Risk mitigation for remote working: making Office 365 safer for business

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Risk mitigation for remote working: making Office 365 safer for business

O365 provides a raft of effective communications and collaboration tools, but don't take security and compliance for granted

Migrating to the Microsoft Office 365 cloud reduces administrative overhead and provides end-users with modern communication and collaboration tools such as Teams and Sharepoint, as well as a bottomless email box. O365 also provides a raft of integrations to other enterprise tools in the Microsoft Azure stack including CRM, and there's storage in the shape of OneDrive.

Other advantages over the on-premises versions include simplified access to business information personalised dashboards, and an end to version control issues when multiple people are working on the same document. Plus there's the general cloud advantage of always being on the latest and greatest version of the software.

Compared with the on-premises version, security and compliance features have improved too, but they are still not perfect and cover the general case rather than the specific needs of individual organisations.

As most companies continue with remote working for the majority of their employees, there remain several additional areas to consider to ensure a risk-free Office 365 environment., including fine-grained security configurations to cover edge cases, industry regulations, archiving, cost optimisation and business continuity.

Join us on Thursday 9th July at 11AM for a live webinar Risk mitigation for remote working: making Office 365 safer for business  during which we'll be taking your questions on these and related issues.

This webinar will reveal how you can take a pervasive approach to email security and mitigate against the risks caused by feature-gaps in Office 365. It will also explore how organisations are tackling these challenges today and their plans for the future, as well as identify to what extent Covid-19 is influencing decisions around O365. Register today.


Stuart Sumner,  Editorial Director, Enterprise IT, Incisive Media

Andrew Hobbs, Content Strategist & Research Analyst, Enterprise Technology, Incisive Media

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