is scaling up its IT infrastructure and technical expertise. However, rather than building large new server rooms or hiring teams of technicians to manage clunky IT equipment, companies are instead turning to the cloud to power their business expansion. Download now to find out more about cloud services and solutions for China and how Alibaba Cloud is leading this market.
How to apply for a China ICP licence
Foreign companies successfully apply for an ICP license for China on a daily basis, but this is not to say that the process is easy or straightforward. This paper will help you walk through the procedure of applying for an ICP license. Download now to find out more.
Content delivery network for China
As a legal requirement, obtaining ICP registration is a mandatory requirement if you wish to access a content delivery network or host your website in Mainland China. A content delivery network should be a vital consideration for any organisation wishing to grow their business in China by improving the online experience for end users. Download now for further information.
SEO in China: How to rank higher on Chinese search engines with the right web hosting
The Internet is tightly integrated into people's daily lives and Chinese search engine portals are a popular starting point to access information. SEO is therefore an important consideration for foreign companies to consider in driving traffic and reaching Chinese consumers. Read more to learn the important steps on improving SEO visibility and understanding the role that web hosting plays in developing a successful SEO strategy for China.
Why you need an ICP License: Your first step to online success in China
The most common challenge for international organizations wishing to establish an online presence in the Chinese market is obtaining an ICP license. Obtaining an ICP registration can help unlock the Chinese market for foreign companies, which is certainly a worthwhile investment when focusing on long-term online success in China. Download now to learn more.
Launching a China-ready website: A how-to guide for international brands
With the steady year-on-year increase in Chinese overseas spending, alongside robust demand at home in the domestic market, now has never been a better time for international brands to focus on China. Download this how-to guide to learn how to gain a competitive edge in the China market over rival brands.

Anodot ITH1

Harnessing Artificial Intelligence for a competitive edge in retail & E-Commerce
Retailers and pure-play e-commerce companies face the ongoing challenge to increase sales by improving conversion rates, reducing cart abandonment and recommending relevant offers to visitors, among other things. Download now to learn how companies can identify problems faster through AI Analytics, enabling them to capture new business opportunities.
Detecting the business incidents that matter with anomaly detection
One of the main reasons companies need anomaly detection is to get accurate feedback on the effectiveness of business initiatives so that money and manpower can be utilized much more efficiently. Download now to learn why companies need anomaly detection and how an impressive dataset can be achieved, to explore business performance.
Ultimate guide to building a machine learning anomaly detection system
Building an automated anomaly detection system for large scale analytics is a tremendously complex endeavor. The sheer volume of metrics, as well as data patterns that evolve and interact, make it challenging to understand what data models to apply. Read more to learn why anomaly detection is an imperative for digital business today and how to build a truly effective system in-house.


DevOps: The lifeboat saving you from digital transformation drowning
Digital transformation is disrupting every industry. To keep afloat in the changing tides, successful applications are the lifeboat you need.…
APM across Europe: the answer to digital transformation
In every enterprise and every country in Europe, delivering great customer experience is a digital transformation priority, making application performance…


An Introduction to Machine Learning Training Data
With AI and Machine Learning coming to forefront of most major enterprises and conglomerates from across the globe, now is the time to find out what the long standing benefits that Machine Learning can bring to your organisation.
How do you train a virtual assistant or chatbot to provide a better customer experience?
For a virtual assistant or chatbot to mimic human behavior, it needs to be trained with high-quality data so that it can understand the nuances of customers' language and written text. Neglecting this critical step leads to poor customer experiences and potential abandonment.

Apps Broker

Big performance for big business
Demand for extreme cloud workloads such as HPC/HTC, AI, ML and data intensive initiatives are estimated to grow by billions of dollars over the next few years, proving there is enormous potential for businesses to leverage the ondemand nature of cloud. High-Performance Computing and High Throughput Computing (HPC/HTC) resources and data can be difficult to access at scale, and can mean data requests and results are received in days not hours. ECCoE (Extreme Cloud Centre of Excellence) combines the reliability and enormous scale of Google's on-demand infrastructure, the world-leading Xeon Scalable (Skylake) processing CPU from Intel, and Appsbroker's unique expertise in delivering complex hybrid solutions and migrations onto Google Cloud Platform.
ECCoE: Extreme Cloud Centre of Excellence
Appsbroker is Europe's largest Google Cloud-only consultancy, with more time spent on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) projects than any other consultancy. Over 140 technical experts provide a platform and the tooling to make HPC/HTC consumption on Google Cloud a frictionless experience. Helping some of Europe's biggest businesses to make data-driven decisions, innovate and do extraordinary things. Download to learn more about the pioneeriing forces in cloud computing.

Arbor Networks

DDoS prevention appliances biannual worldwide and regional market share and forecasts
DDoS prevention appliances are the first line of defense for most service providers and large enterprises around the globe looking…
IDC Analysts Connection: DDoS: What You Don't Know Will Hurt You
Distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks promise to remain a potent threat to the enterprise in 2015. Both IT and the boardroom need…
Modern DDoS Defense Toolkit: Best Practices, Advice from Arbor Networks and Gartner
Making sure a corporation's network is available to customers and employees is paramount to its success in today's industry. DDoS…


HCI Evolution: An investigation into HCI adoption
VMware produced a survey with a leading market researcher named, Vanson Bourne. The purpose of their research was to gain insight on how companies use and deploy storage infrastructure.
Microsoft CSP is changing
The cloud is here to stay. Adoption rates are continuing to rise and the opportunity for resellers and managed service providers is bigger than ever. But change is coming, as Microsoft is introducing new and extended support and service requirements for direct sellers. These new conditions will come at considerable cost to some partners - financially and in both time and manpower. Choosing the right CSP model is a business-critical decision. On average a partner working with a distributor will break even 4 times faster than a partner working with Microsoft in a Direct CSP model. Download the comprehensive whitepaper to understand how the Microsoft CSP changes will impact your organisation, and to discover how Arrow can guide your business through cloud infrastructure complexities and accelerate your profits when growing your cloud business.


Transform the operator experience with enhanced automation & analytics
Enterprises everywhere are taking different digital initiatives to propel their businesses forward. However, meeting the digital demands of today's IT world is causing a major strain on networks for most enterprises. Often IT teams are tasked with unprecedented volumes of data, devices and apps requiring non-stop adds and moves to the network. Aruba suggests using automation for things like configurations, deployment and updates.
Deliver a best- in- class user experience
In business the IT environment is changing rapidly to accommodate more customers, remote workers, BYOD policies and IoT devices. Unfortunately, many networks are struggling to keep up the pace because of all these added devices and software applications. This paper offers a few suggestions to keep networks up and running without latency problems.
Dynamic Segmentation
The number of devices being introduced to businesses is growing and it crucial to have a network that can effectively support all these devices. Wireless networks were created without business-critical mobility, IoT access or security in mind. Our current process of using manual and static configurations in changing mobile device landscape is putting businesses presents security risks for businesses.
See how IoT is making a real impact across the world
The Internet of Things (IoT) as a concept is widely understood, but there's still confusion about what it can really…
Build a next-gen network for the digital workplace
Today's modern digital workforce wants mobility at the heart of everything. But how can you ensure the network is ready…


Smart IT guide: 5 steps to pricing managed services
For ITSPs, the major benefits of moving from an hourly-fee based break/fix (B/F) service model to a managed services (MS)…
Take your managed services to the next level: building a profitable hybrid IT services catalogue
Do you want to take your managed services to the next level? If so, it's time to take a look…


Uncomplicating Office 365
This guide provides steps and advice on how to tailor Office 365 to best suit your business, so you can…
Brexit: IT leaders have 500 days to get tech in shape
The next 500 days of IT preparation will be critical to the long term success of every UK business. And…
Using Avanade's Managed Services to Unlock Business Value
As this study shows, benefits from Avanade's support are increasingly being achieved through improved business and operational performance, in addition…
IT modernisation: critical to digital transformation
Information technology must be modernized to address the emerging needs of the digital business. This study reveals that senior IT decision…


Detecting threats with IBM QRadar SIEM
Organisations seeking to safeguard their intellectual property, protect their customer identities and avoid business disruptions need to do more than monitor logs and network flow data; they need to leverage advanced, easy-to-use solutions to quickly detect security offenses and take action. IBM® QRadar® SIEM can serve as the anchor solution within a small, medium or large organisation's security operations center to collect, normalize and correlate network data using years' worth of contextual insights. Download now to learn more on detecting threats and protecting against malicious attacks on your organisation.
Digital Transformation
Organisations across the globe are modernising legacy applications and gaining a powerful competitive advantage by introducing new digital services for their customers, while supporting the phenomenal growth of mobile transactions.
IBM Spectrum Storage software capabilities
More storage software will be needed as businesses add flash, file, object and software defined to their IT infrastructure. Explore how data protection and recovery, storage and data management and many other key benefits can be achieved through the deployment of IBM Spectrum Storage. Download now to learn more.
APIs-Building a cross channel strategic platform
Open banking is the concept of leveraging API's (Application Programming Interfaces) to enhance existing digital offerings, as well as bringing new digital applications to the financial market. PSD-2 regulations are driving open banking, allowing all data sources to be made available to any third-party provider, with customer consent. One of the biggest challenges that banks will face when implementing new open API strategies is how to seamlessly integrate existing applications and services via API's, as well as developing new ones. Download now to learn why banks now need to consider their overall strategic positioning and their ability to create value in the new financial ecosystem.
Opportunities created by PSD-2
The implementation of PSD-2 will open up financial services and payments markets to new competitors and service providers. PSD-2 will provide new opportunities to make use of banks' internal data and external market information in real time. Yet, whilst there are many opportunities for banks to use data more effectively and deliver a much richer customer experience, no-one yet knows what potential innovation will really mean for the future of banking.
Transform your business with IBM Cloud Private Hosted
The modern data centre is always evolving, making it extremely difficult on businesses to stay up-to-date with the latest technology. IT Managers will know how frustrating it can be when working to maintain a data centre to ensure the business is running at optimum capacity. IBM Cloud Private and IBM's Cloud infrastructure offerings could be the solution to both these challenges. IBM Cloud Private Hosted helps enterprises transform their IT environment and can combat the issue of infrastructure and application modernisation. Download now to learn more.
CRM made easy
I bet you never thought you would see those words next to each other and in a positive light, well you have and it's true. Nimble and Microsoft have teamed up to provide you and your customers the opportunity to take advantage of the CRM system that builds and maintains itself.
Defining the new Business Intelligence: Visual, immediate and cognitive
Organizations that are leading in their markets today are using analytics to drive decisions at all levels. To harness the wealth of information that big data represents, a new BI solution is required: one that combines managed selfservice with mission-critical reporting. This new approach to BI is essential to overcoming the challenges that having too much data can pose. Download now to learn more about new Business Intelligence and how traditional methods can no longer keep up with the need to handle mass amounts of data.
IBM Cloud Private Data
As technology and software continuously develops, the uptake of public cloud adoption has also continued to grow and go from strength to strength. As many enterprises are still quite wary and unsure about fully embracing a public cloud adoption, due to compliance requirements and natural scepticism of the cloud in general.
Are you reaping the true value of your data?
Read to find out the four stages of analytics and how IBM Cloud Private for Data (ICPD) enables you to connect to your data sources so that you can catalogue and govern, explore and profile, transform, and analyse your data from a single web application - all in one place.
Compliance with PSD-2
PSD-2 (Payment Services Directive 2) is a requirement for any banks that operate in Europe to provide wider access to their payment processing systems to registered thirdparty providers (TPPs). Organisations should have analysed the impact of the new regulations on their business, chosen a strategy, defined requirements, designed and implemented solutions and been able to demonstrate ongoing compliance.
Grow your business by moving your customers to the cloud.
With the recent partnership of NetApp and Microsoft Azure, you are now able to offer your customers the opportunity to improve and enhance their experience by………………
Start your journey to a secure digital transformation with Citrix and Microsoft
With a partnership spanning 25 years there is no safer place to move forward with your digital transformation than with Microsoft and Citrix. Find out how their best-in-class…….
Delivering a top-notch customer experience
63% of financial institutions says preserving a seamless customer experience is a top priority. It is no surprise. As digital banking has become mainstream, it has changed not only how consumers interact with banks, but also their expectations and definitions of speed, service and security.
The Planning Survey 17
The Planning Survey 17 is based on findings from the world‘s largest and most comprehensive survey of planning software users. It examines the process of selecting software products for planning, budgeting and forecasting. It also includes analysis of user feedback to rank products in categories (KPIs) including business benefits, project success, recommendation, planning functionality, flexibility, customer satisfaction and ease of use. There are 22 KPIs in total. This document contains just a selection of the headline findings for IBM Planning Analytics.
Planning, budgeting and forecasting: Software selection guide
The goal of this guide is to help organizations improve their planning, budgeting forecasting and analysis processes. The guide outlines a systematic approach to software evaluation and selection that aligns best practices and leading-edge technology with key planning activities. Readers will be asked to review their own planning process, identify challenges, define stakeholder requirements and match emerging criteria with software features and functions.
Key Reasons to Use Software-defined Storage—and How to Get Started
There is broad industry agreement that software-defined storage (SDS) represents an important, promising next step toward helping organizations address the myriad storage and data challenges they face today IT organisations have been experiencing tremendous growth in storage-related demands but it is reaching a breaking point with traditional storage approaches. New applications have cropped up that demand big data analytics, mobility, and social platform integration. The only aspect not growing (at least not at a fast-enough clip to keep pace if nothing else changes) is budget. IBM's experience in storage technologies is enabling it to build SDS solutions that meet today's requirements for flexibility, cloud readiness, analytics, content management, and database management.
Why do you need an enterprise platform for AI, ML and Data Science?
There are various reasons, why an appropriate data platform is a necessity for your business, to ensure you stay ahead of the curve and can continue to innovate. Read to find out what these are, with a particular focus on the Financial Services infustry.

Azlan ITH14 Netapp

The Evolution of Hyperconvergence?
Yes, the evolution of Hyperconvergence may sound and is a bit of a mouthful, but the underlining meaning and function of this is that the IT framework can define whether your business makes the correct strategic decisions for years to come.
Coca Cola Bottling Co improves efficiency and performance with external and internal HCI systems
With the installation of two HCI systems one at the DMZ centre and the other at their dairy plant. CBC Israel has noted that they are now able to be proactive to market changes and customer demands rather than reactive. With this introduction allowing CBC to maintain their position as the country's leading beverage provider, the potential for a global roll out is real.
Why is there such a buzz around converged and Hyperconverged platforms at the moment?
The simple answer is there is a fundamental change occurring in the way IT is run, however if you want that detail as to why this is occurring and what this means for the future look no further.
The changing face of hybrid cloud technology
Over the past decade, there has been a dramatic shift regarding the best way to leverage cloud services, with a steady move towards cloud-first strategies. For organizations undertaking digital transformation, cloud isn't just about choosing a product or service delivery model; it's just as important to extend the value of mission-critical applications through cloud enablement products and services.
NetApp's technology journey
There have been significant changes in the storage industry, as businesses migrate from physical infrastructure to the flexibility and affordability of software defined storage and hybrid cloud. New cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are slowly transforming the storage environment by reducing costs and complexity, providing attractive alternatives to traditional storage architectures.

Azlan ITH6 Oracle

Maintaining trust in the public cloud
The sheer size of public clouds and the amount of confidential data contained within them, the Internet of Things (IoT), the increasing complexity of corporate infrastructure as well as the growing burden of legislative compliance, are causing questions of security to be asked once more. Download now to learn about the measures that organisations are taking to bolster security and compliance, including better data governance and encryption and also how cloud providers need to reduce complexity.

Azlan RedHat

New apps for old
This Computing whitepaper examines the pain points associated with application deployment and management in an increasingly hybrid and rapidly changing IT environment. In particular, it looks at how companies striving for digital transformation are adopting new technologies to achieve those aims, from prioritising mobile support to data-driven process automation and AI, and at the impact these are having on development schedules.
New apps for old
Applications may be the lifeblood of the modern digital business but developing, maintaining and managing them can be hugely challenging, particularly in an environment where infrastructure and application technologies are evolving at an ever-accelerating (some might say, alarming) rate. Fall behind the curve, and code can be out of date before it even goes live, leading to quick fix solutions to not just meet growing demand, but provide better support for remote and mobile users as well as cope with ever-changing governance rules and a myriad other digital challenges. This Computing whitepaper examines the pain points associated with application deployment and management in an increasingly hybrid and rapidly changing IT environment. In particular, it looks at how companies striving for digital transformation are adopting new technologies to achieve those aims, from prioritising mobile support to data-driven process automation and AI, and at the impact these are having on development schedules
New apps for old
This Computing whitepaper examines the pain points associated with application deployment and management in an increasingly hybrid and rapidly changing IT environment. In particular, it looks at how companies striving for digital transformation are adopting new technologies to achieve those aims, from prioritising mobile support to data-driven process automation and AI, and at the impact these are having on development schedules.

Azlan Tech Data

Why Tech Data for Microsoft Cloud Solutions
The Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) programme enables you to provide Microsoft Cloud products on a monthly subscription basis to your customers whilst owning the provisioning, billing and overall management of your customers. Interest in Microsoft cloud solutions continues to grow and for many Microsoft Partners, CSP has already become a strategic part of their business. And it could be a part of yours too!
Boost your sales to infinity and beyond with Microsoft CSP
Your business growth relies on one thing, making sales. As your customers begin to consider the strategic importance of a multi-cloud environment, there's no better time to grow your sales. Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) is a Cloud Solution Provider program that helps you to grow your customer sales and open new doors to profitability. Download now to find out more.
Skyrocket your profit margins with Microsoft CSP
As the digital sphere becomes more competitive, customers are looking to transform their business. Read more to find out how innovative revenue stream, multiple cloud solutions and accessible market leading e-tools can help your business grow.
Keep your costs grounded with Microsoft CSP
A Cloud Solution Provider program can help you to capture new opportunites without the burden of it costing a fortune. Download now to learn how CSP can give you a cost efficient, competitive advantage in the cloud market.
Deliver out of this world customer service with Microsoft CSP
Go above and beyond and become a trusted advisor across all cloud solutions. The CSP Program can provide you access to the latest tools, knowledge and insights that will help you to deliver out of this world customer service. Download now to learn more.
The MSP challenge: To host or not to host?
It is no secret or surprise that the managed services market has mushroomed in the past three years as an…
Windows 10: a key enabler of the mobility imperative
Like it or not, all good things have to come to an end and, as good as Windows 7 once…
Research Paper: What is the business case for SD- WAN?
Computing surveyed 120 UK businesses running WANs across multiple locations to discover their existing use cases, pain points and concerns around the WAN, while testing the pulse for the speed and appetite of SD-WAN adoption. Download now to find out more.
End user computing in a post-PC world: How to keep up with change
  Enterprise IT and end user computing are changing; PCs no longer dominate, as mobile devices and alternative operating systems are…

BAE Systems

cyber_reveal™ - Technology that detects
cyber_reveal by BAE Systems is a comprehensive suite of technology and services that bring clarity to your cyber security. From cyber risk services to threat intelligence, managed threat services to device management and incident response, cyber_reveal allows you to understand, detect and effectively respond to threats, reduce business risk and improve the return on your security investment.
8 key pressures on security operations
IT security is increasingly at the top of a company's business agenda. This attention brings pressure to the security team that must be controlled to ensure success. The pressure felt by the team come from the ever-evolving threat landscape and the need to keep up with the latest intelligence and pressures from within the business to educate and protect. Learn how to identify and address these pressures to ensure your people are focused on protecting the business rather than keeping up with the easily controlled pressures.
Creating a culture of cyber resilience
In October 2015, UK telecoms company TalkTalk was the victim of a cyber attack that targeted the personal data of some of its customers. Looking for urgent assistance, TalkTalk teamed up with BAE Systems for cyber incident response and remediation support and partnered to build greater resilience, a ‘cyber-aware' culture and a roadmap to transform their IT estate. Download now to find out how did TalkTalk make this happen.
Why Ignoring Incident Response Could Spell Disaster
Incident response is the last step of a solid cyber security plan, and many companies don't take that very important step. This oversight opens companies up to significant damages and their investments in up-front cyber security tools and services will have been wasted - a potential disaster waiting to happen. BAE Systems commissioned a study of global enterprises on incident readiness, and found that nearly a quarter of the organizations queried had only temporary or no incident response resources in place. Review the study and learn why ignoring incident response could be problematic, and our recommendations to drive incident response improvements for your business.
Becoming the Security Team your Business Needs
The days of sharing the number of alerts or the volume of malware you've detected are gone. In today's world, security risk is harder than ever to articulate. To become a vital part of the business, security teams need to describe threats and suggest solutions aligned to business risk. Learn how to integrate the security function into the business and educate, advice and influence activities as they relate to cyber risk implications.
Getting MSS right the First Time
As threats grow, more companies are looking to outsource elements of their security operations. And it makes sense, as many Managed Security Services Providers can offer benefits far beyond just manpower. However, benefits only emerge when the service is implemented and running correctly. The key to choosing an outsourced model for security is the partner selection process. Getting the partner selection correct determines success versus failure.

Baramundi Software AG

Demanding devices: how automation can help you stay on top
Developments in IT are advancing with ever-greater speed. The industry is seeing evolutions practically every month. As the performance and…
Mobile device management: what must a solution achieve?
Fixed PCs in the office are increasingly being supplemented by mobile devices that enable employees to work efficiently on the…
Automatically detect and quickly eliminate security gaps
The high and constantly increasing number of security gaps in computing, means it is not possible for an IT administrator…

Barracuda Networks

Keep your IT simple: protect your physical, virtual and cloud-environments
Making the move to Office 365 provides organisations with many benefits; from increased end-user productivity to reduced cost and complexity…
Office 365 - four keys to smooth, secure migration
Microsoft's Office 365 has become a favourite among enterprises seeking an easy-to-manage, scalable cloud-based suite and platform for increasing worker…
Best practices for migrating to Office 365
Migrating to Office 365 represents a significant step for an organisation. It introduces product upgrades and brand new tools, opens…
Firewalls in the cloud: driving data further
Securing applications and data in Microsoft Azure is far easier with tools that are dedicated to the task. The growth in…
Protect your business' information and migrate to Microsoft Azure with a web application firewall
Enabling data governance in the cloud is a mix of policies, processes, and technologies; and because the internet is a…
Protect your data in the cloud: securing applications on Microsoft Azure
Cloud computing has faced many challenges when it comes to reliability, privacy, and security. As cloud services have matured, however,…

Bell Integration

Hardware as a service
If you have ever found yourself in a situation where your customers need short-term hardware but don't want the long term costs of ownership. HaaS - Hardware as a Service, could be the solution that could solve your customer's needs, and provide them with a cost efficient solution to their short and long term legacy hardware issues.
How can OneSource Software help you and your partners grow?
Whether you're a Sole Trader an SME or a Small Partnership, not having access to certain IBM software resources, support services and consulting services can severely limit your companies' offerings.


How to stay safe and strengthen your defence against ransomware
Malware tries to adapt to the surroundings to survive. Some fail, but some thrive, even spreading to become an epidemic.…
Security solutions: How hypervisor introspection can secure your systems
Traditional endpoint security is failing to keep us safe from cyberthreats. It takes companies an average of 5 months to…


How to ensure digital transformation success: Building a Centre of Excellence
Digital transformation fails when it is badly managed, has muddled leadership or is over-complicated and rushed. To avoid getting it…
How not to do Digital Transformation: The agility trap
Undergoing transformation can be turbulent, and large complex organisations often find that their pace of business change can slow during…


Unified Endpoint Management: 10 tips for CIOs
Mobility is the key to modern business, and CIOs need to explore their strategies for coping withincreased and more varied…
How to enable mobility while staying compliant with regulations
Regulated industries, such as healthcare, face even more hurdles to leap over when enabling mobile users than anyone else. They…
Seven mobile collaboration hazards
Mobile working is changing businesses and increasing work rates. However, mobile collaboration brings threats to security and other IT difficulties…
Our digital age: what are the next steps?
Technology no longer just enables business - it is a business in its own right. Digital is central to any…
Mobile security checklist: How to stay safe on the move
In an age where no one goes anywhere without their mobile phone and everyone has a laptop on the train,…


Cloud security: How tokenisation can secure your data
Wherever data is transmitted, it can be intercepted. And now that cloud storage is used every day, there is more…
Conquering the cloud: 11 steps to ensuring amazing apps and service success
That sinking feeling when you hit sent on an email to the wrong person, with the wrong attachment, can be…
Don't get lost in the cloud: How to protect your data, wherever it lives
Today data flows more freely than ever before, meaning that tracking sensitive data is becoming increasingly difficult. With over half…
Your questions answered: How to protect your data in the cloud
The number of successful cyberattacks per year per company has increased by 46% over the last four years. Therefore, it's…


5 reasons why the SaaS revolution needs a unified content strategy
How do you 1) take advantage of the flexibility and agility represented by SaaS solutions AND 2) solve the content silo problem? Here are 5 reasons why the SaaS revolution needs a unified content strategy.
The Total Economic Impact Of Box's Enterprise Content Management And Collaboration Platform
The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of Box on their organizations, to leverage enterprise content management and collaboration to win, serve, and retain customers.
The life-changing magic of information governance
There's no doubt that information is transforming the world for the better—future of work here we come! The ongoing evolution of technology continues to make it easier for people to create and share information. There's more data floating around than ever before.
The 6 building blocks of GDPR readiness
You've been warned about the huge fines, you're aware you have a big task on your hands, and you know the plans you put in place are going to come under close scrutiny. GDPR is looming and, if you haven't done so already, it's time to take action.
Moving content management to the cloud
Confident that cloud vendors will be able to meet their exacting content management and security needs, companies across the board are migrating content from on-premises to the cloud and finding that, if anything, the cloud makes it easier to meet their compliance requirements. Download now to learn about four compliance challenges, using a survey of 100 IT decision-makers.


Research report: The ultimate app study
Apps are the future, but what do we really know about how, when and why they're used, and what their…
Stuck in traffic? How to move into internet fifth gear
This success story follows Pernod Ricard, a family business which has grown into a global leader in the wine and…
The future's simple: The case for agile networks
As digital transformation becomes a global phenomenon, it's crucial that networks are made simpler to same time, money and wasted…
Software-Defined Networking: Making the switch easy
The road to SDN looks tricky, but while "Old IP" networks struggle to cope with the current demand and the…


API strategy and architecture: a coordinated approach
The rise of the application programming interface (API) represents a business opportunity and a technical challenge. For business leaders, APIs…
Five simple strategies for securing APIs
APIs are an emerging technology for integrating applications using web technology. This approach is exploding in popularity because it builds…
Five pillars of full life-cycle API management
Across all industry sectors, the perimeters of the traditional enterprise are blurring as organizations open their data and functionality to…

CA Technologies

How to ignite innovation through an integrated continuous delivery ecosystem
Mobile connectivity is ubiquitous. It has changed the way people consume and interact with information and services—and it has unlocked…
DevOps Review 2017: Culture, methods and tools
The Computing DevOps Review 2017 summarises the results of a comprehensive research program undertaken by Computing during the first quarter of 2017. The review begins with a look at the patterns of growth in DevOps and a detailed discussion about the expectations of DevOps held by different individuals throughout organisations. The discussion then moves onto where delays are occurring in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and how the imperatives of speed, quality and security are being balanced. Download now to learn more.
Get ready to live in a software-defined world
In a fast-moving business environment of continuous-release cycles, IT departments must become more responsive and business focused, assisted by DevOps professionals…
Six key requirements for success in the application economy
In today's application economy, market success is increasingly being defined by an organisation's ability to deliver multi-channel applications that provide…
Fuelling the application experience
If you've seen recent car ads, you know they're as likely to promote applications and connections as they are styling…
A guide to REST and API design
It may seem curious to refer to psychology in a work on REST and API Design, but it works to illustrate two…
Agile Infrastructure Monitoring for the Application Economy
The application economy has taken hold—with everything driven by connected applications that run on numerous different devices and systems, as…
5 Steps to Adopting Agile IT Infrastructure Monitoring Necessary for a Customer-Driven World
If you've seen recent car ads, you know they're as likely to promote applications and connections as they are styling…
Key requirements for optimising performance, value and the user experience
As they look to compete in the application economy, many organisations are growing increasingly reliant upon public cloud services. It's…
The many challenges of monitoring Cloud and Hybrid IT Infrastructure
Hybrid IT and cloud architectures are key enablers of digital transformation, but IT operation will need the right tools to…
Cloud & Infrastructure Review 2017: how cloud models are informing strategy
The types and varieties of cloud models available have increased significantly in the last two or three years. The concept of a hybrid cloud consisting of integrated public and private cloud services has been joined by newer approaches such as multi-cloud and serverless. This review summarises the results of a comprehensive research programme undertaken by Computing during the third quarter of 2017. The review discusses how data centre strategies are evolving and the degree to which the cloud is informing those strategies. Download to find out more.
The ABCs of Workload Automation
Those of you who have been in the IT industry for a while will be familiar with the term job…
When it needs to get done at 2 a.m., that's when you can rely on Workload automation
Your organisation has one simple irective: To provide the best possible customer experience. Yet, your workload management and job scheduling processes…
Addressing PCI compliance through privileged access management
Organizations handling transactions involving credit or debit cards are facing increasing pressure to meet regulatory compliance mandates. In particular, they must…
How Can I Defend my Hybrid Enterprise From Data Breaches and Insider Threats?
Many breaches happen because of compromised privileged user accounts. Risks spread like wildfire in the dynamic traditional, virtualized and cloud environments…
The key to protecting your business amid cybercrime's current boom
Thanks to numerous, headline-making incidents in recent years, cybercrime has risen toward the top of the concern list for many…
Enterprise Security Review 2017
If 2016 was the year that turned many aspects of conventional wisdom into history, 2017 has been the year in which the drawbacks of the digital revolution have become abundantly and brutally clear. The review discusses the impact of mainstream media news about cyber-attacks on attitudes to data security and the role of ransomware in particular in shaping attitudes. Download now to learn more.


What caused GDPR's arrival
These experts give their views on why GDPR's arrival was necessary, how it will be enforced, the progress they have seen amongst businesses in adapting to meet the challenge, and how citizens are reacting. Download now to learn more.
How GDPR is perceived
This instalment starts with a high level view of how GDPR is currently considered. We've condensed enormous amounts of GDPR market research into clear insights on how citizens, businesses and their departments perceive the legislation.
GDPR cannot be solved by technology or cybersecurity alone
Security and privacy are not the same and being secure doesn't make you compliant. Organisations must start thinking about their lawful right to hold and process data, instead of focusing solely on protecting it, which is not the only foundation of compliance. Download now to learn more.
How to market your services under GDPR
GDPR has created a higher standard for consent, requiring amongst other features, that it must be freely given, via a positive opt-in, and with the provision of specific details on what is being consented to. Much of this, especially the requirement for freely given opt-in consent, confounds many marketers' pre-existing databases. Download now to learn more.


The digital transformation journey: A guide to success
The number of failed, or failing digital transformation projects across Europe are an indication of the challenges facing businesses. It is arguable that the challenges may arise from not acknowledging the existing hybrid nature of the organisation, and the need for it to remain this way for a while yet. When reviewing how far a business is along its digital transformation path, the most important thing to recognise is that it will fundamentally be on its own journey; one that needs to match its individual business strategy. Companies that embrace the digital transformation journey can significantly increase revenue, meet customer expectations and increase productivity and efficiency. Download now to learn more.


7 deadly sins of cloud transformation
Cloud transformation is a journey that almost every organisation will be embarking on and for many this process is well underway. This is a journey that requires strong top level sponsorship, clear communication, programmes of training and education, new partners with new skills, involvement of and change to many parts of the business, whether it be information security or finance. Download now to learn about the 7 sins of cloud transformation, that we see as some of the primary stumbling blocks that business encounter and some thoughts about how to overcome them.
The day after digital transformation
This whitepaper will explore what might be foreseeable in the mid to long-term future for any company after Digital Transformation, using an evolutionary framework for exponential technologies as a model. It will also discover the potential impact of the digital transformation of your business and what may come next, helping you to improve your overall strategy.
State of release: How to push code faster
This whitepaper will introduce a number of cloud management patterns that help organisations transform the speed and quality of their application development while also reducing their costs and driving efficiency. Download now to explore the background to infrastructure and application maintenance.
The maturity of public cloud adoption in the UK 2018
As one of the tools within Digital Transformation, Public Cloud can enable organisations to increase the pace and reliability of change and unlock innovation thanks to a multitude of benefits such as reducing cost and risk, while improving operational efficiency. Download now to learn how Public Cloud proves itself to be an essential tool in the new world of continual innovation and Digital Transformation.

Carbon Black

The Cryptocurrency Gold Rush - Dark Web Issue
With Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dash and Etherem no longer being just a buzzword of what's to come. These digital currencies are now as recognizable as the US dollar or the Euro, and for many seasoned and first time investors opens the door to a new way of investing in the form of digital currencies.
How can the cloud solve your endpoint security problems?
As most companies are now facing up to the extent of the challenges which they are facing when dealing with cyber security. With astounding 70% of successful security breaches beginning at the endpoint.
Outsmarting the Smart: Entering the Age of Threat Hunting
Threat hunting is the active pursuit and detection of the abnormal activity on the network that indicates a potential compromise. Rather than a reactive activity carried out in response to a security alert, threat hunting is a continuous process that should become part of the security team's DNA. Threat hunters can make decisions quickly and wisely, using human judgement supported by machine intelligence to proactively defend against increasingly sophisticated cyber threat actors. Given the right technology and support, threat hunters can continuously monitor entire infrastructures, closing the gap between IT and operations teams.
Exclusive Whitepaper: Are Cyber-attacks in the financial sector on the up?
The Financial industry as whole has endured decade upon decade of constant change, uncertainty and more recently financial crisis. With technology continuing to become more agile and versatile with each software update, the industry as a whole has and is going through a drastic and much needed digital transformation.
Outsmarting the Smart: Enter the Threat Hunter
Tech and tools are all well and good in cyber security, but if you don't understand how your adversaries think, it's basically just ‘whack-a-mole'. Download this interactive e-book to guide you through all things Threat Hunting. Learn about key findings from a recent survey conducted by Computing and discover more with our interactive links and access to the full research paper.
GDPR - confidence versus reality
This paper discusses whether the GDPR is viewed as a benefit or burden, and the likelihood of compliance with the various mandates of the GDPR. The discussion covers the visibility of critical data throughout business processes, the threat to that data by the types of attack most commonly experienced and the process of breach notification and remediation. The paper concludes with a discussion about the apparent gap between the levels of confidence expressed about the GDPR with the reality of the security tools that organisations have at their disposal to deliver.
Ransomware on the rise
This eBook explores what ransomware is, how it works, and what you can do to better protect your organisation. Download now to learn more.
Non-malware attacks and ransomware take centre stage
This report looks at research from over 1000 organisation, representing more than 2.5 million endpoints, to understand the prevalence and growth of non-malware attacks. Download now to find out more.
Threat hunting for dummies
Threat Hunting For Dummies,introduces the concept of threat hunting and the role it plays in the protection of your organisation's systems and information. Many organisations have yet to start a threat hunting program, so this book explains what threat hunting is for and how to get a program off the ground. You will better understand how threat hunting works and why it's needed. While threat hunting requires specific tools and technology, a successful program requires far more: motivated, trained personnel; collaboration across IT and the business; a desire to make needed improvements to keep attackers out; local context, environmental understanding, and differentiation between what's expected and not.
Security is a big data problem - it belongs in the cloud
This white paper seeks to explore more fully how traditional AV has had its day, and how the principles of big data are now applicable to both detecting and preventing IT security threats.


How enterprises buy technology
Discussions on the way in which B2B tech marketing has changed in recent years tend to focus mostly on the methods of delivery, such as programmatic advertising, or the ever-increasing need for the right degree of personal communications. The aim of the study is to identify how the modern technology procurement process works - who is involved, how suppliers are identified and what marketing approaches are most influential. Download now to learn more.


The impact of data breaches on reputation and share value
From top executives to your bottom line, the consequences of a successful data breach pervade your entire enterprise. The new Ponemon…
Platform approach to securing enterprise identities
In this paper we will examine how securing identity is at the centre of protecting your users, systems and data. In…
The Forrester wave: Privileged identity management
The Forrester Wave™: Privileged Identity Management, ranks the 10 most significant PIM providers based on a 22-criteria evaluating current offering,…
Six best practices to securing AWS environments
Leveraging built-in Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) security is a good start, but only a portion of the solution according to the Amazon…

Checkpoint Software Technologies LTD

The top 6 cyber security threats IOS devices
A recent study found that one in 1000 devices is infected with mobile surveillance and mobile Remote Access Trojans (mRATs).…
Demystifying mobile security attacks
Attacks on mobile devices and traffic are quickly evolving. Mobile attackers are stealing tried and true methods from the "traditional"…
How to balance the needs of mobile security without impacting user experience
A recent study found that one in 1000 mobile devices were infected with mobile surveillance; these attacks were found on…
A critical understanding for vulnerabilities and threats in the mobile enterprise
Recent high profile mobile threats and vulnerabilities show that cyber thieves are making advancements toward mobile. For an enterprise, understanding…
3 steps to securing your mobile security strategy
Many organisations are struggling to move fast enough to keep pace with mobile device and application innovation. As a result,…
Understanding mobile malware threats and how to mitigate them
Secure containers, often provided by mobile device management (MDM) providers, are designed to deliver and store enterprise content on the…

Chef Software Inc

Windows server 2008/R2 application migration program
This whitepaper explains how automation can help with your server network. Learn how automation can help enhance digital innovation efforts and migration tasks. Chef Habitat is part of the Chef Enterprise Automation Stack (EAS). To learn more about Chef and how they can help your business, please download your paper today.
GDPR compliance: How automation can help
The requirement to show compliance to GDPR is less than one year away. While organisations are rightfully concerned with the compliance to avoid heavy fines, the GDPR mandate offers an opportunity to introduce an automated approach to managing compliance with long lasting benefits.
Continuous Automation for the Continuous Enterprise
Every industry is being disrupted by the demands of the digital marketplace. Traditional approaches to business no longer work as they don't meet the expectations of the market and are ripe for disruption by more nimble competitors. Download to find out how you can introduce a leading automation platform to your business, and support any environment - from applications that run on bare metal in the data centre, to container-based micro services in the cloud.

