Play to all strengths: Achieving a dependable, secure and manageable multi-cloud

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Today, most organisations are adopting a multi-cloud strategy, taking a best-of-breed approach when electing where to place their cloud-based workloads, data and applications, playing to their skills base and avoiding vendor lock-in in the process.

For some workloads, the low-latency and high bandwidth of on-premises computing are a must. For others, the scalability, flexibility and low-cost of the cloud make it the obvious choice. Many organisations that are not yet taking this kind of hybrid or multi-cloud approach are actively planning to do so in a quest for greater productivity and agility.

However, the added complexity and manageability challenges that come with this strategy need to be tackled. Effective multi-cloud management and observability can present a real headache for technology leaders, as each on-prem or cloud environment multiplies data protection, compliance, security, cost and recovery considerations.

In an exclusive Computing webinar we explore the attitudes and experiences around hybrid and multi-cloud strategy in the enterprise today, as well as the tools and methods organisations are adopting to help manage their diverse computing environments. It will also reveal the main motivations, benefits and obstacles to successfully taking a multi-cloud approach, and identify where businesses are placing different types of workload.

The webinar takes place Monday 12th October at 2pm. Register today.


Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Enterprise IT, Incisive Media

Andrew Hobbs, Content Strategist & Research Analyst, Enterprise Technology, Incisive Media

Robert Rhame, Director of Market Intelligence at Rubrik

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