Deskflix Season 2: Financial services - innovating through disruption

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Before 2020, working remotely was an unfathomable idea for most. And yet you've probably been managing or part of a remote team for the best part of a year, and it all seems quite normal. In making the move you've embraced agility and perhaps shed a little expensive office space too.

Disruption calls for resolute decision-making, and IT leaders had to spring into action to update infrastructure, innovate new working methods, and keep networks secure, in most cases with great success.

Deskflix: Financial Services - Innovating through Disruption, March 3rd

Traditionally a mix of the legacy and the cutting edge, IT leaders in the financial sector have shown themselves adept at moving services online, even while operating under the most stringent regulatory and security strictures.

But while we have become accustomed to our Covid-19 bunkers, Brexit offers itself as the disrupter of 2021 with many uncertainties that will affect the financial sector still to be agreed. What will updated regulations around data transfers mean for your business? How about changes in data protection legislation, and will you still be able to hire the right staff? Will you be able to keep up with the cyber-security measures that this new remote world brings?

Join us for this episode of Deskflix to hear from industry experts and peers in the financial a sector on their 2020 best practices, what they've learnt for 2021 and how they plan to overcome the next wave of disruption.

Registration is free, and you can earn up to three hours of CPD credits.

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