Cherwell Software

7 Essentials that Raise IT's Value to the Business
When IT departments set their minds to providing value to the business, an audit, whether formal or informal, of the current…
5 secrets of excellent service management leaders
Today's service management leaders are more challenged than ever before. Digital transformation. Cloud services. Supplier management. Outside IT. Millennial crowd expectations.…
3 Tips for Creating a Service Catalogue People Will Use
As businesses continue to engage their customers and communicate internally through technology, they have caught on to the capabilities of IT. Businesses…
ITSM Strategies: Value to the Business
IT departments, perhaps more than any other department in an organization, shape the way the company conducts business. In fact,…


Cignal AI Report: Tracking the Deployment of 3rd Generational Coherent
When the first commercially deployed 100Gb/s coherent technology arrived in 2010, it was a watershed event, a once-in-a-decade technology transition that redefined the vendor and operator landscape. Coherent technology sparked greenfield deployments by operators, launched the flexible-wavelength grid and made ROADM-based networks much easier to use. The event's impact resembles the 1996 introduction of WDM technology, which transformed the economics of optical transport by allowing multiple wavelengths to share a single fiber. This report from Andrew Schmitt, Cignal AI, covers coherent technology's evolution, market success, and the road ahead. Download the report to learn more.


Oggi il successo del data center
"Per le aziende più avanzate i sistemi integrati sono un mezzo per ottimizzare l'ambiente IT... per aumentare la produttività della…
Invaluable for business: Integrated infrastructure for big data
The hype surrounding technology capabilities and inflated promises of outcomes from Big Data projects has finally subsided. As evidence mounts…
Improving your security through cloud collaboration
Cloud collaboration platforms that provide calling, messaging and meetings capacities are being widely adopted by businesses across the world. However,…
Getting the most out of your Next-Generation firewall
Comprehensive network visibility and control increases business efficiency and enables business growth while maximising security. Network administrators are witnessing huge change…
Security without compromise: Context-aware firewalls
IT innovation is fuelling change around the world, the mobile device market is exploding, and mobile applications are being developed…
Miercom Branch Office Router Comparative Assessment
Miercom was engaged by Cisco Systems to independently compare the performance and key features of leading branch-office routers from: Cisco Systems (it's ISR1111-8P and ISR1117-4P models); Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd (the AR201, AR1220E and AR169FGW-L models); and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. (models MSR954-W and MSR1003). The tested routers were all confirmed exactly per vendors' documentation and best practices, and all ran the latest available operating software versions. Each tested branch-office router connected via WAN link with an appropriate "remote peer" router from the same vendor. In addition to throughput testing, "soft" aspects of the routers were examined, including: WiFi features, set-up and management; and data capture for traffic analysis.
Doyle Research: Securing Multicloud Environments with SD-WAN
In a multicloud environment, the SD-WAN platform is essential to provide secure, reliable, low-latency access to data and applications. IT organisations need the ability to translate business policy intent across the WAN and cloud infrastructure. The SD-WAN platform must be aware of the type of application as well as traffic destination and be able to prioritise traffic accordingly. Unified security and policy management must be applied from the branch to the edge of the cloud.
EMA White Paper: Preparing Your Network for the Digital Age
Digitisation gives small and midmarket enterprises an opportunity to compete like never before, but any digital initiative will fail without the right network. One essential requirement for success is a modern network. For this reason, many midmarket enterprises are upgrading their networks with next-generation technologies. This white paper shows why a network upgrade is essential, and it offers a guide on how to proceed on a network transformation journey.
Cisco SD-WAN Solution Overview
Moving applications to the cloud require faster, more reliable connectivity. IoT demands even more performance as connected consumer endpoints multiply, taxing bandwidth and exposing sensitive networks to threats and vulnerabilities. Meanwhile, your workforce is becoming more mobile, demanding optimal performance wherever they go.It's an arduous landscape for a business to manage, but it can be navigated with confidence when using Cisco SD-WAN.
Cisco Enterprise Grade SD-WAN
The rise of cloud-based applications and IoT is impacting existing wide area networks across all industries. The need to increase bandwidth, optimise cloud connectivity, and improve security posture is challenging with traditional WAN architectures. Furthermore, the disparate nature of WAN infrastructure makes it hard to gain comprehensive visibility of applications and infrastructure, which hinders failure resolution and effective forecasting of resources. Cisco brings enterprise-grade Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) technology to address the problems of modern enterprise applications of today and tomorrow.
IDC Technology Spotlight: Momentum Builds as Early Adopters Experience Tangible Benefits
This Technology Spotlight highlights the tangible benefits achieved by early SD-WAN adopters across key use cases and outlines a vision for sustained ROI and value creation from the solution. This paper also looks at the role of Cisco in the strategically important SD-WAN market.
Evolution of the campus network and essential criteria to support Agile IT
The evolution of IT requires a network that evolves along with IT's changing requirements - a network that continuously adapts to ever-changing security threats, and evolving digitization, mobility, IoT and cloud requirements. This paper is intended to evaluate the necessary processing, programmability and intelligent management features of next-generation campus switches as they serve as stewards of the entire network in the evolving enterprise. Download now to learn more.
Don't stress the tech - it's just a meeting!
Meetings should be collaborative experiences that help teams get things done. But in reality, the average meeting is delayed by…
Pushing productivity online: Five steps to an effective digital workplace
There's nothing more frustrating than logging onto your business network to find it doesn't work properly when you've prepared for…
Rethinking your network edge: How intelligence can optimise your business
Network edge: a cornerstone in which digital success is either realised or lost, but one which is normally ignored.  As…
Survival of digitally fittest: How to keep your network agile
Digital transformation can only succeed if networks are agile enough to allow business innovation and keep up with changing requirements.…
Beyond hyperconvergence: Hyperflex systems
In IT organisations everywhere, applications dictate architecture—and evolving requirements have been responsible for a continually changing relationship among servers, storage,…
Case Study: How Meander Medical Centre improved patient care with datacentre innovation
Meander Medical Centre was voted the best hospital in the Netherlands in 2015. Its healthcare successes are down to its…
Accelerate your mobile workforce
Workforce mobility comes with a plethora of challenges. To keep yours on the move, it needs to be simple, efficient…
Hyperconvergence simplified: How to manage your data and infrastructure without the headache
Applications dictate IT architecture, and evolving requirements have resulted in an ever-changing need to be world-class to keep up with…
Ransomware: The reality
Ransomware is here, it's sophisticated - and it's shifty! It can lead to financial losses, business disruption, and loss of…
Keeping it simple: The key to next-generation networks
The answer to next-generation networks has never been clearer: simplicity. Complex networks restrict growth, waste time, and deplete resources. This infographic…
Simple, but effective: Five considerations for future-proof network security
The more complex your network security, the harder it is to access, right? Wrong. The ideal security solution for organisations…
Five ways to future-proof your data centre
More than ever before, IT departments are under pressure to cut costs, improve efficiency, and reduce system complexity - why…
Ransomware: Everything you need to know
You're busy. You're tired. You just want to play Pokémon Go or access your company's intranet. Whatever the reason, whenever…
The ultimate checklist for fighting ransomware attacks
2016 was the year of ransomware, says a recent report by the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology, an industry think…
Annual Security Report
The exploitation of trust is a common mode of operation for online attackers. They take advantage of users' trust in…
Security Report: Living in today's ‘Any-to-Any' world
Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the rapidly expanding attack surface found in today's "any-to-any" world, where individuals are using any…


Safeguard application uptime and ensure consistent performance
IT infrastructure is becoming more complex and many businesses are facing more challenges and pressures from the consumers to deliver cloud applications that run effectively and fast. This paper explains how a software first approach can help an organisation streamline app delivery across hybrid, multi and AWS cloud environments.
How your network can take on the cloud - and win
Eighty-two percent of organisations surveyed said that their ability to migrate apps to the cloud is hindered by the increased complexity of their network structure. Citrix believes that unlocking the right network solution can help open doors for many businesses and enterprises looking to integrate the cloud into their IT plan.
Enabling a distributed workforce with SD-WAN
Enterprises are becoming more distributed and therefore, network requirements along different branch sites are changing. SD-WAN is becoming the foundation of the modern enterprise network, providing solutions to the challenges of the distributed organisation. This white paper shares different company case studies that have used Citrix SD-WAN. To learn what benefits Citrix SD-WAN can offer, please download this paper.
5 Signs you're ready for the workspace revolution
It is time to make every office and workspace more productive, read this infographic for 5 steps on how to make small IT adjustments to your IT services and IT security plan. Did you know that 84% of employees agree that too much complexity is making their organisation more vulnerable to security threats? And, 62% agree employees and third parties bypass security policies and technologies because they are too complex.
Delivering the future of work - now
Today's workforce is changing drastically, more people working remotely and there is higher demand for IT services and security measures that accommodate people outside of the office. This is a complete ebookto building a unified digital workspace for today's hybrid and multi - cloud strategies. Unlike the traditional workspace, a digital workspace always serves up the right experience at the right time. It's engineered to increase visibility and simplify management of all apps, desktops, data, devices, and users (or identity) across multi-hybrid cloud environments.
Going Global
For any organisations looking to grow or capitalise on untapped markets, having an agile IT infrastructure is crucial. For more detail into what a digital workspace can offer to any organisation trying to expand, please download this ebook today.
A day in a life of a remote worker
Download this infographic for more insight on the typical remote worker and learn what their IT needs are to work successfully outside the office. Today's always-connected workforce demands instant, secure access to critical business apps, desktops, and data, from anywhere and from any device.
Building the digital workplace
Oxford Economics worked with Citrix were curious about this growing evolution in the workforce, they surveyed 600 executives around the world and across industries about how they are integrating mobile technology and digital work into their strategies. If you are curious to learn more about the study, please download this white paper today.
Beyond the cubicle: Life in the digital workspace
A forward-thinking digital approach to work helps employees working remotely so much. Download this ebook to learn how manage the security of a digital platform and what the elements are of a secure platform. Lastly scroll to the end for specific company case studies!
5 ways Citrix workspace puts user experience first
As technology has become integrated into almost every facet of how we work and live, user experience has never been more important. Employees expect intuitive tools that are not only easy to use but also enable them to work when, where, and how they need without constraint.
3 Benefits of Citrix ADC with flexible licensing
Citrix ADC (formerly NetScaler ADC) pooled capacity is a shared licensing framework. It's designed to give you the ultimate flexibility to move capacity where it's needed most.
Taking local government to digital transformation: A how-to guide
Local governments are responsible for a variety of services, with huge demands on their time and resources. They could be…
Preparing for the digital future: Securing the NHS
The NHS looks very different today to even 10 years ago; with an aging and expanding populations, demands are harder…
Going paperless: How to achieve NHS clinical mobility
The NHS has to deliver multi-disciplinary, multi-site care across the board, requiring mobile solutions and instant access to records and…
How to optimise Electronic Health Records: Accelerating digital transformation
The NHS is going through a digital transformation process with a strong focus on the adoption of EHR systems. This…
Cloud Workspace Services: Adoption Made Simple
The adoption of cloud services poses dilemmas for companies at every stage of their journey. As more cloud services enter the environment, complexity rises for users and IT alike, as users confront a fragmented experience, and IT struggles to secure, monitor and manage it all. Whatever your cloud strategy or desired level of adoption, a few requirements are already clear: the flexibility to adopt the cloud services you want, when you want; the freedom to use any combination of on-premises and cloud resources from any vendor; and simple ways to activate, secure, manage and optimize diverse cloud services so that your entire cloud journey delivers the best results for your users and your business. Download now to find out more.
Managing Cloud Sprawl in the Age of Cloud Services
Cloud computing has become so omnipresent that organizations are adopting it at almost every layer of their business. While these cloud investments deliver immeasurable benefits, they've also had unintended side effects—creating complexity and introducing risk. This cloud sprawl is a major IT pain point. With cloud services sourced from multiple vendors, security is inconsistent, user experience is variable, and access is fragmented. But there is a long-term solution: a unified, secure digital workspace.
How to ensure file sharing safety
Unauthorised employee use of personal file sharing services such as Dropbox represent security risks to businesses. These practices invite data…
Five signs it's time for mobile workspace delivery
Virtualisation addresses key user priorities including secure remote access and BYOD, while improving IT security and agility. Now it's time for…
CIO insights: Mobility survey results
This survey report collates the views and experiences of over 500 CIOs across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and…
Five pillars of security for financial services organisation
Financial services organisations are developing quickly, deploying new technologies and applications to enhance productivity, mobility and customer services. However, with new…
Are you ready for your close up? Master the art of online presentations
Odds are you're going to be hosting a video conference or webinar sometime in the near future. So, are you…
Achieve GDPR readiness with secure app and data delivery
This white paper discusses the requirements of GDPR and how they can be addressed with integrated Citrix technologies for contextualaccess,…


Civica cloud optimisation service
Among the key advantages of public cloud IaaS are the speed and simplicity with which developers can spin up containers, and the pay-for-what-you-use charging model. But without comprehensive governance, it's all too easy for costs to escalate through wasteful overprovisioning, services that needlessly run 24/7, and continued reliance on out-of-date instance types. With Civica's cloud optimisation serviceyou'll be able to improve governance, manage spend, reduce risk, and increase the value your organisation gets from its public cloud deployments. Download now to learn more on the cloud optimisation service.


TCO report: Tape vs. object storage
The increasing costs of maintaining and expanding aging tape libraries are prompting many businesses to explore other options. At the same, the costs of more modern and flexible solutions like object storage now make them a cost-effective alternative to LTO tape. In this paper, we will examine how object storage stacks up against LTO tape for media archives and backup.
Modern enterprise data protection
The potential risks to your data can be as subtle as the malfunction of tiny areas on a disk drive or as enormous as the failure of an entire data center. To deliver that protection in an economical and rapidly recoverable way requires a system that gives you complete control to determine levels of data protection based on the type of data. Download now to learn about the science of data protection and the advantages a Cloudian object storage system provides in keeping your data safe, easily recoverable and highly available.
Modern, cloud-conscious approaches to data protection
The growth in stored data volumes is putting pressure on IT budgets and services delivery. Burgeoning volumes of unstructured data commonly drive this ongoing trend. The challenge now is cope with this acceleration in stored data growth rates. Download now to learn more on the need for data protecxtion systems that offer large single-image scale, backup and restore performance, and management simplicity.
The advantages of an object storage system
In this paper, we'll talk about the science of data protection and the advantages an object storage system provides in keeping your data safe, easily recoverable and highly available.
Hybrid cloud storage adoption trends
Cost and security are, by far, the key drivers in decisions around whether to adopt cloud-based storage technologies. In some cases, the answer is to forgo the public cloud and focus instead on building cloud-like storage architectures in the local data center. For many, thanks to regulatory and internal policy requirements, retaining data in the local data center is far more palatable than moving it into the public cloud. Download now for more cloud storage adoption trends.
Cloudian HyperFile brings enterprise NAS functionality closer to object-based storage
As the volume of unstructured data created and used continues to increase rapidly, organizations are faced with challenges around data storage. In response, many new technologies — specifically object based storage, software defined storage, all-flash arrays, and cloud-based storage services — are experiencing rapid adoption. Download now to learn how new available solutions are designed to address the limitations of object-based storage.


Designing your data future
It's no secret that data assets are increasingly exponentially; with dramatic growth in volume and complexity, the need to move,…
Addressing data anonymization challenges
Production data covers an ideal use-case scenario for complex heterogeneous systems deployed in production environments in a certain time period. In…


IT cost transparency: Key to delivering business agility
Only 12% of IT leader able to deliver cost transparency to business. These 'Cost Transparency Leaders' are trusted as true business partners who are able to advise on the best strategic decisions to take the company forward. Download this to report to learn about the importance of cost transparency to the overall performance of IT leaders.

Colt Technology Services

Five new concerns when choosing a wide area network
In an IT world where the pace of change rarely slows, owners and providers of Wide Area Networks (WANs) may…
A CIOs guide to unlocking the constraints of traditional telephony
In an age of digital working, new behavioural patterns are emerging through the adoption of new technologies in business and…
Software defined networking: what can we learn from cloud computing
The term ‘digital transformation' is becoming more popular in the business lexicon as organisations start making the shift to create…
Can we find answers in the cloud? How to crack Software Defined Networking
Software defined networking is the only answer to today's data-loaded business challenges. Today's networks just can't cope. But how do…
SDN: What cloud computing has taught us so far
Digital transformations are being undertaken by businesses because they need to become more responsive in getting products and services to…
Voice services in a digital age - Your call is important...
The CIO (or the Board) should not imagine that something as long established as telephony is a topic that is…
The road to liquid infrastructure
The changing needs of the enterprise, with centralised applications and databases, flexible bandwith and advanced collaboration, require infrastructure which is…
The On Demand Business: leading the way to a new digital world
According to IT experts, global businesses have reached a nodal point as they speed up transition from inflexible and expensive…
Demand more from your network: How flexible, on demand, connectivity enables digital evolution
In today's digital economy, when you can order fast food or a taxi to arrive in minutes, there's no reason…
The road to a winning content delivery strategy
The market for content delivery services is expanding by an estimated 30% per year. In order to keep up with…

Columbia Threadneedle Investments

Threadneedle Dynamic Real Return Fund
The Threadneedle Dynamic Real Return Fund this year celebrated its fifth anniversary. At the helm of this vehicle since inception has been Toby Nangle, who explains in this guide how he uses a dynamic unconstrained approach to constructing a diversified portfolio that has been able to deliver an annualised return of UK CPI inflation plus 4% over the medium to long term.
Threadneedle Dynamic Real Return Fund
The Threadneedle Dynamic Real Return Fund this year celebrated its fifth anniversary. At the helm of this vehicle since inception has been Toby Nangle, who explains in this guide how he uses a dynamic unconstrained approach to constructing a diversified portfolio that has been able to deliver an annualised return of UK CPI inflation plus 4% over the medium to long term.


Top 100 VARs 2018
As 2018 draws to a close, it's that time of year again where we reveal our rundown of the UK's top technology resellers by revenue.


Backup is changing, are you prepared?
The complex digital backup environment is one of the driving factors making more businesses consider switching their current back- up system. This Commvault paper discusses different things to consider when choosing a backup system. To learn more, download your paper today.
Backup is changing, are you prepared?
The complex digital backup environment is one of the driving factors making more businesses consider switching their current back- up system. This Commvault paper discusses different things to consider when choosing a backup system. To learn more, download your paper today.
The Serbian Ministry of Environmental Protection Simplifies Data Protection
This paper highlights the use of Commvault's Complete Backup and Recovery system in the Serbian Ministry of Environmental Protection. Vladan Kojanic expresses, "Commvault makes data protection a piece of cake: I love that I can do everything from a single console. My team of three is responsible for supporting more than 330 employees, and Commvault frees us up to focus more valuable activities."
The Serbian Ministry of Environmental Protection Simplifies Data Protection
This paper highlights the use of Commvault's Complete Backup and Recovery system in the Serbian Ministry of Environmental Protection. Vladan Kojanic expresses, "Commvault makes data protection a piece of cake: I love that I can do everything from a single console. My team of three is responsible for supporting more than 330 employees, and Commvault frees us up to focus more valuable activities."
6 Tips to fend off security threats without paying a king's ransom
Ransom is indeed big business. But to win the war against this cyber threat, without paying a king's ransom, you need a strong defence. To lean more in detail about these tips download this paper.
How to realistically improve your recoverability with Commvault
This Commvault article is all about data recovery. Commvault's support for disaster recovery is flexible enough to include physical servers, storage arrays, hypervisors, applications, databases, and cloud environments. Commvault also supplies different recovery requirement for your specific business and budget. If you would like to learn more about the many options of recovery, download your paper today.
How to realistically improve your recoverability with Commvault
This Commvault article is all about data recovery. Commvault's support for disaster recovery is flexible enough to include physical servers, storage arrays, hypervisors, applications, databases, and cloud environments. Commvault also supplies different recovery requirement for your specific business and budget. If you would like to learn more about the many options of recovery, download your paper today.
Disaster Recovery Planning for Today's Real World Outages
Commvault offers recovery if a cyberattack were to happen. The Commvault platform also provides a multi-tiered replication system, this means that data is replicated repeatedly in different tiers. This system can save your business money on network connectivity. To learn more about Commvault's recovery systems and what would best suite your business, download your paper today.
Digital Transformation: Who's Minding the Data Store?
Most business practices and transactions are becoming digital. Meanwhile, applications and data are growing- exponentially-posing mounting challenges for backup and recovery processes. Commvault offers some advice to get around these problems. Takt a look at these five practices to ensure that you're ready to backup all your data.
University Streamlines Data Migration With Azure Data Box
The University of Central Florida underwent a project of transferring all their data onto the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. The university was hesitant to transfer the large amounts of data on their own network because it would affect the network performance for teachers and students working. To avoid the problem, they used Azure Data Box to transfer their data fast, securely and effectively.
The Ws of office 365 backup and recovery
In this brief webinar, guest speaker Mary Ellen Cavanaugh, Solutions Marketing Manager at Office 365 and Commvault goes over the 5 Ws (who, what, where, when and why). of Office 356 backup and recovery. Watch now to learn how to back up and protect your data effectively.
Data Protection's Role in Cloud Migration and IT Modernisation
This webinar hosts Robin Gareiss , the President and founder of Nemertes research and Penny Gralewski , a Solutions Marketing lead at Commvault. The two speakers highlight the benefits of cloud migration and IT modernisation. They also outline what companies should consider before cloud migration and IT modernisation.
General Data Protection Regulation
You have until May 2018 to centralise unstructured data governance across on-premises and cloud. Learn what unstructured data you have,…
The straight truth about a cloud first strategy
Read about the challenges you might encounter when adding the cloud to your environment and the importance of taking a…
Comprehensive Data Protection Across Cloud and On-premised Environments
Today IT leaders need cloud data protection with breadth and depth. Commvault is a single platform for data protection and back up that can work across the cloud and on-premise infrastructure. Essentially, Commvault works in a hybrid IT environment.
Case Study: Dow Jones
Dow Jones turned to the Amazon AWS cloud for a better to organize and secure their information. They used a second company called, Commvault for secure data migration to the cloud.
Win the war against ransomware
Ransomware is a big business. But to win the war against cyber threat, without paying a king's ransom, you need…


The business-rugged sweet spot: choosing fit-for-purpose, robust mobile device ans service models
Enterprise mobility is one of the key drivers of the ongoing digital transformation of our economy. Computing surveyed 150 business and technology decision makers about their use of mobile devices in the workspace.


The KPIs top MSPs rely on for success
The most successful MSPs rely on metrics - known as key performance indicators (KPIs) - for making informed, educated decisions that help their businesses thrive, rather than just survive. This eBook provides an overview of some of the most important KPIs used by top MSPs. The focus is on two major areas - finance and service - to help you better understand how to use KPIs as an essential tool for building a more sustainable business. Download now to learn more.
The ultimate guide to As-A-Service
The new Ultimate Guide to As-a-Service is a trusted source for reaching your definition of success. Gain insight into new practice areas, like cloud services; build a marketing strategy that will win you more clients; create tailored service bundles and set up monthly recurring revenue. Download this guide now to navigate change and take our business to the next level.
Five steps to Cloud Service Provider success
Many businesses are moving to the cloud. In fact, 12% of SMBs have already made the move, and by 2020, 50% of SMBs will have moved all of their business systems to the cloud. Take advantage of this huge market opportunity by becoming a cloud service provider for your existing business. Embrace cloud services as a practice area, own your customer relationships, and deliver extra value with the best practices in this eBook.
Five technology trends you can't afford to ignore
New trends are changing the face of our work, and the expectations customers have for their technology support. To keep growing and thriving in the changing tide, technology professionals have to change the way they do business. This eBook will focus on: The growth and impact of cloud computing How smartphones are changing the world, and your business The Internet of Things, and what it means to you The changing methodology of digital security Download now to learn more.
How to make money in the cloud
By the year 2020, it's estimated that nearly one quarter of all IT spending will be budgeted on the cloud. This guide will show you how to overcome your FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt), and set your business up to profit on cloud services, despite slim profit margins. It's time to prove once and for all that the benefits far out way the negatives. Download now to learn more.
Why (and how) to sell cloud services
There's a lot of buzz around the cloud as more and more applications are making the move from on-premise to cloud-based. The key to successful cloud sales is about being solutions-oriented and solving your customers' problems. This eBook is your guide to understanding the benefits of the cloud for you and your customers, and finding the right ways to sell cloud services. Download now to learn more.


When is "cloud first" a good strategy for organisations?
Cloud computing is no longer considered an exotic cutting edge technology for the early adopters, and is starting to be seen…
Choosing the right cloud model for your business
With more and more customers expressing concern about the wider adoption of cloud, selecting the right model for your business…
How to avoid cloud partner heartbreak and find the one
The benefits of cloud services are massive; data security, speeds and variety are all looked after for you, allowing your…

Crown Commercial Sevices

Supplier early payment solutions
Crown Commercial Services has created an early payment system tailored specifically to the public organisation's needs, objectives and ethics. The early payment system can be abbreviated as SEPS, which stands for Supplier Early Payment Solutions.
The elimination of consumer single-use plastics
The Government has stated its commitment to taking appropriate action for addressing single-use plastic waste through various initiatives. CCS (Crown Commercial Service) is working with suppliers to help them lower or even eliminate their waste consumption. CCS has established steps that can be taken to remove CSUP (consumer single use plastics).
The cost of doing nothing
This paper discusses new approaches to spot inconsistencies, mistakes or problems on your monthly telecoms bill. Read on to learn more about some of these common mistakes and how to use a Technology Expense Management (TEM) system to keep better track of monthly invoices.


Mitigating Unknown Risks with AI
To state that the awareness of cyber security risk among senior business executives has never been higher is uncontroversial. The steady stream of high profile casualties (which last year included some of our most familiar technology behemoths among their number) and ongoing work to ensure compliance with GDPR mandates means that, among C level executives, awareness of the whole issue of cyber security has probably never been higher.
Next-generation anti-malware testing for dummies
For decades, the entire anti-malware industry has been built on a reactionary model: A system, also referred to as "patient-zero," must be infected with malware before it can be detected and prevented. Today, the reactive approach is the anti-malware industry's greatest weakness. This whitepaper explains why you need to test different solutions for yourself, just as you would with any other major security investment.
Using Artificial Intelligence to transform security
Organisations of all kinds are facing some very serious data security challenges and it is clear that the layered security stack that exists in the majority of these organisations is not effective at either preventing threats from penetrating corporate defences or finding and neutralizing them after the fact. Predictive AI has the ability to predict and block malware well in advance of it actually being deployed by cyber criminals. Download now to learn more on data security strategies which untilizes AI in order to predict and prevent malware.
Introduction to AI for Security
Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are rapidly moving beyond the realms of academia and speculative fiction to enter the commercial mainstream, with innovative products that utilize AI transforming how we access and leverage information. AI is also becoming strategically important to national defense and in securing our critical financial, energy, intelligence, and communications infrastructures against state-sponsored cyberattacks.
Economics of Insecurity
This paper will examine how we know economic inefficiencies exist and why the industry seems unwilling to address them. By understanding these issues, companies will be better able to select effective IT security solutions that align with their business mission. Readers will also gain insight into how misplaced trust can lead to contradictory market reactions.
Find out why GDPR will help you protect your customers!
The acronym which is on the mind of every DPO and CIO across the EU, find out why it is not all doom and gloom and why this will actually be a blessing in disguise when protecting your customer data. Find out now how your company can stay protected, comply with the impending implementation of GDPR and secure you and your customer's data from any future cyber-attacks. Download now to learn more.
Are you protected online in an ever changing digital age?
Discover what the most common threat trends within Cybersecurity are and find out how you can protect yourself in a Data Inspired Future. Download your copy of the Cylance Cybersecurity report to discover where the attackers are attacking and whether you are fully protected.
How Artificial Intelligence Will Secure the 21st Century
AI, machine learning, and mathematics provide a powerful combination that changes the endpoint protection paradigm. By employing prediction and prevention techniques to stop malicious attacks, pre-execution and outside the system architecture, AI is more than just an innovation; it's a complete shift in philosophy and understanding. The results are striking. With efficacy rates at 99%, artificial intelligence and machine learning applied at the endpoint protects at levels never before seen. Download now to find out more.
Better Security, Fewer Resources: Cylance Bolsters Endpoint Protection Without PC Performance Impact or Incremental Costs
When you consider the number of headlines that appear on a regular basis about major data breaches — despite ongoing increases in security technology spending by organizations — you have to come to the conclusion that something isn't working. But now, there is an alternative. Proactive security solutions that prevent attacks, and identify threats before they strike, bring about a new level of security, performance, and cost savings. They are capable of keeping up with attackers and malware writers and stopping their attacks before they have any real impact. Download now to find out more.
Maths vs Malware
In order to keep up with modern attackers, security technologies need to evolve alongside them, without relying on human intervention. That's where math and machine learning have the advantage. If we can objectively classify ‘good' files from ‘bad' based on mathematical risk factors, then we can teach a machine to make the appropriate decisions on these files in real time. A math and machine learning approach to computer security can fundamentally change the way we understand, categorize, and control execution of every file. Download now to find out more.
Prevention vs. Detect and Respond: The Risk of Letting Malware Execute
The security industry has come a long way in defending against malicious attacks. However, in the rush to create quick, easy, out-of-the-box solutions, the industry has gotten stuck in a vicious signature circle: Vendors develop new solutions, malware authors find techniques for defeating them, then the security industry designs another solution, leading to even more bypasses and attacks. Download to learn more.
Ransomware Prevention & Remediation: Don't be the next victim
Not all ransomware is created equal. As soon as one variant is released, a host of ‘copy-cat' variants emerge, and some of them use entirely different encryption algorithms and key-exchanges, while others still, use new command and control infrastructures or different attack vectors. In the unfortunate case an organization needs to call in IR services, it is important to demand experienced responders armed with a structured process and custom-built tools so these types of determinations can be made quickly in order to move to rapid containment. Download now to learn more.


For the many or the few? What's the best approach to building a data guided organisation?
The digital economy and the technology that enables it are generating unprecedented qualities of data. Many organisations have been hoarding data for some years but unlocking the immense value of that data is a challenge that every business faces. Computing surveyed 150 decision makers, representing organisations from a wide variety of industries, including banking and finance, logistics, manufacturing, retail and the government sector, in an attempt to answer the question: When building a data-guided organisation, should data analysis be done by the many or the few?


5 Steps to Protect Your Office 365 From Phishing
With Phishing fast becoming the #1 threat to your cyber security, now is the time to act and stay protected. With a specific focus on Office 365, who globally have over 135 million active users. It is now time for organisations to be proactive and have an in depth strategy to protect their Office 365 users from a phishing attack.
Real Estate Firm Confronts Office 365 Phishing
With phishing attacks fast becoming the most successful form of Cyber-attack in 2018. The Real Estate and Construction industries are now prime targets for the cyber attacker.
Download your copy of the Osterman report on IT Security - Office 365
With an ever increasing threat towards companies and the online programs they use, you and your colleagues need to be protected now more than ever. The Osterman report on IT security - Office 365 breaks down the barriers and investigates how where and why the attackers are targeting you, and what you can do to stop it.
Cyber Threat Report - The Phishing Issue
As phishing became the most successful form of cyber-attack, if you haven't already it is now time to take note of this threat and make the necessary steps to stay protected online.


The Future of AI-Powered Autonomous Response
This white paper will explore the critical challenges that security teams face in this new era of cyber-threat, and how Darktrace Antigena is leveraging AI to autonomously fight back against advanced attacks, giving human responders the critical time needed to catch up.
Detecting & fighting Ransomware in real time
Traditional security tools that use rules and signatures to stop cyber-threats at the border fell short in the face of this fast-spreading malware. Darktrace uses machine learning and AI algorithms to automatically learn about our customers' infrastructures, and then detect and respond to developing threats as they happen.
Cyber AI & Darktrace Cloud
Cloud is a security blind spot for many organizations who struggle with the limited visibility and control in this new environment, where their existing security tools are often not applicable. Download the whitepaper to learn about the new threat vectors that emerge when migrating to the cloud; why native controls and third-party tools leave gaping security holes and how cyber AI technology can detect and autonomously respond to advanced cyber-threats in the cloud.
Cyber AI & Darktrace Cloud
This white paper examines the security gaps that Darktrace's platform fills using machine learning and AI. By learning the full extent of your organization's evolving ‘pattern of life', Darktrace's AI is uniquely suited to detect and neutralize subtle deviations indicative of a threat in the cloud, in concert with your ever-changing digital estate.
Machine learning in the age of Cyber AI
This white paper explains Darktrace's approach to machine learning and shines a light on the unique interplay between unsupervised machine learning, supervised machine learning, and deep learning behind the world's leading cyber AI technology.
The Next Paradigm Shift: AI Driven Cyber Attacks
In The Next Paradigm Shift: AI-Driven Cyber-Attacks, Max Heinemeyer, Darktrace Director of Threat Hunting, explains how certain characteristics of today's most sophisticated threats can predict what we expect to see in the AI-driven cyber-attacks of the near future. To develop an understanding of the enhanced abilities of AI-driven cyber-attacks, the report presents three real case studies of advanced threats
Real-World Threats Identified by Cyber AI
As attackers learn to move at unprecedented speeds, organizations are embracing cyber AI to regain the advantage over today's ever-changing adversary - and win. This report highlights nine real-world threat scenarios that were identified and neutralized by Darktrace's powerful AI technology as they were emerging, before they could escalate into crises.
Threat Discoveries: What Darktrace Industrial Finds
This document features case studies of alerts raised in real industrial networks where Darktrace Industrial was deployed. Powered by unsupervised machine learning and AI, Darktrace Industrial autonomously learns ‘normal' behaviors and can then identify genuine cyber-threats at a very early stage, before they develop into a crisis and cause material harm. This ‘immune system' approach is capable of detecting all forms of potentially threatening behavior, including malicious attacks, accidental errors, and malfunction.
Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems
The security community is increasingly coming to the consensus that we are entering a new era of serious OT cyber-threat, with ever rising numbers of vulnerabilities being found in control system devices. Darktrace uses machine learning and AI algorithms to detect and respond to cyber-threats that get through perimeter controls and evade rule-based approaches that can only identify previously-seen threats. Darktrace's Industrial Immune System technology is deployed across both OT and IT environments to provide full coverage of an organization.
Darktrace Discoveries 2018
As attackers learn to move at unprecedented speeds, organizations are embracing cyber AI to regain the advantage over today's ever-changing adversary - and win. This report highlights nine real-world threat scenarios that were identified and neutralized by Darktrace's powerful AI technology as they were emerging, before they could escalate into crises
Darktrace Antigena: The Future of AI - Powered Autonomous Response
This white paper will explore the critical challenges that security teams face in this new era of cyber-threat, and how Darktrace Antigena is leveraging AI to autonomously fight back against advanced attacks, giving human responders the critical time needed to catch up.
Darktrace Discoveries 2018
As attackers learn to move at unprecedented speeds, organizations are embracing cyber AI to regain the advantage over today's ever-changing adversary - and win. This report highlights nine real-world threat scenarios that were identified and neutralized by Darktrace's powerful AI technology as they were emerging, before they could escalate into crises.
Machine Learning in the Era of Cyber AI
This white paper explains Darktrace's approach to machine learning and shines a light on the unique interplay between unsupervised machine learning, supervised machine learning, and deep learning behind the world's leading cyber AI technology.
Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems
This white paper discusses Darktrace's Industrial Immune System, a fundamental innovation that views data from an Industrial Control System network in real time, and establishes an evolving baseline for what is normal for operators, workstations and automated systems within that environment.


Predictive analysis in the booming retail business
In the booming retail business, big data is poised in the coming years to open up huge opportunities in the…
The age of data is here: 5 key challenges to building a successful data team
The age of data is here. Sensors, cameras, security monitoring systems, software, hardware, the internet, and even humans themselves all…
Stay nimble, stay productive: nurturing a productive data team from infancy to maturity
Dive head first into data science and take control of the data you're collecting. Encourage the right motions to achieve…
When size really does matter: from small to big data
Big data technology and tools make it possible today for anyone in the company who needs it to have access…
Mid-Year Check in: Unanswered Questions of 2018 (and Early Trends for 2019)
Businesses need to address the underlying fear that clouds AI; people are fundamentally afraid of it because they believe it is a black box and that it lacks transparency - but it doesn't have to be. In this piece, we'll explore the open questions out there among data teams. Businesses that want to get ahead will - or at least should - work on tackling these for the rest of 2018.


