Peter Williamson - CIO, Knights Brown Construction

Stuart Sumner
Peter Williamson - CIO, Knights Brown Construction

What's your proudest work-related achievement of the last 12 months?

The design, build, testing and implementation of a Navision ERP with complementary SharePoint document management solution. The new system replaced several discrete databases and spreadsheets with one version of the truth. Also delivering improvements in project planning, document management, workflow and collaborative working, and speeding up and increasing the accuracy of cost/value reporting and management accounting.  

What's the number one skill today's IT leaders need?

A good understanding of the business they work in, commercially, culturally and strategically.

How many people work in IT in your organisation?

Five full-time staff, supplemented as required with contractors and secondees.

What's your top priority for the next 12 months?

To finish, embed and deliver benefits from the first tranche of our business improvement programme. This involves implementing a new payroll system and embedding the concept of using reliable business information (data and workflows) to drive management decisions.

What's your annual IT budget?

It varies depending on projects.

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