Microsoft accused of illegally sourcing Google Chrome's data

Edge is playing up, again

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Microsoft may have illegally taken data from other tech companies’ browsers.

According to reports, Microsoft Edge is taking data from open tabs in Google Chrome without asking permission.

To be clear: Edge has an opt-in feature allowing it to migrate and sync users' data and saved information from other browsers, allowing them to switch their preferred tool more easily. The problem is that it appears to be doing this whether users opt in or out.

The Verge's Tom Warren called out Microsoft for this practice. Elaborating, he said that after installing a recent Windows 11 update and rebooting his PC, Edge opened with his Google Chrome tabs from his last session, despite denying permissions to do so. 

As Warren investigated, he found that this happened on two devices, and took to X (formerly Twitter) to see if anyone else had had the same issue. He found that it wasn't only him; multiple users shared Warren's experience.

As the issue appears to be widespread, but not affecting every Chrome user, this is probably a bug rather than an intended feature.

Nonetheless, it is risky for any tech giant to overstep privacy, and Microsoft may have to pay the price.

Users are already angry at the company for repeatedly asking users about why they wish to download Google Chrome, and bugging users to switch to Edge and Bing.

Soon, at least in the EU, people frustrated with Edge will be able to uninstall the browser by right-clicking the Start menu, in compliance with the Digital Markets Act.

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