The magic number 5: Why cloud applications require an always-on data platform
Cloud applications need to be able to operate at a global scale. Wherever they are in the world, users expect the application to be available and responsive at all times. This puts a lot of strain on the application, but even more strain on the database layer supporting the application, which is responsible for reading and writing data instantaneously and scaling to millions of globally distributed users. Download now to learn about the 5 characteristics of high-performing cloud applications.
The ideal hybrid cloud data layer built for disruptors
Digital disruptors are giving customers the information they want, resulting in a fundamental shift in customer expectations and how enterprises deliver value. Due to the rise in modern applications, many enterprises are now opting to go "hybrid cloud" because it provides more flexibility while still allowing them to retain control of their data. Download now to learn how the ideal data layer is made for contextual, always on, real-time, distributed, and scalable applications.
Why your RDBMS fails at scale
Relational databases were designed for the client-server application architecture, where a central server supplies data to connected workstations - or clients - on the network. While the RDBMS is still prevalent and useful, massive changes in the way we produce, store, and use data are quickly making the relational database obsolete. Download now to learn how the days of RDBMS are numbered and why an ‘always-on' data management platform is ideally suited to the task of handling today's more powerful cloud apps.
Are your technology decisions killing your customer experience?
To deliver the customer experience today's users demand, a database infrastructure needs to be designed for cloud applications from the ground up, that can provide the distributed, responsive, intelligent technology platform that extends across multiple clouds or data centers to ensure an optimal response. Download now to learn how to deliver a consistently satisfying customer service.
Why graph? A look at how cloud applications benefit from graph technology
A graph database is used for storing, managing and querying data that is complex and highly connected. When utilized properly, graph analysis is the most effective weapon for handling recommendation and personalization tasks in an application and making key business decisions from the value found in the data. Download now to learn more.
For banks, it's evolve or die
Today more than ever, the banking industry relies on game-changing software to provide high-performing business-critical operations, analysis, and insights for retail banking, loans, credit cards, and more. Banks need to analyze as much data as possible to create robust risk profiles of customers. Companies that are slow to adapt to risk becoming industry relics. Download now to learn what this industry can do to evolve through technological innovation.


Best Practice Guide: Backup and Continuity
This white paper also explains Datto's partner programme and how it works. The programme aims to deliver the best tools and resources necessary to help partners build their brand, generate more leads, and grow their business. To learn more about Datto's partner programme and what storage and security options Datto can provide, download this paper today.
Top 10 KPIs
By strategically aligning KPIs to grow revenues and improve service delivery, service providers can enhance customer experience and prioritize IT services by business criticality and impact. Download now to learn about the 10 most important KPIs to help service providers identify the metrics that will make a positive impact on business growth and profitability.
Top 10 KPIs
By strategically aligning KPIs to grow revenues and improve service delivery, service providers can enhance customer experience and prioritize IT services by business criticality and impact. Download now to learn about the 10 most important KPIs to help service providers identify the metrics that will make a positive impact on business growth and profitability.
PSA Buyer's Guide
A PSA is the central hub for any MSP or ITSP - it must integrate with all of the critical applications that an MSP needs to run their business, providing full visibility into customers, internal operations and profitability. The PSA solution should be purpose-built for MSPs and have a user experience that is optimal for unique workflows and business processes. Download this guide to learn why a PSA is the backbone of any business, and how to implement a solution with a state-of-the-art, world-wide infrastructure that is continuously monitored, updated and augmented to ensure maximum performance and minimal downtime.
6 ways to shield your clients from ransomware
Businesses are now inherently digital. They're implementing more systems and using more applications to manage their day-to-day operations, share critical information and complete vital tasks. As they use different devices, back-end systems and applications, they generate and exchange a surplus of data. But all of these different data sources also present risk. IT service providers need to ensure their clients (and their data) are protected and need to have the processes in place to successfully restore data should an attack occur. Download now to learn more.
Datto's European State of the MSP Report
Datto surveyed nearly 400 European managed service providers (MSPs) about their daily lives both in and out of the office and published the results in this report. Download and learn all about today's IT service professionals, from daily commutes and favourite Netflix series to business challenges and go-to MSP resources. Star Wars or Star Trek? We uncover that too.
5 Tips for Break-Fix to MSP Success
If you're thinking about making a break from the unpredictable break-fix life, check out this free eBook brimming with field-proven tips and best practices from industry-leading MSPs who've been through it all. Competition and client needs are intense in this market, but those who get it right will reap the MRR benefits. Make the move an easy one with the tips offered in this guide.
Lead Generation Made MSPeasy
Lead generation is a major pain point for managed service providers (MSPs), who often lack the time and resources necessary to dedicate to marketing efforts. In this eBook, we highlight a wide variety of tried-and true-methods for driving solid prospects into your sales pipeline.
Datto's European State of the Channel Ransomware Report
Datto surveyed nearly 300 managed service providers (MSPs) across Europe about ransomware and published the key takeaways in this report. Download the report today to unlock new trends and statistics on the biggest threat facing the IT Channel, and what your peers are doing to prepare.
Metrics that matter-Annual ITSP benchmarking study
In a world where cloud platforms and applications, mobile devices and big data are commonplace, and businesses are increasingly integrating advanced technology, the information technology service providers (ITSPs) who keep those systems running are more important than ever. As the ITSP market has matured, this year's numbers indicate that established firms are winning more business, with both project and ticket volume increases scaling positively according to ITSP size. Download now to learn more.
Smart IT Guide-Building a profitable hybrid IT services catalogue
This valuable guide to building a Hybrid IT Services Catalogue can help with guidance on: .Best practices to follow as you build your catalog; .How balancing product and service sales drives profitability and revenue; .Methodologies you can use to get started quickly; .How to align your catalog with four stages to securing clients for life; and, .Next-step actions to take. Download now to learn more.
Ransomware report Europe
This report provides unique visibility into the state of ransomware from the perspective of the European IT Channel and their clients who are dealing with these infections on a daily basis. The report provides a wealth of detail on ransomware, including year-over-year trends, frequency, targets, impact, and recommendations for recovery and continuity in the face of the growing threat. Download now to learn more.
Ransomware Report Europe
This report provides unique visibility into the state of ransomware from the perspective of the European IT Channel and their clients who are dealing with these infections on a daily basis. The report provides a wealth of detail on ransomware, including year-over-year trends, frequency, targets, impact, and recommendations for recovery and continuity in the face of the growing threat. Download now to learn more.


Dell provisioning for VMware workspace ONE
How long would it take your IT team to get a batch of five fully provisioned laptops into the hands of your employees? What about a hundred laptops? Every IT Team knows that it takes time to configure and set up devices and many times these admin tasks are time consuming.
Get the most out of your storage with the Dell EMC Unity XT 880F All-Flash array.
Many businesses share a common challenge of aging gear and lack of storage. This whitepaper helps breakdown what considerations should be thought of when looking into new storage options The paper compare two storage arrays to see which could best help organizations meet these goals: the Dell EMC™ Unity™ XT 880F, and an all-flash offering in the entry-level market from a competitor ("Vendor A").
Developing the intelligent core with Windows Server 2019
This paper explains how Window Server 2019 can help enterprises looking for new ways to digitally transform. IT infrastructure is transforming into an "intelligent core". The intelligent core enables a seamless flow of data across every single business application system. Windows Server 2019 advances multiple layers of the intelligent core by adding functionality to each layer.
Top 10 reasons to choose a workstation
It seems that every industry is demanding a top preforming workstation for different reasons to meet the demands of their business. This paper examines the return on investment (ROI) of professional workstations for design engineering work as opposed to standard personal computers from three perspectives: the design engineer, the IT professional and executive management. All three have a stake in the investment.
Protecting data capital in your organisation
Data is the way forward in all modern organisations. Data powers everything in modern organizations; analytics, digital experiences, IoT, and artificial intelligence are notable examples. Those who do not invest in enough data protection risk limiting their success in these key areas.
Dell Precision Workstations
Dell Precision workstations conquer the industry's most demanding applications for filmmaking, animation, design etc. Each workstation can be catered to your craft. The Precision workstations offer unique designs in multiple form factors to deliver ultimate scalability including rack workstations, small form factor and mini-tower workstations. Each workstation is built with a thoughtful design and has an incredible processor and memory storage.
Have you lost control of your server lifecycle?
IT must function within the real world under the constraints of budget. And sometimes IT projects get re-prioritised to meet business demands. This was all confirmed by a study published by Forrester. If you are interested in diving deeper into the study, please download your copy today.
Precision mobile workstation portfolio
This is the perfect guide to compare each Dell precision laptop. This guide covers Precision mobile workstations (3540, 3541, 5530 2-in-1, 5540, 7540 and 7740). We advise to look closely at all the different specs and then make your decision!
Optimising the PC lifecycle
Managing the day to day burden of PC lifecycle management leaves IT little time for innovation. Dell PC as a Service (PCaaS) simplifies PC lifecycle management by combining hardware, software, lifecycle services and financing into one all-encompassing solution - providing a single, predictable price per seat per month. The flexibility throughout the offer assures you will always have exactly what you need, when you need it and helps keep end users engaged, productive and happy.
The Role of Integration in Application Modernization
The shape and scope of modernization vary widely, but its goals are common across organizations and industries — to reduce…
Flexible Consumption Model for Splash Damage
As a big name within the gaming industry, Splash damage have a highly collaborative culture and four strategic anchors differentiate from competition. Splash damage ensures the player has the best quality of experience, with low lag and low latency. Download now to learn the benefits of upgrading storage infrastructure and how the Dell flexible consumption model provides flexibility and a seamless use across the storage platform.
Dell EMC Flexible Consumption Model for Dundee University
Dundee University is within the top 200 universities in the world, in need of replacing the old existing network. Dell EMC introduced a solution, founded on best practice in order to significantly improve speed, performance and coverage throughout the campus. Download now to learn how Dell Financial Services is achievable and can reduce capital expenditure.
The Cost of Using the Public Cloud
Intel Inside®. New Possibilities Outside.  For many companies the appeal of the public cloud is very real. For tech start-ups, the…
7 warning signs you need to replace your ESB
The rise of new technologies is creating all new complexities for how organizations need to integrate their applications. Organizations which…
PC as a Service- The Smart Way of IT Provisioning
Performing PCs are critical to businesses' productivity and competitiveness, but hardware refresh is often extended well beyond its due date as IT departments' resources are stretched or diverted to more urgent business critical projects. PC as a service (PCaaS) has recently emerged as a new model for IT procurement and management, and according to IDC's latest PCaaS survey, satisfaction among early adopters in Europe is strong.
Increase VMware sales through Dell Financial Services
According to IT industry analyst IDC, software financing is growing more than 3x hardware financing. Dell Financial Services (DFS) is a technology financing company, providing full-service leasing and financing solutions to channel partners and end-users throughout North America and Europe, financing six billion dollars annually.
DELL FINANCIAL SERVICES™- Meet the IT budget-stretcher
The Dell Financial Services 006 Lease is a unique solution that allows you to acquire the technology you need now and defer payments for six months, into a subsequent financial quarter or even into the next financial year. Or you can use the solution to free-up budget for other investments, or ‘front-spend' from the next period to get the systems you'll need in the future right now. The solution even offers painless migration from your current IT environment to the next, allowing you to run a dual environment without incurring costs on the new one until it is fully installed, configured, tested and up and running.
Choosing the right public cloud for better data protection
Let's face it, cloud is everywhere and it's transforming IT. With five minutes and a credit card, nearly anyone can…
Best practices for incorporating cloud services into a comprehensive backup and recovery strategy
Nearly every organisation talks about using cloud services in some capacity. This fixation that organisationshave on cloud services makes it…
Analyst report: Digital business demands hybrid cloud
Becoming a digital business is a requirement for success in a digital economy. IDG Research Services reports hybrid cloud helps you get there faster.
Why SQL Server Thrives on Dell EMC XC Series and Nutanix
Intel Inside®. New Possibilities Outside.  As data-driven organizations seek to increase performance while lowering the cost of database applications, they also…
4 reasons shorter server refresh cycles are better for business
Analyst firm IDC reports that organizations can increase agility, improve efficiency and reduce operational costs by refreshing their servers every three years. Shorter refresh cycles can help your business.
Accelerate Business Agility with Faster Server Refresh Cycles
A fundamental people-process-technology transformation enables businesses to remain competitive in today's innovation economy. Initiatives such as advanced security, fraud detection services, connected consumer Internet of Things (IoT) devices, augmented or virtual reality experience, machine and deep learning, and cognitively enabled applications drive superior business outcomes such as predictive marketing and maintenance.
When you make changes in production, don't forget to make changes in data protection
Over the past decade there has been a fundamental shift in IT innovation, the future is now and it's important…
Why is data replication so important to customers?
Replicating key databases is becoming more and more important for customers as the amount of data explodes. In this special report, CRN's…
Keeping hardware from harm: Why refreshing your PCs will improve security
Intel Inside®. Powerful Productivity Outside.  This resource is published by Dell and Intel® Your hardware is like the safe that you keep your…
Refreshing your IT landscape
Intel Inside®. Powerful Productivity Outside.  This resource is published by Dell and Intel® Device management practice have evolved, and improvement in security have…
How centralising your workstations could improve efficiency
Intel Inside®. Powerful Productivity Outside.  This resource is published by Dell and Intel® Workstations no longer need to be right in front of…
How to configure workstations to meet your specialised needs
Intel Inside®. Powerful Productivity Outside.  This resource is published by Dell and Intel® Workstations are the opposite of one-size-fits-all. They can be configured…
Unleash your creativity: Stop your workstations holding you back
Intel Inside®. Powerful Productivity Outside.  This resource is published by Dell and Intel® In a business environment characterised by a multitude of complex…
The 2017 Visualisation Guide
Intel Inside®. Powerful Productivity Outside.  This resource is published by Dell and Intel® Visualisation is central to great design and sleek engineering. It…
Managing Complex, Virtualized Computing Infrastructure: ''2 Out of 3'' Is Not Enough
Nearly two decades of innovations in virtualization and cloud computing have fundamentally transformed traditional enterprise computing infrastructure, making it incredibly…
Quest Vroom: Go beyond Hyper- V and VMware monitoring
It is true that business and IT are moving faster than ever before, and user expectations regarding application performance and…
Improve performance by over 200% - Choosing the right tool for the job
Intel Inside®. Powerful Productivity Outside.  This resource is published by Dell and Intel® If you rely on demanding programmes such as CAD to…
Workstations vs PCs - Making the right decision
Intel Inside®. Powerful Productivity Outside.  This resource is published by Dell and Intel® It's no longer the case that you can roll out…
4 reasons hyper-converged solutions are key to IT transformation
ESG survey reveals the key benefits of infrastructure convergence for IT Transformation. In an ESG survey, 85% of ITDMs said they've deployed, or plan to deploy, hyper-converged systems. Here's how hyper-converged helped organizations on their IT transformation journeys.
Digital transformation drives new IT infrastructure requirements
Technology adoption has continually evolved from the mainframes and dumb terminals of the 1st Platform to the mobile, social, cloud, and big data and analytic technologies of the 3rd Platform. These 3rd Platform technologies are enabling a transformation of fundamental business models that are at the core of all organizations. As organizations leverage 3rd Platform technologies to enhance customer engagement via mobile apps, new datastreams are created that provide real-time feedback on their satisfaction as end consumers. This gives organizations an opportunity to enhance the very customer relationships on which the business is based and allows enterprises to begin focusing their energy on improving customer outcomes. These outcomes will be based not on a point in time but across the full life cycle of a product or service in such a way that real-time feedback is continually captured. This datastream accelerates innovation and drives continuous improvement to the product/service delivery model at the heart of a modern business. As organizations transform themselves digitally, business resiliency improves significantly and business operations become more reliable.
Five ways all-flash storage fuels IT transformation
Flash is the new normal thanks to its affordability, agility, speed and efficiency. Here are five ways All-Flash storage can modernise your data centre and accelerate your IT transformation.
Flash is unlocking innovation and enabling business transformation
To understand how flash is transforming business and quantify the benefits of flash adoption, IDC conducted a global survey of 1,305 executives involved in IT infrastructure and business transformation.


The data demands of DevOps
Today, the demand for new applications is growing at an unprecedented rate throughout lines of business and across industries. Customer…
The four S's of test data management
With almost every industry becoming part of the software industry, the ability to quickly develop innovative business applications is driving…
2017 state of test data management
The report highlights the top evaluative criteria to consider when implementing new technology solutions as part of a TDM strategy.
Accelerate, simplify, and transform test data management (TDM)
Best-in-class IT departments, though, are discovering new ways to overcome these inefficiencies. Through focused efforts to implement test data  management…
GDPR Requirements for Data Masking - What IT Needs to Know and Do
In a world of intellectual property theft, data breaches, and other cybercrimes, businesses are under intense pressure to protect sensitive…
Reinventing data masking
Digitization and data breaches have led to increased privacy regulation across regions and industries. Privacy mandates like PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, FERPA,…
How big is the GDPR challenge?
In the first of this five part Q&A series, Computing's Peter Gothard speaks with Jes Breslaw of Delphix and Phil…
GDPR: What is pseudonymisation, and how can it drive data protection?
In the second part of this series our panel discuss the term pseudonymisation, and how it can go a significant…
GDPR: Who in your organisation is responsible for data protection?
Knowing who in your organisation is responsible for data protection is crucial, but can also provide a huge challenge. In…
Carrot and stick: what are the business incentives to comply with GDPR?
GDPR is really encouraging people to take control of their data; download this short video to find out about how…
Whats the timeline to comply with GDPR?
The timeline of compliance is looming. In the final video of the series, Computing's Peter Gothard discusess the timeline of…


Consent and the GDPR: An Essential guide
This paper discusses some challenges that come along with the General Data Protection Regulation law "GDPR" and ways to address these issues. Also, this paper covers one of the top concerns, which is how to obtain valid consent under this new law.
How AI is changing contracts
Recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) can help many companies with their contracting challenges. Some common challenges include dealing with the shear volume of contracts and organising them. With AI enabled contracting software a simpler process can be put into place for reviewing and drafting contracts.
Increase Your Productivity with DocuSign for Office 365
This partnership between DocuSign and Microsoft follows a larger trend which is that modern workplaces are increasing productivity through collaboration with digital technologies. In this paper we learn about new DocuSign features integrated within Microsoft Office. Download now to learn more.
DocuSign's economic impact
A trend of recent years has been companies adopting more digital strategies into their business operations. Similarly, customers have become increasingly digital savvy. DocuSign is a platform used to sign forms electronically. DocuSign accelerates and streamlines so many business processes.
How to Meet Digital Expectations in IT: A European Study
There is no way to deny that our society is becoming more and more digital and that now more than ever there is a demand for more digital services. In return businesses must incorporate digital services for their clients and customers to use. DocuSign is a digital tool businesses can incorporate into their administrative processes.
AstraZeneca and DocuSign
AstraZeneca began forming partnerships that would enable the company to digitise its transactions moving forward. To do this they turned to DocuSign. Some DocuSign benefits AstraZeneca benefitted from was an added security layer for confidential documents and increased customer satisfaction. Download your copy now to learn more about what DocuSign can offer.
Getting Started with the DocuSign eSignature API
In this web seminar hosted by Aaron Liao (Director and Developer at DocuSign) we learn how businesses can use DocuSign to its full potential. The seminar explains DocuSign's API and goes through each feature API can offer.
A Forrester Study into the Total Economic Impact of DocuSign
In this webinar we are joined by Reggie Lau who was instrumental in the Total Economic Impact study. The study looked at two organisations that are based in the United Kingdom and their costs benefits and risks associated with DocuSign.
Why it Pays to Use Electronic Signature
DocuSign is a digital platform used for electronic signatures and document management. More Businesses are making the switch from traditional paper and pen transactions to DocuSign. This is because e-signatures offer amazing time and cost savings. To learn about more benefits DocuSign can provide, download your paper today.


Is the channel ready for the next generation workforce?
Drawing on the results of exclusive research and the opinions of industry experts, this whitepaper will examine how CRN's audience of resellers and MSPs view the digital transformation challenge, before drawing some conclusions about how they must evolve to cater for the next-generation workforce.
Modernize customers' IT with Dropbox and grow your business
This ebook is designed to help SMB customers: o Back up files without worrying about legacy solutions o Increase employee collaboration and mobile working o Reduce IT costs without compromising on security o Increase control over company and customer data Create more opportunities to grow your cloud business by attaching Dropbox Business to Microsoft Office 360®, Adobe, and more. Increase recurring revenue with our best-in-class cloud solutions.
Dynamic Computing: Partner Spotlight
Teams are often searching for a tool that enables them to collaborate quickly and freely. But the cost and storage capacity limits of legacy file server solutions often hold them back. read more to discover how Dynamic Computing can reduce hardware and support costs, mitigate risk, and streamline team workflows.

Dynatrace Limited

Goodbye war room, hello DevOps 2.0
Whether you call it DevOps or something else, we've seen many organisations trying to follow "the book" to transform the…


Why join a partner program?
As with most companies, their main objective is to make a profit, expand and to stand out from the ever increasing crowd of competitors. With this being much easier said than done, having that USP that makes you stand out from the crowd and brings the profit home is no easy task.


Email and file archiving - Five key requirements for data security compliance
Technology can help organisations adhere to data retention regulations, and can provide an effective system for retrieving data when presented…
Preparing financial services for GDPR: a four step guide to compliance
Year-on-year, financial services organisations are some of the worst offenders on the Information Commissioner's Office's (ICO) list for the highest…
How the NHS can share sensitive information securely
The NHS in general is increasingly communicating with local councils and other healthcare providers, as well as with the patients…
Secure messaging in Office 365: four key considerations
Choosing an email security solution is not a decision to take lightly. In the modern world, where data loss is…
Preparing healthcare organisations for the EU GDPR
The EU GDPR has several main aims. It intends to bring data protection into the 21st Century, bringing it more…


Managing an In-House Certification Authority with Ease
Digital certificates allow organisations to leverage encryption and digital signatures to support a variety of security services, including user and…
High assurance identity for the enterprise
Mobile devices, cloud services and the Internet of Things (IOT) are reshaping your enterprise. This new age of connectivity makes…
Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Buyers Guide
With an ecosystem that is continually evolving, the demands of the security infrastructure of any organisation is being stretched. Likewise, with…
Want your digital business to take flight?
Businesses are becoming increasingly mobile - accessible anytime, from anywhere, with data stored in the cloud for increased accessibility. This infographic…
Passwords are no longer enough: Keep your business secure with effortless authentication
The media is full of statistics regarding password sharing and data breaches. And not without reason, when nearly 60% of…


What measures are you taking to avoid security risks for your customers?
Security is always a multi-layered discipline that evolves over time and with protection requirements changing regularly, protecting enterprise customers isn't easy. Download now to learn about 10 simple ways that can help secure enterprise customers.


2019 Forcepoint Cybersecurity Predictions
In 2019, attackers will stop at nothing to steal our identities, evade detection through new techniques, and bring disruption to our doorsteps. The stakes are high, the world more connected than we could have ever imagined.
All Clouds are not Equal
Today's organizations turn to the cloud for all types of productivity-gaining tools - including security. Features such as security for mobile users and data loss protection are key, but it's also important to separate fact from fiction when looking at the infrastructure of the provider.
A Cybersecurity Professional's Guide to Security for the Mobile-Cloud Era
The mobile-cloud era has empowered employees to work and be productive from anywhere in the world, at any time. Yet, it's also created a conundrum for cybersecurity teams: how do you secure people and data (i.e., unmanaged BYOD, unsanctioned cloud apps) outside the control of traditional on-premise security solutions, while allowing a clear path to productivity and innovation?
Unlocking business success: The five pillars of user risk mitigation
When desktops ruled the enterprise, employers may not have claimed to have absolute control over their workers' usage of technology…
GDPR: the final countdown
Organisations now have less than a year in which to conclude their preparations and ensure that they can comply with…
Rethinking Data Security with a Risk-Adaptive Approach
Things are not as they used to be in the enterprise. Today's employees are mobile, they're storing and accessing data in cloud apps, and are in disparate networks. While the present-day digital world has changed, the objective of data protection has not: you must still ensure the security of your critical data and intellectual property.
The Importance of Choosing the Right CASB Solution
In today's average enterprise, more than 1,000 cloud applications may be in use—whether sanctioned or unsanctioned by IT. But traditional security technologies can't adequately address the inevitable security and compliance challenges that follow.
Research Paper: The art of managing IT risk
Risk management has become an increasingly important aspect of data security and compliance. However, the static risk management exercises and audits are of limited use in the dynamic, digital environment in which we now live. Computing surveyed approximately 120 business decision makers representing businesses ranging in size from fewer than 250 employees to those with many thousands and from multiple industry sectors. This paper discusses the challenges inherent in the need to maintain increasingly strong data security practice alongside the need to innovate for survival in the digital economy. Download to learn more.
On demand webinar - Is your security infrastructure a risk to the business?
As the threat landscape constantly evolves, companies keep investing in new security solutions to counter each new threat type that plagues the cyber world. Over time with each new solution infrastructure becomes increasingly complex and fragmented. For example; advanced persistent threats led to a demand for sandboxing, polymorphic malware resulted in signatureless anti-malware software, ransomware created the need for secure process monitoring.
Computing Research: How to secure the digital dream
Enterprises across the board are planning for and implementing digital transformation policies with the aim of building agile businesses better able to exploit digital technology in all its forms. Those policies, however, are not without consequences. This Computing research paper looks at both the benefits of using hybrid networks / SD-WANs to help facilitate digital transformation and some of the issues associated with this approach.
The cost of an unintentional insider threat
According to a recent Ponemon report, unintentional employee negligence severely diminishes the productivity of the Information Technology group's (IT) function…
Defeating the threat within
As a technology professional, you know that data, network and system failures aren't your biggest problems. It's the humans who…


Evaluating Digital Identity Providers for Customer Identity and Access Management
Businesses must secure identity information bearing in mind the trends that are shaping businesses and societies today. Beyond an overall explanation of what makes a good customer identity and access management tool, this paper also explains 20 strategic technology components designed to not only address current global trends, but those to come.
Top Six Digital Transformation Trends Shaping Businesses and Society
There are many digital transformation trends that are shaping businesses and society today. To address these trends, business leaders are turning to digital identity platforms that provide identity and access management for customers (CIAM) and IoT.


AI in IT Service Management
Today's CIOs, CEOs have started Artificial Intelligence(AI) pilot experiments in their organizations. Service desk handles different types of routine and non-routine tasks on a day to day basis. Gartner reports that IT organizations spend 66 percent of their resources on day-to-day operations, in "keeping the lights on" activities. End users who are millennials and Gen Z demand better experience. Artificial Intelligence, AI technologies leverage the power of data to draw predictions and automate processes to meet customers' expectations. IT Service Management (ITSM) has a huge potential to benefit from AI as service desk agents perform a variety of transactional tasks. But, it is important to understand the basics of AI, the impact of AI adoption and do some groundwork before implementing. AI helps IT to meet the growing expectations of users in terms of faster service and latest technology. Digitalization drives AI to leverage data and accelerates business performance.
The Art of Customer Experience
In today's world of the always-connected and empowered customer, organizations need to adapt quickly to stay relevant. As a result, the customer experience is paramount, and a key differentiator. To outperform today, customer experience has to be at the epicentre of an organization's DNA. Customer Experience (CX) is no longer a competitive advantage but a cost of entry. In fact, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator, according to a Walker study.
Digital Transformation
Many service desks are undertaking projects in preparation for implementing Digital Transformation. Understanding what stages service desks are currently at, the involvement of the business in decision making, and where the budget is concentrated will give a greater insight into Digital Transformation within ITSM and the organisation as a whole. Digital Transformation is a very broad term, and there is a vast amount of information available surrounding it. However, the problem has arisen where there is no clear definition of Digital Transformation; there is a lot speculation of what it means as a concept. SDI defines Digital Transformation as the term given to the implementation of catalytic technologies, frameworks, and methodologies designed to improve efficiency, productivity, and customer experience.
5 signs it's time to change your IT service desk
Modern organisations demand agile IT teams who can respond to rapidly changing business demands. Legacy IT systems from the past don't fit the bill anymore and have overstayed their welcome. It's time to rethink your IT service desk. Read to find out what the 5 signs are that means you may need to change yours.


Adding value through a culture of collaboration
Digital workplace transformation is about effecting real change in the organisation, making employees' lives and work environments more productive, and…
Why data regulation is good regulation
Data protection, transfer and security have always been hot-button topics for IT strategists, but they have come into sharp focus…
How converged infrastructure gives VDI a new lease of life
The one time darling of the enterprise IT world, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) technology has not quite usurped the desktop PC…


The App Generation: how employees of the future are shaping the way we work
Today's youth is the first generation to define itself by technology, rather than by pivotal political or economic events. As…
The App Generation: views on the current state of workplace tech
The progression of digital media and technology is moulding the way we work and how businesses develop. This infographic looks…


The ultimate Office 365 security package
The need for IT management or expensive on-premises equipment can cause some complexity for businesses. Microsoft 365 can help businesses run effectively and empower employee communication, whilst protecting data. Download now to explore the great range of features and cost effective bundling.
Resisting the pull of the cloud
A survey conducted by CRN in June 2018 revealed that just under a quarter of resellers have migrated more than 75% or more of their customer base to cloud. But 40% of resellers told us that half or less of their customer base are presently using cloud software or services. This is not necessarily because resellers won't want to embrace their cloud; but there is evidence that many of their customers are reluctant to migrate and as such, some resellers are dragging their heels on SaaS. Download now to learn why some are embracing propositions with enthusiasm and driving customer migration, while others are resisting the increasingly intense pull of the cloud.
Customer solutions with Microsoft Azure
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is the most popular way that businesses use Azure, exchanging legacy hardware from an on-premises environment for more flexible virtual machines (VMs) and servers within the cloud. Azure provides a range of backup and storage solutions for customers as well as improving their GDPR compliance journey in the cloud. Download now to learn more.


Threat Prevention tools that keep up with high-speed networks
Increasing network rates and network updates unfortunately cause bad repercussions for security. As traffic arrives more quickly, the tools do not have enough time or capacity to process it all. This dilemma makes room for a potential security breach. You may be asking; how can you prevent this? GigaSECURE can be the solution if you are experiencing this problem. To learn more about how GigaSECURE operates download your paper today.
Security at the Speed of Your Network
This white paper examines the security issues introduced by more data over faster networks and how an architectural approach can solve those challenges. The paper also introduces the GigaSECURE® Security Delivery Platform, the leading next-generation network packet broker purpose-built for security tools to work more efficiently across physical, virtual and cloud environments. To look further into this issue and how GigaSECURE can help download your paper today.
Scaling Network Security
In this "Scaling Network Security" paper, Securosis looks at where secure networking started and why it needs to change. The paper also presents requirements for today's networks which will take you into the future. Finally, the whitepaper also discusses some architectural constructs Securosis believes can help scale up your network security controls.
The Surprising Ways that Inline Bypass Helps Protect Network Operations
Networks need different inline tools to keep the network up and running. However, sometimes slower tools can bottleneck network traffic creating more problems. In effect, organisations buy more and more tools to help ease this problem, but this only increases complexity in the system. The use of a next-generation network packet broker and its inline bypass functionality can minimize these challenges.
Application Intelligence
Multi-tiered DX applications like uber bring agility and innovative capabilities. However, their complexity makes monitoring and securing them difficult, if not impossible, with current network visibility tools. This puts the success of these applications in particular — and digital transformation projects in general — at risk. Application Intelligence may be a solution to this. To learn more about Gigamon's application intelligence download your paper today.


Secure software development strategy essentials
To make matters more complex, software has become a central component of businesses everywhere and will continue to increase in importance. However, strict regulatory and compliance requirements can govern the way teams build software, from the processes they follow to the tools they use. These requirements are often prohibitive enough to compromise performance and stifle innovation, particularly for companies in highly regulated industries, such as healthcare, government, and financial services.
Secure software development in the financial services industry
To make matters more complex, software has become a central component of FSIs' business and will continue to increase in importance. However, strict regulatory and compliance requirements govern the way FSIs build their software, from the processes they follow to tools they use. These requirements are often prohibitive enough to compromise performance and stifle innovation. In this article, we'll outline the unique regulatory and technical challenges that FSIs face, how to address them, and how GitHub can help.
How GitHub secures open source software
Open source software is everywhere, powering the languages, frameworks, and applications your team uses every day. Recent research has shown that software is now comprised of more than 50 percent open source code. Code available free for everyone to use has changed how software is built—but not without complexity and security concerns. Open source projects can become compromised by outdated libraries and malicious actors, actively trying to subvert them. As you know, these threats expose your organization to additional risk.
Collaboration is the key to DevOps success
As DevOps adoption has grown in recent years, open source has grown right along with it. Collaboration is intertwined with open source, whereby software is often developed in a highly collaborative public process. In fact, global organizations across every industry have been rapidly incorporating open source best practices into how they build and deploy software.
Top seven tips for a faster application development with DevOps
From its inception, DevOps has been all about speed, such as faster application development, faster changes, faster updates and continuous development, and faster shipments—all of which lead to shortened systems development lifecycles. It's no small wonder then, that organizations of just about all sizes and across all vertical markets and global geographies have embraced DevOps. This paper lists the top seven DevOps tips that high performing teams are following to maximize their DevOps efforts and investments.


The Total Economic impact of HackerOne Challenge
HackerOne provides security and compliance penetration (pen) testing services that help its customers identify and remediate real-world security vulnerabilities. ackerOne commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by utilizing its Challenge service.


Automation without alienation
Automation has the potential to transform the way in which we work. It allows organisations to cut costs, deliver greater…
Managed File Transfer - what is it, how it works, and why you need it
As more and more companies seek a file transfer solution to meet their data transfer and encryption needs, the question often arises: what is managed file transfer? This paper outlines the basics of managed file transfer and guides you through how it works, why it matters and how much your organisation could benefit from secure file transfers. Download now to learn more.
Secure Managed File Transfer: 2018 Ultimate Buyer's Guide
Every day, organisations may exchange a considerable amount of files with multiple participants, but because of the sensitive information often contained in files, data transfers should be protected. Is it possible to streamline hundreds or thousands of file transfers while meeting the needs of trading partners? This paper explores different managed file transfer solutions to make IT and business professionals' lives easier.
PCI DSS Compliance with Managed File Transfer
Some IT groups are taking a new and creative path towards PCI DSS compliance. Instead of struggling to meet compliance requirements with legacy data transfer tools, they are implementing managed file transfer solutions that include DMZ gateways. This unique and cost-effective strategy provides better, more configurable tools to help IT organizations achieve PCI DSS compliance more easily, while laying a good foundation for future security enhancements.
2017 state of IBM i security study
For the second annual IBM i Marketplace Survey, HelpSystems set out to gather data about how businesses use the IBM…
2016 state of IBM i security study
For the 13th year, this study provides compelling insight into security weaknesses affecting many IBM i systems - systems that…
A Guide to Robotic Process Automation
Robotic process automation (RPA) is getting a lot of attention lately in the tech media and in the business world. But what is RPA, why is it important, and what can it do? Download to learn more.
Meeting GDPR Requirements with GoAnywhere MFT
The GDPR was created to replace the Data Protection Directive, which has been used in the EU for over 20 years. For some companies, GDPR rights may require excessive work and planning if the requested processes aren't already implemented. GoAnywhere MFT is a managed file transfer solution that runs on any system. It can help you meet GDPR compliance standards, while saving you time and money in other business areas. Download to learn more.


Is your network secure?
Print security is often overlooked by organisations and yet 59% organisations reported a print-related data loss in the past year. The reality is: unsecured printing gives cybercriminals access to valuable, confidential and sensitive information.
Applying security controls to the printing fleet
Although many IT departments rigorously apply security measures to computers and the network, printing and imaging devices are often overlooked. But printers can provide an entry to your network, and securing them is just as important. Of all significant data breaches reported by IT managers, 26% involved their printers Print security management and advisory services can help you develop a plan and deploy processes and technology to improve the security of your print devices, data, and documents.
Why printers represent a weakness in compliance
This IDC Market Spotlight highlights the vulnerable nature of printers in enterprise networks and, in particular, how this vulnerability impacts a compliance program focused on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other forthcoming legislation. Download now togain insight on the steps to reduce the risk that unsecured printers pose to the business.
Special report: Four innovative tech trends to take the design lead
Tasks that would take humans hundreds of hours to perform can now be run in minutes, or even seconds. From streamlining processes through to automating them completely, ML is going to drive efficiency, productivity and accuracy to the next level. ML will change the design process forever, unleashing new levels of creativity in end users and increase workforce productivity. As this report demonstrates, leading companies are already well progressed down the path of computational productivity. But for the majority that are not, now is the window of opportunity. Download now to ensure your business emerges as a leader, riding the wave of transformation.
10 steps to protect your business against Cyberattack
With the cybersecurity landscape continuing to change and expand by the day. It is now more important than ever before, that companies deal with the threat of cyberattacks proactively rather than reactively.
Securing the print infrastructure is critical to digital transformation
An organization's IT security plan is an obvious high priority to ensure appropriate protection and response to potential threats and breaches. Print security needs to be a part of this plan, especially in the age of 3rd Platform computing (mobility, cloud, big data, and social). Part of any comprehensive plan to address the security of the organization's print environment should thus include solutions and services to address both device and data security. This paper examines the importance of securing the print and document infrastructure and the role that managed print services can play in achieving this goal.
The elevation of security: A proactive approach
IT managers know a breach could be just a click away, but the staggering pace at which modern threats evolve often leaves them blind to the real impact outdated security can have on their organizations. Explore how holistic security allows workers to connect when and where they need to, via secure connections that authenticate users accessing the network. And it empowers IT professionals to tackle cybersecurity threats regardless of their origin.


