VideoProc - your all-in-one 4K video processing and editing toolkit

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The software compresses 4K video without loss

The world today is going digital, and more and more people are turning to the use of mobile phones, GoPro action cameras, 4K ultra-high-definition cameras and drones to shoot exciting videos. But the challenging part of the story is sharing and displaying the output, which often results in disappointing and low-quality footage.

While it is interesting shooting high-quality 4K videos on smartphones without having to spend money on costly cameras, such videos consume a lot of space. But now, shooting videos on the go and processing them is much easier.

You no longer need expensive complicated pieces of software like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut to edit and convert large 4K videos. Now there is a solution that is easy to use, fast and affordable: the new VideoProc 4K video processing and editing software. 4K video processing has never been this easy.

What exactly is VideoProc?

It can sometimes be very challenging to edit raw 4K footage into content you will be proud to share. Even though some tools may claim to be 'easy to use', most of them typically lack the required features to really make video shine, and the few that provide a range of advanced features are often too complicated and time-consuming to master.

VideoProc is an all-in-one 4K video editing software designed for people who want a stable, easy and fast tool that will allow them post-process and reduce the file size of large 4K videos without losing quality. The video editing software has the features necessary to turn any video footage into quality, polished output you can be proud of.

VideoProc is lightweight and enables users to customise videos like a pro, adding a range of amazing video effects, trim, watermarks, rotate, crop and subtitles to videos of various formats - all in a user-friendly package.

Reasons VideoProc is the best 4K video editor

#1: Optimal file size and quality

Compared to other 4K video editing software out there, VideoProc converts videos to the smallest file size without altering the quality of such videos. It can edit 4K videos from 694MB and compress it to about 274MB with the quality still intact.

The software has an exclusive video processing technology that can deliver a compression ratio of more than 90 per cent, applicable to a broad range of codecs and formats.

#2: Produces better quality of videos

Because of the high-quality engine and deinterlacing technology integrated with the software, 4K videos edited or converted using VideoProc maintains almost all of the quality in the original footage. And in some cases, the quality of the video, such as GoPro video footage, can even be improved.

When used to compress large videos, VideoProc automatically optimises image quality, adjusts definition and reduces noise to enhance the final product.

#3: Lower CPU usage

Due VideoProc's hardware acceleration, the processing power required to convert large videos (like convert MKV to MP4) is much lower and causes a lesser constraint on the central processing unit compared to other conversion suites.

VideoProc efficiently manages the CPU and thus brings down its temperature when processing videos. This cuts the risks of any damage or problems associated with an overheated CPU. The software simply takes advantage of its hardware acceleration to produce video content at increased speed with less risk of thermal damage. This also means that you work on your device while the software processes videos in the background.


#4: Super-Affordable

Compared to video processing software like Adobe Premiere and Final Cut, VideoProc offers a more affordable service at the same quality. If you doubt the kind of amazing result you can get from this software, you can do a test run yourself by downloading a VideoProc licensed copy with the trial version and see for yourself.

You can also take advantage of the VideoProc special offer to get the lifetime version and a free upgrade. Indeed, there could not be a better solution to editing video content at such an affordable and competitive rate.

Save 60 per cent, get the full VideoProc license

#5: Very Fast

Every step of the way, VideoProc delivers amazing processing speed. It is super easy and fast to install, and won't eat up your storage space as most advanced tools will. When editing videos with the software, every effect you create is applied instantly and you can preview it right away before finally adding it to your video.

That is one feature many editing suites don't offer, and that can be very important when deciding what filter to apply to your video or how to crop it.

Because it utilises full hardware acceleration, VideoProc can process your videos at 47 times its real-time speed. What that means is that 47 seconds of your video is being processed in just one second. That means using VideoProc to edit large 4K video files, the kind captured by iPhones and GoPro cameras, will make the job quick and easy.

#6: Easy to Use

If you are the type of person that shoots video on-the-go with devices like a GoPro or an iPhone, then you definitely want processing software that will be just as easy to use as your device. While some advanced tools may be loaded with complicated features, we mostly want something that is more easily accessible, while still offering the core tools we need without having to watch hours of ‘how-to' videos first.

VideoProc understands how precious your time can be, and so provides only the most essential tools you need, in an easy-to-navigate package.

Even when used to compress large videos like 4K footage, the software optimises the video to a more manageable file size without losing quality. In case you are thinking that will be a complicated process, think again - in just five easy steps, you can convert 4K videos and get the best output ever.

#7: Supports a Wide Range of Codecs

You will find more than a dozen preset export formats on VideoProc. The numerous presets built into the software make video editing super easy for people who are not very familiar with technical details. That means even as a beginner, you can edit and convert your videos like a pro. All you need to do is to choose a codec that will reduce video size, without in any way altering the quality of the video.

The software is loaded with different formats, including MKV, MP4, AVI, WebM and more. This means you can convert videos from one format to another without losing your head.

It also has video codecs like HEVC, H.264, and VP8 and audio encoding options like MP3, PCM, AAC, OGG and FLAC.

#8: Excellent User Experience

VideoProc has a clean and minimalist user interface that makes it easy for users to interact with the software and get their videos done without hassle. It has clear distinctions between the menu items and uses soft tones that allow you get started right away without any learning curve. You only need to change the output folder and explore the options!

More than just a video-processing tool

Although the major function of VideoProc is to process and edit large videos, there are many more features you can get from the all-in-one tool. It also comes with a suite of bonus features like a DVD conversion feature, a screen/webcam capture facility and an online video downloader.

The VideoProc DVD feature allows you insert a DVD into the disc drive of your machine and digitise the content, using a range of different file formats. If you have been looking for a smart way to back up your old home movies, this is just the chance to get that done.

The online video downloader also comes handy when you are looking to grab videos from YouTube, Facebook and other sites. It allows you to save your favorite videos in different formats and quality. So if you have been finding it difficult to build a ‘watch later' list for yourself, VideoProc is the ultimate solution to help you grab your favourite videos and watch them later at your leisure time.

Waste no more time: download your own copy of VideoProc now and enjoy all the amazing features it contains. This is the best time to convert large 4K videos because the best video processing software is at your disposal!

This piece was sponsored by VideoProc.

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