Nominate yourself or others for Computing's Tech Rising Stars 50

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Enter the Tech Rising Star 50

Enter the Tech Rising Star 50

Tell the world how you're making a difference

Computing is showcasing the UK's top tech talent in our Tech Rising Stars 50 list.

If you are a UK-based technologist, age 30 or below who is innovating, making waves, pursuing a vision or driving change, put yourself forward and gain the kudos and recognition you deserve.

Who should enter?

To enter, you just need to be a technologist who's 30 or under with an inspiring story to tell.

You might be a developer or an engineer who's pioneered a new approach, created a new product or driven efficiencies.

You could be a data scientist in the vanguard of a new discovery, an ops specialist in open source or cloud native, someone engaged in green tech, an analyst who's helped your organisation break into a fresh market, or an ethical hacker who's spotted a vulnerability.

You may be a tech leader who has led your team to new heights, or an individual forging a new path.

Or perhaps your energy and ideas have helped bring tangible benefits to people, the environment, your locality or your business's bottom line.

Whatever your role, the size or sector of your organisation we're looking for people whose tech talent is making a real difference.

If this is you, put yourself forward. If not, why not nominate a friend or colleague who deserves recognition for their talents?

How to enter

To enter the Tech Rising Star 50, or to nominate someone else, please complete this online form providing details of where you have made a difference. Testimonials from co-workers, customers or others and links to products services or other information will help.

Each entrant should only submit themselves once - multiple entries will not increase your chance of being on the final list.

Submissions are open until August, with the final list published in September.

Entry criteria: The Tech Rising Stars 50 list showcases technologists aged 30 or less and working in the UK. Technologists does not include related roles such as training, marketing, sales, comms, etc.

Use the form below to enter, or go directly to this link.

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