Modernising data centre infrastructure: The way to real ROI
Brought to you by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel® IT needs are growing, but budgets are plateauing or even shrinking. This…
Looking to improve agility, performance and delivery? Move applications to the Cloud
Brought to you by Hewlett Packard Enterprise® When up to 90% of IT budgets is being swallowed up by simply maintaining…
How to navigate IT transformation: Tales from the front lines
Brought to you by Hewlett Packard Enterprise® Change is always tricky, particularly when it requires moving huge volumes of data and…
HPE Flexible Capacity
Brought to you by Hewlett Packard Enterprise®  HPE Flexible Capacity is an infrastructure service offering on-demand capacity that combines the agility…
When the lights go out - make sure your business doesn't: protect against the unpredictable
Brought to you by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel® When it comes to ‘disaster recovery' the average small business has neither…
Stop losing customers: how to acquire and retain more business
Brought to you by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel® No matter the size of your company, you rely on information to…
Do more with less - automation is driving the new generation
Brought to you by Hewlett Packard Enterprise & Intel® Automation drives the new generation of hyperscale data centres operated by service-centric…
Small business, big data: how SMEs can unlock big data's advantages
Brought to you by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel® The SME space is changing, and emerging leaders are utilising affordable, flexible…
Accelerating the Business Value of Flash Storage
In this white paper, we will examine the storage challenges faced by businesses. We consider the case for the all…
Accelerating the business value of flash Storage: A practical guide for IT decision-makers
In their new role as strategic business enablers, IT leaders have the responsibility to ensure that their businesses are protected, by investing in flexible, future-proof flash storage solutions. The right flash solution can deliver on critical business needs for agility, rapid growth, speed-to-market, data protection, application performance, and cost-effectiveness—while minimizing the maintenance and administration burden. Download now to learn about the storage challenges faced by businesses.
HPE locks down server security
Business environments have become more complex, and threats have become more sophisticated. The traditional means of security are still valid and important, but they are not enough to tackle today's new challenges. Because a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, businesses need to look more holistically at their products, processes, and supply chains to ensure the best security. Download now to learn more.
Midsize firms can use analytics to accelerate digital transformation
IT budgets are often based on past spending patterns, but for midsize firms, there can be important benefits in taking a big-picture view of how different technology elements can be coordinated for maximum effectiveness, especially when it comes to management decision support through analytics. Business intelligence and analytics resources are especially useful in improving business decisions and outcomes, and the right kind of IT infrastructure can make all the difference. Download now to learn more.
Clunky IT slowing you down? How to improve SMB technical agility
Brought to you by HPE & Intel®.Intel Inside®. Powerful Productivity Outside.Intel and the Intel logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation…
SMEs: Reduce complexity to maximise agility
Brought to you by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel® SMEs should be faster on their feet than huge enterprises. However, a…
Parachuting SMEs ahead: The technologies which can help you punch above your weight
Brought to you by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel® While SMEs vary in size, technological development and capability, they could all…
Finding the right balance - Hybrid IT for small and midsize businesses
Brought to you by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel® If you're a small-to-midsized business (SMB), you know that you're operating in…
The best of both worlds: Using a hybrid approach to boost it agility
Brought to you by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel® With a hybrid IT approach, small and midsized businesses can leverage the…
Going hybrid with hyperconverged infrastructure: Driving data centre performance
Brought to you by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel® Enterprise IT is going hybrid: cloud-based infrastructures co-existing with infrastructure within the…
The Path to Hybrid IT
Brought to you by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel® In simple terms, the capacity you need and the capacity you have…
HPE Synergy with HPE Helion CloudSystem 10: Deliver unmatched agility and efficiency for hybrid cloud
Ever changing market conditions demand that you find new, faster ways to deliver increased value to retain your competitive edge.…
Five key things to look for in a SaaS provider: How to select the right SaaS solutions when managing application delivery in the cloud
Without a doubt, cloud has become mainstream. More and more enterprises are now making bold moves—betting on cloud to be the catalyst that can gain them competitive advantage while transforming their hybrid infrastructure. Whether delivered via a private or public cloud, SaaS provides immediate returns and optimizes resources. SaaS can help developers code more and wait less—through use of always-on, instant-on application delivery management tools. Download now to learn more.
Micro Focus ALM on SaaS (previously HPE SW) aids rapid application integration project
Senior executives frequently consolidate operations following mergers. Moreover, with end-users relentlessly demanding better and faster applications, IT directors often seek a flexible cloud-based Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) software platform, creating a scalable infrastructure that delivers continuous value. Two multinational FMCG companies recently faced these challenges when integrating their application landscapes during a merger. Both organisations managed their core business processes with SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and numerous non-SAP applications. Download now to learn more.
Technology secrets to making employees happy and productive
Brought to you by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel® The way we work is changing fast and, no matter what business…
Five simple strategies to help enable a more productive mobile workforce
As IT aligns with business strategies to help achieve increased productivity, it acts as a catalyst for providing the means for business to embrace mobility strategies throughout the organisation—deploying modernised communication and collaboration tools; providing employees with application access across multiple device types and networks; and contributing to an improved and enhanced means of productivity for a growing mobile workforce. Download now to learn more about these productive strategies.
Getting the SMB network just right
Brought to you by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel® Most small businesses these days take their networks for granted, it's become…
The new productive workplace: Mobile resource strategy in midsize firms
For midsize firms around the world, those with 100-999 employees, mobile resources play a key role in improving workplace productivity as well as allowing greater flexibility in how and where work is done. The challenge for IT management is how best to coordinate the different collaborative and mobile resources and provide secure management of mobile devices and collaboration tools while enhancing workforce agility and productivity. Download now to learn more.
Leveraging data for business advantage
Brought to you by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel® The most successful businesses are those with confidence in their ability to…
Getting the small business data centre just right
Brought to you by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel® When it comes to the data centre the pace of technological change…
Why hyper-convergence equals simpler data security for hard-pressed SMEs
In a cloud-enabled world, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) seem to have all of the advantages and few of the…
Research Paper: What SMEs want, hyper-converged systems can deliver
SMEs should be able to focus on new business opportunities, not spend their time dealing with the same legacy IT…
Making mobile magic: How to build mobile apps that people keep using
Brought to you by Hewlett Packard Enterprise® User expectations are rising; over half of users delete or uninstall a mobile app…
Hyperconverged infrastructure in the emerging market
Brought to you by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel® Over the past several years, the IT infrastructure market has been on…
Synergy For Dummies
Brought to you by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel® HPE Synergy, the first platform built from the ground up for Composable…
Five strategies for transforming on-premises infrastructure
Brought to you by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel® The business of IT continues to evolve, driven by cloud computing, big…
HPE bridges traditional and new IT with Composable Infrastructure
Brought to you by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel® IT is undergoing a significant transformation as businesses look to streamline costs…
Disrupt the disruptors: Essential strategies for the ideal economy
All organisations are technology companies to some extent now, and to avoid being pushed aside by disruptors who really understand…
HPE Synergy: Composable/Disaggregated Infrastructure for the Enterprise
With the transition to the 3rd Platform, IDC is seeing a rise of a new class of workloads — collectively…
Simplify and cut costs in four steps
Brought to you by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel® To control costs, your business needs to conquer its growing IT…
Frost & Sullivan: Accelerating the Business Value of Flash Storage
Brought to you by Hewlett Packard Enterprise® According to Frost & Sullivan surveys of IT leaders, businesses are investing in…
Royal Mail Group transforming services with Micro Focus ALM on SaaS
In this webinar, you will hear the Royal Mail Group's experience of implementing HPE ALM on SaaS and how ALM SaaS improved the operation of their Parcel Division.
The data-protection playbook for all-flash storage
For the typical enterprise, the volume of data that needs to be managed and protected is growing at roughly 40% per year. Add to that the performance requirements of new applications and the demands for instant response time, always-on availability, and anytime-anywhere access. With such demands, datacenter managers face storage challenges that cannot be addressed using traditional, spinning-disk technology. Download now to learn how flash storage can meet these challenges.


Is the channel on track for a successful transition?
With many channel businesses making the transition toward subscription-based "as a service" delivery models, maximising opportunities throughout the entire product lifecycle has become extremely critical for future growth.
CRN Report: Is the channel on track for a successful transition?
With many channel businesses making the transition toward subscription-based "as a service" delivery models, maximising opportunities throughout the entire product lifecycle has become extremely critical for future growth.
CRN Report: Is the channel on track for a successful transition?
With many channel businesses making the transition toward subscription-based "as a service" delivery models, maximising opportunities throughout the entire product lifecycle has become extremely critical for future growth.


Critical capabilities for object storage
Cost reduction is the driving factor in enterprise interest in object storage, but compelling hybrid cloud storage capabilities are also attracting enterprises. We compare 13 object storage products against eight critical capabilities in use cases relevant to I&O leaders. Download now to learn more.
Data protection - do it better
Senior IT leaders want to see improvements in their data protection initiatives across the board. But that's a big ask. So where do you start? Some data protection solutions are simply not "virtualisation savvy" and lack the instrumentation and the contextual awareness required to show virtualisation admins, IT operations admins and other stakeholders the true protection and recovery status of their virtual environment. Virtualisation is only going to increase. So IT professionals need modern data protection solutions that are equipped with good instrumentation and designed with the agility of a highly virtualised environment in mind. Download now to learn more
IBM Spectrum Virtualize for public cloud
Finding space for rapidly growing data volumes is a critical concern for enterprises today—but it's not the only data concern. Read more to learn how a leading software-defined storage solution can help deal with storage and data related challenges.
The Bunker- Digs deep to secure client data with military-grade deep archive
What should companies do with data they need to retain securely to comply with industry regulations, but don't need to access often? The Bunker has the answer. With its long-term deep archive solution powered by IBM® Cloud Object Storage, users can store and access huge amounts of data at low cost, helping them keep data sovereign and secure.
Deriving value from your stored data by using innovative pricing schemes
With analytics becoming a strategic imperative for competitive differentiation, businesses are collecting, retaining, and processing more data, of more types, for longer periods of time. To be sure that they are developing and executing a storage strategy that will support business success into the future, enterprises need to re-think how their employees can extract more value from stored data; and select the storage provider that can best help them meet their goals. Download now to learn more.
Cloud Object Storage in your private data center: A new option to maximize the value of your data
The ability to flexibly deploy storage workloads in either the public cloud or on premises is important to efficient business operations. IT organizations are responsible for ensuring that each workload is optimally deployed on infrastructure that best supports requirements such as app performance, security, and costs. For that reason, certain storage workloads are optimally deployed not in the public cloud, but in the on-premises data center. Download now to learn why businesses are adopting object storage solutions.
The value of data in organisations today
Here is a clue: With businesses amassing huge volumes of data every day the mind blowing figure of how much data which is currently being created is 2.5 quintillion bytes.
Managing Big Data in the Cloud
With cloud innovation, business processes are constantly improving and helping organisations act and work much smarter and efficiently.
Why are companies benefiting from AI in there Digital Transformation?
With the big shift in the market you are now seeing companies are incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) directly into their operations. There is now tangible value for organisations to use AI for both customer acquisitions and retentions, or within operations. Organisations are now realising this transformation can be achieved with AI.
Rethinking your Infrastructure for Enterprise AI
With the IT infrastructure of many enterprises now going through an internal digital transformation. These enterprises are now implementing such innovations such as data lakes and AI to enhance their ability as to what they can achieve with their data. However, these enterprises now face the dilemma of how can they actually use this data in a live business scenario?
What's the value of AI, and is your business ready for it?
The term AI (Artificial Intelligence) is now coming to the forefront of the business world, and the question is how prepared is your business for this change?
Keeping costs down and speeding storage up: The definitive guide
Storage can be both costly and frustrating; it can restrict your operations with the time and money it consumes. However,…
Storage solutions that stay up to speed
Digital transformation is measured in petabytes. Is your storage keeping pace? During the digital transformation process, don't let storage issues…
To petabyte and beyond: How to solve your storage issues
As the world around us is speeding up, we cannot afford to have a storage solution which compromises on either…
Data growth and how to store it: A case for object-based storage
Technology means change, and this has penetrated mainstream business and the fundamental ways it works today. Businesses employ mobile, cloud,…
Tackling the challenge of unstructured data: A solutions approach
Data is exploding, and storing, preserving and protecting digital assets is proving to be one of the most significant challenges…
Solving the data conundrum with hybrid cloud object storage
Cloud. Mobility. IoT. Analytics. Social. These waves of technological innovation are transforming entire industries and creating new business models, with…
Bridging the gap to hybrid cloud
The cost of storage can be huge, and many organisations are finding that object storage is no longer sufficient. However,…
Head in the cloud, feet on the ground: How to negotiate hybrid cloud
Cloud computing now dominates enterprise IT decision making, and hybrid cloud is the most commonly sought-after end point in the…
Cloud & Infrastructure Review 2017: how cloud models are informing strategy
The types and varieties of cloud models available have increased significantly in the last two or three years. The concept of a hybrid cloud consisting of integrated public and private cloud services has been joined by newer approaches such as multi-cloud and serverless. This review summarises the results of a comprehensive research programme undertaken by Computing during the third quarter of 2017. The review discusses how data centre strategies are evolving and the degree to which the cloud is informing those strategies. Download to find out more.
IBM Spectrum Virtualize for public cloud-hybrid-IT storage functionality
Cloud computing, [hyper]convergence, and software definition are dramatically altering "traditional" on-premises data storage and will continue to do so. Spectrum Virtualize will allow users to perform migrations or recoveries between different cloud-connected data centers, even between public clouds run by different public cloud vendors. Download now to learn more.
The case for SDS
SDS is key to deploying a hybrid cloud for metered, on-demand consumption of private/public cloud resources. Download now to learn the benefits and challenges that enterprises will have when adopting SDS platforms.
Software-defined storage — Opportunities for the enterprise
Software-defined storage (SDS) continues to transform IT deployment and consumption of storage resources. For enterprises, SDS is really an on-ramp to deploying a hybrid cloud — one that allows a metered on-demand consumption of private and public cloud resources. Read more to learn what opportunities SDS can bring to enterprises.
IBM cloud object storage
IBM Cloud Object Storage ("COS") is a private cloud based architecture for storing and accessing record objects. The IBM COS vault with retention enabled, in combination with other IBM COS capabilities, are designed to meet securities industry requirements for preserving record objects in a non-rewriteable and non-erasable format. This report provides an overview of IBM cloud object storage and its compliance capabilites. Download now to learn more.
The definitive guide to Cloud Object Storage System dispersed storage
Cloud Object Storage provides organizations the flexibility, scale and simplicity required to store, manage and access today's rapidly growing unstructured data in a hybrid cloud environment. Relied upon by some of the world's largest repositories, these solutions turn storage challenges into business advantages by reducing storage costs while reliably supporting both traditional and emerging cloud-born workloads. Download now to learn more.
Why NVMe over Fabric
The term Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) usually has the common misconception that it only offers users a reduced latency, but this is not the case it also reduces the CPU load on your severs that may be running expensive database/application software.
Impact of General Data Protection Regulation GDPR on systems and storage
In May 2016, the European Parliament published the General Data Protection Regulation EU 2016/679.  The intention being to achieve a…
GDPR: this time it's personal
Hailed as "the most important change in data privacy legislation in 20 years", GDPR is an EU initiative which, from…
IBM to acquire Red Hat
With the acquisition of Red Hat by IBM now finalised and a definitive agreement reached. As these two best in class hybrid cloud providers combine, enabling companies the opportunity to securely move all business applications to the cloud.
On- premise virtualisation and public cloud lead to high performing IT
By making the right decisions and following best practices, leading organisations can easily combine the best of on-premise and cloud…
Meeting industry needs for Software-Defined Storage
The rise of 3rd Platform computing and cloud services, analytics, mobility and social media are driving the development of modern…
Chameleon storage - finding the software-defined storage solutions which suit you
Software-defined storage (SDS) has not been blessed with a universally accepted definition. It probably shouldn't get one either - it's…
Data, insight, action - the new storage imperative
Much like Cinderella, storage is finally making it to the ball. Advanced analytics are turning data into insight and, as…


Creating a winning partner experience
Companies that focus on delivering a superlative partner experience are engaged in a strategy that comes as close as possible…
Creating partner loyalty in a rapidly changing channel landscape
This white paper outlines how loyalty - the ability to understand, engage and reward your partners in a relevant and…
Turn your channel partners into fans and drive engagement
A partner enrolled in your partner program is no guarantee of business and cannot be treated as an ‘extension of…


Selling disaster recovery-as-a- service (DRaaS) to the C-Suite
Cloud-based resiliency services such as Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offer IT managers more choices and flexibility, making disaster recovery available to all sizes of organizations. However, budget constraints can be an obstacle in preparing for worst-case scenarios and it's therefore important to enlist the support of top executives to influence DR budgeting decisions. Read this white paper for tips on how to get key decision-makers on board with your DR plan.
The ultimate guide to Veeam cloud connect backup
Backup is a necessity for both compliance and legal reasons, but most importantly, as insurance that your data is protected in the event a disaster were to occur. One of the best practices to observe is the 3-2-1 rule of availability. This rule states that you should keep 3 copies of your data. Having multiple copies of your data means that even in the event of a catastrophic data center event, you still have your applications and data protected. The iland Secure Cloud Backup℠ solution using Veeam Cloud Connect helps you to fulfill this 3-2-1 rule by enabling backup to an off-site cloud repository and/or copying your local backups to the cloud. Download now to learn more.
The essential guide to cloud-based backup and disaster recovery
Many organizations find themselves buying a mix of DRaaS and cloud-based backup solutions in service of their business continuity plan. The best approach is to find a cloud vendor you can trust to help craft the plan, architect the solution, and support you throughout the deployment and, as needed, a disaster. Download this guide now to learn what plan of action needs to be in place, when disaster strikes.
Why Disaster Recovery is crucial to your business
There are many reasons as to why backups are required, but it's important to remember that backups are not Disaster Recovery. And, although backups are necessary, they have their limitations if they are relied on solely to protect the business. This paper highlights how a cloud-based disaster recovery strategy can help IT teams go beyond backups to cost-effectively ensure business continuity. The paper ends with some real life case studies to show the benefits of cloud-based DR that many businesses are already experiencing.
Backup vs. disaster recovery, which is best for you?
When it comes to your data, nothing should stand in the way of protecting it. However, as you know, there any many threats to it and they are getting more intelligent and more complex. This paper will help you understand cloud-based backup and disaster recovery and what will work best for you to protect your company's data and IT systems. It will also help you understand how to get the most out of your backup and DR provider. Read to find out what you need to do.
5 steps to backup and disaster recovery success
We all know just what happens when disaster strikes and systems go down and just how unproductive it can be for a busy workforce. What is important is that you trust the backup and disaster recovery systems you have in place so that if the inevitable does happen, it can be dealt with as quickly as possible with minimal impact. This paper runs through 5 steps to help you understand what plan of action needs to be in place to protect your business when disaster strikes.


Managing the Security Shift
Small and medium sized businesses have growing cybersecurity needs. In an almost unanimous vote, Infinigate UK was told by their reseller partners that today's cyber security challenges require highly skilled cybersecurity personnel and enterprise-class solutions. With both far too expensive to hire or host in-house, SMEs are now looking towards value-added resellers to provide those expertise and solutions as a service - an offering more commonly referred to as a managed security service. A report published by Research and Markets earlier this year claimed that managed security services spend is set to double between 2018 and 2023, to $47.65bn (£36.32bn). In effect, this levels the playing field between larger organisations with well-funded security operations and smaller businesses with a restricted budget relative to their size.


Achieving Manageability, Security, Stability and High Performance in Modern Endpoint Devices
85 percent of those involved in IT estate management believe their workload will increase over the next three years. The rise of IoT devices in the workplace, the growth of remote working, increasing cyber security threats, and the pressing need to migrate to Windows 10 are combining to leave IT staff overworked and under pressure. This bespoke research paper, carried out in partnership with Intel, reveals how organisations can achieve manageability, security, stability and high performance throughout their modern endpoint device estate.
McAfee Labs threats report 2016
Although today's threat intelligence sharing mechanisms are limited, Intel Security participates in various global Computer Emergency Response Teams and we…
New threats call for a new approach to threat intelligence
Behind just about every legitimate alert your IT security receives is an adversary using multiple attack techniques to penetrate your…
Held hostage in Hollywood: strategies to defeat ransomware
In February 2016 the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, in Los Angeles, paid a ransom of about US$17,000 to hackers who…
Disrupt targeted attacks: Synthesise IT operations and security controls into an agile architecture
With an increase in the attack surface and the industrialisation of cybercrime, incident reponse teams are overwhelmed, constantly fighting fires…


Proactive protection: The human element of cyber security
Set against a backdrop of increasingly complex and sophisticated cyber-attacks, it's clear the old ways of doing security aren't working. 60% of breaches happened because of a mistake by an employee or third-party supplier, demonstrating that the insider threat cannot be ignoredand in some cases, stolen data is never recovered. It proves that in a complex security environment, dynamic data protection is key: Rather than waiting for the worst to happen, firms need to take a proactive approach.

InTouch Accounting

An IT contractor's guide to IR35 now, to April 2020 and beyond
In this guide, we look at what IR35 is, what it means to be found ‘inside' and ‘outside', the tax implications your status has on your take-home pay and what changes are coming in April 2020 as well as what you can be doing to stay IR35 safe.
Contractors: 5 signs it's time to switch accountant
If you're a Limited Company contractor who enlists an accountant, are you getting what you hoped from your accountant or are you finding it hard getting hold of them? Download this guide to learn what you should reasonably expect from your accountant, and how to go about moving to a new provider.

IT Glue

5 tips for reducing time waste in your business
This e-book is designed to help you get started on the path to reducing waste. Focus on these 5 things as a starting point and you'll be well on your way to reducing costs and minimising waste in your MSP.
IT Glue 2018 Global MSP Benchmark report
In this whitepaper, IT Glue introduces the concept of the Golden Quintile. In a world where only 20% of small businesses are successfully sold, it's critical that you know what a desirable acquisition looks like, in case you ever want to stop working. The top-performing MSPs are the ones most likely to be sold, so we identified what that top performer looks like. More important, we've identified what top-performing MSPs do, and do not do, to get and maintain their positions at the top of the industry. Read to find out more.
5 Tips to reduce time waste in your business
This e-book is designed to help you get started on the path to reducing waste. Focus on these 5 things as a starting point and you'll be well on your way to reducing costs and minimising waste in your MSP.
How to transition from break-fix to managed services
The transition from the break-fix business model to managed services is a big one. While it comes with endless opportunities for growth and success, it must be tackled strategically. Businesses that undergo this transition will have to be prepared for shifts in sales, marketing, pricing, and operations, but most of all, their mindsets. This e-book explains how to make a smooth transition from break-fix to managed services. Fill in the form to download your copy.
Global Benchmark Report
Earlier this year we conducted our first ever Global Benchmark Survey, and what a success it was! With nearly 60 questions, we received an incredible volume of invaluable responses, and now we've compiled the data into one stellar report. What can you expect to find? This report, rich in business intelligence, is a combination of not only responses from hundreds of MSPs across 20 different countries, but also our analysis of what this data means for you. Questions like, "What do top-performing MSPs look like?", characterize the following pages, and allow you to visualize where your MSP stands among the rest.

Ixia Technologies

Foolproof and failsafe: Utilising security fabric to improve your protection
As technology races forward, so does potential threat, raising the cost and necessity of security. Inline security can streamline and…
No one likes overspending: 5 ways to save on Security and Monitoring
Expensive, essential and exasperating - security and monitoring are a necessary cost, but a big one at that. Maximising your…
Expand your vision - How to obliterate security blind spots
In a world that changes as you blink, it can be hard to keep your eye on the ball, particularly…
Seeking a network visibility security solution? Per-port processing may be the answer
Solving security blips is central to enterprise, confirming the necessity of end-to-end visibility. However, new options are arising, and with…
The importance of a rapid response to a network crisis
Cyber threats are a real and serious issue. You need know if your system was actually breached, where the breach…
Plan your firewall migration to increase security resilience
If you will be upgrading or migrating to a next generation firewall, take the opportunity to also review your overall…

J2 Global LTD

Vetting the vendors - the right questions to ask when moving to the Cloud
Cloud computing is becoming commonplace in business today, but moving can feel impossible. Which applications or services should you use?…
Compliance and the cloud: Pro tips for staying secure
Today, all businesses need to be able to transfer digital documents quickly and securely - we rely on instant communication…
Future-proofing faxing: Why cloud faxing is the way forward
Most millennials don't even know what faxing is, let alone consider it a technology worth a second glance in a…
Save Your Company Money and Your IT Team Headaches: Integrate Cloud Faxing with Your Multifunction Printers
Migrating any entrenched technology or system within an organisation can often seem risky — even if the system is clearly outdated and counterproductive. But the risks remain: Possible downtime during the transition period, difficulty moving your staff to the new systems, and possibly even unforeseen compatibility issues that render the new solution inefficient or unworkable. But the transition from your in-house fax architecture to a hosted, cloud fax service integrated with your MFPs will be so simple, so seamless and so easy for your staff to grasp, you won't face any of those issues. Download this whitepaper to find out the benefits of this quick and convenient upgrade.
Moving to the Cloud? Pro Tips for Vetting Cloud Vendors
This white paper offers practical guidance on how organisations like yours can select and implement a cloud migration smoothly, safely and cost-effectively — by avoiding the common pitfalls and knowing what questions to ask when vetting potential cloud vendors. Download now to learn more.
Digital Documents, Compliance and the Cloud
This white paper illustrates the challenges associated with managing critical documents in the digital age, especially focusing on best practices that add security to document portability, while enhancing accountability and reducing the transmission management and retention costs associated with e-documents. Download now to learn more.


Making a collaboration system work in your enterprise
As cloud solutions and collaborations come to forefront of many organisations thinking and strategies heading into Q2 and Q3 for 2019, the question that is now being asked is can these collaborations save your company time and money?


How to get more done in less time: Automate everything
IT professionals have less time and more demands than ever to meet, and need new ways around old problems. This eBook…
Strapped for time? Managing remotely could be the answer
IT operations management has become increasingly stressful, with over a third of IT staff regularly losing sleep over work pressures. IT…
University IT: How IT systems management can revolutionise your practice
IT systems management is more than monitoring and patching, but sadly this basic maintenance takes up huge amount of IT…
Get back control by commanding IT centrally
Achieving flow is the ultimate goal - being challenged by your work but also confident you can achieve success. This…

Kaspersky Lab

Advanced Threats: Meet Advanced Detection Techniques
The number of targeted attacks on enterprises is growing and the techniques and skills of the attackers are more sophisticated…


APIs: complexity hides behind simplicity
Using the results of more than 100 IT decision makers, Computing's survey, sponsored by KCOM and CA Technologies, looks at the importance of APIs to the digital economy.


Expect The Unexpected
The Konica Minolta guide to operational excellence in a post-Brexit world, offers guidance to business leaders about how to ensure your company remains robust and resilient in the face of change. It outlines five key steps to creating a responsive and agile IT infrastructure that will help you drive operational excellence, allowing your business to flourish during periods of unpredictability. Act now to protect your business from uncertainty. Download the guide today.
Unlock business growth with Intelligent Automation
Thanks to Intelligent Automation, it is now simpler than ever to reduce inefficiency and complexity, while boosting innovation and employee productivity. Our ten simple tips for success provide invaluable guidance on Intelligent Automation - and highlight some of the many business benefits that can result. See what Intelligent Automation could do for you.


Transformation story: Improve performance by making smarter decisions
Getting complex decisions right across complicated operational networks is the key to optimum performance. Find out how one of the UK's biggest bus operators is using data and analytics to make better decisions and optimise the use of resources across their network.
Transformation story: New brain power for high-volume transaction screening
High-volume administrative tasks are a feature of every business. We helped a global bank develop a machine learning algorithm to help with the task of reviewing over 100,000 ‘sanctions alerts' every day.
Report: Automating financial reporting and technical accounting - are you ready?
New technologies have the potential to transform the finance function. But are financial reporting teams ready to embrace them? We surveyed nearly 100 technical accounting and financial reporting professionals to find out.
Wading through the tide - The battle for the internal customer
If procurement organisations are to sustain their value to the enterprise, they must pivot to new operating models that embed customer-centricity in their technology, process and people.
Report: Trust in AI
As businesses start to experiment with true artificial intelligence, safe delivery of AI demands a new risk and control framework. This report, designed for anyone tasked with the safe delivery of AI, proposes an effective solution.
Report: Global banking fraud survey
Banks need to be agile to respond to threats and embrace new approaches and technologies to predict and prevent fraud. Read our global perspective of how banks are tackling internal and external fraud threats.
Webinar: How to manage cloud costs for maximum returns
For many enterprises, cloud migration is attractive for two key reasons: greater agility and lower cost. However, the jury is still out when it comes to the financial benefits. In this webinar, KPMG's Adrian Bradley, Head of Technology Architecture, and Emma Bisset, Senior Manager, CIO Advisory at KPMG UK, explore the reasons why.
Report: Reimagine public policy
Life is coming at us fast, so our thinking about policy solutions for the future needs to be bigger, bolder and much more imaginative. We have just launched the second edition of Reimagine public policy. 20 truly, disruptive and innovative ideas to help solve today's policy challenges. Four of them are brand new for this year - Reimagine high streets, digital platforms for life-long learning, workforce and migration.
Briefing: Industry 4.0 - Lessons for C-suite leaders
As advanced technologies catapult manufacturing into the future, find out how to manage the most complex business challenge in generations.
Insight: Optimising the supply chain through digital transformation
Develop practical strategies for success and manage the risks associated with supply chain transformation.
Power to the people: Customer Experience Excellence Report
The ability to make the right connections and walk in-step with people's lifestyles, needs and desires has real currency in the unpredictable world of 2019. Find out the remarkable stories of brands that are not only becoming better acquainted with customers, but are delighting and surprising with zealous innovation.
Contracting for Agile: finding a better way
CEOs seeking to disrupt their sector rather than be disrupted, are turning to Agile development methods in order to accelerate development and rapidly adapt to changes in business requirements. Agile development is a group of methodologies, utilising incremental, iterative work sequences or sprints delivered by cross-functional teams and represents a fundamentally different way of working from traditional waterfall development.
Insight: Automation in procurement: Your new workforce is here
Leveraging procurement bots is the next logical step as organisations look to benefit from advancements in digital capabilities. Like every transformative technology, the implementation of procurement bots, while exciting, is not without challenges.
Report: The customer-centric CHRO
HRs' unique role in a company in terms of hiring, training, and ongoing engagement with the broader employee base, positions them to be a game changer in the customer experience strategy. Find out HR's critical role in elevating the customer experience.
Is the cloud cost effective?
We see cloud storage being advertised as an agile and cost-effective way to hold data, but is this true?
How to improve performance by making smarter decisions
Read this to find out how we developed a decision-support tool to help a major transport operator use data and analytics to optimise commercial performance. Discover: • what happens when humans are faced with complex decisions • how data and analytics can be applied to improve decision making • how a decision-support tool works in real life (video) • what lessons your business can learn from this case story.
Investing in patient safety
In this paper, we present a new qualitative exploratory survey setting out some of the challenges KPMG professionals have observed related to this disconnect on standard safety label changes, as well as a view of potential solutions to ameliorate the situation for both patients and pharmaceutical companies.
Zero basing - charting the human journey
Zero-basing is re-emerging as a bold approach to optimising cost and spend allocation. This paper explains how to create the conditions for success.
Navigate the impact of AI
No one knows what a future AI-filled society will look like, but we do know the transformations will be mind-blowing. What skills and capabilities must your organisation build to survive and prosper?
Revenue acceleration for digital leaders
Our research has identified a group of digital leader organisations using technology more effectively to achieve better, quicker and more certain returns.
Zero-based budgeting
Zero-basing is re-emerging as a bold approach to optimising company costs and spend allocation. Putting people at the heart of the change is key to creating the conditions for success.
Practical guide: How to enhance your BPO contract to accelerate automation
Many BPO providers have already invested heavily in robotic process automation (RPA), providing an opportunity to renegotiate your BPO contract to reflect the cost savings they are making as a result. But there's more. Contract renegotiation also creates an opportunity to leverage providers' investment to accelerate automation in your own business.


How can implementing a Low-Code platform save you time and money?
With Forrester coining the term ‘low-code' as far back as 2014, If you're not familiar with the term there is no time like the present to learn more.
How can your organisation benefit from implementing a Low-Code Platform?
With Forrester coining the term ‘low-code' as far back as 2014, If you're not yet familiar with the term there is no time like the present to find out what all the fuss is about. So, Low-Code put simply is a unique ever improving way to design and develop your software through a graphical user interface. In the whitepaper "Intro To Low Code" we get down to the basics and discover what the benefits of actually implementing a Low Code platform are.
What is Low-Code and why is its evaluation so high?
As with any hot technology area, there's always hype and that's totally understandable. When billions of dollars are being invested in it, some people can't help but get a little carried away. So, what's the reality? Are the returns really going to be as great as predicted? Is the technology going to deliver on the promise and are vendors in this space going to succeed or fail?
How to choose your next business process integration solution
As process integration becomes an integral part of a company's overall performance. Organisations and enterprises alike, are continually looking to minimise their company's manual processes, by using automation to integrate its applications, and share its data with both internal and external parties in a safe and secure way.
Low Code - The Hype vs Reality
Forrester predicts Low Code to be a $21.2 billion dollar industry by 2022. As with any hot technology area, there's always hype and that's totally understandable. When billions of dollars are being invested in it, some people can't help but get a little carried away. So, what's the reality? Are the returns really going to be as great as predicted? Is the technology going to deliver on the promise and are vendors in this space going to succeed or fail?


Develop your plan for security culture change and get the buy-in you need
Data thieves see people as the weakest link in our company's defences - as a result, addressing the ‘human factor'…
Imagine a security team made up of each and every one of your employees
Getting people enthusiastic about working securely not only helps to promote proactive behaviour but ensures the business' workforce is strong…
Create a culture of security with every employee on your side
Cyber security is a people problem, not just a technology problem; creating the security culture you need to reduce risk…
Connecting information management systems and the users - a toolkit
Cyber-attacks have a big impact on businesses and people can be the weakest link in keeping data secure. Find out about…
Switch on your human firewall: 8 practical principles for effective change
Overwhelming evidence consistently shows that people are at the heart of the vast majority of data breaches, whether because of…

Lead Forensics

The common misconceptions of web analytics software…
This infographic looks to bust some of the myths surrounding web analytics, so we can get on with the important stuff - using our website to gather revolutionary data.
The future of web analytics
The world of website analytics is evolving and is predicted that over the next five years, the web analytics industry will more than double its revenue. The growth of website analytics allows organisations to boost their ability to secure new business online, improving revenue gain and ultimately, return on investment.
94% of B2B Buyers Start their journey Online
Does your web analytics allow you to fully understand your customers journey, behaviours and needs to fully use these insights to benefit your sales pipeline. Download this ultimate guide to web analytics to learn more.
Top productivity hacks for business owners
As your business grows your workload and the demands being made of you will also increase. It's therefore vital that you find a system that will help you better manage your time and your priorities. Here we have compiled a list of the top hacks used by some of the most successful business owners across the globe.
What type of Manager are you?
Motivation is the key driver with this management style, by fully understanding your own management style you can build a better culture for your team, coach them to success in their own role, and smash your company KPI's as a result. Lead Forensics, provides an efficient central hub for lead generation, attribution and analytics. This allows businesses to improve performance and drive ROI by gaining full visibility of your digital activity from source to sale. Highly motivated & engaged teams will drive double more revenue vs. their competitors. Download now to explore the steps to gain 'ultimate manager' status.
Optimise your B2B marketing: Become a data master
Data driven marketing is essential, with 78% of B2B buyers saying they won't respond to a marketing communication unless it uses their name. Whilst nearly 80% of B2B marketers say they're driven by data, 71% of them are missing the data needed to run fully effective marketing campaigns. Download now to optimise your B2B marketing and become a data master.
The challenger sale:a B2B sales revolution?
There are five types of sales personality ranging from the known and loved "relationship builder" through to the lesser known "challenger". But what is "the challenger sale" and what does it mean for B2B sales teams? Challengers have a strong understanding of their prospect's business and use this knowledge to challenge sales leads on their current processes, keeping control of the conversation. Download now to learn why "the challenger" salesperson holds the secret to outstanding B2B sales results.
The importance of keyword mapping
Choosing the right keywords should be done with care, and based on a mixture of factors. Keywords are competitive, anyone with a similar offering tends to choose related keywords, so it is important to maximize on lesser used long-tail keywords. Download now to learn how to find out which businesses are visiting your website, how they found you and what they looked at.
IP tracking:pros and cons for businesses
Every electronic device needs an IP address to connect with the internet or other networks. Many businesses track these valuable snippets of code to better understand their online audience and improve results. But is IP address tracking worth time-consuming? IP address tracking offers incredible insight into the business website audience, including data surrounding the location and the industry. Download now to find out what are the pros and cons of IP tracking for B2B organizations.
The beginners guide to IP tracking software
To understand IP tracking software, there is a need to understand Internet Protocol (IP). This is a set of rules governing the format of data sent over the internet or other online networks. IP address acts very much like a home address, enabling the sending and receiving of data without the need to manually move it between devices. From these rules, the world of IP addresses and IP tracking is born, ready to help the business achieve incredible results. Download now to understand what is IP tracking, what it can do for the business and how it can help to evolve the marketing and sales strategies.
Tracking IP addresses: top tips for success
IP address tracking is a brilliant addition to any B2B marketing mix, helping businesses gain an advanced understanding of their online audience and drive successful lead generation. There are many tools businesses can use to track the IPs visiting the website. It is important to choose the best tool, in order to understand what data to gather, is it just location, or is it more? Is there the need for a separate tool for tracking IP addresses, or can the web analytics tool do this? Download now to learn which are the top tips for success when tracking IP addresses.
Revolutionize your B2B sales and marketing
98% of your website visitors don't inquire, we can tell you who they are! This guide will show you the B2B marketing landscape in a new light, as we look to the secrets of the marketing funnel and discover how Lead Forensics can revolutionize each stage. With funnel dos and don'ts and some top-tips on ROI, you'll learn how to produce strategies that generate incredible results.
B2B lead generation:top tips for sales teams
Working in a small B2B sales team can have its joys, you're all driven and productive, passionate about your product. But when it comes to planning your diary, finding time to generate leads as well as close sales can seem impossible. Try these lead generation top tips, for low budget, small team friendly solutions!


