Manuj Sarpal

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Manuj Sarpal

Part of the IT Leaders 100 - a list of the most influential IT leaders in the UK

Manuj has over 20 years experience in business, tech and managing projects, with a record of performance in taking over failed projects and ensuring successful delivery. He now works as CTO for GraniteShares, and in the past has worked for Harveys, London & Quadrant, ETF Securities and Barclays.

How do you ensure diversity is taken into account in your IT recruitment?

We are a global team and diversity plays an important role. I am a firm believer that diversity adds greater value to the team, as different opinions in brainstorming can enable innovation in resolving complex problems. We try to bring the right balance by making diversity part of our recruitment, training and development strategy. We are firm believers in equal opportunities to all.

Which technology are you currently most excited by?

Dynamic behaviour of technology excites me. Technology is changing everyday so there is always a new challenge which comes with it. Presently I would say cloud, 5G/6G networks and quantum computing, and the role all of them have to play in Fintech, looks promising. Based on Moore's Law, we are on the verge where the cost of storing data, speed of data and processing power are going down at rapid pace, providing a paradigm shift in the way technology interacts with humans. 

What makes you laugh?

To make me laugh is not hard. I am a simple, fun-loving person, so even a simple joke makes me laugh. I find laughter is contagious and it helps to come out of stressful situations easily. 

How did you get into IT?

In the mid '90s I was introduced to computers in my university and I got stumped with the amazing opportunities it presented. I realised that it was a piece of cake for me to write code, whereas most of my classmates struggled. Soon it became my hobby to solve complex problems by writing code. I knew by then that I had to make this hobby into my profession. I was lucky that it was the start of an internet-era in the world.

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