Moving towards an 'intelligent' security approach

Moving towards an 'intelligent' security approach

AI-enhanced security is bringing intelligence to the protection of valuable assets in more ways than one

Modern security is bigger than the specialist teams managing SOC/SIEM - it's a team sport in which the whole IT team must play a part, from end-point protection to patch management to incident resolution to secure collaboration.

But the rules of the game are changing. New technologies driven by AI are coming into play, and security is becoming ‘intelligent' - in more than one sense of the word. The systems themselves are becoming intelligent AI is used to spot anomalies and act autonomously to mitigate threats, and AI-enhanced security promises a more intelligent use of IT's precious human resources.

How are enterprises best placed to modernise, optimise and take advantage of new tools and solutions? In an upcoming on 28 April at 2 pm, Computing will take a look at modern security methodologies to establish best practice and pain points. We'll be dissecting the results of a poll of IT leaders concerning cybersecurity and our panel of experts will discuss the findings to offer advice on the best way forward.

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Stuart Sumner, editorial director, enterprise IT, Incisive Media

Tom Wright, consulting, editor, Computing

Andy Grayson, principal solutions engineer, BlackBerry