Don't let your budget go up in smoke: Two steps for accurate cloud sourcing and cost calculation
A huge draw of cloud services is their affordability, so if you overspend, it's inefficient and poor management. However, jumping…
Finding 'the One' - six simple steps to selecting the right cloud partner for you
The cloud is catching on fast, with companies leaping on board without hesitation. However, this can lead to a lack…
Migrating to the cloud: what not to do
Moving to the cloud is the right move for almost every organisation from both a business and IT perspective. However,…
The cloud's the limit: how business leaders can capitalise on hybrid cloud technology
Cloud has never been so integral to business, and business leaders need all the information they can get to maximise…


Integration dilemmas: iPaaS vs dPaaS and how to choose
Many enterprises are compelled to look beyond traditional do-it-yourself integration tools as technology disruptions continuing to shake the market place.…
Going beyond middleware: How to solve your integration issues
With the rise of digital transformation, the data landscape is evolving, with businesses tapping into social media platforms, cloud-based applications,…
The future's data: How to manage your data to ensure success
Leveraging data is allowing transformative businesses to bring new products to market and develop innovative services. Airbnb, Uber and Zillow have…
Does data have a senior role in your business?
Everyone's been calling data 'the new oil' for a few years now, but data is also something else: It's a company resource, and it has a definite role. Just as you'd value a senior decision-maker in your business by providing them a competitive salary and environment to work effectively, data is absolutely no different. Read this whitepaper to find out how to: - Create a nurturing and stimulating environment to make your data integrate effectively and profitably - How digitalisation is impacting business strategy - Put the right kind of weight towards good decision-making around data policy
Data Driven Decision Making - The Boris Johnson Effect
At the heart of the EU refurendum debate was data, and its use and abuse by politicians and campaigners. How many voters could claim that they made a data-driven decision? Computing surveyed approximately 170 business decision makers representing businesses ranging in size from fewer than 250 employees to those with many thousands and from multiple industry sectors in order to establish the extent of DDDM in the enterprise.
Is bad data killing digital?
Digital transformation, is as much a cultural process as a technical one but the beating heart of digital is data. The quality and accessibility of data, and the degree to which data from multiple sources can be combined to enable Data Driven Decision Making (DDDM) is and will continue to play a significant part in determining how successful digital transformations are likely to be. Read to find out if the data resources and management of UK organisations are up to the job required of them and is bad data killing digital?
Podcast - If you're going digital, it's all about data
"Digital transformation" means many things to many people, but one thing is undeniable - if you're going digital, it's all about data. But how do you collect and use the very best data to stay ahead? Computing is joined by Liaison's Shabih Syed for some top tips.
Hot topic - Customer Success - Alice Westerfield. SVP Customer Success, Liaison Technologies
Driving customer insight through data would be nothing without the customers themselves. Here's Liaison's senior vice president of customer success, Alice Westerfield, to explain how putting the customer's use case as a focal point of data consultation can reap rewards.
Data Life - Ehi Binitie, Data Engineer, Liaison Technologies
It's unarguable that data now lies at the heart of any developing business. But data is many things to many people, and is defined by use case. Who uses data, how do they use it, and what different approaches, philosophies and responsibilities are now involved in the everyday use of data?
Data Life - Keith Bursnall, Information Systems Manager, Royal Opera House
Meet Keith Bursnall, who discusses the two large database applications they have running at the Royal Opera House. 87% of tickets are sold online and with cinema screening of shows, the capacity for data is huge and Keith discusses how they deal with this.
Optimising Data for Innovation
As data fast becomes the most valuable tool for all organisations, innovating and creating value from this data is the dilemma that most if not all organisations now face. Why? Because as you try to innovate and extract value from your data, it is important that you have a structured process in place as this can become more of a hindrance than an opportunity.
Video Infographic - Is Bad Data Killing Digital?
As data becomes a pivotal part of your companies decision-making process, if you have bad or incorrect data this can now fundamentally derail, disrupt and severely affect your companies effectiveness when it comes to making business decisions.
Is your data really making a difference to your business?
The cloud, big data and IoT are the new normal - but do you have the data management infrastructure to make the most of them? Without a properly developed data framework, successfully leveraging these advancements in technology is impossible. And in a fast-moving, customer-centric world, 'doing nothing' is no longer an option.
Case study: Liaison helps pharmaceutical improve revenue
Customer experience programs that provide insight into customer needs and preferences are necessary to convert single sales transactions into long-term customer relationships. Unfortunately, research firm Gartner predicts that 80 percent of life sciences companies will not have a customer experience program by 2020 - limiting their ability to optimise sales across brands.
Solving complex data challenges for mega clinical trials
A mega clinical trial strained Merck's existing clinical trial data infrastructure - creating inconsistent data flow for analysis. With the mega trial representing 50 percent of all clinical data collected for one year, data flow for other clinical trials was delayed - reducing the efficiency of Merck's overall clinical trial program.
Data Integration - The Most Important Piece of The Digital Puzzle
Whilst just about every organisation is ploughing ahead with their digital strategies, the vast majority of established businesses are hitting some common challenges. The first challenges tend to stem from the quality of the data itself. How do you manage the avalanche of data, tune out the noise and make sure you have visibility of everything that matters?
Data Life - Natasha Konaska, Brand & Content Analyst, BookingGo
Meet Natasha to find out how BookingGo handle the vast amounts of customer data they hold and how they go about targeting new customers. Natasha states the importance of harnessing all of this data, the insights it can offer and how this leads to influencing overall company strategy.
Hot topic - Future Trends - Jonathan Razza, SVP, Emerging Technologies, Liaison Technologies
This video with Jonathan Razza highlights the impact of explosions of data within companies. Organisations are finding they have many applications and technologies that have to integrate them all between enterprises and the challenge is how to manage these effectively. Watch the video to find out more about master data management.
The Three C's of Business Process Automation
Business Process Automation (BPA) is a critical component that all organisations should now be considering. Why? Because as the demands of the digital economy continuously change on a daily basis, you now need a process that allows your organisation to optimise and improve your most important business processes seamlessly and automatically.
Hot topic - Digital Transformation - Bob Renner, CEO, Liaison Technologies
This video with the CEO of Liaison Technologies focuses on digital transformation and what is needed for enterprises in regards to their infrastructure. Bob discusses that in order to tackle this and other challenges organisations face today, you need to start with data.
Hot topic - Integration - Peter Rodenhauser, SVP, Professional Services, Liaison Technologies
This video with the SVP of Liaison highlights how there is a technology refresh movement at the moment and how integration can now take place for both legacy applications but new ones too, on to the same platform.

Little Fish

The talent spotter IT Leader: How smart IT leaders deliver high business performance
In a tight job market with a shortage of STEM-qualified candidates, finding the right people is a never-ending trial. Effective use of outsourced or cosourced IT services partners can provide the ideal balance between volume and depth of expertise. Download now to learn how IT leaders are securing talent that delivers real results.
New strategies and missed opportunities for the modern Service Desk
Many IT decision makers choose to outsource in an attempt to enhance skills coverage and free up internal resources. But there's a growing gap between expectations and reality. Download our survey report to learn what businesses want from today's Service Desk, and how a greater focus on user experience is a huge opportunity for MSPs.
The fighting fit CIO
CIOs need to be obsessive about the health of their IT. High business performance depends on them being fitness fanatics, because healthy IT means productive users. Smart CIOs know that outsourcing is an essential part of this process. In our recent survey conducted in conjunction with CIO, Computerworld and Techworld, over 60% of senior IT decision makers told us that freeing up internal resources to focus on business-enabling decisions is the main reason to outsource IT services. Download your free eGuide to learn how fighting fit CIOs find the ideal outsourced provider.
How smart CIOs surround themselves with the skills and talent to deliver high business performance
The inability to recruit and retain the right talent to drive the business forward is a key challenge for today's CIO. But smart CIOs have cracked the code and know how to access experienced talent who understand what it takes to deliver real results for your business. In our recent survey conducted in conjunction with CIO, Computerworld and Techworld, 41% of senior IT leaders said that budget constraints are the biggest barriers to IT recruitment. That's why it's time to get smart with your investments. Download your eGuide to learn how CIOs are securing talent that delivers real results.


The state of data storage in UK enterprises in 2019
This research explores the challenges and how they might manifest for IT professionals over the coming year. It is based on an in-depth survey of people at the sharp end of the data explosion - IT managers and directors, CTOs, CIOs and others responsible for making decisions on the data storage strategy of large and medium-sized businesses. These are the decision makers whose storage preferences will shape the sector in 2019. 150 senior IT professionals were interviewed from a broad range of industries, working exclusively with larger organisations with more than 500 employees. The research was limited exclusively to decision makers.
Hitting the wall with server infrastructure for A.I
Nearly 23% of businesses are already on their 3rd generation AI infrastructure and should "hit the wall" in a tightly controlled fashion. Businesses should do this knowingly and in full possession of the details to make the next infrastructure move. Download now to learn how to ensure your AI infrastructure is fit for purpose.


How can resellers benefit from the growing trend of employees wanting a healthier workplace?
When it comes to working in an office your health and comfort is now more important than ever. Why? Because as our lives become entwined with technology and our digital devices, it is now essential we take the appropriate precautions, to avoid any future injuries we could pick up in the workplace.
What are the benefits of investing in ergonomic products for your staff?
As the demand for ergonomic products in the workplace grows, the benefits to staff, business productivity and your employee's is becoming more evident by the day.
CRN Research Report: The healthy way to do business
As the demand for ergonomic products in the workplace grows, the benefits to staff, business productivity and your employee's is becoming more evident by the day.


Protective monitoring and the UK public services network (PSN)
Conducting business and delivering services online has delivered great benefits but there are associated risks that customers and the public…
Top 20 critical controls for effective cyber defense
Cyberattack intelligence is growing more sophisticated, with attacks coming from both internal and external directions.  Protecting your data has never been…
The cyber threat risk - oversight guidance for CEOs and boards
The time has come for CEOs and Boards to take personal responsibility for improving their companies' cyber security. Global payment…
Your data is not secure: Faster detection and response for effective and efficient threat management
A perfect security storm appears to be upon us. Computing surveyed approximately 100 business decision makers, in an attempt to…
How to build a SOC with limited resources: your guide to detecting and responding to threats fast — even if you don't have a 24x7 SOC
The purpose of this white paper is to show you how you can successfully build a SOC, even with limited resources. The paper first explains the basics of the Cyber Attack Lifecycle and the need to address it through the Threat Lifecycle Management framework. Next, the paper explains the basics of SOCs, providing details of what SOCs mean in terms of people, processes, and technology. Finally, the paper walks you through a methodology for building a SOC with limited resources, focusing on tactics to make your rollout smooth and successful. Download now to find out more.
Advanced Persistent Threats and how to stop them
The majority of security threats still remain undetected, even with cybersecurity in place. With the rise of Advanced Persistent Threats…
Understanding the APT lifecycle - reconnaissance, log trail and compromise
Advanced Persistent Threats are different to usual cyberattacks. They target specific organisations for particular targets, often very high pay-off data,…
Security intelligence: The only way to detect critical cyber threats
Robert Lentz, former CISO for the U.S. Department of Defence, is adamant that ‘institutionalising a risk management culture' is vital…
The Ransomware Threat: Five steps to a bulletproof defence
Ransomware is on the rise; this year, the computer network at a Californian hospital was down for more than a…
Detecting Compromised Systems: Analysing the top eight indicators of threat traffic
Malware cannot exist without revealing itself somehow. One requirement that malware just cannot get around is the need to communicate. Whether by trying to spread itself laterally within your organisation or by attempting to obtain updated commands from a C2 server, malware must rear its ugly head in the form of network traffic. By putting a network-monitoring solution in place and analysing your network's traffic using the eight indicators of threat traffic, you can quickly determine whether compromised systems exist on your network, and if so, where. Download now to learn more.
User and Entity Behaviour Analytics: Protecting your organisation from within
When it comes to detecting and responding to threats, many organisations focus their efforts on potential breaches from external sources. The truth is, an organisation's largest security threat often lies within its own network. To prevent and combat the risk of insider threats, organisations first need to gain complete visibility across their networks. Download now to find out how User and Entity Bahaviour Analytics (UEBA) can help you protect your business.


Don't leave your business vulnerable - the business case for layered security
Whether trading with customers or suppliers, businesses today are online by default. However, being online attracts multiple security threats, which…
Reinforce your defences: the importance of layered security
Last year, 80% of IT networks experienced web-borne malware attacks, making simple security insubstantial. Outdated or weak security, or negligent…
Layered security: demonstrating a real ROI
What if it never happens? That's the question which hangs over every investment in security. It's the same with IT…
Repelling Ransomware: Protecting your files from being held hostage
You log on to your computer on Monday morning.  A message pops up - your files have been encrypted, and…
Survey Report: How deep is the ransomware problem?
Surveying over 500 organizations across the world, Osterman Research have the latest on ransomware's presence worldwide. Half of the organisations…
Antivirus is no longer enough: how to avoid being the next malware target
With huge companies such as Starwood and Hilton falling victim to malware in the same week, no one is safe.…
Real-time threats require real-time defences
The last 18 months have seen significant changes in the types of threats that organisations must deal with. Computing surveyed…
How PAPSTAR GmbH stopped anyone crashing the party
This case study, which explores the IT solutions used by PAPSTAR GmbH, reveals the ways in which one of Europe's…
Case Study: Cheshire Constabulary closes the door on threats
Anyone can fall victim to ransomware - and that includes emergency services. Cheshire Constabulary serves more than a million citizens…
Malvertising and Ransomware: The Bonnie and Clyde of cyber threats
Malvertising is an insidious way of delivering ransomware, making it even more dangerous. It hits users without their knowledge, often…
The 2017 State of Malware report
In 2016, we finally saw the headlines catch up with the hype. Cyberattacks and cybersecurity, or a lack thereof, grabbed…


10 Ways to make money with 5G
There is so much excitement surrounding 5G, but is the hype a sure guarantee to generate a positive revenue many companies are expecting? This guide maps some of today's most promising monetisation opportunities and the key capabilities that digital leaders are putting into place to prepare.
Are we ready to Sustainably Monetize 5G?
Achieving long-term profitability for 5G will require a major shift in thinking for many operators. Given the investments and capacity upgrades involved, simply treating 5G as just "another G" is a doomed strategy. Instead, 5G must be seen as an opportunity to re-energize the Telco business model and to move away from traditional commoditized network offerings.


Machine learning: How to use advanced analytics to tighten up security
Human IT professionals need the support of machine learning to battle the barrage of cyberthreats they encounter every day. This paper…
Building trust in a Cloud Sky
Cloud services improves the way data is securely stored. The building success and trust of cloud services is changing the perception of public clouds, saving resources and being more cost effective.
Three key considerations in securing the software- defined data center
Digital transformation can be achieved through this model, by providing IT teams control and flexbility in successfully distributing workloads. With security simplified, money is saved and protection is enhanced.
A Guide to Private Cloud Security
With private cloud, IT can achieve virtually all the key benefits of the public cloud—such as resource pooling, self-service provisioning and elastic scalability—while asserting greater control over security, protection and compliance. Download this e-book to learn more.
Cloud usage is now over 90% but IT is struggling to keep up. Are you?
Concerns remain over the visibility of data and application use in the cloud. View this infographic to learn more.
The Why, the What and the How of the Software-Defined Data Center: An Osterman Research Executive Summary
SDDC abstracts and automates all the compute, storage and networking aspects that are traditionally physical, and it can put that automation and abstraction to use in enhancing security.
The Data Protection Study Report
Data loss remains a serious issue worldwide, and data loss prevention is an important tool for companies to reduce the…
Security everywhere: How to unify your data protection
Today's data storage - cloud, object, hybrid - results in a myriad of security solutions and data protection measures being…
Cyber Security: For defenders, it's about time
Attackers are already in action by the time it takes for cyber security to even detect the threat. Strategy is key in reducing risk and allowing defenders to use time to their own advantage.
Advanced Analytics and Machine learning: A prescriptive and proactive approach to security
Machine learning can revolutionise the accuracy of threat detection in the future. This white paper will examine the many other benefits of machine learning and its proactive capabilities in simplifying attack methods.
Busting the myth of the Malware ''Silver Bullet''
With an accumulation of security softwares starting to build, in an attempt to protect against threat, safeguarding is becoming more complex. So how can this complexity be avoided? Is there a simplified and more efficient solution in fighting modern malware?
Atrius Health: Reducing Operational Costs and Combating Ransomware
A large healthcare organization in the northeastern US strengthened its ability to protect, detect, and correct when facing cyberthreats with Intel Security SIEM, McAfee ePO, and other solutions.
Automation & Orchestration Solution to SOC Overload
Market studies say automate first, then orchestrate. In lab tests, IDC validated that 50-100% of actions taken during integrated threat defense solution scenarios were fully automated.
Securosis Report: Security Analytics- Team of Rivals
Any single approach to security monitoring cannot satisfy all requirements. Security analysts need a set of complementary technologies which can coexist.
Forrester Wave: Automated Malware Analysis
Automated malware analysis is growing because more security professionals trust the technology to act as their highest fidelity alert. McAfee was ranked a leader in The Forrester Wave: Automated Malware Analysis report.
Waypoint Case Study: Simplifying Security Management
US food services provider Waypoint integrated McAfee Endpoint Security with McAfee Advanced Threat Defense, for better ability to combat advanced threats. The end result stopped ransomware and zero day threats completely.
Integrating SIEM into Your Threat Hunting Strategy
Effective integration of SIEM as the hub and an arsenal of threat investigation tools as the spokes is critical to gaining enhanced visibility of the hazards coming down the road.


Digital CX engagement strategies
Do you know how to engage your users effectively? Each of your online touchpoints presents a valuable opportunity to interact with your customers and collect feedback. The insights you'll gain from your customers during their customer journey will help you understand their needs and in turn improve your products and services and achieve business results.
How putting the customer first transformed Zurich Insurance
Get actionable insights from Zurich Insurance's CX success story. In this exclusive interview with Zurich Insurance's CX executives, you'll get an in-depth look at expert predictions for influential industry trends, the evolution of Zurich's experience management journey, the impact of customer centricity on the organisation's business results and ability to innovate, and much more.


Agile is as agile does
Enhanced business agility is the much-prized goal of digital transformation with the enterprise increasingly focused on building modern applications able to take full advantage of the latest digital platforms and technologies. Going digital, however, is not without its challenges. Computing ran a survey among 100 UK IT decision-makers with professional knowledge and experience of application planning, development and management working at companies between 100 and 5000+ employees. This resulting research paper examines the key issues facing the enterprise when it comes to designing, building and managing such applications


CRN Report - Helping To Bridge the Productivity Gap
As more and more organisations are now looking at the possibility of using cloud services for their day to day operations. The most forward thinking companies are now asking the question of how they can increase their customer's use of cloud services?
Data. Devices. Connections: What's the weakest link?
Connected devices, sensors, and assets create an Internet of Things (IoT) system for more agile manufacturing practices. To protect against security…
5 top IoT security questions for manufacturers
Internet of Things security in manufacturing doesn't have to be overwhelming if you ask the right questions in order to better…
Understanding advanced analytics to build a stronger customer experience
In today's retail landscape of increasing customer expectation, smart use of data can help retailers outperform their competitors. Businesses can reap…
How to Take a First Step to Advanced Analytics
Getting started with advanced analytics is as much about changing mindsets and culture as it is about tools and skills.…
Grow your business by moving your customers to the cloud.
With the recent partnership of NetApp and Microsoft Azure, you are now able to offer your customers the opportunity to improve and enhance their experience by………………
Start your journey to a secure digital transformation with Citrix and Microsoft
With a partnership spanning 25 years there is no safer place to move forward with your digital transformation than with Microsoft and Citrix. Find out how their best-in-class…….
CRM made easy
I bet you never thought you would see those words next to each other and in a positive light, well you have and it's true. Nimble and Microsoft have teamed up to provide you and your customers the opportunity to take advantage of the CRM system that builds and maintains itself.
Microsoft: Cloud Control - How to utilise cloud services without becoming controlled by them
As the revenues and benefits of implementing a cloud service continue to grow and go from strength to strength, many organisations and enterprises still have a real fear of what could go wrong when migrating to a cloud based service.
Controlling the uncontrollable
Mobile devices are everywhere in the enterprise today, with many more devices on the way as companies embrace the mobile…
Six steps to control the uncontrollable
Employees today are on the move. Whether they're in a conference room, in line for a latte, or using Wi-Fi…
Securing productivity in the Borderless Enterprise
For the past several years, organisations around the world have evaluated how key technology trends such as mobile, cloud, social,…

Midland HR

Plotting the data journey in the boardroom
9 in 10 C-suite executives say that data analytics will be crucial to the future of their business!  To understand the…


Improving web security
So far in 2018, 92% of malware, was delivered via malicious email attachments.  To block these threats, many organizations are moving their web security systems to cloudbased providers, due to cost, lack of security staff and skills, ease of deployment and management, and improved security efficacy. Download now to learn how to easily deploy a single, cloud-based service that protects against the two dominant cyberattack vectors: email and the web.
Cyber security training: a box ticking exercise, quickly completed, even more quickly forgotten?
Surveys across global businesses are unanimous in their conclusions: human beings represent the single greatest cyber security risk. For all the perils of automation and connected technologies, human error is responsible for as much as 95 per cent of security breaches. Combatting this human problem requires human-focused solutions. There is only so much that firewalls and other security architecture can achieve, when systems, that for people to use, must be fortified.
Market-driven expectations and actual realities of moving to the cloud
Moving from an on-premises environment to Office 365 does not remove the need to plan for disruptions or reduce the…
Whaling: anatomy of an attack
Email impersonation attacks—also known as CEO fraud or whaling attacks—are a growing concern for organizations of any size. These scams…
5 questions to ask before selecting Office 365™
Moving to Office 365 can bring many benefits to your organization. But just because productivity applications are in the cloud,…
The GDPR journey: what you need to know
Expert insight on your GDPR journey: challenges, solutions and first-hand advice Data. It's fluid, dynamic and alive within your organisation. Data knows no limits when it comes to where it flows: the departments, devices, networks, environments and email systems - even third-party vendors - through which it passes seem boundless. The expectation that it should be accessible and available all the time has already been established. But what about control over this data? This paper will help you form a strategy so that you are ready come 25th May.
The state of email security
Email is the number-one vector used to initiate attacks like malware delivery and if addressing exposure doesn't become a priority for businesses, cyberattacks will continue - and data protection and personal privacy will all but crumble. The approach of relying on defense-only security,multiple vendors and point solutions, isn't broad enough to protect against the fast-evolving threats that are putting organisations at risk.
Top 10 ways to protect your organisation from ransomware
Ransomware is skyrocketing as an attack technique across many industries. No organisation is exempt from ransomware attacks as it continues to be one of the most prominent malware threats used by cybercriminals. To survive a ransomware attack, you must be prepared. These 10 ten ways will help you protect your organisation from ransomware through protective and response methods.
Cyber resilience for email
Traditional security approaches are no longer enough. Attack methods are quickly evolving and growing more sophisticated, targeted and dangerous. Businesses are in need of a strategy which delivers cyber resilience for email and empowers organizations to secure, preserve and continue the flow of communication via email. Download now to learn how to prepare for every stage of attack.
Advanced email security
Email is at the intersection of a massive amount of risk. Despite significant investments in security defenses, attackers and fraudsters continue to infiltrate organizations through targeted and advanced techniques. This white paper explores a cyber resilience for email strategy that is easy to manage, lowers costs and prevents attacks before they happen; minimizes disruptions during an attack; and enables you to quickly recover email and data after an attack. Download now to learn more.
The email security paradox: why do we still fall for phishing emails?
Awareness of the importance of cyber security issues is better than it has ever been in across consumer, commercial and…

MIST Systems

Boosting the learning environment with AI-driven WLAN
Wireless networking is key to the learning process at North Canton City Schools (NCCS), a K-12 school district in Ohio serving over 4400 students and 650 staff. It enables easy access to web-hosted learning materials, lets students communicate while on the move, and is critical for online testing and boosting learning outcomes. The NCCS IT staff, in conjunction with their trusted partner Technology Engineering Group, explored alternative WLAN options. Download this case study to learn the benefits of AI and wireless networking and discover how Mist is the first vendor in the industry to use AI to simplify Wi-Fi operations and troubleshooting through automation and insight.
A modern wireless platform for the modern healthcare facility
As the types of mobile services have changed in healthcare, so too must the underlying wireless infrastructure. Old WLANs that were designed before the Smartphone era must be replaced by more modern wireless platforms, which bring new levels of scale, reliability, and simplicity to healthcare facilities - plus high accuracy location services to take advantage of the unique attributes of Smartphones, tablets and computers. This is the value proposition of Mist's next generation wireless platform, which takes a unique user-first approach to wireless. Built from the ground-up to deliver smart wireless services for the Smart Device Era, Mist combines unprecedented insight into wireless user behaviour with proactive actions for simpler operations and amazing mobile experience. Download now to learn more.
The Retailer's Guide to Bluetooth® LE Indoor Location Services
Location-based mobile marketing is a boon to every marketer tasked with delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. After all, there's no better time to reach prospective customers than when they are nearby. And there's no better way to provide personalised, targeted information than by combining what you already know about them with their current location inside your establishment. Most people are aware of the Global Positioning System (GPS), which is the defacto standard for location-based interaction when outdoors. It uses geofencing technology to trigger activities, such as push notifications, when a mobile device enters or leaves a virtual geographic boundary. However, GPS does not work when it comes to indoor location services. That is why a new technology, Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE), has emerged. Download now to learn the benefits and efficiencies of deploying Bluetooth® LE.
Smart Wireless for Smart Hospitality
Given the vast proliferation of devices, applications, and operating systems, it is difficult if not impossible to guarantee guests a specific Wi-Fi level of service, and it is time consuming and expensive to identify and fix wireless problems after they are reported. As a result, wireless continues to be one of the biggest IT challenges for most hotels today. Modern hotels need modern wireless technology to attract and retain guests and deliver exceptional onsite experiences. This is achieved with the Mist wireless platform, which brings unprecedented scalability, ease of use, automation, and high accuracy locations services to every hospitality environment. Download now to learn more.
Thoughtworks Case Study: Great Wi-Fi Experiences with Mist
ThoughtWorks is a privately owned, global technology company with 40 offices in 14 countries. It provides software design and delivery, and pioneering tools and consulting services. To achieve continued growth, the IT department had to re-assess its existing technologies and operations to meet the following strategic requirements: • Grow in a scalable and cost-effective way • Support a rapidly changing mobile work environment • Provide a better user experience for all global employees. Downoload now to find out more.
Smart Wireless for Smart Retail
It is increasingly difficult to get shoppers onsite to retail establishments. When so much is available online with the click of a mouse, retailers need to offer highly differentiated, highly personalized services to attract customers to stores and maintain high volumes of foot traffic. Fortunately, the proliferation of smart mobile devices presents a new opportunity to optimize the retail experience. Stores can now take advantage of the location of individuals to optimize interactions, lower costs, and deliver personalized buying services.


An MSP Guide to Selling Managed Backup for AWS
Gartner predicts that worldwide public cloud revenue is to rise by 17.3% to $206 billion in 2019 and Statistica research shows that 80% of companies are either planning or already running projects in AWS.


10 Things you need to know about deploying Office 365
Microsoft Office 365 is a top choice for enterprises that want a cloud-based suite of productivity/collaboration applications. With Office 365,…
10 things you need to know about colocation
From the days of the first big mainframes, computers have required specialised facilities; but as computers have got smaller, the…
10 things you need to know about hybrid IT strategies
A hybrid infrastructure - bringing together on-premises and cloud capabilities - is a strategy many enterprises are embracing in order…
How the cloud is reshaping virtual desktops
Desktop PCs were the first devices to truly bring computing power to the masses. After more than three decades, they…
Hybrid Cloud: What it really means to the future of enterprise IT
IT professionals are understandably cautious about when, where, and how their workloads are deployed, and a hybrid cloud strategy fits…
How cloud services are transforming BCDR
Business continuity and disaster recovery solutions are experiencing a transformational shift that is creating new opportunities for enterprises to achieve…
BYOD and the Cloud
The predictions that many industry pundits have been making about the rise of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) are coming…
Seven steps to developing a cloud security plan
Designing and implementing an enterprise security plan can be a daunting task for any business. To help facilitate this endeavor,…
Moving troubles? How to make data migration painless
Making the shift to the Cloud can be a challenge for organisations lacking the internal resources or availability to accomplish…
Six reasons to consider managed services for Microsoft Azure
Struggling with getting the best from Microsoft Azure? As Azure increases its momentum, its uses are expanded, from supporting cloud…
Extracting the full value of the cloud
The cloud is big and getting bigger—and it's happening very fast as more enterprises move elements of their IT infrastructures…
10 considerations for choosing a cloud provider
From one day to the next, business speeds are accelerating.  IT has played a major role in this hyper-acceleration: high-speed…
Supporting BYOD with cloud services
A BYOD strategy can not only improve productivity but also boost employee morale as they use their own devices, while…
10 ways to increase productivity with managed Office 365
For businesses large and small, relying on a cloud-based collaboration and productivity suite such as Microsoft Office 365 is becoming…
Managed cloud infrastructure services: The answer to unleashing your IT team's potential
Firefighting tactical issues often requires IT teams to repeatedly put aside more strategic projects, potentially causing timelines to slip. Viable…
When is a managed cloud provider right for your business
More than half of IT assets will be cloud-based by the end of 2016, according to a survey of IT…


Keep Your Business Applications Running
In today's competitive environment, nonstop access to applications is critical to success. That's why many organizations use FlexPod Datacenter running…
Flexpod for enterprise-grade clouds
IT organisations must evolve to meet changing business needs. Cloud technologies are an essential tool in progressing from datacenter administrator…
Getting it Right - OpenStack Private Cloud Storage
Get the OpenStack Private Cloud Storage blueprint. Learn about the benefits of cloud computing, how to orchestrate your IT infrastructure,…
Service Provider Flash-Based Storage Services Benchmark Report
Research on how service providers are using flash storage to create innovative, next generation storage services.
Guaranteeing Storage Performance
This SolidFire Definitive Guide provides an overview on storage Quality of Service and its importance in the Next Generation Data…
Service Provider's Perspective: Designing the Next Generation Data Centre
Here are the five core principles for monetising your storage like never before and winning more customer applications than ever…
All-Flash Buyer's Guide: Tips for Evaluating Solid State Arrays
This guide will help you understand what's important and help you evaluate storage options based on the most important selection criteria.
Flash Architecture Comparison
Today's businesses depend on speed and agility to generate revenue growth. To satisfy business needs within the operational constraints of IT, all-flash storage is becoming increasingly popular. All-flash systems can be quickly deployed into a traditional infrastructure environment and used to accelerate a variety of enterprise applications. This document compares two popular all-flash solutions available today: NetApp AFF and the latest iteration of Dell EMC's flash-based XtremIO product line, known as X2.
New Frontiers in Solid-State Storage
New innovations in storage technology are changing the game for data centers, and NetApp is working to help our customers capitalize on them. The introduction of faster and faster media types and more efficient mechanisms to access those media across well-defined SAN and Ethernet infrastructures will unlock unprecedented speeds, lower latencies, and dramatic improvements in system and application efficiency. Download now to learn more.
Optimizing Database Storage Performance for Dummies
This book examines the market trends that are driving the ever demanding business requirement for better database performance, technical factors that affect database performance tuning, different SQL Server and Oracle Database design considerations, how database storage technologies and innovations can help drive business value, and key performance optimization capabilities to look for in a storage solution. Download now to learn more.
Optimise your application life cycle and unleash business innovation with agile infrastructure
Application development relies on IT infrastructure, but infrastructure remains a frustration. The solution? Agile infrastructure aligned to application requirements.
Infrastructure elite: Performance, agility, economics
With fierce competition in the infrastructure market, the standard has been set for flexible, converged infrastructure solutions that deliver prevalidated…
Enabling Agile SaaS Infrastructure
Realising market penetration and a fast path to revenue comes with a unique set of challenges for SaaS vendors looking…
True or false: Debunking the top Flash storage myths
This e-book addresses common misconceptions about enterprise flash storage, providing clarity for anyone using or considering flash in enterprise environments.…
All-Flash Storage For Dummies, NetApp Special Edition
All-Flash Storage for Dummies, NetApp Special Edition, explores the expanding role of all‐flash storage in the enterprise. Originally used to…
How to compare All-Flash Arrays
The technical and financial advantages of solid state drives are driving a rapid transition from hard disk-drive (HDD) and hybrid-flash…
Why it's time to consolidate your primary workloads on all-flash storage
 All-flash storage is increasingly being used to consolidate multiple workloads onto a single platform to reduce complexity, enhance agility and…
Nine reasons why NetApp ONTAP flash storage is the smart choice for business
With customers demanding higher service levels, enterprise applications need to be fast and available at all times. Flash storage is…
Keys to business success with All-Flash storage
Are you building a business case for replacing disk systems with all-flash? Read this paper to find out what enterprise users…
Justifying investment in All-Flash Arrays
This independent study from IDC looks at the economic benefits of flash deployments from a business perspective. It provides essential…
NetApp SolidFire and EMC XtremIO architectural comparison
This document provides an overview of EMC's XtremIO architecture as it compares to NetApp SolidFire. Not intended to be exhaustive,…
NetApp spotlight on flash storage - flash moves front and centre
In competitive business environments, speed is a key differentiator. IT organizations worldwide have realized significant value in transitioning from traditional…
NetApp All Flash FAS: flash-optimized storage for mixed workload consolidation
Flash storage is taking the enterprise market by storm. With all-flash arrays (AFAs) now available from every major enterprise storage…
NetApp SolidFire and Pure Storage architectural comparison
This document includes general information about Pure Storage architecture as it compares to NetApp SolidFire. Not intended to be exhaustive,…

Netapp + Fujitsu

Building a data-savvy digital infrastructure
This whitepaper takes a looks at how Fujitsu's MetaArc and Netapp's Data Fabric offerings can aid organisations in meeting the…


The risks of tolerating poor network and application performance
Network and application problems cost companies a tremendous amount of time, money, and if they go unresolved, customer loyalty, brand…
The proactive approach to troubleshooting remote site networks
Branch offices are a fact of life for most organizations, and while remote employees expect the same network applications, services…
The new equation for faster IT problem-solving
Today organisations are increasingly dependent on the performance of their business applications which, in turn, depend on the performance of…
Time to optimise your UC&C services: a unified communications & collaboration clean-up guide
Don't wait for your unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) services to be in crisis before you start thinking about how…
UC&C - How to do it right from day one
Unified communications and collaboration offers enterprise benefits such as greater productivity and cost reductions. However, these complex environments post significant…
5 Network questions you must ask to avoid UC&C failure
Unified communications and collaboration deployment pose a range of challenges. Because success depends on the network, every network engineer must…
UC&C troubleshooting: How to make common issues disappear
Unified communications and collaboration is complex, and even the best implementations run into issues. Be ready to solve your end…
Stay turned on: the importance of UC&C
Today, employees, contractors and partners need to have instant access to information to do their jobs. Likewise, customers require high…
Unified Communications & Collaboration performance management for dummies
Unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) is all about improving teamwork, increasing agility, reducing costs, and boosting business productivity. The successful…
The future is calling: moving to VoIP and Unified Communications
Voice over internet protocol allows you not only to make very inexpensive calls online, but also the amount of cabling…
Delivering UC&C availability, performance and quality of service across a hybrid digital infrastructure
Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) solutions are becoming both ubiquitous and more complicated to manage, leading to increasing workloads for support teams. This white paper will examine how I.T support teams can strive to deliver quality of service to demanding users when companies deliver visibility across their entire infrastructure.
Driving fundamental change in the way that IT organisations need to function
For the longest while, the mantra that business leaders and IT executives used to describe how well-run IT functions should…
Get up to speed with SIP trunking as it takes enterprise by a storm
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking is becoming more and more common, and its broad deployment is inevitable. With carriers like…


Netskope Cloud Report - August 2019 Edition
Cloud services now account for 85% of enterprise web traffic, according to our new research. What does this mean for your security posture? Read the 2019 Netskope Cloud Report and learn about all the latest cloud trends. Find out why security policy violations for cloud and web are quite different—and what to do to protect your employees and your business.
Shift your web security to the cloud, for the cloud
What's the secret to securing the web in the cloud era? 90-95% of web gateway traffic is now related to apps, but 95% of apps are still unapproved by IT.
Delivering real time cloud security without trading off performance
Cloud security doesn't have to be at odds with performance. Organizations will not need to sacrifice security to improve the user experience or accelerate business velocity.

