How to quickly identify and stop the latest phishing techniques

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Join us to learn about the newest techniques deployed by attackers

Don't click on suspicious links. We all know that by now, don't we? But that doesn't guarantee that any of us can't be fooled just that one time that can make all the difference, and that includes IT professionals. Pride and complacency are dangerous traits.

So, it's best to assume that someone, somewhere in your organisation is going to be tricked by a phishing attack, particularly because the rules of the game are constantly changing. Can your colleagues quickly identify today's tricky tactics being used by the bad guys? Probably not. Cybercriminals have moved beyond simple bait and switch domains. They're now employing a variety of advanced social engineering techniques to entice your users into clicking and putting your network at risk.

You need to stay a step ahead of the attackers, and that means knowing what to look out for. Join us on Tuesday 29th September, 3pm BST (4pm CET) for a webinar Combatting rogue URL tricks: How you can quickly identify the latest phishing attacks during which Javvad Malik, Security Awareness Advocate at KnowBe4, will be talking us through some common attack scenarios as well as some lesser known strategies that cybercriminals are starting to adopt.

Phishing is often just the first step in a multi-pronged attack strategy that can involve stealing data, planting spyware or deploying ransomware. All of these types of attack are on the rise and it's vital to take strong precautions to try to make sure the front door remains firmly shut and to ensure protections are in place should an attack get through.

Jaavad will dive deep into the latest techniques and defences to share:

  • Real-life examples of advanced attacks using rogue digital certificates, homograph attacks, and more
  • Safe forensic methods for examining URLs and other tactics for investigating phishy emails
  • Strategies for dissecting URLs on mobile without clicking
  • Simple ways you can train your users to scrutinise URLs and keep your network safe

We do hope you'll join us. Register today.

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