Are your customers who they say they are?

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Identity is at the heart of digital transformation

Identity - verifying that people really are who they say - is one of the key challenges in the digital age. It's tricky, not just because, as in the famous New Yorker cartoon, on the internet no-one knows you're a dog, but also because identities are tied up with personal data which must be kept private and secure. And this data is also key to one of the tenets of the digital economy: personalisation.

The challenge is how to securely manage customer identities on online websites, platforms and services, without sacrificing that essential good user experience?

On top of this, the best approaches need to scale with the growth in the number of users, control how customer data is shared, allow managers and designers to improve convenience and security at every stage of the customer journey, and help organisations better understand their customers.

Identity really does sit at the very heart of digital transformation.

On Wednesday 10th June Computing is hosting a web seminar on this important topic. During the discussion we will be exploring the key questions that organisations face when deciding how to manage customer identities - including those around data management, encryption, password policies, multi-factor authentication, risk management, scaling, and compliance.

The solutions to these challenges will differ from one business to the next, depending on their specific needs and the demands of their sector, so register today and get your questions in early to ensure we have a chance to cover them.

We'll also share some quick wins to be had when it comes to enhancing digital experiences. Lastly, we will seek to answer questions such as, "Where do convenience and security meet?", and "Is identity now the keystone to your security and convenience needs?"

Customer identity: Can a great user journey be truly secure too? Wednesday 10th June, Register today


Andrew Hobbs, Content Strategist & Research Analyst, Enterprise Technology

Tom Wright, Consulting, Editor, Computing

Phil Allen, VP, EMEA, Ping Identity

Richard Bird, Chief Customer Information Officer, Ping Identity

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