New Relic

Navigating DevOps - What it is and why it matters to you and your business
Cooperation and collaboration promotes a supportive and successful work ethic rather than an ‘us vs them' approach, and this can…
How to measure and track 5 critical drivers of DevOps success
The DevOps movement continues to gather speed, and it's about time. Collaborating promotes faster delivery, fewer defects and more efficient…
Kickstarting DevOps: How to get everyone on board and successfully make the transition
So you've done your homework and you're ready to plunge into DevOps but change in the work place isn't always…
The software adoption that saved thousands: A case study
In 2002, launched the first price comparison website for car insurance in the UK, and since then, the company…
5 best practices to boost end-user experience
Feel as though the performance of your cloud-hosted applications has become lacklustre? Here are five best practices that can help…
From customers to brand advocates: setting your business apart with digital customer experience
Engaging with your customers digitally is becoming essential, as more and more customers are giving their loyalty and money to…

New Signature

Offence is the Best Defence
Every day, shifting market changes and the pressure to "keep up" with the competition are presenting your business model with disruption, and many business leaders are working to strategize how to remain relevant and out-pace others in their industry.
3 reasons to invest in Applied Innovations
Got that foreboding feeling about the pace of technological change, and how your organisation can keep up? While it may be tempting to follow the "if it's not broken, don't fix it" methodology, there are big risks associated with lagging behind current technology trends. Not only will it delay your business's journey toward greater resilience, relevance and success, Forbes now predicts that AI combined with IoT, Blockchain and analytics will be the secret to success for organisations this year. Read to find out more.
Mapping successful innovation strategies
In the tech industry, it's all about new innovations. The tech world comes with a double edge sword, even when a company is doing all that they can to stay ahead, certain challenges are unavoidable when building new innovations such as implementation cost concern, building a business cases and cyber security complications. What separates the better preforming tech innovation strategies from the others?
Azure migration: top 10 tips
Considering a migration to Microsoft Azure, is a great step toward modernising businesses, but there are important considerations to have prior to deploying that environment. Download now to learn about the top ten items to discuss and consider before beginning an Azure implementation, in order for your in-house IT department to be able to unleash the full capacity of the cloud.
The Internet of Things, what why and how?
Read our research paper and discover why this three lettered acronym is at the forefront of a lot of businesses future IT strategies, enabling them to stay ahead of the competition and continue to drive real business value for their organisations. Download your research report now to learn more.


Improving incident management-reactively and proactively
Nexthink's ability to capture, analyse and act upon vast amounts of real-time data from end-user devices allows enterprise IT to drastically reduce the impact that incidents make upon the quality of the services. Download now to learn more about the unique and innovative analytics platform that gives IT leadership detailed, real-time insight into the performance, behaviour and compliance of end-user devices.


Test Automation: Case study Keoghs
In some companies, automation is seen as an area that would support the organisation's adoption of Agile and can be beneficial towards software delivery. With a wide range of testing knowledge and effective communication, Nfocus can rapidly translate all existing manual regression test cases into automated test cases. Download now to learn how the transition from manual into automated, can be easily achieved efficiently and effectively.
Five things you should look for in choosing a Testing provider
Choosing a Testing Partner can be complex. So what do you look for? This guide offers insight into the qualities you must look for in choosing a Testing provider. Download now to learn more.
The quality challenges associated with implementing agile and scrum
The objectives of testing are to ensure as far as possible, that the stakeholders' customers (which may be internal end users, or external customers) can carry out their transactions in a timely, consistent, secure and reliable manner. The promise of Agile and Scrum delivering working software quickly and efficiently is being compromised by the variable quality of the resulting software. Download now to learn what challenges are met through adoption of the Agile Scrum framework.
An IT leader's guide to modern development
Agile together with emerging new technologies, techniques and practices are changing and many organisations are switching to the Agile development methodology. Testing is a popular method to adapt to the modern development world. Nfocus as a tester is more objective and can point out the flaws, defects and suggest ways of improvement, plus make sure its fulfilling the requirements. Download now to learn more.
An IT leader's guide to digital transformation
This nFocus white paper looks at the importance of digital transformation and how quality assurance fits into the process. Learn the values in which your digital transformation strategy should follow in order to maximize Return on Investment (ROI).

Nimble Storage

Mind the gap: how application delays affect company performance
In an innovation-powered economy, ideas need to travel at the speed of thought. Yet even as our ability to communicate…
The curse of slow applications and how to lift it
Most of us have owned PCs or laptops that are blisteringly fast when we first use them but which, after…
Cutting latency costs: How storage could be slowing your business-critical applications
Your business-critical applications rely on storage for smooth operations. In today's commercial context, with customers out for convenience and innovation…
Achieving Flash storage: yes, you can have it all
Who doesn't want to take advantage of a technology that promotes speed, resilience and simplicity? Flash storage is a big deal,…


Expand your IT horizon with a multiple cloud strategy
In this paper, Computing, in partnership with Nutanix, surveys 150 business decision makers responsible for shaping cloud strategy. Through surveying, Computing found that a hybrid model of a public and private cloud and limited on-premises infrastructure has been the most popular strategy.
Building a business case for hyperconverged infrastructure
This guide is designed to help IT professionals understand and articulate the advantages of HCI and build a convincing business case for HCI (hyperconverged infrastructure) versus both traditional and cloud infrastructure based on total cost of ownership (TCO) and/or return on investment (ROI).
Top 20 hyperconvergence questions answered
Digital storage and back up strategies are becoming more and more complex and many IT departments are in search of a perfect system that includes a bit of everything to fit their company's needs. A hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) consolidates compute, storage, networking, and virtualization in one solution. HCI can be the solution or companies that want to stay competitive and ensure their datacentres are cloud ready.
Dummies' Guide: Enterprise Cloud
Evolution has never been so vital to businesses than it is today, and sink or swim are very much your…
Cloud mix and match - getting the balance right
This whitepaper investigates the factors that all organisations need to consider when pursuing a cloud-first or hybrid cloud strategy, including price, latency and vendor lock-in. It also examines whether such decisions still rest with IT or if other lines-of-business are now taking the lead in cloud decisions, and if so what the implications are for data governance, security and compliance.
How to keep your database infrastructure synergised with subtle virtualisation
Server virtualisation has become mainstream technology, at the core of most organisations, the basics of their business. It's used in…
Getting real value for money: The IT infrastructure that pays its bills
Datacentres are cheaper than ever now that IT infrastructure has been refined and developed to make it more efficient. However,…
Building solid foundations: How to get IT infrastructure right
The computing and storage infrastructure that we build services upon are elemental to the IT industry. We rely on them…
Is your infrastucture killing your agility?
The World Economic Forum stated recently that digital transformation has the potential to unlock $100 trillion of value to business and society. Few organisations have not yet begun to at least map out their strategy. Key to digital success is agility. If an organisation cannot keep up with the pace of changing technology - and related expectations - their digital projects are over before they've begun. This research paper, brought to you by Computing, probes whether the infrastructure stack is delivering for digital.


The Benefits of Migrating From ADFS to Okta's Cloud-based Identity and Access Management Service
Many enterprises are looking to implement a single sign-on (SSO) so their users can easily access all of their cloud and web applications without authenticating to each application individually. They conclude that the solution for single sign-on from Active Directory is Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)—simply because they are both Microsoft products. But not all Active Directory integration solutions are created equal. IT departments should consider all aspects of implementation, including costs of setup, ongoing support, and hardware.
Top 8 Identity And Access Management Challenges With Your Saas Applications
The enterprise cloud revolution is here. IT organisations everywhere, from small and mid-sized businesses to Fortune 500 companies, are moving from on-premises software to on-demand, cloud-based services. As enterprise IT makes this transition to a new hybrid on-demand/on-premises configuration, controlling who is granted access to which applications becomes increasingly important. This presents CIOs and their teams with a whole new set of identity management challenges. In addition, users must keep track of multiple URLs, user names, and passwords to get access to their applications. IT's role is also fundamentally changing. As the steward of these new services, IT must provide insight and advice about Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products to ensure the company is maximizing the business value of their investments.


The Ultimate Alternative to Magento 2 Migration
OmniCX provides more out-of-the-box features as standard than any other ecommerce platform, helping you deliver digital commerce projects more easily and more efficiently than ever before. It is built with a modern commerce architecture designed for the cloud which means a rapid adoption of new technology in the minimum time. The 100% API-first philosophy transforms the way an ecommerce platform can be implemented or customised: the stability of a platform with the flexibility of customised bespoke solutions.
Your Replatforming Journey 2018
Re-platforming is a big and sometimes overwhelming task and if not done with proper care, it can be damaging for your business. Managing a great shopping experience is a lot harder than it was a few years ago and evolving technology can help your business in delivering a more engaging experience for your shoppers. Download now to find out how knowing the right reason to re-platform can save you a large amount of time and effort.
Achieving Omnichannel Success
Omnichannel is a cross-channel content strategy that organizations use to improve their user experience. Rather than working in parallel, communication channels and their supporting resources are designed and orchestrated to cooperate. This guide outlines the key areas to consider when developing your omnichannel strategy and provides a more in-depth look at the steps you need to take. Download now to find out how to effectively analyse, define and implement an omnichannel strategy that delivers real benefits.
OmniCX, The Fragrance Shop & Microsoft Azure
In this testimonial video, we explain how The Fragrance Shop achieved 50% year on year growth and a 60% increase in Conversion by using the OmniCX platform and Microsoft Azure hosting.
The Fragrance Shop connects to its customers with Microsoft Azure
In this video case study, we explain how The Fragrance Shop is innovating its sales technique using Microsoft Azure and OmniCX. By considering ideas such as how to talk with customers before even purchasing a fragrance in store and how to find out if they provided the right experience for the customer after a recent sale helped them create a seamless and connected customer experience.

One Identity

Privilege Management: Protecting the Crown Jewels of Organisations
In the age of digital transformation, the requirements on IT are changing. Organisations need to reinvent themselves and become more agile and innovative, while meeting ever increasing regulation in a constantly evolving security climate.
Controlling and Managing Privileged Access: A Primer on Privileged Access Management
Effectively managing privileged accounts is becoming more and more critical as security and compliance emerge as the driving forces behind most IT initiatives. Unfortunately, native tools and manual practices for privileged account management are proving to be inadequate for today's complex heterogeneous enterprise.
One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Passwords: Take the risk out of shared privileged credentials
Time and time again, recent incidents have shown that the most vulnerable - and potentially the most devastating - elements of systems security is privileged account passwords. These passwords are the keys to the kingdom. Once hackers obtain them, they have unlimited access to your systems and data. And, as you've seen, the cost to an impacted organisation's reputation and lost intellectual property can be immense.
One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Sessions: Control, monitor and record privileged access
Granting internal administrators, third-party vendors, contractors and service providers' uncontrolled privileged access to valuable systems can create serious risk. This has been shown over and over again by recent, highly publicized incidents. In addition, enabling direct access to resources puts them at risk from malware viruses that may be on the admins machine.
Poor PAM processes and policies leave the crown jewels susceptible to security breaches
Want to understand current experiences and challenges around Identity Access Management (IAM) and privileged accounts?
The evidence is in! Organisations still use primitive IT security practices to manage privileged access
80% of cybersecurity breaches involve privileged credentials. Yet, new data shows widespread mismanagement of privileged account access, indicating organisations forego basic security practices, putting their data and reputation at huge risk.
The journey to IAM success
This paper provides you with practical advice and fresh insight to help you avoid common pitfalls and obstacles. Understand how business and IT departments can work together to deliver a smooth experience to users and stay agile to accommodate future requirements.
Identity and Access Management for the Real World: Identity Governance
This short e-book evaluates what IAM for the real world would, should and can look like. It delves into the most pressing IAM issues faced by virtually every organization and offers actionable, affordable and sustainable approaches to the challenges you face. With today's heightened security and complexity, achieving identity governance is one area of IAM that presents unique obstacles. Here we'll explore the root of the challenge when it comes to identity governance, and how you can move your organization closer to a unified model that encompasses application, data and privileged access.
Identity and Access Management for the Real World: Privileged Account Management
This short e-book delves into the most pressing IAM issues faced by virtually every organisation and offers actionable, affordable and sustainable approaches to the challenges you face. Privileged account management is one issue that if done wrong can have dire consequences in the form of a serious security breach. Here we'll explore a modular and integrated approach to privileged account management that can be an effective and secure IT roadmap for your organisation.
Identity and Access Management for the Real World: Access Management
This short e-book evaluates what IAM for the real world would, should and can look like. It delves into the most pressing IAM issues faced by virtually every organisation and offers actionable, affordable and sustainable approaches to the challenges you face. Among the formidable IAM issues and challenges organizations face today is access management. We'll explore why it's so hard, how it's evolving and what companies are doing to address it. Best of all, you'll discover some valuable insight into what you can do right now to simplify and streamline access management in your organisation.


Unlocked untapped data with AI and analytics
Having data is valuable but knowing how to uncover it and interpret it is even more valuable. Computing surveyed 150 business decision makers from a wide spectrum of industry in order to establish their attitudes about the value of unstructured data and what they hoped to achieve from its analysis. Half of the respondents in the survey reported that most of their data was unstructured and most people were aware that their situation was not ideal. And most respondents wanted to uncover customer insight through their unstructured data.
Adding AI to analytics
Research reveals a strong business appetite for the next-gen analytics. This Computing research report examines what IT decision makers think AI represents for their business analytics and the impact they expect it to have, both in the workplace and more broadly. We also look at what companies are doing to embrace the technologies of AI, where and how they are putting those technologies to use and at barriers to adoption they are looking to address.


The cloud's the limit - how the right cloud strategy can unlock innovation
AI, big data and robotics are all new technologies that organisations are looking to capitalise on, but they need new…
Data portability in the hybrid cloud- the impossible dream?
The hybrid cloud architecture, fueled by interconnected trends of increasing mobility, Big Data and Internet of Things, is continuing to…
Empowering your millennial workforce - prepare your business for digital transformation
Digital transformation is all about meeting the needs of the customer through the use of data and technology, but it…

Oracle + Dyn

Rethink DNS
As the internet has become the dominant channel for communicating with customers, interacting with markets and delivering services, the role…

Oracle + Netsuite

The role of cloud computing in industry transformation
As with many new services or products, cloud was initially adopted on the basis of its ability to lower both…
Moving beyond loyalty: pricing, personalisation and the modern customer
Retailers might be reluctant to admit that they have been drawn into price wars that are increasingly eating into margins.…
Netsuite for the CIO
Digital business adoption is growing rapidly, as are the revenues associated with it and CIOs stand at the forefront of these changes. Leading a well thought-out digital transformation requires CIOs to fully appreciate the potential of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and to optimise its benefits for internal business operations, customer services and collaboration with partners. Download the data sheet to find out more.
Netsuite and the CFO
CFOs, even more so than CIOs, have the most complete visibility across an organisation. Combining that visibility with emerging savvy about Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) can help CFOs take the lead in driving digital transformation. What should you, as a CFO, know about the synergy between cloud and digital transformation? For more information on how NetSuite can help CFO's take a look at our datasheet.
Netsuite for the CHRO
For HR leaders, Software-as-a-Service(SaaS) offers a path to revolutionizing how their organisation interacts with employees in every way, from recruitment and training to scheduling, goal-setting and work-life balancing. As part of a wider, business-wide cloud deployment, SaaS applications can also help HR collaborate with other departments in new ways by sharing data, discovering fresh insights and working together on more strategic programmes. Take a look at the data sheet NetSuite for HR.
Netsuite for Marketing/Sales Directors
What can the cloud do for sales and marketing teams? Of all business functions, sales and marketing teams are arguably the most affected by sudden technological shifts. Download this data sheet for sales & marketing.
Netsuite for the CEO
How can organisations respond to changing business conditions more quickly, achieve meaningful global growth, or secure their customers' data most effectively? These are concerns CEOs lose sleepover. To learn more about how cloud services can enable CEOs to build and streamline their businesses, take a look at this data sheet NetSuite for the CEO.
How your business can become a market leader
The following report shares insights from over 100 VARs, MSPs, consultancies and distributors in the UK about where they are in their transformation to cloud and the challenges and opportunities the new cloud economy presents. It is predicted that revenues for global cloud-based solutions and services are predicted to grow 36 per cent to £304bn by 2020. Download now to learn about the impact that embracing cloud can have on your business, and why now.
Comparison Guide: Business Growth and Agility
In every industry, organisations face significant pressures. Achieving ambitious growth and expansion goals requires operating differently. While Microsoft Dynamics may have got you to where you are right now, NetSuite can take you further. See how NetSuite compares to Microsoft Dynamics.
Netsuite for the CFO: Creating a strategic advantage
Today's Chief Financial Officers need to work with a finance system that gives them dependable, up-to-date information that is easy to analyze and share. Take a look at this datasheet which shows how NetSuite gives today's Chief Financial Officers a strategic advantage.
Netsuite: Simply the best for Finance
CFOs from a cross section of 40,000 clients tell us that they consider NetSuite the ‘best in class' finance system. They have found that whilst implementing, they have been able to use the opportunity to enable business transformation. For more on how NetSuite can help CFOs enable transformational change, download the NetSuite data sheet.
Comparison Guide: Flexibility and freedom delivered by Oracle Netsuite
When you're growing your business nationally or even globally, it's crucial to make the most of your opportunities with business software that supports your strategic plans and ultimately doesn't hinder your business growth. NetSuite is designed with fast growing businesses in mind, who are looking to take their next steps and don't want to depend on third parties to do so. While your Sage applications may be adequate for now, will this be the case in five years - or even two? Read on to see why it could be time for your business to switch to NetSuite.


The on-call survival guide
Being on-call will inevitably be a fundamental expectation of you as a developer (if it isn't already), regardless of your organization's size or operational framework. It is now best practice for those who build services to also be accountable for the success of those services in production. Download now to learn how to make on-call seamless through by implementing the best practices in order to prepare team members for going on-call
The post-mortem handbook
Post-mortems are a great way for development teams to identify and analyze elements of a project that were successful or unsuccessful. It's a way to look back and review the incident in detail to determine exactly what went wrong and how it can be resolved to ensure it won't happen again. This handbook details the best practices of our process, from how to handle major incidents, both in preparation and after-work. Few companies seem to talk about their internal processes for dealing with major incidents. It's sometimes considered taboo to even mention the word "incident" in any sort of communication.
The state of IT work-life balance
IT personnel are at high risk for burning out under hard-to-manage working conditions, leading to poor work-life balance and costly turnover outcomes for companies. The health of a company's digital services impacts many parts of the organization and also affects the work-life balance of IT professionals responsible for ensuring the health of these digital services. A new survey on the State of IT Work-Life Balance reveals that poor work-life balance affects an IT professional's ability to manage stress, leading to high turnover as professionals seek a better work environment. . The business outcomes of this can be costly, affirming that a healthy work-life balance is essential for attracting and retaining developer and IT operations talent.
Is digital downtime destroying your company brand?
If your website goes down for a matter of minutes, the customer experience and expectations of your brand could be destroyed beyond repair. How can you efficiently manage your digital operations and avoid such disruptions as digital downtime and a clunky website which is inadvertently losing you customers and affecting your bottom line. If you would like to learn more please download your complimentary research report to discover how.
Data-driven DevOps
Data-driven cultures quantify as many of their goals and expectations as possible, and they build toward working with their data in real time. A data-driven culture can be essential to a DevOps team: as long as everyone is clear on how the data relates to your business initiatives, they can collaborate across areas of expertise. In the long term, the move to a data-driven culture lets you leverage vital business metrics to minimise risks in deploying new initiatives because you can respond to that information in near-real time.
Overcoming alert fatigue in a modern Ops environment
Alerts from monitoring systems and ticketing tools help IT Ops and DevOps teams track the health and performance of core apps and services, and enable responders to react quickly to incidents. When monitoring systems generate too many issues that require attention, organisations starts to suffer from the phenomenon known as alert fatigue. When alert fatigue sets in, operational environments suffer, impacting the services you deliver to employees and customers. Teams become desensitised to alerts, which can cause them to miss critical notifications.
How can Dev Ops increase your ROI?
Time is money, efficiency is key, discover how Dev Ops can help you achieve the unachievable. Discover the key metrics you should track to impact and increase your companies ROI. Download your data sheet now to find out more.

Palo Alto Networks

Safely enable office 365
The demand for businesses to be more agile to meet organizations' demands and stay competitive is driving a change in…
The "State of the Art" Paradox
The introduction of the Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) raises the bar on…
SAAS Security Solution Checklist
SaaS applications have provided tremendous value to end users due to their easy setup and collaboration capabilities. However, because the…
10 things to test in your future NGFW
This paper discusses 10 points to consider and actively test in your current security infrastructure and your future NGFW. Using these as guidelines for cross-functional conversations, you will expand the lens through which you can view your NGFW to determine if your potential security investments are easy to implement, alleviate workloads, and offer your organization the best protection and value, today and in the future.

Panda Security

Cyber-security compliance
Panda Adaptive Defense and Panda Adaptive Defense 360, are advanced security solutions that protect organizations against any type of threat and can ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability across protected workstations and servers, safeguarding it against any known or unknown threat. Download now to learn how Panda Security can prevent loss or theft of data across the network.
Magic quadrant for endpoint protection platforms
Endpoint protection is evolving to address more of Gartner's adaptive security architecture tasks such as hardening, investigation, incident detection, and incident response. Security and risk management leaders should ensure that their EPP vendor evolves fast enough to keep up with modern threats. Download now to learn more.


Embedded analytics: to build or to buy?
Every business organisation has data - vast repositories that are growing all the time. The maturing technologies of cloud, social media,…
Buying vs building business analytics
At times, building analytics features may make sense, but users often want high performance interactive analytics right off the bat,…
Supercharging applications with BI
Nowadays, it's not enough to just have a strategy for embedded analytics. ISVs need to do it really well in…
Eight Essential Checklists for Managing the Analytic Data Pipeline
This Pentaho guide provides a checklist of eight essential categories to consider as you evaluate your vendor options, and flags potential pitfalls to guard against as you plan your pipeline.
A holistic evaluation criteria for your OEM analytics project
Too often, product teams turn to visualization or reporting generalists for embedded analytics only to find that "good enough" actually turns out to miss the mark, resulting in deployment delays, service cost overruns, and end customer dissatisfaction. This document produced by Pentaho, is intended to help product leaders cover all the bases during their embedded analytics evaluation. We have categorized the evaluation guidelines into 6 areas
Taking a Holistic View of Big Data Projects
Over the last five years, there have been few more disruptive forces in information technology than big data - and at the centre of this trend is the Hadoop ecosystem. While everyone has a slightly different definition of big data, Hadoop is usually the first technology that comes to mind in big data discussions.
IoT Analytics Blueprint
Pentaho examines at how organisations could minimize unscheduled downtime, optimize fleet activities, and improve customer experience by blending machine-generated IoT data with other contextual data to feed predictive models.


Top tips for improving your MDF ROI
Do you find yourself you growing frustrated with the inability to identify your MDF ROI? Or are you looking for a new way to track and measure how your Market Development Funds (MDF) are positively affecting your company's sales performance?

Pitney Bowes

Print Communications - The Final Barrier to Digital Transformation?
Environmental concerns are also uppermost in the minds of many consumers, particularly in the millennial demographic, and businesses are keen to find further ways to burnish their green credentials. This paper covers how the increase in packages has affected digital initiatives and concludes with a discussion on how multi-channel communications can be unified and optimised by means of greater use of automation.


Building better meetings - It's time to work smarter with the help of technology
Employees often dread attending meetings - and for good reason. While some meetings can be productive and stimulating, many -…


Building a business case for project portfolio management
Whether or not your organisation is performing well, justifying additional expenditures for technology, infrastructure, or headcount is challenging - project…
Steer clear of spreadsheet gridlock
Consider that 90% of spreadsheets contain errors - and 90% of users are convinced that their spreadsheets are error-free. It's…
The 5 pillars of portfolio project management
This white paper details the five pillars of PPM and how they can set you up for future success. Because…
Agile portfolio management: Creating a road map for success
Although Agile has been widely accepted in most organizations, it is not uncommon to feel an array of emotions or…

Print Simplicity

Growth and opportunities in printer services
Print Simplicity makes printer purchasing and maintenance management simple. It's a transparent all-in-one managed printing solution that allows organisations to understand how much they print and to see how their needs are being met. When you join the Print Simplicity Partner Programme there's no need to re-educate your sales force, invest in costly accreditations or provide tech support to your customers. Backed by one of Europe's leading Managed Print Service (MPS) providers, Print Simplicity is unique in the marketplace; a 100% print partner programme, and a fast and simple way to increase your competitive advantage, build your portfolio and generate new business.
Raise Your Game With Print Simplicity
We believe in making life easy and rewarding for our partners, so we've developed Print Simplicity - an innovative printer, toner and servicing package you can launch to your customers with no upfront investment. With Print Simplicity you don't need to re-educate your sales force, invest in costly accreditations or provide tech support. This is a partnership as you need it to be: sold by you, delivered by us. Here are some of the benefits you will receive, when you become a Print Simplicity Partner: • Co-branded marketing support • Co-branded website worth £2k • Commission that grows the more you sell • Support when you need it • Keep track with the Print Simplicity portal Download the brochure to discover more.


Knowing the unknowns of cloud service costs
For senior IT professionals, one of the biggest challenges in moving workloads to the cloud is controlling costs. Tracking and managing how the business is using this array of cloud services can be a complicated task. Not only must they have oversight of those services staff have had explicitly approved, there are also other factors that can obscure costs such as contractor usage and Shadow IT. This breadth of service demands has subsequent cost implications due to the consumption-based nature of cloud solutions. In this guide we discuss the practical steps you can take to coordinate budgeting, usage, and costs across your organisation, keeping cloud costs as visible and predictable as possible. Download now to learn more.
How out-tasking can bring flexibility to IT service management
Outsourcing refers to giving full management of your IT services to an external service provider. This is generally done on a multi-year contract basis and means that the provider has full responsibility for managing your IT. Adopting an out-tasking approach to IT services gives you the flexibility to decide just how much control you want to have. Day-to-day involvement means your team will build up a range of internal capabilities that allows them to better align supply with demand for IT services.
Practical guide to the hybrid cloud
The hybrid cloud offers a way forward for organisations who seek the benefits of cloud computing, including economies of scale, self-service and automation. In this whitepaper, Proact suggests that a cloud journey should begin with adapting IT as a Service (ITaaS) as a unified model for IT delivery. It greatly facilitates a flexible, stepwise approach to cloud migration, guided by common business sense. This guide addresses the typical issues organisations currently are facing when considering a migration of their IT infrastructure to cloud platforms and services and how to overcome these challenges.
7 lessons for defining your cloud strategy
An increase in organisations have chosen cloud service in order to increase business, agility and reduce costs. Still, many companies have been disappointed and their expectations not met. Instead of becoming more agile, they have been in discussions with their provider about unexpected cost, have had to deal with adjustments to business processes and manage dissatisfied staff that have had their hopes raised when the company finally moved to the cloud.
Out-task or outsource? A guide to understanding which is right for your organisation
Among the various considerations an IT manager must make is to what degree services are retained in-house, or handed to one or more providers to offer specialist support. As the needs of the business evolve, IT operations need the agility to adjust accordingly. This guide focuses on whether to outsource the IT function within your business, or to retain key parts in-house while out-tasking non-essential functions to one or multiple service providers. Download now to learn what decisions to make to help your business stay agile and competitive, while also ensuring requirements around compliance and cost-effectiveness are met.
The changing role of the IT manager
IT managers face rapid changes both in terms technology and business, forcing them to make choices fast, sometimes without knowing what the real consequences are. Moreover, there is a lot of pressure on the IT manager from the business to innovate and offer flexible services to end-users. One major challenge for the IT manager is staff. More and more IT organisations experience a skills gap. IT stacks have become broader, deeper and more complex and in the meantime it has become increasingly difficult to get and keep skilled staff. Furthermore, the better skilled workers have a higher labour cost, and the chance of employees looking to see where the grass is greener is increasing. Download now to learn more on the various insights into this changing role and the practical tips on how to take advantage of both of these challenging and exciting trends.


The cost of Microsoft Office 365 security and compliance
As the volume and sophistication of advanced threats continues to evolve more rapidly than ever before, you must protect your people, data and brand from advanced attacks and compliance risks. Learn more on how advanced threat protection, data protection and an online archive designed to meet privacy, compliance and data-retention requirements can be achieved through Microsoft Office 365 deployment.
Stopping email fraud
Email fraud can be hard to detect with conventional cyberdefences. That's because it is highly targeted and sent in low volumes aimed at specific people or job roles. Learn how a multilayered approach can solve your entire email security challenge by stopping advanced attacks and mitigating their impact.
Stopping Email Fraud
Email fraud, sometimes called business email compromise (BEC), is a popular form of cyber attack. Cybercriminals can easily spoof executives and business partners to trick people into sending money and other valuable information. This growing threat has cost victims more than $5.3 billion since the FBI began tracking it in late 2013. The average attack nets about $130,000. Partner spoofing attacks, where a fraudster pretends to be an organisation's trusted vendor, are also growing. These attacks are sophisticated and highly targeted. They exploit people, not technology. And stopping them requires a new people-centred approach. Download now to learn how Proofpoint Advanced Email Security uses a multilayered defence to stop unsafe email from reaching people's inboxes—and keep sensitive information in your environment when something goes wrong.
The GDPR Playbook: Discover, plan, and act on the upcoming EU data protection regulation
After years of negotiations, the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) will come into effect on 25 May 2018, replacing the 22-year-old EU Data Protection Directive. Developing a plan to comply with the new rules is critical for all organizations. Failure to do so could lead to unprecedented fines of up to 4% of annual global revenue or €20,000,000, whichever is higher. But what does successful compliance look like? Download this guide to learn more.
The ransomware survival guide
Ransomware is an old threat that has come roaring back with a new ferocity. This type of malware has quickly become one of the top types of cyber attacks. The easiest way to combat ransomware is to stop it at the gates. That requires an advanced threat solution that can detect ransomware delivered via email, mobile devices, and social media. Download this guide to learn more on how to stop ransomware attacks.
The BEC Survival Guide: Managing Business Email Compromise and Impostor Threats to Keep your Organisation Protected
Business email compromise (BEC) is a simple attack that is confounding some of the most advanced companies in the world. BEC attackers succeed because they create emails that are deceptively similar to legitimate messages. They also ask victims to perform tasks that fall under their normal job duties. Fortunately, you can stop BEC attacks though a combination of people, process and technology. Download now to learn more.
Subscription deals and security in O365: do you have the right bundle?
Computing's research shows that the vast majority of enterprises have either signed up to O365, or plan to do so in the near term: it's the de facto standard in productivity. However, as this paper reveals, there are significant issues with enterprises buying into services their users do not engage with, and significant confusion over critical security issues, resulting in many organisations having insufficient protection against critical flaws - read to work out if your organisation has the best combination of Microsoft and third party security tools


The power of the platform in Smart Cities
Used by state and local governments, a Smart City platform is one whose purpose is tied to specific systemic environmental, social, and financial outcomes. These platforms, often Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, are evolving rapidly, and their architecture is becoming more sophisticated, but they are still in the early stages of deployments in government organizations. This Technology Spotlight discusses the importance of Smart City platforms as a key mechanism to integrate smart technologies, enable the rapid delivery of new applications, and create a connected Smart City ecosystem. Download now to learn more.


2015 State of DevOps Report
How do you actually achieve higher performance? Research carried out last year showed a link between IT performance to organizational performance,…
The tools for continuous delivery
Organizations create, deliver and modify software to fill business needs. Those business needs are not static: They can change as…
Get Started with DevOps: A Guide for IT Managers
If you're managing an IT team, you've already heard about DevOps. It's a term that encompasses lots of things, and…
Cutting-Edge IT: Moving from Nodes to Applications at Wells Fargo:
Today, IT is often built around technical solutions: the hardware and operating systems that make up an infrastructure. This creates…
The Value of IT Automation
DevOps practices have moved from theory to implementation for more and more organisations, particularly traditional enterprise businesses. This adoption is only…
Toward a World of Frictionless Change: Using an IT Automation to Deliver Constantly Modern Software
Change is the only constant in IT these days, and it's coming fast and furious. While it may seem that…
How bright is your Cloud's silver lining? Maximise your Cloud potential in Enterprise
Today's markets are changing, and the daunting challenge of cutting through the fog to utilise the Cloud is vital.   Here's…
Exasperated by Inefficiency? How to Supercharge your IT Team
Wasted time, overcomplicated processes and unreliable quality plaguing your IT team? Learn how to implement cultural shifts within your business…

Pure Storage

Primary Flash Market Evolving to Next-Generation Architectures
As the information technology (IT) industry enters the cloud era, where hybrid IT is the dominant deployment model in organizations of all sizes, the capabilities of primary all-flash arrays (AFAs) will need to evolve to handle cloud scale and agility. Datacenters of all types and sizes will be using AFAs as general-purpose storage platforms more and more and will be increasing the workload densities that these systems must support. A key challenge is that current-generation AFAs have fundamental bottlenecks that both limit their consolidation and cloud-scale capabilities and create architectural risk as future memory technologies emerge. A next generation of AFAs — what could be called cloud-era flash arrays — will be best positioned to meet these requirements cost-effectively, will employ flashdriven rather than flash-optimized architectures, and will have NVMe rather than SCSI technology at the heart of their designs. This Technology Spotlight examines the evolving primary flash array market with a particular emphasis on what next-generation flash-driven enterprise storage architectures will look like. It also looks at the role Pure Storage, with its FlashArray//X, plays in this strategically important market.
The 3-stage Journey to the all-flash cloud
Enterprise IT leaders are facing critical decisions on how to best deploy data center and cloud resources to enable digital transformation. The advantages of cloud models are beyond compelling — they are fundamental to delivering the agility, cost efficiencies and simplified operations necessary for modern IT workloads and applications at scale. Cloud computing and all-flash storage are two of the most important innovations driving next-generation IT initiatives. While it may seem at first that these are parallel trends, in reality they are inextricably intertwined. Without the benefits of all-flash storage — driving new levels of performance, agility and management simplicity — enterprises would not be able to modernise their infrastructures to deliver cloud services. The truth is, even in today's cloud era, enterprise IT leaders continue to require the power, control, security and peace of mind afforded by owning their own infrastructure. But to achieve digital transformation, data centers must deliver the benefits offered by the most innovative and compelling public cloud services. Download now to find out how to evolve to the all-flash cloud — and how your organisation can benefit at every stage in the journey.
How to Achieve Breakthrough Business Continuity
In today's environment, business continuity is a necessity. As organisations embrace digital transformation and turn to IT for almost all most critical operations, downtime can be crippling. Those that are able to tolerate technology failures transparently—so the business remains up and running—can drive dramatic gains in competitive advantage, customer engagement and business innovation. However, achieving the highest levels of business continuity, with zero recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs), has been possible only for the largest companies and their most business-critical applications. This white paper discusses a new active/active stretched cluster technology that allows companies of all sizes to achieve the highest levels of business continuity without the costs and complexities that have typically marked this type of deployment in the past.
Harnessing the Critical Enabler for Digital Transformation in Financial Institutions
Digital transformation remains the key priority for virtually every financial institution in the world. This transformation is driven by a host of drivers and challenges that financial institutions are facing today. One such driver is changing customer requirements and a desire for 24 x 7 access through a channel of choice in real time. Another is the rising cost of doing business caused by tougher regulation, ageing legacy IT, and a generally tougher business environment. Another key point for financial institutions is the upkeep and maintenance of legacy infrastructure, while facing the challenge to power new applications in the front and middle office. For instance, the immediate access to a consolidated data repository is an important enabler to deliver crucial insights at the right time. This is amplified by the accelerating growth of data volumes, the need for a more contextual and personalized customer experience augmented by analytics, and the need for financial institutions to enable greater productivity for employees who depend on fast and consistent flow of data. Lastly, the explosion of data — both internally and externaly — is a massive challenge for financial institutions. Dealing with a variety of different formats, degrees of cleanliness, and sources has made data management a key priority. In this white paper, IDC will discuss the impact of flash storage as a critical enabler for digital transformation in financial institutions, enabling the delivery of a superior user experience for customers and staff, increasing security and compliance, powering new analytics capabilities, and dealing with growing data volumes while reducing the overall total cost of ownership.
Business Case for All-Flash Arrays When Integrating Flash into the Cloud
This IDC white paper discusses the state of enterprise storage with respect to the evolving cloud storage market, explains why flash storage is needed in these environments, and then discusses what Pure Storage, a leading all-flash array vendor, brings to the table in this area. The document concludes with a short service provider case study. Download now to learn more.
The 3 stage journey to the All- Flash Cloud
Cloud computing and all-flash storage are two of the most important innovations driving next-generation IT initiatives. While it may seem at first that these are parallel trends, in reality they are inextricably intertwined. Without the benefits of all-flash storage — driving new levels of performance, agility and management simplicity — enterprises would not be able to modernize their infrastructures to deliver cloud services. It is no coincidence that the largest hyperscale cloud providers rely on all-flash storage solutions as their storage foundation. Download to find out more.
Discover smart storage solutions that are effortless, efficient, and evergreen
Digital transformation requires storing, accessing, and analyzing all types of data as fast and efficiently as possible. If you are not analyzing data to provide value to your business, it's time to start, especially if your competitors have already started. Getting there might be easier than you think.
The Data Economy Report: Industry insights to balance infrastructure and applications for digital business (Global Edition)
2017 Data Economy Report is a large, global study measuring the digital state of today's businesses and how well they are putting their data to work to drive innovation. The report also acts as a 2017 benchmark for organizations accelerating into the "Cloud Era" and gauging where they are in balancing infrastructure and applications in their business and how this is set to evolve as we approach 2020. Download to find out more.
The Data Economy Report: Industry insights to balance infrastructure and applications for digital business
EVOLUTION 2017 Data Economy Report is a large, global study measuring the digital state of today's businesses and the challenges they face in putting their data to work to drive innovation. The report also acts as a 2017 benchmark for organisations accelerating into the "Cloud Era" and gauging where they are in balancing infrastructure and applications in their business and how this is set to evolve as we approach 2020. Download to find out more.
Eliminate EDA workflow bottlenecks: FlashBlade accelerates chip design for faster time-to-market
Most storage solutions used today by chip design houses are based on legacy designs now more than a decade old. As server technology has improved and network bandwidth has increased, current solutions are still based on older scale-out architectures that have not been able to scale in performance to meet the challenges of the current generation of chip designs. It's time for a new, innovative storage architecture that can support all the EDA workflows in the chip design process. Download now to learn more.
IT Transformation Trends: Flash Storage as a Strategic IT Asset
There's no question about it: purpose-built all-flash storage is an exceptional catalyst for improving data center operations and supporting the transition to the cloud operating model. AFAs' highly strategic role in both IT and business underscores the need to move storage purchase discussions and decisions beyond the storage team. Download to learn more.


