Deskflix Hybrid and Multi-cloud - Meet the speakers

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Dekflix: Hybrid & Multi-Cloud - Meet the speakers

Dekflix: Hybrid & Multi-Cloud - Meet the speakers

Multi-cloud. Everyone's talking about it, and quite a few are doing it - although not always as a deliberate choice. Sometimes that's just how things have turned out.

Keeping cloud options open can certainly be a boon for flexibility and choice, but it can also be a drain in terms of talent, governance and management. 

With more organisations adopting some kind of mix-and-match - be that for compliance, cost control, geographical reach, to manage hybrid working or simply through organic growth - the industry is starting to coalesce around some standard best practices.

But it's a complex field with many variables and trade-offs to consider.

Join us online on February 22nd for Deskflix: Hybrid & Multi-Cloud  where we'll be working through how to get the best out of the modern cloud landscape.

Speakers and topics

Our keynote will be delivered by Silky Vaidya, senior director engineering at Anaplan. Silky is a highly experienced product development and management leader working in organisational engineering, product, innovation, responsible AI and digital transformation. She'll be talking on Hybrid & Multi Cloud Trends and Challenges. You don't want to miss this one!

Andrew Hunt, director of Migrators, will be speaking on cloud management. A transformational consultant with a breadth of knowledge and experience in strategy and its implementation, Andrew will address the current hot-button issue of cloud costs and the related topic of managing demand.

Richard Blandford, CEO and founder of Fordway, will be on a panel discussing the important topic of ESG. Organisations can no longer afford to brush aside environmental, social and governance issues, or hand them off to their suppliers. Importantly, cloud can be an instrument for driving positive change, and Richard, who has over 20 years' experience in helping organisations of all sizes and industry sectors to make good on their strategies, will explain how.

Mudassar Ulhaq, CIO, Waverton and Herman Brown Jr, CIO, Office of the District Attorney San Francisco, will be speaking on governing and protecting the multi-cloud space. Mudassar has led the migration of workloads into Azure and implemented security controls internally and through outsourcing. Herman, meanwhile, worked hard to shore up security at the DA's office and has many wise words to share on maintaining healthy relationships between employees, the tech team and suppliers.

A little later Robert Field, vice president global digital solutions at Precipart will be a panellist as we discuss how to broaden the talent search. Robert has decades of experience directing technology infrastructure; operational strategy; and leading-edge, information-based solutions. 

Register for Deskflix: Hybrid & Multi-Cloud today.

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