Decisions, decisions: How leading firms are arming frontline executives with data-driven insight
There is a global revolution underway. Business executives are no longer satisfied with the long waiting periods, high costs and…
Gain accurate information on your firm's profitability: see your data's whole story
Most firms can give you accurate information on their profitability as it is a fundamental part of their operations. However,…
Shop til you drop: How visual analytics can keep retailers upright
The retail industry is being shaken to its core, as the way the whole industry works is being overturned. Digital…
Data that does more: Top 12 financial services solutions
Financial services are dependent on data intelligence, and with visual analytics, you can see the whole story. This allows you…
Technology Spotlight: How user-driven analytics can take retail further
Given the speed, scale, and scope with which retail operates today across physical, mobile and online channels, independent and team-based…


Combining endpoint protection and Mobile Device Management (MDM)
The main argument for bringing mobile devices into endpoint management is that they play too big a role to ignore when employees are trying to get their work done. That has an upside and a downside. This paper examines the reasons for incorporating mobile device management (MDM) into endpoint management. It explores how IT admins can execute four administrative functions - enroll, take inventory, configure and secure - for mobile devices as they do for traditional devices.
Active Directory recovery in a cloud or hybrid world
Comprehensive Active Directory (AD) backup and recovery capabilities are essential for every organization today. To ensure business continuity, you need to be able to restore individual objects or attributes — or an entire Active Directory domain or forest — quickly and effectively.
KACE® cloud mobile device manager
In today's mobile organizations, employees expect to be allowed to use the mobile devices they choose to access corporate resources. KACE Cloud MDM provides easy device enrollment, comprehensive inventory information, and a broad set of commands — from resetting a password to wiping a stolen device —that help minimize security risks and data breaches. Download now to learn more on managing your employees' mobile devices.
Migration made easy: Surviving the move to Office 365
With 60 million monthly active commercial customers, and the addition of 50,000 small business customers each month, there can be…
Time's running out: Getting up to speed with Europe's GDPR
The EU's new General Data Protection Regulation is fast approaching, and it's going to change the way we treat data…
Windows Server Updates: What's new and why it matters
Windows has been innovating like never before, and Windows Server 2016 represents a major step forward for the Windows operating…
Endpoint Security, UEM and the Channel: Opportunities and Answers
For partners, there is a huge opportunity to be found in the UEM solutions market, but how can you harness this? What questions do you need to be able to answer to help your customers understand how these solutions can benefit their business? And what support do you need from your vendors to effectively and profitably build your endpoint security and UEM practice? This Channelnomics paper, sponsored by Quest presents exclusive research into this hugely important topic, giving you insight, guidance and expertise on exactly what it takes to ensure you are ahead of the game and in step with exactly what your customers need when it comes to endpoint security and UEM solutions.
Webinar: Endpoint Security, UEM and the Channel: Opportunities and Answers
For partners, there is a huge opportunity to be found in the UEM solutions market, but how can you harness this? What questions do you need to be able to answer to help your customers understand how these solutions can benefit their business? And what support do you need from your vendors to effectively and profitably build your endpoint security and UEM practice? To answer these questions and more, join Channelnomics and Quest as we discuss the results of our exclusive research into this hugely important topic, giving you insight, guidance and expertise on exactly what it takes to ensure you are ahead of the game and in step with exactly what your customers need when it comes to endpoint security and UEM solutions.
Tackling insider threat detection with user behaviour analytics
On average, it takes 191 days to identify a data breach and 66 days to contain it. Most threat detection tools use rules that identify specific events that are potentially concerning. But while a rule-based strategy will definitely alert you to some potential threats, it has several critical drawbacks. Download now to learn more.


12 factors for success when outsourcing your IT projects to the cloud
With the "cloud" being at the forefront of most company's IT strategies going forward. Where exactly does outsourcing your IT projects to the cloud come into this revolution?
Seven steps to get started with Microsoft Azure
This white paper describes seven proven steps to help you gain those rewards. These steps cover everything from planning and budgeting to choosing the best strategy to secure your cloud environment.
Making the Cloud work harder: 8 cloud challenges and how to overcome them
Here we unpick eight cloud challenges using headlines from RightScale's survey, more of the latest evidence, plus on-the-ground perspectives on helping businesses like yours get the most out of the cloud
10 Steps to success with Public Cloud adoption
This guide walks you through ten best practices and resources to support your successful transition to the Cloud.
Top 10 tips for a succesful cloud adoption
With cloud no longer being an option but a requirement, your adoption to the cloud will be the single most significant technology shift your company will face within the next decade.............
How can a hybrid cloud model lead you on the path to cost efficient IT?
As the benefits of a Hybrid cloud model becomes more apparent, enterprises are now looking at the best available technologies and solutions that are available on the market to keep them ahead of their competition and keep their overheads down.
Migrating enterprise applications to Microsoft Azure
This white paper examines the most common application migration issues and offers guidance on how to manage them.
How can you increase your sales opportunities by thinking outside the box?
Companies of all sizes are now driving the demand for networking services, the opportunity is there for resellers and partners a like to seize this chance. One of the most productive questions salespeople can ask is: "What's the business need behind this order?" If you understand why customers need more phones, voice mailboxes, bandwidth or circuits, you'll start to see broader opportunities beyond the immediate product set.
Architectural design on AWS: 3 commonly missed best practices
In this paper, we will discuss three commonly overlooked best practices for architectural design on AWS and why adhering to these best practices is a smart business decision.
Network security paradigms in AWS
This paper will discuss the new security paradigms and how they differ from traditional approaches. It will also detail AWS security constructs and describe how they contribute to an overall security posture.

RapidFire Tools

7 Secrets to winning new clients
To help you win new clients in this flat-growth environment, we've used feedback from hundreds of MSPs over several years to create a proven, 7-step strategy for winning new clients. Read on to discover how clever MSPs are using variations of this 7-step approach to capture new clients in spite of the flat IT spending trendline.
What is Network Detective
As a MSP you probably know a number of businesses that could benefit from your services. But approaching each one and gathering enough information about their network to provide a clear IT assessment and sales quote takes a lot of time and effort. You need a way to speed up the entire IT assessment, sales and onboarding process so you can stop underselling your services. Watch now to find out more.
How Does Network Detective Work?
Want an easier alternative to creating IT risk assessments? Watch now to discover the new method to creating quick and easy automated reports and how it can build your business and retain your clients.
Why use Network Detective?
Manual IT assessments can be time consuming and prove costly with rough guestimations. Watch more to learn how to create efficient reports in half the time, that can deliver accurate quotes that will help secure your business.
Special Report: The insider threat
The Wannacry and Petya cybersecurity attacks dominated headlines in 2017, exposing serious weaknesses in previously trusted organisations. Suddenly, every organisation was viewed as a potential target for malware, no matter the size or security measures. However, the truth is that most security breaches at SMBs are commonly enabled through the well-intended, yet misguided, actions of employees as well as through employee acts of malfeasance behind the firewall.
Easy ways to dominate the Security- as-a- Service Game
Cybercrime is expected to cost companies $6 trillion worldwide by 2021. This means managed service providers (MSPs) have an opportunity to proactively thwart attacks—and build monthly recurring revenue (MRR)—by delivering comprehensive security solutions. Read on to find out more.


Network Automation for everyone
With new technologies continuously evolving and moving with the times, network management has remained largely the same for decades. Why? Because they tend to be maintained and controlled manually, by network operators (NetOps) who log in to routers, switches, load balancers and firewalls, and manually change any configurations that need to be implemented.
The Automated Enterprise - How can you automate your digital operations?
Building an automation foundation for your digital business is nowhere near a straightforward process. However as with all enterprises and organisations change is constantly occurring at even increasing pace. As the demand of your customers continually increases, so does the pressure on your IT infrastructure and its capabilities.
Teaching an elephant to dance - Intentional evolution across teams, processes, and applications
Applications have moved outside the IT department. There's a truism that all companies are now software companies, and the ability to rapidly provide new services and new functionality to customers is one of the key competitive differentiators a company can offer. IT agility is a stone that start up Davids can use to unseat massive Goliaths.
Research Report: Automation, DevOps, and the Demands of a Multicloud world - EMEA
In this 2018 Multicloud report into Automation and DevOps, we take a closer look into the changes, challenges and developments which are going to be the differences between succeeding and failing in the years to come.
Channelling the digital transformation opportunity
Just 22 per cent of IT suppliers feel capable of providing a complete service to cater for digital transformations. When organisations have accepted that digital transformation has to be an integral part of their business, the channel must step forward and help companies to modernise infrastructure, exploit hybrid cloud capabilities and develop applications faster than ever before.
Forrester report - Discover the top software platform suites for 2018 Q4
The Eight Providers That Matter Most And How They Stack Up
IDC Whitepaper: The Business Value of Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform
Improved cost efficiency, improved application development efficiency, and improved application downtime are major themes related to customer adoption of Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP). In addition, choosing an open source platform as part of a larger developer commitment to open source is also important, especially for organizations moving off of mainframes. Compatibility with Red Hat Open Shift Container Platform also factors into adoption decisions.


How disk-based databases are frustrating the instant economy
Computing surveyed 150 technical professionals and decision-makers representing companies ranging in size from fewer than 250 employees to those with many thousands and from multiple industry sectors, in order to attempt to shed light on the challenges arising from legacy infrastructure - particularly legacy databases. The impact of legacy databases on application latency are analysed, and the paper concludes with an assessment of the part that in-memory databases can play in enabling businesses to prolong the life of - and realise the benefits of - relational, disk-based databases, while also being able to deliver on expectations of zero latency and the wider expectations of the instant economy. Download now to learn more.

Rimini Street

The Future of ERP: High and Rising Cost Concerns can be Addressed Through Alternative Hybrid IT
IDG Connect conducted a survey on behalf of Rimini Street to find out future strategies and current concerns of more…
Best Practices to Reduce Software Maintenance and Support Costs
Software is either the first or second largest cost within the IT budget, and software support accounts for between 50%…

Sage Enterprise Solutions

Top 4 reasons to upgrade your ERP system
Typical organisations in manufacturing, distribution, and services say they're Burdened by their ERP's inefficiencies, undermining their growth potential and in need of more agility and flexibility in their enterprise .management solution Download now to learn the top reasons to upgrade your ERP system and learn how to keep up with evolving market conditions, by ensuring that your business is agile, responsive, and connected.
Rethinking sales - Optimizing for SaaS
SAAS partners need to prepare for the global changes in the market for technology and business applications, caused by the growth in demand for cloud, specifically, software as a service (SaaS) solutions. Download now to learn what action needs to be taken to adjust sales operations and take advantage of the sea change in the market for software applications and related services.
Work smarter: Make better use of your data
The deluge of data that companies face today creates a problem for those mired in an oldschool technology mindset and an opportunity for those willing to embrace the diversity and flexibility of modern solutions. To succeed in intensely competitive industries such as manufacturing, distribution, and services, it's absolutely critical to prioritise data management, analytics, and business intelligence (BI) capabilities. Download now to overcome the challenges that can lead to your enterprise making the best use of its data.
Partner of the future
To grow, to remain relevant to customers, and to remain profitable, IT channels (in all their forms) will have to master a number of business model transformations in the cloud and digital transformation era. Read more to learn about the key transformations that IT channels will need to address, in order to bring new capabilities to customers and be successful in the future.
Move beyond ERP
Businesses of all types and sizes have recognised that traditional accounting software and legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions are no longer adequate to keep up in today's business world. In fact, 49% of executives surveyed said they're implementing new systems to replace their out-of-date ERP software. Download now to learn why many are replacing their legacy systems with more modern enterprise management solutions that can support contemporary challenges, streamline their business processes, and improve collaboration throughout their business.


The Value of Data and Analytics in Digital Transformation
Digital transformation has become a board-level initiative at many companies. This board-level mandate comes from the realization that most industries have reached the point of diminishing returns for using cash hoards to increase dividends, buy back stock, or make acquisitions to keep stock prices propped up. The opportunity for real growth, up to $20 trillion over the next five years by IDC estimates, combined with the threat of new, digitally savvy competitors is driving established enterprises to invest in digitally centric business models. A key part of this investment is being focused on data and analytics. Download to find out more.
Transform, Act and Innovate: One Data Platform for the Digital Economy
Data is the currency of the digital economy. As such, it drives success and yield advantage. Many companies fail to realize the value of that currency- using only a fraction of the data they collect and store. What if there was a way to get much more out of your data? What if you could transform it into insight, act on it in the moment and use it to innovate your way to better customer engagement, more effective business models and ongoing growth? Download now to learn more.
Thinking beyond the four walls. What's the best strategy for connecting lines-of-business to your company's core?
In the digital economy, businesses need a new level of speed and data-driven insight to keep up with their customers and competitors. Businesses need a new level of flexibility—to industry, regulatory, partner and customer demands. And a new level of visibility to remain sustainable and profitable. And this requires a new approach—both from the people running the business and the systems they use to run the business. Download now to find out more.
Top tips for selecting your next Cloud Partner
As the cloud continues to grow and grow at unprecedented rate. The time is now for organisations of all sizes to take note and get on board, and take advantage of this constantly improving and agile way of managing your internal and customer data.
Drive Your Company's Digital Transformation
Digital disruption is happening everywhere - and changing everything. Technology innovations like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are turning our hyperconnected world into a huge information system where business value no longer lies in traditional assets, but in information about those assets. For enterprises that are willing to think big, embrace change, move quickly, and organize differently, there are countless opportunities to reap the rewards of the digital economy. Download to learn more.
SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud: A Comprehensive Suite of Managed Services Unlocking the Full Value of SAP HANA
The only end-to-end private managed cloud solution designed to unlock the full value of SAP HANA, SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud empowers organizations to achieve business goals, accelerate growth and innovation, drive IT and business transformation, quickly deliver business outcomes, and reduce operating risk. Download now to learn more.
SAP Cloud Platform: Customers extend, integrate and build new applications to meet critical business needs
Thousands of organizations around the world have successfully built and deployed SAP Cloud Platform applications to meet their growing and evolving needs for increased revenue, extended reach, improved customer interaction, rapid compliance and better efficiencies. Download now to find out how PostNL, Danone, Owens- Illinois and the Hamburg Port Authority harnessed the power of the SAP Cloud Platform.
The IoT Imperative for Discrete Manufacturers
New operations and business models are managing costs and enhancing customer experience. This paper explores the innovation of machinery and its valuable impact on the business.
The IoT Imperative in Public Services: Government and Healthcare
Technology is transforming the workplace and bringing vast improvements into public services. Find out more about the effect that these innovating transformations are having on these organisations.
The IoT Imperative for Energy and Natural Resource Companies
ENR companies' heavy reliance on static, error prone data is proving costly for these companies who now face new fierce competitors. This white paper will examine how new transformations can be highly resourceful and cost effective.
The Future Services Sector: Connected Services for Continuous Delivery
The future progression of digital transformation will allow organisations to improve all areas of their business, from creating new revenue models to improving asset effectiveness. Download now to find out more advantages of reinventing existing industry processes.
The IoT Imperative for Consumer Industries
New changes will create more engaging and interactive relations with customers and consumers. Download now to find out more about new consumer engagement opportunities.


Improving network transaction performance
Many retailers process more than 20 million card transactions per day, so troubleshooting latency or response times can be extremely difficult when logs are typically written at one-second intervals. Savvius provides a solution which dramatically reduces the challenges associated with network and application troubleshooting, increasing operational efficiency and ensuring that lingering issues are dealt with by the right internal teams as quickly as possible.
The role of network visibility in financial services
Research and Markets, projects that IoT in banking and financial services will grow from $249 million to just over $2 billion from 2018 to 2023. With visibility into the network infrastructure, financial organizations are able to deliver a positive digital experience to customers and employees. Download now to learn the importance of network visibility.


How can channel partners grow revenue with SMBs and Office 365?
Resellers serving SMBs are challenged to drive profits from Office 365, while many are not playing any role in SMB customers' marketing efforts. This report explores how resellers can leverage a platform they already sell into an opportunity to dive deeper into customer accounts through untapped features, helpful for SMB marketing. Download the report to learn more.
How to Simplify Azure for MSPs
As margins from selling hardware and traditional software licences continue to contract, MSPs have to move into new areas in order to maintain, and grow, their business Microsoft Azure is an attractive destination for many MSPs looking to build a business in public cloud. Most already know and trust Microsoft and are already working with the vendor across other aspects of its portfolio. So how can MSPs looking to grow their business with Azure? How can they quickly monetise Microsoft's public cloud offering while minimising risk to their existing business? Join Channel Partner Insight and SherWeb and watch our exlcusive webinar on demand as we discuss how to simplify Azure for MSPs.


Digital Experience Platforms: Buyer Trends, Preferences, and Strategies
This new analyst report provides strategic approaches for implementing DXPs, based on surveys of over 300 businesses and in-depth interviews of 22 business and technology leaders. You'll discover best practices for implementing your own DXP so that it supports your transformational business model.
Headless vs. non-headless CMSs: Which is better?
This whitepaper, "What you need to know about headless CMSs" tells you all you need to know about your options, including Sitecore's hybrid approach.


Developing Digital Dexterity in Your Organization
As new and improved digital technologies transform every industry at an unprecedented rate, these new technologies are slowly becoming the catalyst for a range of new products, services and rules that businesses are moulding to their advantage.
Eight Essential Skills your Technical Team Should Possess
Has your organisation experienced a system downtime or a hardware failure in the past 6 to 12 months? One of the key solutions to preventing this from happening in the future is ensuring that your staff is prepared for every eventuality that could be thrown their way. How? By ensuring that your staff have the in-house technical skills to solve these problems and develop more productive ways of doing business in the future.
Digital by numbers: Leading and easing digital transformation in the era of automation and AI
In this research paper we look at the need for a collaborative approach to digital transformation, as well as some of the barriers to achieving that goal. In particular we look at why so many companies expect IT to lead the digital charge, how well equipped IT teams are to fulfil that role, and what they need to make a successful digital transformation. Download now to find out more.
The Changing Role of the CIO
No department has undergone such profound change as IT. The platforms, the tools-of-the-trade and the skillsets required to do the job have changed. Overseeing these changes is the CIO, a role that is continually evolving to meet the new world of IT. Download this whitepaper now to learn more about the fundamental shift in how IT provides services, the new platforms behind digital disruption and the new sourcing landscape.
The Bedrock of IT Security: It starts with training
Mobile platforms, Big Data and cloud-based architectures are creating significant challenges and demands for the entire IT ecosystem. The issue that now dominates, and rightly so, the corporate agenda is IT security. While it now means that IT security is everyone's job, it's readily apparent that the most important role is played by the IT experts. Instead of hiring, many organizations are investing in comprehensive training programs to shore up skills, lower HR costs, and improve the continuity and consistency of their security initiatives. This white paper outlines the many training initiatives that organizations can pursue to improve security. Download to find out more.


Data integration in 2017 - Eight reasons to rethink your integration plan
The growth of data within enterprises is clear, but equally important is the fact that enterprises are generally unable to…
Choosing an integration platform: The right questions to ask
Integration is becoming more important as the amount of data in enterprise has exploded - this information is vital to…
Why buses don't fly
The ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) was seen as an enabling technology for service-orientated architecture. However, due to the high cost of…
A new age of integration: What to look for in enterprise integration cloud
Enterprise applications and the data landscape are undergoing dramatic change. Cloud, machine-generate data, and the number and pace of business…

Snow Software

Case study: how Bank of Ireland cut software spend with Software Asset Management platform
This case study looks into how a software asset management company helped the Bank of Ireland streamline and optimise its…
From desktop to datacentre - How to optimise your licence position
Man investments is one of the world's largest independent alternative asset managers, and with a fast moving and diverse infrastructure,…
Top tips for building an effective IT Asset Management function
As IT Asset Management (ITAM) fast becomes a much talked about function, defining this term and its meaning can vary depending on where you hear it and how long ago that you heard it. But the one common theme within all these definitions is that the main purpose of an ITAM function is to improve and streamline your business practices and processes for the good of your organisation.
Finding the right SAM model for your needs
As with many areas of IT and business management, when it comes to SAM there's no such thing as a…
Case study: Five ways to reduce spending on Oracle databases
In 2015, Oracle had a revenue of $38 billion. IT operations centre around their databases, and our reliance on them…
Stop overspending on SAP: How to save up to 30% on licensing
Organisations across the world spend millions on SAP systems, and this is increasing every year. Software licensing is particularly costly…
Only pay for what you use - how to cut software spending
Software licences take huge bites out of IT budgets, and with IT expansion, this is only set to increase.  However, research…
The role of SAM in information security
While the primary roles of Software Asset Management (SAM) are acknowledged as being license optimisation and cost avoidance, the true…
SAM in an imperfect world: addressing real-world challenges
In a perfect world, managing the discovery of software assets, the capture of license entitlements and optimisation of an organisation's…
How software harvesting can save your budget
Software harvesting is a simple concept that leads to a ‘quick win'. Uninstalling unused applications and freeing up the corresponding…
The Spectacle Effect: how to improve network visibility
Network blind spots are common across enterprise, - knowing how many devices, datacentres and desktops you have connected can seem…

Solarwinds (LogicNOW)

Research report: how data-driven automation can revolutionise your IT service delivery
Customer IT performance data is vital for analysis, in order to improve IT service delivery. Service providers are expected to…
The giant's advantage: why cloud computing levels the playing field for SMBs
In the last several years, discussions about high adoption of cloud computing services have often raised specific concerns among decision-makers…
Top tips for managing a remote workforce
The rise of remote working has revolutionised the way in which enterprises now operate, reducing costs and providing greater flexibility.…
Layered Protection: thirteen days of cybercrime
As a small business owner, you may be under the popular misconception that you are immune from the threat of…
Layered Protection: thirteen days of cybercrime
As a small business owner, you may be under the popular misconception that you are immune from the threat of…
Top tips for managing a remote workforce
The rise of remote working has revolutionised the way in which enterprises now operate, reducing costs and providing greater flexibility.…
Damage control: planning for when everything goes wrong
IT disasters can destroy businesses, and it's easy to adopt a head-in-the-sand approach to preparing for problems. However, like most things,…
Time is of the essence - is your backup tool quick enough?
Keeping pace in today's digital world requires speed and flexibility - especially when it comes to backing up business intelligence…
Mitigating cybercrime through meaningful measurement methodologies
Fear, uncertainty and doubt has sadly become something of a staple in the cyber-attack measurement and reporting diet. Be it…
Time to level up: how data protection can take you further
In today's hostile online environment, Managed Service Providers are forced to move at the pace dictated by cybercriminals. Protecting customer…
Cyber threat guide: 9 threats, 9 ways to stop them
We live in a dynamic threat environment, and cyberattacks can come from any direction, at any time. Without the correct…
Don't let disaster strike - create a plan for your workstations
Disasters aren't always tidal waves and hurricanes - in business, they can be any event which disables your organisation's activity.…


Research Report: 2018 State of the Software Supply Chain
As technology continues to develop and improve at an unprecedented rate, IT leaders at some of the most established players within the open source market are now starting to feel the heat.


MSP Best Practice Guide: Partner Programs
MSPs play an invaluable part of the present and future of cyber security. A staggering 82 percent of organizations report a shortage of trained, skilled IT staff. With one vendor, one program and one security portfolio, MSPs can provide customers of all sizes with proven and comprehensive protection, managed from one simple platform. Sophos make it easy to deploy, manage and sell new security services, increasing revenue, lowering costs and improving operational efficiency. Download now to learn why Sophos was the best managed services partner in the MSP Awards this year.

Sopra Steria

How to become an analytics powered enterprise
Applied data and analytics promise great advantages to organisations of all sizes, offering new insights and decision-making tools as well…

SSE Enterprise Telecoms

Stay connected, stay competitive: the future of urban connectivity
Staying connected; it's a way of life which is demanding more and more from business. The ability to ensure high performance…
Dig deeper for a better connection: there's a new network in town
Connectivity: it's at the centre of your business performance, and, subsequently, determines the standard of your customer experience. Transform the way…


Using Web Analytics to Grow Your Business
Using analytics tools for your website can help you understand your customer, their activities, and engagement.  With these detailed customer…
Combatting code corruption: transferring code online without the risks
Online code transfer is quick, efficient, and inexpensive, but it carries risks. Threats to your business such as customer mistrust,…
Sow the seed of trust and watch it grow into conversions; the importance of online security
Trust is essential, especially online where cybercrime is rife and personal information can be compromised with one click. It is of…
Raise your Google ranking
We all know that online attacks are becoming more frequent, more serious, and more difficult to defend against. Data breaches…
Always-On SSL
Google is the first place we turn for almost anything. To succeed in business and beat the competition, you need…
Threat report: secure your website for 2017
Throughout 2015, web threats got bigger and much more aggressive as holes in commonly used tools and encryption protocols were…
SSL security: uncovering the 5 fiercest attack vectors
Cryptography forms the basis of trust on the internet. Without it, secure online shopping transactions wouldn't be possible, private messages…
Website security for dummies
Website security is vital, but can seem daunting. However, you can't afford to remain in the dark on this one.…
Boost customer trust with validation
Today's savvy online shoppers won't buy from a site that doesn't show the right signs of security. That's why data…
Built on Trust : A Guide to Creating a Secure and Successful E-Commerce Business
The internet has made starting a business easier than ever. But where do you begin when you want to start…
Four steps to starting a secure site
Starting an e-commerce website is exciting, but it's not going anywhere unless it's secure enough for customers to engage with…
Why website security that's "good enough", isn't
New Chrome and Firefox browser changes could harm your business. Customers are seeing warning signs on sites that lack security. Is…

TalkTalk Business

£24k per hour - the average cost of telephony downtime
Censuswide, in partnership with TalkTalk Business conducted a survey of 1,000 decision makers from British businesses of varying sizes about their experience of and attitude to IP Voice services.

Tata Communications

To SIP or not to SIP: The great ISDN switch off
Operators are phasing out dedicated voice networks and converging existing data and voice network. ISDN has been around for decades but has not evolved much, SIP on the other hand is growing from strength to strength. SIP helps converge multiple communication platform of voice, video, collaboration apps into one seamless channel. Download now to learn how TATA Communications can deliver reach, security and resilience on a global scale and how it can provide operational excellence and cost efficiencies of voice wholesale leader.


4 cost saving tips for mobile enterprises that go way beyond fuel economy
Ask fleet owners about where to reduce costs and the most common response will be fuel. It's not surprising considering fuel costs are one of the biggest operating expenses for a fleet. This eBook will introduce you to four tips to reduce additional fleet operating costs, while also improving efficiency, customer service and safety. Download now to learn more.
The four most effective ways to improve fleet safety
Accidents are costly. Manage drivers' behaviour by implementing a safer driving culture within the workforce. Download now to find out four ways to creating a safer fleet and minimising your risk exposure.
Four ways to improve mobile workforce productivity
This e-book will look at four ways that you can equip your mobile workforce with the tools needed to be more productive and ultimately foster a happier and more satisfied team. Download now to learn more.
The five best ways to reduce fuel costs
Since fuel is the largest fleet operating expense, efficient fuel utilisation is essential. Companies that have the most efficient utilisation are relying on location intelligence technologies to provide visibility into five key areas that make a huge difference in reducing fuel costs: excessive speeding, idling, vehicle maintenance, delivery schedules, and fuel slippage. Download now to learn more.
Enterprise fleet management solutions: Benefits across the company
The benefits of cloud-based telematics and enterprise fleet management solutions are widely known: lower fuel costs, improved driver safety, better fleet utilisation, increased worker productivity, proactive maintenance and enhanced customer experience. But the benefits to other areas of a company may not be as obvious. A comprehensive Mobile Resource Management (MRM) solution can deliver benefits to many departments and roles within a company - not just the fleet manager. Download to learn more.


Why DevOps is a game-changer for security
DevOps represents a kind of cultural revolution in which the creation and deployment of software and services happen at an extremely accelerated pace. Download now to explore how security organizations will benefit by combining DevOps and InfoSec.
How much of a head start are you giving a potential cyber attacker?
Cyber attackers on average have a 7 day window of opportunity to attack before you are even aware there is a threat.
What are the best practices for building a secure foundation to reduce your Cyber Risk?
With the modern attack surface ever increasing for cyber risk, it is essential you have the foundations in place to protect your organisation. Find out how you can do this and keep one step ahead of the attackers.
Are you in danger from increased levels of Cyber Exposure?
How secure is your organisation when it comes to cyber exposure are you and your company protected correctly?
How secure is your Cyber Security Strategy?
Is your organisation following the key KPI's required to have a secure cyber security strategy? While the majority of the industry is focused on what the attackers are doing…………
2017 Trends in Security Metrics and Security Assurance Measurement Report: A Survey of IT Security Professionals
This report represents a global survey of 315 IT security decision makers in companies with more than 100 employees across a wide range of vertical industries and geographic regions. In it, we quantify the experiences modern IT security teams have with capturing, using and sharing metrics used to measure security assurance. Also examined is how IT security teams use security metrics to communicate the state of security assurance and security program effectiveness within their own teams, and the ways security metrics are used in communications with business executives and the board. Download to learn more.
EMEA: Using security metrics to drive action
Today's cybersecurity challenges are more complex than ever before. Technologies like Development Containers, Cloud, BYOD, and BYOA have greatly complicated the security team's ability to understand all of the potential IT attack surface. The core foundation of a successful cybersecurity program requires that you understand all of the IT assets operating against your environment, both inside and outside of your network, identify and remediate vulnerabilities, and continuously assess and measure risk. This e-book will help you develop and communicate security metrics in your own organization. Download now to learn more.
Thirteen Essential Steps to Meeting the Security Challenges of the New EU General Data Protection Regulation
Once in force, the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will require every multinational company that offers products or services to European Union residents to adhere to a strict set of data privacy and security measures. IT leaders in many multinational companies have recognized the need to begin the process of making changes to their information infrastructure in order to meet the many requirements of the Regulation. This document was envisioned to assist information security professionals in prioritizing changes and additions to their information security programs. Download now to find out more.
Five Steps to Building a Successful Vulnerability Management Program
To build a successful vulnerability management program, you need to determine what matters to your organization, and then create a program designed to best address those specific issues. That sounds simple, but it's actually incredibly difficult. This whitepaper has identified five key steps that will help you create a personalized blueprint for addressing your unique vulnerability challenges. Following these steps will align your remediation and response actions with business priorities, help reduce friction and frustration between IT groups and provide more reliable information on the security state of your complete environment. Download to find out more.

ThreatConnect Inc.

SIEM - Threat Intelligence - Quickly identify the threats that matter to you
As technology continues to evolve at an ever increasing pace, you would think that would enable you to spend more time on the tasks that actually make a difference to your organisation. However, when it comes to your organisations security and processes this a much more complex and time consuming activity then first thought.
The best practices for Security Analytics
As security analytics for enterprises become a much talked about topic, the question now turns to how you can deploy and implement the necessary tools needed to improve your enterprise cyber security.
More is not more - Busting the myth that more threat Intel feeds lead to better security
It's a common misconception that a large quantity of threat intelligence feeds leads to more effective security. Unfortunately, threat feed overindulgence can lead to confusion, disorganization, and inaccurate threat reports. Instead of adding more threat intel feeds, you should incorporate the feeds that provide the most value to your company's security operations.
Building a Threat Intelligence Programme
As the cyber attacker continues to grow and go from strength to strength, by not only targeting individuals, but some of the world's largest companies such as Yahoo, British Airways and the little known social media giant Facebook.
Threat Intelligence Platforms: Everything you've ever wanted to know but didn't know to ask
Threat intelligence is the knowledge of a threat's capabilities, infrastructure, motives, goals and resources. A good Threat Intelligence Platform should drive security processes with intelligence, unite all resources behind a common defence and provide enterprise level intelligence for strategic decision making. This paper explains how to best assess the value of a threat intelligence program and how to effectively use the platform.
SOAR Platforms
There are many IT security teams that are stretched too thin and are over dependent of staff using manual processes to handle security alerts and data volume. The exponential growth of data means that quick decision making, and execution needs to find a way to scale.
Maturing a Threat Intelligence Programme
The threat intelligence landscape is an emerging one. Where even the most sophisticated security organisations experience resource constraints. These often dictate threat intelligence (TI) to a sole Analyst sifting through incident alerts looking for patterns and trends which may indicate that a threat exists. Threat intelligence is more than that.
The best practices for Security Analytics
As security analytics for enterprises become a much talked about topic, the question now turns to how you can deploy and implement the necessary tools needed to improve your enterprise cyber security.

Trend Micro

Securing agility: How to keep hybrid cloud protected
Hybrid clouds represent the new normal for data centres - therefore, we need new security models to compliment them. However,…
New-age datacentres: Hybrid cloud and how to secure the server compute evolution
IT security today can feel like playing whack-a-mole. As soon as one vulnerability is secured, another will appear. But what…
Servers, servers, everywhere: How hybrid cloud has changed the security game
With evolving architectures, coupled with increased instances of ransomware, malware and other cyber-attacks, hybrid cloud is just another reason that…
The 10 step action plan: Meeting your shared security responsibility with Microsoft Azure
Cloud adoption is increasing at a rapid rate, introducing unique and complex security considerations for users. Security is no longer solely under the control of an organization, it's an inherent partnership between the organization and the cloud service provider. Therefore, organizations need to understand how adopting a cloud-computing model will affect their risk profile related to data security, privacy, and availability. Download now to follow the 10 Step Action Plan in creating a secure cloud-computing environment.
Integrated endpoint security: Using holistic visibility to combat threats
Threats to IT departments are ever-involving, and can both overwhelm organisational bandwidth and legacy antivirus tactics. Businesses now use more…
The top 5 myths of Next-Gen endpoint protection
For IT security managers under pressure, the most important thing is finding a solution which is effective in protecting their organization from an increasingly agile and determined online enemy. Multiple threat protection techniques working in synergy is the key to this but it can be hard to find the solution that will deliver the best protection. Download now to learn about five common myths associated with next-gen endpoint protection.
There is no silver bullet: Strengths and weakness of today's threat-protection techniques
As organizations transition to the cloud and adopt an ever-increasing number of mobile devices and cloud-based file-sharing services, the possible attack surface has broadened beyond just on-premises infrastructure. Each security approach has different costs, risks and potential rewards for the attacker. Read more to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of threat protection and why a multi-layered approach to endpoint security is a must.
Forged Email Protection
Email has been a major communication tool for most companies and organization for many years now. As the popularity and usage of email grew, so did the abuses and exploits from attackers using this communication channel. Read more to learn about the different email forging techniques and how to protect against them.


The challenge of managing data: a success story
In an increasingly connected business world, data has become a critical currency. A successful business therefore depends on the creation,…
Data governance in the big data world
Data governance grew up in a world in which there was no such thing as cloud, there was no Hadoop…
10 tips & tricks for CRM data quality success
The negative impact of poor-quality data on CRM solutions is pernicious. Organisations often fall well short of the sought-after value from…
Magic Quadrant for data quality tools
Data quality assurance is a discipline that focuses on ensuring data is fit for use in business processes. These processes…
The 13 providers that matter most and how they stack up
The data quality solutions market is growing because more enterprise architecture professionals see data quality as a way to address…
What is the new age of data quality, and what does it mean for you?
While data quality was once seen solely as an IT responsibility, or a component of a one-time single data migration,…
The data dependencies of CRM
CRM systems rely on good data, but they offer few to no mechanisms to ensure that the data they either…

Twistlock ITH1

Get Started With Containers
For teams new to containers, one of the biggest challenges is security. It's not that containers are less secure than VMs - the opposite is true in fact! But containers, and the hosts they run on, require a new approach to security that isn't always easy to adopt. In this guide - we break down the first steps to getting started with containers securely - configuring your host. The Twistlock Guide on How to Securely Configure a Linux Host to Run Containers outlines the steps necessary to configure a host machine to securely run Docker containers.
Modern Security With Containers
For organizations looking to move to containers - benefits like speed and infrastructure are often top of mind. But an often-overlooked benefit is security. Containers offer a variety of security benefits over traditional virtualization - even if you're just ‘lift and shift' migrating existing applications to a container infrastructure. In the Twistlock Guide to Modernizing Traditional Security, you'll see how a Twistlock customer's container migration resulted in security benefits across the entire application lifecycle and stack.
The proactive security paradigm- How containers can revamp your approach to security
Ask most DevOps engineers about the benefits of containers and microservices, and their responses will center on the agility, modularity and scalability that microservices-based architectures provide. But there is another crucial and oft-overlooked advantage of migrating to containers and microservices: Security. Containers offer a number of opportunities for building and deploying more secure applications and environments. Read this guide to learn more.
Guide to PCI compliance for containers
Go from unsure to secure with the Twistlock Guide to PCI Compliance for Containers. This guide breaks down each requirement in the PCI DSS and provides clear guidance on how to design and operate a containerised environment in a compliant manner.


Making exports happen: Connecting the UK to international markets
UK Export Finance is the UK's award-winning export credit agency working alongside the Department for International Trade, they can offer specialist government-backed finance and insurance where the private sector can't, as well as face-to-face guidance to companies of all sizes and in all sectors.


Maximize backup performance with Veeam Backup & Replication and NetApp EF- and E-Series storage
A lab performance test of the Availability for the Modern Data CenterTM program at NetApp® Labs Munich shows backup speed does not serve as a limiting factor for the modern data center when customers use Veeam® Backup & ReplicationTM in combination with NetApp EF- or E-Series storage.
NetApp and Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5: Configuration Guide and Best Practices
Deliver Availability for the Always-On Enterprise™ with this configuration and best practices guide for Veeam® Backup & Replication™ 9.5 in a NetApp environment. Version 9.5 provides new levels of NetApp integration to orchestrate Data ONTAP, create application-consistent backups and enable fast recovery from NetApp storage snapshots. Version 9.5 also contains performance and scalability enhancements to meet the needs of the largest enterprise environments.
Accelerating Digital Transformation through Hyper-Converged Solutions
How can organizations simplify IT in order to improve business agility, enhance financial return on investment, reduce risk and fulfill the striking potential of Digital Transformation? Much of it starts with a redefinition of IT infrastructure. In fact, it even transcends that. It's about re-envisioning the next-generation data center through hyper-convergence and enterprise-class Hyper-Availability solutions.
How to build a hybrid cloud, your way!
Build a comprehensive cloud computing strategy has become a game changer in enterprise organizations' ability to align with non-stop, business-continuity demands from customers. The need to eliminate infrastructure silos and enable mobility between on-premises storage, public and hosted cloud services requires a new approach to setting up a truly hybrid environment.
Extend your Availability Strategy to the Cloud with Veeam and Microsoft Azure
This white paper explains how IT administrators can use Veeam® Availability Suite's™ Veeam Cloud Connect capabilities to build their cloud backup services serving internal customers such as subsidiaries or business units.
Transforming Data protection with Integrations for Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365
As enterprises accelerate the adoption of a multi-cloud strategy, the need to ensure Availability for any application and any data, across any cloud infrastructure, is more important than ever.
Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows 2.0 Enterprise Deployment
This guide on Veeam® Agent for Microsoft Windows is for administrators responsible for controlled software distribution in enterprise environments or backup administrators willing to understand alternative Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows deployment options.


Ultra Fast Data Transfer Solution: Go Fast, Go Fibre
Tired of dodgy connections, excruciatingly slow data transfers, and hanging around waiting for work to load? Slow speed connectivity is…
Challenger broadband providers target small businesses
In Britain, there are now a record 5.4 million SMBs, and you can bet they're all hungry to get their…
Powering the Media and Post Production Industry
Despite being a world-famous business centre, critical to commerce, London's connections are not all they seem. Internet speeds in the…


AppSec: What not to do - the top 6 application security mistakes
Sometimes it can feel like the only sure thing in application security is change. From threats to technologies to processes and job roles, almost every aspect of application security is different than it was just a decade ago. Find out about the most common AppSec mistakes and how these can lead to missing the mark, as well as the best practices and what leads to success.
How to set up your first line of defence: Application Security
The past few years have seen a tremendous increase in the number and severity of successful attacks aimed at the application layer. Therefore, to truly address the risk enterprises are facing from cyber attackers of all kinds, companies must secure the three main access points to digital data: network, hardware and the software that supports their business operations. This guide outlines how any organisation, regardless of size, resources or industry, can enact an application security program that will reduce the risk associated with building, buying and borrowing software. Download now to learn more.
State of Software Security - Vol 9
Data analysis tells us important stories which security professionals and development teams can use to take measurable steps to reduce application risks. This succinct report aims to share best practices and vulnerability fixes for readers, in the hope that they are able to use all of these benchmarks to good effect when it comes to choosing the best software security. The report represents the industry's most comprehensive set of application security benchmarks, drawn from real-world applications, over a 12-month period. Download now to learn more.


Experts in unstructured data reveal the true makeup of storage environments: a report
The Data Genomics Project is an initiative designed to change the way we think about managing data. Veritas founded the initiative…
3 Things to know before moving your data to the cloud
A common starting place for many enterprises looking to transition to the cloud is moving on-premises secondary data to cloud…
Cloud data management - tailor-made for your business
As enterprises continue to embrace multi-cloud strategies, global data visibility, simple cloud migration, and unified data protection are critical to…
Data storage is changing, don't get left behind: the future of backup and recovery
How many backup and recovery solutions are you using? How many do you really need?  The way data is stored is…
Fight back against the exponential data curve and reshape your information footprint
Are you prepared to climb out of your information hole? The information explosion has exposed organisations to an overwhelming amount of…
Timeless data protection tips for protecting your critical data
Data: a vast and vital component to your business. So why would you want to jeopardise it?  Critical data loss in…


Don't let your cloud-first strategy get stuck in traffic
With applications hosted in the cloud, your organization becomes increasingly dependent on network performance. If your network gets congested, systems and processes could grind to a halt. That means employees won't be able to carry out their duties and business operations will be seriously impacted. Read more to learn if your network is up to the job before moving to a new cloud environment.
Building the case for virtual network services
The growth of the digital economy is playing a significant role in how IT leverages infrastructure to efficiently enable lines of business. It's this evolution that's driving virtual network services. Although the concept isn't entirely new, a widespread lack of understanding still prevails. Download now to find out why there is a noticeable need for further education on the benefits of virtual network services.
Building the agile enterprise.
This virtualization of computing power has given enterprise IT the ability to ‘spin up' new virtual servers and services as easily as you can click a button. Cloud has come of age. It is the default delivery model for new applications and services. But what can be delivered from the cloud can now be created in the enterprise network. Read more to find out why Enterprise leaders want a network that exceeds customers' expectations.

Viavi Solutions

Beyond Wireshark: How to advance your network analysis
We all strive for complete network visibility, but if your team are depending solely on one platform such as Wireshark,…
The ultimate guide to troubleshooting web applications
Increasingly, business applications are being built with web frontends. This means network teams need detailed HTTP analysis in order to…
New answers to cyberthreats: Packet-based security forensics
Security attacks are not to be underestimated - they can threaten the survival of your business. To combat them, we…


Do your SMB customers understand the need for a layered approach to cybersecurity?
It's a big issue in IT Services right now - how do you convince your customers that they need to invest more heavily in IT Security? Many business owners believe that their companies don't provide valuable-enough targets for cybercriminals because they don't have thousands of employees or millions of customers. The reality, however, is quite the opposite. SMBs have information and credentials that are indeed valuable for cybercriminals, including: employee and customer records, access to business financial information including bank accounts, and access to larger companies and their networks through the supply chain. In this VIPRE e-book we look at driving home the true risk of cyberattack for SMBs and how a layered security approach is the best defence against cybercriminals.


Defining digital sovereignty
This paper explores how digital trends are shaping the relation between government ant it's citizens. The contract between state and citizen is simple. The state will protect its citizens and allow them to prosper; in return, the citizens will abide by the state's rules. However, this contract can sometimes be blurred with more introduction of digital initiatives in government.
Gauge your cloud maturity
Cloud technologies are being used in almost every IT infrastructure plan; it is a popular advancing innovation that is not going anywhere anytime soon. Each cloud strategy differs extensively based on the context of an organisation and investments. This paper helps organisations navigate through different cloud strategy options to eventually find the best strategy.
Transform IT strategy and storage with a hyper-converged infrastructure
A way to include virtualisation in a storage plan is to use a hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI). HCI collapses compute functions, management, and storage onto industry-standard x86 servers, enabling a building-block approach to a Software-Defined Data Centre (SDDC). A SDDC includes compute functions, storage, and networking that is fully virtualized and controlled by software. If you would like to learn more about how VMware helps power HCIs in varies businesses, download your guide today.
Bridging the skills gap from data centre to cloud
A common theme in recent months is making the cloud the predominant technology infrastructure. The pace of cloud adoption and usage has dramatically increased as companies across industries become digital businesses. The overall pace of different cloud adoptions and the ever-changing digital landscape has exposed a growing skills gap in the IT industry. 33% of IT decision-makers say that lack of the right cloud skill sets is the biggest challenge to implementing a cloud computing strategy.
Modernising your data centre is your ideal ‘next' move
Traditional enterprise infrastructure can't meet the tremendous demands of businesses today. These demands include keeping within a budget, while also trying to accommodate storage space for the influx of data businesses receive daily. The next-generation foundation for IT infrastructure is one that maximizes flexibility and speed while understanding that some of the capacity demands will have to be met with resources we won't own and that will be hybrid by design.
VMware - 5 Successful Digital Workspace Strategies
Today's IT leaders have to balance device-centric management systems along with fragmentation across operating systems and device types, all while budgeting pressures are increasing. We've had a look at how five companies across industries, from logistics to healthcare, have partnered with VMware to solve their business needs. In this eBook, you'll find how they turned challenges into successes.
CIO / IDG - CIOs Reveal Their Priorities and Successes in IT Transformation
This paper draws from that deep trove of data to provide a picture of how IT transformation initiatives have evolved over the years — and where they stand today. It shows CIOs' top IT priorities, their progress toward reaching those goals, and the steps they want to take toward IT transformation.
VMware Customer Stories: 5 Successful Digital Workspace Strategies
Today's IT leaders have to balance device-centric management systems along with fragmentation across operating systems and device types, all while budgeting pressures are increasing. We've had a look at how five companies across industries, from logistics to healthcare, have partnered with VMware to solve their business needs. In this eBook, you'll find how they turned challenges into successes.
Executive Perspective: The CIO In 4.3 years
The average tenure of a CIO in large organizations has generally been 4.3 years, and it's a challenge to make significant impact during that time. CIOs need an actionable roadmap based on insights gleaned from their peers that focuses on achieving measurable progress within a 4-5 year time frame. This Executive Perspective identifies the opportunities to create business value and the legacy challenges that must be overcome to become a real change agent in the next five years.
Forbes Insights: 2000 Days: The CIO's World In 2025
Forbes Insights: 2000 Days - The CIO's World In 2025 : What will the business world look like in 2025, and what do CIOs need to do to be ready for that world? In a new global survey conducted by Forbes Insights, enterprise CIOs reveal the cultural and technological changes expected to challenge current roles, and the factors they view as critical to success during the next five years. Insights reveal the key dimensions of success despite a rapidly changing technological and organizational landscape, including filling the IT talent gap, supporting revenue generation, becoming a strategic business leader, and managing a multitude of new technologies, people, and processes.
The seven cybersecurity misconceptions every CIO should dispel
The possibility of a cyber-attack is not a worry that can easily go away. The unfortunate reality is that no amount of investment in preventative technologies can fully eliminate the threat of savvy attackers. However, enterprises that avoid misconceptions surrounding cybersecurity ultimately end up doing better. Knowing what a myth is and not will surely make your organisation more self- assured in their efforts. Download this paper now to read these several common misconceptions around cybersecurity.
VMware's Cloud Strategy: Connecting People to Any App and Service
Cloud is fundamentally reshaping the enterprise, leaving both disruption and opportunity in its wake. But with the broad benefits of cloud come new levels of complexity—particularly when it comes to apps, the most critical component of the modern enterprise. VMware offers businesses an app-centric cloud strategy that connects any app, on any cloud, to any device. Read the article to learn how VMware's cloud strategy can power your business
Research paper- Mind the gap: Bringing the public cloud into the data centre [rather than the other way around]
For many the public cloud is an integral part of that process, combining infinite scalability with pay-as-you-consume economics plus on demand access to the latest digital technologies. The public cloud is, however, a completely different environment to the on-premise data centre which, for most organisations, remains at the centre of their IT operation. Read more to learn about the causes of the technology gap between the on-premise data centre and public cloud infrastructure, the problems it can cause and how they can be addressed.
VMware: The Challenges & Rewards of Modernizing Data Centers
In today's fast-moving world, the ability to bring new applications and services to market quickly is key to success. To become more agile and innovative, organizations are adopting public cloud services and implementing hybrid cloud strategies. Yet, while businesses recognize the need to modernize data centers and build out hybrid clouds, they still face significant challenges. Read on to learn how VMware can help.
Forrester-CIOs Need To Take The Lead On AI For Transformational Outcomes Across The Company
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is helping deliver revenue growth with better customer experiences, increasing innovation, and improving operational effectiveness. However, most firms are just getting started and many are pursuing a broad array of uncoordinated AI initiatives. Surveying respondents from large enterprises, Forrester uncovered some key insights.
Gartner - The Top Mobile and Endpoint Strategic Imperatives for 2018
The increasing number and types of mobile apps and endpoints, business user demand for unified experiences and growth of analytics are changing the charter of endpoint computing. Download this Gartner analyst report to discover why I&O leaders should use this list of strategic imperatives to prioritize, plan and coordinate IT resources in this area.
Forrester - Digital Transformation: Your First 100 Days
Just because Fortune 500 companies weren't born digital doesn't mean they can't evolve their development and delivery operations to build the next generation of digital experiences. Doing so demands many changes and strong senior leadership and is a multiyear journey. But how do you get started? Forrester interviewed more than 40 senior digital business leaders to find out.
Gartner: Focus on 5 Factors of Network Design for Digital Transformation
In a rapidly changing climate of digital transformation, many IT leaders have met the increasing demands on the legacy hardware-based network by patching together solutions that include private and public cloud services. Although this approach addresses the immediate business need, it often comes at a price: loss of stability, visibility, and increased complexity and risk. To address these challenges holistically requires a shift in your strategy. Gartner has identified five key elements of network design to help guide you. Read the report to learn how to build and sustain a dependable network infrastructure aligned with the needs of your business.
VMware/Intel: Transform your IT Security in Three Steps
As people, devices, and objects become more connected, protecting all these connections and environments has become more critical than ever. Security is one of the biggest IT challenges in the year ahead. The solution? A ubiquitous software layer across application infrastructure and endpoints can help you transform your security. Learn about the three steps to transforming your IT Security.
Key Considerations for Moving to a Digital Workspace
Does your IT strategy include supporting any device, any app, from anywhere? Today's businesses require a fully developed digital workspace strategy that empowers employees and supports new business processes and innovations. Download this whitepaper to gain insights into the key considerations for moving to a digital workspace.
2018 Networking and Security Trends Report: From Data Centers to Centers of Data
It's a fact: Technology trends such as cloud, mobility, and IoT have been key drivers of digital transformation. But how has this impacted the ways in which IT leaders approach their networking and security strategies? Download the trend report to gain valuable insights so you can be prepared to keep up in a hyper-connected world.
The Impact of a Digitally Empowered Workforce
Is your business putting your employees first? Companies with digital workplace strategies are increasing their organization's overall performance - and differentiation. This report helps you learn more about the benefits of empowering employees and help them become better at what they do.
Think You Need a BYO Strategy? Think Again
Why is BYO strategy no longer needed? Device and app connectivity has dissolved the boundaries between "business use" and "personal use". A digital workspace strategy helps resolve the issues that a BYO strategy cannot. Follow these five steps to move away from BYO and toward a digital workspace strategy.
Gartner Predicts 2018: The Cloud Platform Becomes the Expedited Path to Value
Cloud platform services are increasing in capabilities and richness, making cloud platform services the optimal pathway to attaining cloud value. Gartner predicts that cloud platforms will inevitably rise in prominence in 2018 as CIOs and IT leaders recognize the importance of aligning cloud application strategies and processes with cloud platform strengths. Read this Gartner report to learn more about their cloud computing predictions for 2018.
How to maintain agility? Automation and multi-cloud
Intel and the Intel logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries We live in a world…
The growth of unified cloud management, and the driving forces behind it
Intel and the Intel logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries Digitalisation is changing business -…
Peering through the cloud: How to gain visibility in multi-cloud environments
Intel and the Intel logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries   As an IT professional, you…
What cloud management can do for you
Intel and the Intel logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries Private cloud, public cloud, hybrid…
Research Paper: Bringing the public cloud into the data centre (rather than the other way around)
In this research paper we look at the causes of the technology gap between the on-premise data centre and public cloud infrastructure, the problems it can cause and how they can be addressed.
Avoiding chaos in the data centre
Intel and the Intel logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries With growth comes change, and…
Mind the gap - Bringing the public cloud into the data centre [rather than the other way around]
Initial reluctance on the part of enterprise IT to embrace the public cloud is being put aside with companies, across the board, looking to build hybrid infrastructures as means of fulfilling their digital transformation ambitions. Unfortunately, a growing technology gap is also to be found between the on-premise data centre and the public cloud. Read more to learn what needs to be done in bridging this gap and extending management visibility out of the data centre and into the cloud.
Case Study Insights: how organisations are growing business with a modernised data center
The digital economy is shaping new business models. To compete in this disruptive marketplace, companies are working to engage customers better and deliver a more compelling, engaging experience. They are focusing on innovating faster, and pulling ahead of the competition. To help their business clients unleash innovation and support growth, IT teams need to evolve to a modern data center that is virtualized, software defined, and automated, with a consistent operational model for infrastructure and application delivery. Download now to learn more.
VMware Case Study: State Department of Health
The Bureau of Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) plays an important role in health departments' mission of delivering healthy outcomes to all of their state's inhabitants. Thus, when an aging, out-of-capacity storage solution began to hinder efficient delivery of the bureau's services in one state, the Department of Health (DOH) there needed to take action. To do so, it turned to VMware Virtual SAN™, which delivered more capacity for less cost and also improved application and system performance. Download now to find out more.
A software- defined approach to modernize your infrastructure: How to support the speed of business
Many IT teams still rely on hardware-centric approaches to storage and networking, which are expensive and time-consuming to manage and maintain, and don't provide the flexibility and agility that today's users demand. In an era where speed and performance are critical, moving to a software-centric approach in every area of the data center is the only way to get ahead. Now is the time to modernize the infrastructure across compute, storage, and networking — with common management across all three.
Ready your infrastructure for extending to Public Cloud: How modernization sets you up for success
Are you evaluating moving applications to public cloud, in the process of migrating apps, or already using the public cloud for some of your apps? You aren't alone. A recent survey shows 70% of companies have already moved at least one application or a portion of their infrastructure to the cloud. One thing is clear: To fully realize the benefits of extending your data center to public cloud, IT needs to modernize its on-premises infrastructure to evolve to a software-defined approach, introduce private cloud capabilities, and create a hybrid environment that can span across private and public clouds. Download now to learn more.
Boost agility and innovation with a modernized infrastructure: Move your business forward with integrated solution from VMware
The digital economy is putting pressure on IT to deliver apps and services fast. Problem is, many IT environments aren't equipped to deliver the responsiveness that business demands. That's because traditional infrastructure is often siloed, requiring multiple resources to manage effectively. With hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), organizations can achieve greater agility, reduce TCO, and build a future-ready foundation for whatever lies ahead. Download now to find out more.
A modern data center is essential for the digital economy
The digital economy is transforming every industry, driving rapid, fundamental changes in businesses and their operating models. These changes aren't simply a passing trend, but the new reality. Companies that can bring new applications and services to market fastest will have an edge over their competitors. That means their IT leaders must embrace change to keep up with a dynamic marketplace. Download to find out more.
Insights from VMware Customer Surveys: Where are you on the path to a modernized data center?
In this paper, we'll explore research related to IT managers and practitioners, and their initiatives to modernize the data center for digital transformation. We'll chart your peers' progress and discuss the top challenges they face in building more nimble, responsive organizations to support their business constituents. Finally, we will show how data center modernization can help you deliver the agility required to meet ever-increasing demands for faster innovation, through a flexible, service-oriented IT model that employs both private and public clouds. Download now to learn more.
Be more secure with Micro-Segmentation
With the average company experiencing two successful attacks each week, new security measures should be implemented, in order to avoid the costly effects of these attacks. Read more to learn how a new model and approach can improve network security.
Seven reasons why Micro-Segmentation is powerful to have and painless to add
Attacks on the data center are increasing, and physical security appliances aren't sufficient to stop them. Download now to learn about the break through benefits of this new and sufficient network security software.
Make micro-segmentation work for you: A collection of customer stories
Network security breaches are becoming more common and impacting business sectors, from retail and financial to healthcare and government. Download now to learn how organisations have gained improved security, agility and flexibility through the use of micro-segmentation.
Micro-segmentation builds security into your data center's DNA
As virtualization and cloud technologies dominate the data center, administrators are under pressure to secure workloads faster. With the use of micro-segmentation, data center administrators no longer have to predetermine where security needs to be located, because it's available anywhere. Dowload now to learn more.
Mind the gap - Bringing the public cloud into the data centre [rather than the other way around]
Initial reluctance on the part of enterprise IT to embrace the public cloud is being put aside with companies, across the board, looking to build hybrid infrastructures as means of fulfilling their digital transformation ambitions. Unfortunately, a growing technology gap is also to be found between the on-premise data centre and the public cloud. Read more to learn what needs to be done in bridging this gap and extending management visibility out of the data centre and into the cloud.


20 Questions to ask a CSP Indirect provider
Are you looking for an CSP Indirect Provider? Are you getting the best service from your current Provider? Unsure of what questions to ask and how to choose? Selecting an Indirect Provider is a big decision and it's essential that you choose a partner who can provide the set of services and support that suit your business' needs. With many factors to consider when making this choice, we have put together a guide that details 20 questions to ask a CSP Indirect Provider so that you can feel confident you are making the right decision.


Service around the clock: How digital transformation is putting communities first
These days, there is a high demand to have access to services around the clock; and for civic service providers,…
Unify your community: 8 ways to improve customer engagement
For councils, having seamless customer service is vital to both staff and the public. Ensuring staff not only become easier…


Stopping Crypto Ransomware Infections in SMBs
As the impact and severity of crypto ransomware threats and attacks has grown, the question often asked is which endpoint security solution will offer 100% prevention and protection? This paper explores over 15 ways to secure SMBs from crypto ransomware attacks to more completely secure IT environments from crypto ransomware and its consequences. Regardless of business size, and even with a modest outlay, highly damaging threats can be mitigated. Download now to learn more on practical approaches to protecting SMBs from crypto ransomware.
Implementing a layered cybersecurity strategy
Today's advanced malware is increasingly difficult to remove and even harder to detect. The way to keep clients safe is with a layered cybersecurity strategy that can secure users and their devices at every stage of an attack, across every possible attack vector. The following guide is designed to help MSPs develop an effective IT security program for their clients. Download more to learn how to protect your organisation in the light of the evolving threat landscape.
Webroot Threat research review
With the advent of regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, we hope to see more organizations performing serious audits and upgrades on their security measures throughout the coming year. This report examines threats and threat-related occurrences throughout 2017 that the Webroot Threat Research Team found noteworthy and relevant for professionals and followers within the cybersecurity industry. Download now to learn more.
Why security awareness training is an essential part of your security strategy
Today, cyber scams know no bounds. Cybercriminals don't discriminate; consumers and businesses in all industries, large and small, are potential targets. As a matter of fact, small businesses are often targeted simply because they lack in-house IT security resources. Being a good "cyber citizen" starts with a solid security education, and is important for everyone to educate themselves on the tactics criminals use. This responsibility places organizations and end users firmly in the driver's seat when it comes to protecting personal data, preventing identity theft, and maintaining business continuity. Download now to learn more.
2018 Threat Report
The 2018 edition of the annual Threat Report shares a glimpse into Webroot's discoveries and analysis of threat activity throughout 2017, to equip you with the knowledge you need to overcome modern cybercrime. Download now to learn more


Discover How to Avoid a Digital Deadlock
New research reveals there's a digital disconnect in many organisations - with the gap widening between the needs of digital leaders, and the ability of core business systems to support broader digital transformation programmes. Several critical challenges include: • 80% say they can't integrate new digital solutions with existing finance and HR processes, or it requires effort to do so • 80% say they can't get real-time forecasts and dashboards, or it requires effort to do so • 80% say they find it difficult or impossible to adapt finance and HR processes to new requirements Download now to learn how you can successfully drive digital transformation at scale - and avoid the dreaded digital deadlock.
2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Core Financial Management Suites
Looking for a trusted partner in financial management who has what it takes to lead your organisation today and into the future? Get an analysis of the market, key recommendations for evaluating vendors, and more. Download your complimentary copy of Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Core Financial Management Suites.
Your Definitive Guide to 2018's HCM Vendors
Read the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud HCM Suites to get a side-by-side comparison of key HCM vendors and learn why the world's leading research and advisory company named Workday a leader for the third year in a row.
Digital Leaders: Transform Your Business
Is your organisation suffering from digital deadlock? According to new research from IDC and Workday, the answer is likely to be ‘yes'. In this webinar, we go beyond our survey of 400 digital leaders, which reveals 80% say their finance and HR systems need modernising. Richard Doherty, Senior Director, Product Marketing at Workday, and Philip Carter, Chief Analyst, Europe at IDC, will discuss the areas you need to focus on to drive enterprise-wide digital transformation.
Move Beyond Legacy ERP and Spreadsheet
Still relying on legacy ERP and spreadsheets? Chances are that you're losing out on your data's true potential and putting your organisation at risk as the digital economy expands. Learn why now is the perfect time for growing organisations to switch the cloud ERP. Read the report.

Workplace for Facebook

State of the Market Report: Innovation 2018
As the channel becomes ever more competitive and dependent on new advancements in technology, in this year's "State of the Market Report: Innovation 2018" we take a closer look at what solutions and business strategies are currently shaping the future of the channel and why?


Cloud-Based incentives: A channel marketer's guide
Want to avoid manual error and gain more control and organisation of your workload? Download now to discover how key target audiences can be reached and the amazing rewards this program has to offer.
Ensuring the success of your channel incentive programme
Explore the valuable insights of participants and how a channel incentive programme can be less time consuming. The success of the programme will increase sales effectiveness, brand awareness and general satisfaction. Download now to discover more successful benefits.


How to keep printing, scanning & copying processes GDPR compliant
Brought to you by Xenith, Xerox's number one partner in Managed Print Services (UK and Ireland) The General Data Protection Regulation…
How Big Data Could Transition You From Paper to Digital
Brought to you by Xenith, Xerox's number one partner in Managed Print Services (UK and Ireland) Go paperless or paper-light in…
A Digital Transformation Roadmap - The 5 Priority Business Functions
Brought to you by Xenith, Xerox's number one partner in Managed Print Services (UK and Ireland) Businesses which automate their processes…
How to Calculate the ROI of Print Services
Brought to you by Xenith, Xerox's number one partner in Managed Print Services (UK and Ireland) More than half of businesses…
The Best Practice Guide to Procuring Value-led Managed Print Services
Brought to you by Xenith, Xerox's number one partner in Managed Print Services (UK and Ireland) Managed Print Services make print…
How to find inefficient paper-based processes in your organisation & quantify the value of digitising them
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Speed Up Your Digital Transformation With The Cloud
In this exclusive Content Services in the Cloud Guide by AIIM, discover some surprising trends in cloud content services. Then learn how Xerox® DocuShare® can help your organization tackle these challenges, taking your productivity to a whole new level.
Can We Create Future-Proof Organisations by Understanding Today's Processes?
This exclusive IDC InfoBrief examines how the latest disruptive technologies are fueling a revolution in digital transformation. Discover how new technologies can help you reshape how your business functions to reach higher efficiency, productivity and security and sharpen your competitive edge.
Security in the Era of Intelligent Work
Devices, documents and data are the life force of every business, and never more so than in the face of the continuous evolution of the digital age. However, while this newly technological era presents untold opportunities for businesses, it creates nearly as many for cyber-criminals.

XQ Cyber

How outdated software is breaching businesses
Many of the cybersecurity breaches we see in the media are often caused by the failure to implement the latest vulnerability patches or update out-of-date software and hardware which is a major cybersecurity risk faced by many organisations. Updating an organisation's systems is often expensive, time consuming and seen as a resource strain. Especially for businesses that are understaffed, underfunded and under pressure. Often the need to update is only driven home when the inevitable cyber-attacks occur.
Busting cyber myths
Organisations must be aware of others in their community and how they're acting when it comes to cybersecurity. Some of the biggest headline-grabbing breaches of recent years have involved third parties or organisations subordinate to the entity that was hacked. Criminals are opportunists who seek out the easiest routes to attack a target. Often this means seeking out vulnerabilities in supply chains or third-party apps to exploit and in turn find a way to attack their true target.
Third-party risks
With the news that several big brands have suffered data breaches as a result of compromised third-parties, organisations need to know what third-party risks are? Poor due diligence has resulted in some of the biggest data breaches. Just because a partner says that they're secure doesn't mean it is so. It always pays to check for yourself.
The future is automated security testing
Automated security testing allows channel partners to provide cybersecurity to their clients, effectively and efficiently as well as providing a steady stream of regular income. With the issue of cybercrime growing as more and more organisations do business online, channel partners need to be able to deliver a solution that can both be great value to their clients and provide regular revenue for themselves. Download now to learn more.


The Rise of Automated Analytics and the Demise of Dashboards
Is being data-driven enough to survive and prosper in an era when the rate of economic growth in many developed economies is slowing, and the outlook is generally one of uncertainty with a high degree of pessimism? Computing surveyed approximately 100 business decision makers representing businesses ranging in size from fewer than 250 employees to those with many thousands, and from multiple industry sectors, in order to establish how BI dashboards are helping - or hindering - UK businesses in making the switch from being data-driven to insight-driven.
A guide to automated analytics: how to stop running your business on accidental data recovery
As a senior manager, one of your big fears is not being kept in the loop on everything that is happening in your area of the business. You don't know what you don't know, and that could be your Achilles heel. What if there is a way to mitigate that unknown before it bites your bottom line when you don't manage to find an issue fast enough? Download this guide and learn about how you can stop running your business on accidental data discovery with a solution that finds what your dashboards miss.

Zen Internet

Why is it time to invest in a leased line?
Internet downtime costs British businesses £7 billion in 2016! If you're thinking this is an extremely high number, you're right, it is, and it's only going to get higher.
You're in the cloud - but what now?
To gain an understanding of the use of cloud in modern organisations, Computing surveyed 109 IT leaders, including CIOs, IT directors and IT managers, with almost a third of these responses coming from senior technology executives at companies employing more than 2,000 people. The responses covered a broad range of sectors. What we discovered is both the scale of opportunity associated to the cloud and a range of challenges that still need to be overcome for many organisations to make the most of on-demand technology services. The cloud, in short, assumes many different forms, each of which has a different use case. CIOs and their business peers must understand both the technical varieties of the cloud and the business use cases to which it can be put.

Zoho Corp

Achieving code-level visibility in production
The myth that performance in the programming world, can be improved at any time can lead to poorly performing websites, single page applications, and mobile applications because performance is usually a design afterthought. Without performance, scalability is not just hard—it is nearly impossible. Download now to learn how a good web application achieves a perfect balance between performance and scalability.


Get a fast Office 365 user experience
Moving to Microsoft Office 365 can be an exciting, yet daunting task because there is so much expectation for everything to run fast and effectively. However, as we all know, deploying new technology usually comes with some initial roadblocks to overcome. So, in this paper Zscaler has put together some recommendations and suggestions to deploy Office 365.
The CIO's cloud transformation handbook
Get inspired to digitally innovate your IT structure by reading some of the most impressive IT transformation stories. Learn how five major enterprises were able to improve their network security while also migrating to Office 365 and public services like Azure and AWS. If interested, please download this paper now to read on.
The CIO's guide to secure cloud transformation
Learn how to prepare for cloud transformation by moving applications to the cloud and how to secure the right protocols and software to successfully protect your enterprise network. To learn more, please download this paper to read on.
2019 Office 365 migration survey
TechValidate, on behalf of Zscaler, surveyed 250 USA and European organisations about their deployment of Office 365. While Office 365 has many great offerings there is still a lot of room for improvement in the program.
State of digital transformation EMEA 2019
This study aims to share tips for other businesses/enterprises trying to overcome common challenges that come with implementing new technologies and digital initiatives. One suggestion offered in the report is to implement a zero-trust network. The zero-trust network leaves no portion of the network exposed to an attack. To learn more facts and tips relating to digital transformations in enterprises, please download this report today.
Securing cloud transformation with a zero trust approach
Did you know that 60% of businesses are embracing the cloud at a rate that outpaces their ability to secure it? The threat landscape is continuing to evolve as well, as our network perimeter becomes wider and wider with cloud adoption. This paper shares suggestions on how cybersecurity can improve to better integrate with cloud adoption and explains in detail the zero trust approach for network security.
The definitive guide to secure remote access
Remote access VPNs are designed to extend the corporate network to remote users. By exposing the network and internal applications to untrusted devices, which may be carrying malware or other infections, places the entire network at risk. Download now for guidance on what to look for when choosing a security tool for remote access to internal applications.
Mid-year threat research report
Many attackers are using encryption, so malware detection tools must inspect encrypted traffic to spot, isolate, and eliminate these hidden threats. Yet most enterprises do not inspect encrypted traffic due to latency. Download this report to read more on how researchers have produced unparalleled insight and analytics that capture trends, patterns and behaviours of internet traffic, and cyber activity.
4 reasons why it's time to retire your remote access VPN
Users have experienced complex and costly effects through the use of remote access VPN which has also led to an increase in risk. Download now to learn how Zscaler private access can be more secure, cost effective and time efficient.
Connectivity options for Microsoft Office 365: The impact on user experience
The migration of Microsoft Office 365 is well under way, with most enterprises having already made the decision to begin…
Office 365 survey: Challenges and opportunities in enterprise deployments
Office 365 is the fastest growing and most broadly used SaaS platform in the enterprise; organizations are adopting it to improve productivity, reduce cost and complexity, and focus internal resources on their core business. Download the Office 365 survey to learn about challenges and opportunities faced by the surveyed 205 enterprise executives.
Zscaler is a leader among SaaS web content security
Zscaler has found great success in its SaaS web content security business. The solution covers all of the basics in threat detection, URL filtering, and application control, but also provides advanced malware analysis features such as sandboxing and emulation. Download the report now to learn more about Zscaler's current offering, strategy and market presence.
SSL based threats on the rise
As the use of SSL/ TLS encryption increases, so has the use of SSL to deliver malicious content. Zscaler protects thousands of organizations with 100% cloud-based security that inspects all traffic, including SSL-encrypted traffic, without adding latency. Download now to learn more.
Survey analysis for Zscaler
Nearly three out of five organizations (59%) have separate networking and security teams. However, the separation of the networking and security teams is heavily dependent upon the size of the organization: in organizations of up to 1,000 employees, only 34% have separate teams, whereas in larger organizations 80% of the teams are separated by function. Download now to gain insight into the network operations survey analysis.


Remote-office IT: how to eliminate infrastructure inconsistency across your highly distributed organisation
Dynamic and highly distributed organisations face unique problems when it comes to IT infrastructure: managing technology across multiple branches and…